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Dereliction of Duty by Politicians


I mentioned, yesterday, the use of the phrase ‘duty of care’ as an excuse for persecution. Teachers use to have a ‘duty’ to teach; now, the also have a ‘duty to care’?

What does the word ‘CARE’ mean in the circumstances? In fact, does the meaning of the word ‘care’ depend entirely upon the circumstances, or is the meaning always exactly the same? The phrase ‘duty of care’ is bandied about as though it always means the same thing.

The fact is that the idea of  ‘duty of care’ has been so bandied about, in all sorts of circumstances, that it NO ONE can avoid being accused of failing to exercise ‘duty of care’. It is all utter nonsense.

My wife suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and has done so for more than 30 years. Thankfully, it is the type which has a slow progression so that she is still alive at the age of 75. Do I, her husband, have a ‘duty of care’? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I DO care, obviously, but I have no such legal duty. And it comes down to the simple idea – if you get paid to do a job, then you have to do that job properly. That is what ‘duty of care’ comes down to – doing your job properly.

Again and again, we see our language being distorted, and it is always done by people with agendas. ‘Smokefree’ to me means ‘freedom to smoke’, or even, ‘free cigarettes’, such as used to occur at dinners, when there were little tubs of cigs on the tables at golf club dinners. ‘Smokefree’ means ‘smoke freely’.

The correct phrase, in our language, which means absence of smoke, is ‘smokeless’.

I do not blame the shysters in ASH, the BMA, the Academics and the ‘Medics’ etc for taking advantage of the lucrative ‘trade’ in snake oil. What could be more lovely than to be given a grant of $1,000,000 to spend as you wish, whilst keeping ‘accounts’ of the spending, which no one will ever look at? $200,000 paid to wife for ‘secretarial assistance’? Who the f*ck gives a toss how the funds are spent?

The reason that the shysters get away with it is utterly, totally and completely POLITICAL!

Several of us highlighted VapingPoint Liz’s letter to PM Theresa May, in which she told the PM, without exaggeration or lucrative phraseology, how smoking bans have affected the millions of citizens who enjoy tobacco. Here is the link again:

I have pondered long and hard about how ‘we few’ can influence politicians beyond our numbers. The only idea that makes sense to me is ‘constant repetition’. You need to pester. There are ‘only’ 650 MPs. I would not mind pestering my MP if almost all other ‘tobacco lovers’ also pestered their MPs. I think that it is really, really important NOT TO THINK that millions of smokers need to be involved. There lies failure. Millions of smokers will never be accumulated.

I am amazed that ‘Forest’ has never asked the undoubted thousands of ‘members’ to identify their constituencies. Perhaps Forest does not really ‘care’. “Write to your MP” does not cut it. There must be a CONCERTED effort, and repetition. Write again and again and visit.

It is only because MPs do not think that we have PP. Not thinking is precisely the ‘dereliction of duty’ that I am talking about. Not thinking is endemic among politicians. They vote as they are told to vote by the Elite who have been wedged into positions of strength. Only recently have I come to realise that Cameron was a cipher. I am not even sure that he actually existed in reality. He might have been a cyborg. But I suppose that the cyborg will appear here and there giving speeches and making millions.

When Cameron agreed to PP, he derelicted his duty. He let a few Zealots override his duty to The People. ‘ The People’ do not like ugliness, fake pictures, verbal and visible assaults on their senses.

We might be deterred from eating meat if the process of slaughtering cattle was graphically displayed on television. Why have politicians not demanded that? I is because they do not give a toss about eating meat.

I really despair about the trivialities that our MPs blather about. ‘Not fit for purpose’ is appropriate.

And yet I get an impression that MPs themselves are vaguely aware of the disenchantment. MPs are caught between a rock and a hard place. They generally want to be individuals and vote according to their conscience, but they are obliged to accept the directions of ‘The Elite”.

Just as constituency voters must pester their MPs. so must MPs pester “The Elite”. They really, really must.

