‘Rule of Law is a Myth’

I have read a very interesting polemic about how the vast majority of The People misinterpret the idea that we all live under a system of ‘common law’ which is objective. Here is the link:


It is quite a long read, being some 45 pages, but it is well worth the effort. It explains how we are duped into accepting that “The Law” is altruistic and objective. But it also suggests that we know that “The Law” is far from ‘altruistic and objective’, but we suffer from ‘cognitive dissonance’ when it comes to either accepting laws and obeying them or rejecting them and disobeying them. In our hearts, we often know that certain laws are unfair and unjust, but we accept them and justify them on the grounds that there would be chaos otherwise. So, we know that they are wrong, but cannot see a better way to preserve order.

Read the whole thing, because the essay suggests that different ‘Societies’ might well NOT comply with ‘received wisdom’ to their benefit.


That idea – different societies might well need different laws – is a crucial component of ‘order’. For example, in The UK, minor thefts are disregarded by the police because they are minor. But in a third world country, such a minor theft might be crucial to the well-being of the victim.

What happens when “The Law” becomes manifestly unfair? When the rich can ‘buy’ their way out of trouble? It happens all the time. But it is also true that “The Law” can unjustly penalise a minority of “The People”.

It is perfectly obvious that the ‘Smoking Ban’ was created by ‘Opinions’ and not by objective science. IE, by Politics. But it is obvious, in retrospect, that the persecution of publicans a restaurateurs was unethical. The persecution was based upon ‘opinions’ and not upon real damage from SHS.

And so we see the distractions causing REAL disaster in the NHS.  It is not about funding in itself. It is about the distortion of reality. Reality is old age and the consequences thereof. It is not about youths experimenting with ecigs, snus or tobacco.

‘Law’ is not objective. It is subjective. Persons who are described as criminals used to be really nasty bastards, but, now, ordinary people who simply want to cut costs by buying whole leaf, and doing the work involved in turning that leaf into usable shreds or flakes, have been criminalised in their tens of thousands.

The way that things are going suggests that the whole population of England will soon be criminals.


One Response to “‘Rule of Law is a Myth’”

  1. Ed Says:

    Here’s a thought, lol

    There should be a law that no one can own anything in Britain who is not a British citizen. The same should go for all nations in the world, only their citizens can own anything in their country.

    This is what the “elites” have continuously done throughout history, especially us, the Bitish –

    We go into another country and take that country’s resources for ourselves. Then we destroy anyone in that country who opposes us doing that.

    Of course, the parasitic sociopaths who profit from keeping others in a slave state would fight tooth and nail before allowing that one in to law.

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