So The FCTC Is To Hold Its Next Jamboree in Geneva?

Since the WHO is based in Geneva, I suppose that you could say that the FCTC parasites are holding their event ‘at home’. I wonder if they are cutting costs? It is not like them to miss out on a jolly good holiday in some far away hot spot. Mind you, their last couple of outings have turned out to be disasters, what with Cancun experiencing its worst weather spell for decades and Delhi being shrouded in toxic clouds of polluted air. Were there any disasters in Moscow? Perhaps not, apart from Putin.

Perhaps the WHO is cutting costs. After all, with Trump on the warpath, most of its funding in required for Executive salaries. But who will pay the costs of delegates? Someone has to pay the costs of delegates from Burundi and such places, and the hall needs to be full. Big Pharma? But Business is Business, so Big Pharma will require favours in return – proper legal favours, properly documented, such as ‘trade agreements’ which favour its products.

It is impossible to believe that, over the years, organisations like the WHO, and its derivatives like the FCTC Org, have not become more interested in wealth than health. It seems inevitable that genuine zealots, who care about the health of the poor sods in Africa, will be gradually replaced by profiteers. It has always been so. What makes things worse as regards the WHO, etc, is that there are no controls at all. TobCON in Syria was praised for the crackdown on smoking in the middle of a vicious civil war; Mugabe was was appointed to be an ‘ambassador’.

How many clear and obvious cock-ups have to occur before someone calls a halt? And is that not the problem? There is NO ONE who can call a halt. Who is the UK ‘ambassador’ to the UN? I have no idea. Does he have magnificent office buildings both in the UK and in New York? How many staff does he employ, and what do they do? I have no idea. Does PM May have any idea?

I read somewhere that the reason that the Roman Empire broke up was that its ‘Civil Service’ in Rome became engorged, with much empire building, so much so that it spent little money on it armies. Gradually, as a result, it was driven out of territories here and there, a little at a time. But the Civil Service just kept on growing.

Is that not very reminiscent of the UK today? We have a Civil Service today which is way, way bigger than we had when the British Empire existed.

National Government is essential, of course. But things start to go very wrong when National Government becomes bigger than The People. I am not talking about Big Ideas, such as defence of the realm. I am talking about Simple Ideas, such as the right to assemble. I read somewhere tonight that ‘Anti-social’ regulations have been used by Local Authorities to break up groups of youths in public places and to ban such gatherings. I do not say that such gatherings are ‘a good thing’ – I say that the gatherings should not be banned just because they are gatherings. Indeed, new guidelines have been issued to LAs, telling them that there must be real prospects of actual damage to a community before such orders can be applied.

The EU is a very peculiar Institution. It exists but it does not exist. It is democratic (The EU Parliament) but it is not democratic (Appointed Commissioners). It is authoritarian but it is not communist. There is only one conclusion – it is opportunistic.

The UN, WHO, FCTC, IPCC, etc, are all opportunistic, as is ASH. ASH would not exist if it depended upon individual donations. Thus, its existence is political. It has little to do with health and is almost entirely to do with politics. Has the recent disaster in the NHS (wholesale postponements of surgical treatments) which May apologised for, anything to do with misdirection of resources into promotion of the propaganda of the Chief Medical Officer, Silly, Sally Davis? In any case, since we have Public Health England, why do we need an additional layer in the form of the Dept of the Chief Medical Officer? What is she FOR?

The waste of resources on overlapping Health Depts is a scandal.

But is it not a scandal that it was PM May who apologised for the delays? Why was not the Sec of State for Health not the one to apologise? Or, better still, the Junior Minister who should have been actively involved?

What we have seen recently (I mean over decades) is the elevation of ‘experts’ into dictators. It is beyond doubt. The only reason that Mugabe was elevated was that he dictated, to the liking of TobCON.

Is there any more obvious evidence that TobCOM MUST be defunded?

But that is not enough. Only around 25% of the adult population enjoy smoking these days. It follows that we smokers are A SPECIAL CASE. We should not be persecuted. Thus, if we want to buy tax-free ‘agricultural products’ like dried tobacco plant leaves, then we should be free to do so. Note the difference between Tobcoms and individual actions.

I am an individual, and I can do as I wish. The Law intervenes to punish me if I damage others. That is the way that it should be. Any Islamic warrior who cries ‘Allah Aquabar’  should not be shot down if possible. He should be imprisoned somewhere on an island far north, such as The Outer Hebrides. Any ‘friends or family’ who want to visit must pay their own way.

What I have been trying to describe is the disparity between decent citizens who enjoy tobacco, who have been relegated to scum, and the sanctity of Arnott and her ilk.


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  1. artbylisabelle Says:

    Brilliantly highlighted and exposed.
    “The EU is a very peculiar Institution. It exists but it does not exist. It is democratic (The EU Parliament) but it is not democratic (Appointed Commissioners). It is authoritarian but it is not communist. There is only one conclusion – it is opportunistic.”

    • junican Says:

      I am not sure whether or not the EU was deliberately set up in that way. It is sort of ephemeral. I think that it was. The evidence is the proliferation of overlapping departments.

  2. Ed Says:

    “Thus, if we want to buy tax-free ‘agricultural products’ like dried tobacco plant leaves, then we should be free to do so.”

    Unfortunately, the whole leaf companies in the UK are all pretty much dead in the water due to government intervention last year and customs now have a list (albeit very incomplete) of people who applied for permits to purchase the whole leaf. Does anyone know if any of these useless permits were granted?

    To me, it was very reminiscent of Mao Zedong’s 100 flowers movement in 1957.

    “Letting a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend is the policy for promoting progress in the arts and the sciences and a flourishing socialist culture in our land.”

    Mao was inviting criticism of the regime, so they could find out who their opposition was. A tidal wave of discontent and hatred was expressed in millions of the letters sent in. Mao had the leaders either killed or sent to a labour camps for “re-education”.

    After the movement was over Mao declared that “it had enticed the snakes out of their lairs”

    I’m not saying it will be as drastic, but if I was one of those permit holders, I would keep an eye out for customs as they’ve become very easy targets.

    • junican Says:

      Indeed so. What other purpose could invitations to apply for a permit have other than to identify those people who want to import whole leaf?
      I know that TL4U applied:

      But there has been no movement on that site since April. Perhaps the guys in Hull have appealed to the EU Justice thingy and are keeping shstum until the case is heard.
      Certainly, the idea of ‘permit’ and ‘free movement of goods’ are contradictory.

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