Manipulation By Distraction


Here is a comment to yesterday’s effort:

prof local fluff Says:

“Mass migration is fine until the indigenous are criminalised through the corruption of language ‘thought crime’ to raise concerns over the inability of the infrastructure that is supposedly controlled by our elected reps to handle them.”

Why has so little been said over the last couple of decades of the effect of mass immigration on the Country’s infrastructure? Imagine building a new, empty city, complete with a town hall, lots and lots of local authority offices, hospitals, schools, roads, sewers, water supply, electricity, gas mains, etc, etc, etc, and then inviting lots of immigrants to come and occupy that city. Note that my examples of ‘infrastructure’ are all COSTS – there is no sign of INCOME to pay those costs – no sign of profitable enterprises.

Essentially, that is what has been happening, apart from the fact that the immigration is spread out. The effects on the infrastructure are the same. Schools, hospitals, etc, come under pressure. Is it any wonder that the NHS and Education System are in trouble?

Listen. I am not a racist. I do not regard a man/woman with black skin as inferior to me. He/she might be less well-educated, but he/she is not inferior to me. Provided that those people accept and conform to our civilisation, I have no problems.

I do not blame Muslims for having different beliefs, but their beliefs must give way to ‘the traditional law of the land’. The Common Law of England has existed for many centuries, and forms the basis of our Society. But it is a ‘living’ concept. It changes over the decades and centuries to take account of new knowledge and beliefs. That is why homosexuality is no longer a crime.

The sad thing is that the way in which our Elected Representative see themselves has changed drastically. They no longer see themselves as ‘defenders’ of The People. They see themselves as ‘oppressors’ of The People. They see their ‘duty’ as being to reduce the freedoms of The People by introducing more and more bans and regulations. The phrase that you are looking for is: “Duty of Care”.

There is not, and never has been, such a duty. A doctor is paid to cure ailments; a footballer is paid to score goals and stop the other team from scoring. Neither are paid to be ‘role models’. I look forward to the day when a footballer says, “I am paid to score goals. I am not paid to be a role model”. The same applies to actors and actresses. Let’s see people like Stanton Glantz become less obese before he starts ‘taking down’ smokers.

“Now is the time to bury bad news” is an infamous phrase said to have been said by one Jo Moore:

The occasion was the destruction of the World Trade Centre.

That is a classic case of ‘Manipulation By Distraction’. The World Trade Centre Destruction was a distraction which could be used to slip through all sorts of regulations. No one would notice, and, if some people did notice, shouts about the Trade Centre could be magnified.

And is that not precisely what has been happening for many years as regards tobacco control, climate control, sugar control, fat control, salt control, BO control, etc? (For youthful readers, ‘BO’ means ‘Body Odours’. Some time ago, the TV adverts were inundated with adverts selling sprays of all sort to combat BO). Is it not true that all sorts of ‘Distractions’ have been use to get The People to regard their losses of Freedoms as unimportant?

It has been going on for years and years.

What distresses me is that our Elected Representatives are elected precisely NOT TO be distracted. They are elected NOT TO BE distracted by events in Syria and such. They were elected to STOP the likes of TC, FCTC, IPCC, etc, from imposing dictatorial rule.

Why do they allow themselves to be so distracted and manipulated? I do not know.

A really important example of such manipulation was the ‘ban on smoking in cars with children present’. Politicians seem to have been distracted and manipulated by the word ‘children’, even though the law does not differentiate between five-year-olds, ten-year-olds and seventeen-year-olds. All are CHILDREN. Bu they cease to be CHILDREN when the become ‘ADOLESCENT BRAINS’.

Somehow or other, our Elected Representatives must change their thinking. They must recognise that they are NOT The Government. They think that they are, but they are not. The duty of our elected representatives is to ensure that minorities are not persecuted.

We must understand that a ‘minority’ does not necessarily mean a ‘numerical’ minority. Such a ‘minority’ might well be a very large segment of the population, but a detested segment. King James 1 described that majority succinctly – “The Lesser Sort”. The plebs. The uneducated, the scum, the ‘undesirables’, the queers and the Jews. Oh, and Smokers.

