Is It Time to Reform Public Health England?

PHE was formed in April 2013 almost five years ago. Lots of similar organisations were formed in the last couple of decades.

What strikes one about those organisations?

To me, it is that they resemble kingdoms, and not democracies. PHE has a King, Duncan Selbie. I have no doubt that he has a ‘council’ to which he has appointed his ‘favourites’, much as King Henry VIII did. Thus, in PHE, we have ‘The King In Council’.

The wonderful thing for ‘The King In Council’ is that he can choose his targets. Thus, he can decide to ‘dissolve the monasteries’ and pinch all the gold and silver therein. I suppose that Hitler did the same with the Jews. We are so appalled by the slaughter in Extermination Camps that we forget that the holocaust also involved the expropriation of property.

Has anything changed? Well, yes, but only in degree and method. Smokers are vile, disgusting, filthy, stinking, and deserve to be ripped off by the King. They don’t have to be exterminated in gas chambers – they simply need to be rendered poorer via tobacco taxes. The same applies to fatties – disgusting, filthy, stinking. Make them pay.

Do you notice, dear reader, how all the initiatives always end up with the imposition of higher costs on the persecuted?

The trouble is that Government Ministers come and go, as we have seen in the so-called ‘Cabinet reshuffle’. The ‘Kings in Council’ of the numerous ‘Agencies’ have power over the Ministers. Why should an ambitious Minister go against the demands of ‘The King in Council’ of some autonomous Agency? Such a course might spell disaster to the Minister’s career prospects.

There seems to be an imbalance. Only the ‘chosen ones’ have access to the ‘King in Council’. Thus, the King receives only one side of the argument. He chose that imbalance. It is to his advantage to choose people who agree with him, and who provide a consensus in favour of his own thinking.

But there is also another side. Perhaps the King does not know who to appoint to his Council. He seeks advice. But who can advise him? He has to go to ‘respected’ organisations like the ‘British Medical Assn’, or ‘the royal college of physicians’.

But suppose that the people at the top of those organisations are nutters? How would anyone, including the King, know? We have all read about Frank Davis’s crazy Dr W.

Is there an answer?

I think so.

You see, positions like Chief Medical Officer are like tenures in Universities. The occupants of such offices cannot be removed. That makes no sense. So the sensible thing to do is time-limit such jobs to, say, five years, after which the occupants MUST step down. The potential for ideological corruption to arise is too great to allow permanent occupancy.

Sooner or later, the shit will hit the fan. Sooner or later, vape shops will start selling snus and IQOS type HnB products. They will do so in defiance of EU directives. Who will prosecute them? And the defiance will spread all over Europe.

You see, such things as bans on snus by the EU depend entirely upon a mirage. The mirage is that anyone, including the UK Gov, give a toss about snus sales. The EU ban was intended to stop Tobcoms diversifying. That is all. Health does not matter. Only the destruction of Tobcoms matters.

The critical thing about PHE is that it should STOP, or rather BE STOPPED from encouraging the persecution of vast numbers of people. Raising taxes on ‘fast food’ or sugar deliberately increase the costs of the poorest people. That is persecution. By all means issue ration books for purchases of sugar and doughnuts, if it is that important.

But, most of all, politicians must realise that they exist to STOP persecution. That applies to ALL levels, including Local Authorities. We have a local election for our ward’s representatives to the Borough. Both herself and I have voted for the UKIP candidate. We cannot vote Tory or Labour. Both parties regard us as disgusting, filthy, stinking smokers. They can both eff off.

So how can PHE be reformed? I have already mentioned time-limited Kings, but that is not enough. It is hard to know what is best. Perhaps ‘PLEASURE’ should be taken into account. After all, a long, long, miserable and painful life can hardly be expected to justify perpetuation of that situation. Ha! That sentence sounds just like TobCON’s justification of perpetual persecution.

In my opinion, it is merely a question of when a Country breaks ranks. Perhaps Greece might be the one, or Spain. It is bound to happen sooner or later. It might be snus or ecigs or HnB, but, sooner or later, TobCON will become expensive and irrelevant.


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  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    What a racket PHE is. Huge salaries paid by the poor people they bully. Common pleasures like tobacco and alcohol taxed to the hilt because these bullies backed by craven politicians decree so. What is to be done to turn this situation around ?

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