The Grenfell Tower inferno is a magnificent distraction politically, even though it was a terrible disaster. If the people who survived had accepted with relief alternative accommodation,  we would all have been thankful that, as a Society, we had looked after the exposed people. But they have lost our sympathy. They have demanded. Further, most of them seem to be foreigners.

Our Elected Representatives must change their attitudes in accordance with modern communications. Why are they in agreement with the persecution, via bans and taxes, of people who simply enjoy tobacco? What is the REAL problem? Is it astroturfing by ASH ET AL?

Second Hand Smoke is a distraction. It always has been. ‘Science’ has shown that the SHS disperses to rapidly that it cannot possibly be dangerous within the life-time of ALL human beings, including ‘children’. So why do we have this criminalising car smoking ban?

There is a thought which is worth examining. It is worth examining whether masses and masses of activities should be decriminalised. I am not just talking about smoking and drugs. I am talking about masses and masses of silly regulations. For example, our family used to go to a place in South Wales. It was lovely. Our caravan looked straight out over the bay. And then the Council insisted that the Site erect a fence to stop people from falling over the edge of a small drop. The ‘scene’ was spoiled for ever. You no longer saw the scene, you saw the fence.

That is ‘government’.


Does the Government Control Tobacco Control, or Is It Vice Versa?


I wondered yesterday why THE CABINET (and not just the Health Sec) thought that there was any point in publishing a new TC policy. Yesterday, I also described the ‘policy’ as a ‘plan’. That was a mistake on my part. There is a vast difference between a ‘policy’ and a ‘plan’. Perhaps that is why the lack of detailed ‘plans’ is not important.

So what is the ‘policy’? Again, I must stress that I have not read the document – yet. Perhaps I shall have to force myself to do so.

It is becoming vaguely apparent to me that ‘plans’ follow on from ‘policy’ AFTER the policy has been published. That is why TC et al were screaming for the policy to be published.

So what was the importance of publication?

The answer lies in the fact that the UK signed up to the FCTC Treaty.

The Treaty itself did not give instructions to Nations. It made suggestions. There was no demand in the Treaty that Nations should do this or that. Thus, we see the importance of declaring a policy. Once such a policy has been declared, then the suggestions of the FCTC become demands. They become imperatives. 

So I am seeing, once again, ignorance in Government Ministers. We should always remember Minister Milton saying in the House, “We have to do it because the Treaty says so”. So, by agreeing to publish the policy, the Government has committed itself to whatever TC wants it to do. This process has been going on for years and years, and no one sees it.

Brexit is about ‘taking back sovereignty’, aka ‘make Great Britain great again’. It is not just about the negative of restricting immigration. But why are things like the FCTC Treaty not included? One of the impositions of that Treaty was that Nations would contribute funds for its implementation dependent upon their economic wealth. Is it any surprise that the USA never ratified the Treaty? It contributes NOTHING to the FCTC. The UK is on of the biggest contributors, along with Japan.

What is wrong with our politicians? Why are they so ignorant?

There are direct links between the UN as a whole, the WHO, the FCTC, the EU, the UK Health Dept anti-smoker Zealots. They bypass Elected Governments via International Treaties. Thus, they can override Elected Representatives. They can infiltrate the World Bank and any other ‘supranational’ organisation and dictate ‘policy’.

Only President Trump has dared to defy the demands. Why is that? How do these invisible people get the power to give instructions to the President of the USA? I read somewhere that Trump might be back-pedalling on his withdrawal from the Climate Accord. If he has been put under pressure, serves him right! He should have followed up with dismissing the UN from the USA asap. Give them notice. Take your headquarters to Somalia. Even more important is that organisations like the WHO should vacate Switzerland and relocate to Nigeria, or some such place.

That idea is more important than you think. Such organisations should be located where the problems are, and not in the healthy, wealthy West.

I see Brexit as leaving the ‘European Union’ in the political sense rather than the economic sense. Immigration is not, in itself, economic. It is social. It vastly affects the infrastructure of places and imposes stresses and enormous costs on society. It is not about race.

Race, as such, has not been a problem for a long time. If there are to be immigration controls, then the should be based upon ‘spaces’. Do we have the housing to accommodate those people? Do we have the jobs? Do we have the schools and hospitals? Can the environment stand the influx?

It is too late now to correct the errors of Blair et al. I do not see why they did not see the vast problems which their ‘open door’ policy created.

Finally, for tonight, I do not see the importance of continuous economic growth. What is wrong with stability and contentment? What is wrong with having a nice place to live and an enjoyable, well-paid job? Why should the world be geared to anything other than that?

Given that ideal, why should Governments be determined to allow Puritans and Health Zealots to denormalise, criminalise, humiliate, ‘exile to the outdoors’, and otherwise persecute smokers who are decent, kind, thinking, generous, ordinary citizens who just happen to enjoy smoking tobacco?

The FCTC Treaty was nothing of the sort. It was not a Treaty. There was no ‘give and take’. There was no ‘quid pro quo’. It was and is an artificial construct. It was and is a means to direct what elected Governments must do.

I am surprised that Trump has not already undertaken a massive reform of the UN. It is a law unto itself. It is a dictator. Frankly, I do not see the use of it any more, and it costs a fortune for no benefit, other than giving politicians another stage to strut upon.

We need politicians who do not need salaries and pensions. Or rather, people who can put their careers on hold for a while. The idea of ‘a professional MP’ should be anathema, except that there is nothing ignoble about standing for Parliament again and again.

There is a continuum from the UN to the WHO to the EU to the Health Dept to the Local Authorities, to the Police to The People.

That linkage must be smashed.




So the Government Has Published the Latest Tobacco Control Plan…..


Right. I have not read it myself but have seen critiques of it. I have no intention of reading it unless I have to. The generalised blathers make my blood boil. For example, blathers which say (words to the effect), “The poorest people smoke the most, so lots of taxpayers cash must be spent to ‘help’ (‘force’) them to stop spending their money on tobacco”. It never occurs to them to mention that the reason that the poor spend so much money of tobacco is because TOBACCO CONTROL ZEALOTS forced the price up to extortionate levels. My personal opinion is that smokers should feel no shame whatsoever about using the black market if they can access it. Extortion is a crime, and it is still a ‘crime’ even if the government approves it. It is still extortion. Extortion can never be lawful, no matter how it is dressed up. We are not ‘at war’ with the USA (tobacco), Portugal (port and sherry) or Saudi Arabia (oil).

I think that ‘the powers that be’ have seen that ordinary people are questioning why such products are so heavily taxed. Businesses must surely be shouting loudly (in private) about the cost of petrol. It makes the UK uncompetitive as compared with economies with negligible petrol taxes. So the ‘powers that be’ have changed tack – such taxes are justified for ‘environmental’ reasons, excessive tobacco taxes are justified for ‘health’ reasons, and alcohol taxes are justified for ‘health and economic’ reasons.

Do not underestimate the cleverness of the people who justify the funding of ASH ET AL AND THE FCTC  AND THE IPCC AND THE UN in general. They are very clever and understand that funding is the key. There are lots of ‘Arnotts’ in this world who prostitute themselves to make money on the backs of ‘innocents’. In the background are people who pull the strings. The ‘Arnotts’ of this world are not the puppet masters.

The ‘puppet masters’ are people like Blair. They really, really believe in ‘One World Government’. They really, really believe that the ‘One World Government’ will be run by kindly academics and kindly ex-PMs of minor countries, and that these kindly academics and ex-PMs will survive the onslaught of the Hitlers, Stalins, Pol Pots and Maos of this world.

The good news is that the ensuing ‘One World’ civil war would exterminate half the human population.


I have read that the new ‘Tobacco Control policy’ is toothless. It is vague. But I do not understand how anyone could think that it matters with Brexit negotiations underway. Why on earth would May, as PM, approve such a thing? WHY BOTHER? It is said that only some 15% of the UK population smoke. So why bother? Why waste vast resources chasing after people who import a few forbidden lollipops? Why waste vast amounts of money on chasing after the mirage of ‘a smoke-free world’? Be in no doubt, as has always been our experience, that there is such a thing as ‘diminishing returns’. The Americans experienced that in Vietnam. Their bombers were useless against small groups of lightly armed guerrillas.

And that is how I see us smokers – lightly armed guerrillas. The word ‘guerrilla’ derives from the French word for war – ‘guerre’. The ‘illa’ means ‘small’. That is, no ships, no bombers, no missiles – just bows and arrows, spears and Kalashnikovs.

We do not use such weapons. In fact, we do not need weapons. We need deviousness. Deviousness is our weapon. I am sometimes quite astonished that so many people will continue to pat UK prices when a quick ‘city break’ holiday could stock them up for 12 months. It is worth paying for such a trip with a loan because the savings in costs are far, far greater than the interest payable on the loan. A couple of years ago, the price of cigs in Prague was £2.50 for 20. I brought back some 30 ‘sleeves’ – 30 x 10 x 20 = 6000 cigs. Total cost = £750. UK cost = more than £2000. What was the holiday cost (off-season in April – around £500) as compared with the savings?

I did not particularly like Prague. It still bears the scares of communist neglect. The weather was chilly and a bit damp. I only ventured into the city a couple of times. I was content to enjoy the ’boutique’ hotel where I was based and the pub over the road, and to read and to play chess on my electronic chess set, and to watch Eurosport on the TV. I had my evening meal there, since I was ‘bed and breakfast’ in the hotel. The ‘host’ treated me to several typical local meals, and they were immensely enjoyable. They may have been the equivalent of ‘Lancashire Hotpot’ for all I know, but they were delicious at the time.

It was a very quiet but relaxing break.

It is worth using a credit card, or a loan, to take such a trip. Just make sure that that you have a ‘document trail’ which shows that you can afford to take the trip. By ‘afford’, I mean have the means to do so, even it that means using a credit card or a loan. Only people who have no such ‘proof’ have their goods confiscated. Having the means to buy the stuff is of primary importance.

Not that I have ever been stopped. Not ever. Not once. There are no customs officers in the bag collection area. Not one. Only a ‘passport check’ exists. Can we imagine Brexit causing the reintroduction of tens of thousands of customs officers all over the UK? For what purpose?

The vast majority of ‘useful’ interactions will continue. Brexit will not affect them. I rode on my bicycle to Brussels in 1957. All I had to do was show my passport as I crossed boarders, and, even then, I was waved through with no formalities. There has NEVER been a bar against ‘free movement’ within Europe except in conditions of war.

To me, ‘Leaving the EU’ means exactly that, and nothing else. It means getting out of restrictions and directives. In very general terms, as far as we are concerned, the EU as such no longer exists. I mean NOW!!!! The vote was to leave the EU. There is nothing to negotiate about that.

The obvious approach is for Boris Johnson or David Davis, or both, to ‘call the shots’. When the People decided to leave the EU, then Article 50 became irrelevant. Article 50 requires asking permission to leave the EU. We are not asking permission.

Treaties have always been ‘permissions’. They have always been ‘positives’ even when the subjects have been  ‘prohibitions.’. When you say, “We agree that…”, everything that follows is ‘positive’, even though it is a prohibition.

So PM May, either directly or via her Health Minister, has deemed to capitulate to the new ‘Tobacco Control’ plan.

There seems to be a curious inversion of power going on. TC Zealots seem to be able to dictate to PM May what is the most important thing she should be concerned with.

Why did PM May permit, or even entertain for a moment, the blatantly biased demands of TC?

But, erm, why was the latest prohibition plan promoted as ‘very important’? Who said so?

I must to bed.

Random Thoughts


I had to go into town today to get a full birth certificate for my grandson. He lives ‘down South’. He needs it by Wednesday because he has an interview for a new passport. He rang me on Friday last, which meant that my first opportunity was today, Monday. I really ought to have said, “Sod off! Rearrange the interview and order YOUR birth certificate on-line”. But, being a natural sucker for my kids and grandkids, I acquiesced.

What a horror! You cannot get a certificate from the town hall anymore – you have to go to the Registry Office, which is somewhat out of town. To make things worse, I had sort of lost my ‘mental map’ of the town’s roads. Not surprising because I have had no need to drive into town for years, and especially the areas North of the town. So, since I could not dis-cipher Google Earth or Google Maps satisfactorily, I decided to drive into town and park where I usual park, and walk to the Registrar’s. It was a good way and the directions were complicated. But I got there and did the business.

Only then did I realise that there was a much simpler way to get there. Google ‘directions’ had sent me on the shortest route, but not the easiest route. That idea is very important. You see, the shortest route involved many pedestrian crossings and many roundabouts, and many obstructions. The longer route was much simpler – a longer walk but hardly any crossings.

But if you lose your ‘mental map’, it is very hard to visualise what you will see as you drive along. It was very easy returning, because my ‘mental map’ had been mostly recovered.

It is not senility!!!! On occasions in the distant past, driving from A to B on a route very familiar to me, I have suddenly had a ‘blackout’ – suddenly not knowing where I was or where to go. It is a strange experience. Everything around you is odd. You drive along waiting for a clue, and it comes in the form of some signpost or other, and then you remember. It is just like wondering into the kitchen knowing that you went into the kitchen for some reason, but forgetting why you went there. You need a prompt.

I think that Tobacco Control has hit a similar ‘mental blackout’.

I suppose that it used to have ‘Health’ as its ideology,  but, somehow, it lost its way. Or rather, it was taken over by profiteers. Ideologies have always been wide open to profiteers.

For example, it is known that ecig vapour contains almost no toxins, and such that exist are not dangerous. That is fact. I mean, analysis of the vapour produces results that show that any harmful ingredients are so tiny that the human body would be able to excrete them in one way or another, or that it would take several life-times for those ingredients to disable or kill the vaper.

But nothing is certain. There is a tiny possibility that vapers might start dropping like flies after thirty years of vaping, but there is no actual toxicology to support that possibility. None at all. So, it is MUCH, MUCH better to let ecigs take their toll on smoking tobacco. MUCH, MUCH better.

So why is the FDA in America trying its best scupper ecigs?

It can only be DISHONESTY.

It may be that, decades ago, people like Doll really, really believed that smoking cigs as existed at the time (no filter tips, fire cured, full of tar) was very, very dangerous. But, at the time, so were smogs. The combination of untipped, fire cured tobacco smoke and smogs very likely damaged smokers and non-smokers alike. I would rather inhale tobacco smoke than sulphuric acid.

It would be nice to compare deaths from LC in the 1950s as compared with today, but it is not possible. ALL cancers were considered to be ‘shameful’ at that time. I do not know why. Many LC deaths were disguised to spare the feelings of the bereaved as pneumonia, which they were likely to be as a complication of the LC.

Self-perpetuating industries, serving no purpose whatsoever other than enriching the participants, have been built upon foundations which have ceased to exist decades ago – meaning tar-laden tobacco.

I managed to buy some fire-cured leaves which apparently came from Indonesia. I have not yet used up my German leaves. The German leaves are very superior – really, really sweet, comparatively.

I vaguely detest TobCOMS. They spent millions and millions trying to defend the indefensible in the sense of trying to ‘void’ laws. That is almost impossible because of the way that democracy works – majority decisions rule, OK? What they did not do was defend their customers. It is as though they too regarded smokers as slimy addicts, to be exploited. Is that still there vision?

In the UK, as a result of ‘Brexit’, there is an opportunity to kick out the FCTC, IPCC, and sundry other ‘One World’ ideas.

What we want is ‘cooperation’ for the ‘greater good’. We do not want ‘dictatorship’ in any form.

We in the UK have a form of dictatorship as regards smokers. Smokers are becoming more and more criminalised.

Everything is changing by the day. The point is fast approaching where you can still buy uniformly similar cigs but you are not allowed to smoke them.

But there is some hope. It seems that Theresa May and her Cabinet have more important things to think about than ASH’S ‘next logical step’. I really, really want to see ASH ET AL shouting and screaming about the Government’s failure to accede to their demands. I want ASH ET AL to scream and scream. I want The Sec of State for Health to become sick to death of the screaming.

But, most of all, I want ASH ET AL to be defunded. Maybe then we could start hunting down Arnott et al and making their lives miserable. I do not mean personally. I mean ‘personally’ as visible autocrats. I cannot but think that people like Arnott and Simple Simon in Oz have to be hunted down. After all, they ‘hunt down’ smokers. They criminalise smokers.

It will happen eventually, but the perpetrators will escape scot-free.

What we smokers want is simple.

We want the cost of cigs to be the same as another VAT-able commodity. Nothing less will do. No ‘sin’ taxes. 

We want parents to shelter their kids as they wish, and not by some State dictat.

We want owner of businesses to decide whether they permit smoking or not. 

Nothing in those aspirations are inhuman. They are sensible and realistic.

The Harm Inflicted by Dictatorial ‘Officials’


The Surgeon General of the USA opined that ‘there is no safe level of Environmental Tobacco Smoke’.

Arnott recently said that tobacco smoke disperses in the outdoor air and is thus more dangerous.

Can you see the connection between those two statements?

What Arnott was saying was that tobacco smoke spreads in all directions outdoors so that more people breath it. Crazy though it might seem, if that were the case, it would be better if smoking was confined to the indoors so as to prevent the outward spread all over the world.

Which is true? Is it better to confine smokers indoors to avoid the spread, or drive them outdoors so as not to infect those people who are indoors?

It may be true that tobacco smoke might irritate existing conditions such as asthma. Asthmatics should therefore avoid tobacco smoke. They are the unusual ones, and it is up to them to remove themselves from danger.

I remember entering my favourite bar in Magalluf. I lit a cig at the bar. A woman sitting at the bar near where I was asked me not to smoke because she had asthma. I looked at the barman, who just happened to be the owner, and he looked at me. Did she suffer from asthma or was she just exercising POWER?

Lots of people get a kick out of just exercising POWER. Any excuse will do. “Excuse me, but smoking is not permitted here” is just the same as, “Excuse me, but you must go to the end of the queue”. Do you see the difference though? The second case is justified, but the first case is not. NOT going to the end of the queue impinges directly upon those who are queuing, whereas smoking in a place with a theoretical ban does NOT directly impinge upon others – unless the complainants are really, really terrified, or just want to exercise POWER.

Remember the video of some big, strong guy in Oz verbally attacking a slightly build woman who was smoking in the street? Would he have done so if the person involved was a sixteen stone rugby prop forward?

The smoking ban only exists because those who enacted it did not have to personally enforce it. They can walk away. That also applies to academics who recommend prohibitions and massive taxes – they can walk away. In fact, the worse they are at recommending stupid laws, the more they become ‘world-renowned emeritus professors’.

Ex-PM, Blair, is trying to influence Brexit. He wants ‘His Elite confederates’ to scupper Brexit. Who the f*ck is he to pronounce? He is ‘EX’. Who cares what he thinks?

There is this weird thing that there are people who will pay $1000 dollars to attend a dinner where Blair is the main speaker. Blair gets $10, 000 dollars for speaking.  And what does he say? Bugger all.

It is not people like Blair who are the problem. They are individuals who personify ‘The Elite’. The real problem is the whole Elite.

The ‘Global Elite’ must be busted. It is a dictator. The FCTC, along with the IPCC (global warming) show that to be true. Lots of Global Organisations must be busted because they are dictatorial. I do not mean simply undemocratic. I mean far worse than that. I mean the imposition of conformity to the mediocre.

‘Officialdom’ demands ‘uniformity’. Everything and everyone is the same.

It has never worked and will not work. Human beings are curious and investigate this and that. They cannot be suppressed. But, somehow or other, the ‘suppressors’ must be replaced by ‘enablers’.


Personal Rights and the State


The State is grabbing more and more CONTROL over us. If The State can pass a law saying that you cannot smoke on a beach, in the open air with a sea breeze blowing, then The State has deviated from its purpose.

We should not be afraid of comparing Tobacco CONTROL with Nazi Germany or  Communist Russia. The operative word is CONTROL.

Why were publicans threatened with massive fines and possible withdrawal of their licences if they did not FORCE smokers to comply with the ban? I shall tell you: it was because they, and even their associations, did not know their Personal Rights. They should have fought like hell to refute the idea that they were criminally responsible for what other people do on/in their premises. In other words, if someone pulls out a knife and skewers another person, the publican could be held responsible because he did not have every punter searched.

We hear a lot about ‘private property rights’, but that is not the important thing. The important thing is Personal Rights. I own my house and can dictate what is allowed to be done within it. But that does not mean that I am responsible for what people who happen to be within my house do. Perhaps I should festoon the walls of my house with posters saying, “Murder is not permitted”. But, if, in my house, someone at a party pulled a knife and stabbed some other person, the posters would be irrelevant. Shit happens.

Individuals do not have to risk their lives to intervene in dangerous situations. It would be ridiculous for laws to require that. And yet the smoking ban requires just that. Publicans must actually apply physical force to stop a person from lighting a cig. They should have fought, and fought again, before, during and after those demands upon them from The State were made. Magistrates upheld the power of The State.

Those magistrates were wrong. The State does not have the power, in a free society, to determine the actions individuals.

But there is always a ‘nigger in the woodpile’. And that is toxicity. It is reasonable for The State to require that citizens should be protected from chemical which are too toxic. We understand that and applaud such ‘controls’. But when you consider SHS as a toxin, then you cannot but ask, “HOW TOXIC?”

The TC bible, Doll’s ‘Doctors Study’, says that you can smoke between the ages of 20 and 50 without any ill-effects appearing. After that, the heavier that you smoke, and the longer that you smoke, produces more and more health problems, notably the 15 fold increase in the risk of LC.

That is an enormous increase in risk. As a statistic, I do not belittle it. Even so, most of the doctors in the study were smokers, so, statistically, the non-smokers were not ‘typical’ of doctors as a whole. And, only 7% of the doctors died from LC, despite most of them being smokers at the beginning of of the study.

But how do you go from a study which shows a major increase in risk for SOME people to a BAN ‘for the use of’ without a BAN for the toxin itself?

When the anti-Christ, Blair, permitted, as PM, the obligatory persecution of publicans, publicans should have risen up as a mass and gone on strike. They should have closed their doors. The shit would really have hit the fan had they done so. I doubt that the ban would have lasted for a week.

Is it still possible for them to do so? Clearly, it is. But it will not happen. It will not happen because pubs et al have no courage. They cannot have ‘courage’ because they are ‘things’. Publicans would have to have an Association with the balls to defend its members, and the members would have to have the balls to ‘go on strike’.

Defying the law is a perilous thing for ordinary citizens to do. But there is a difference between indoors and outdoors. The proprietors of indoor places are required to police the ban. Who is going to police outdoor bans?

The sadness is that none of the persecution was necessary at all. For whatever reason, lots of people have decided that they do not want to enjoy tobacco and wish to enjoy something else.

The mere fact that the WHO has singled out tobacco as its ‘best bet’ to get control, shows that it is corrupt beyond imagining. Trump. on his own, cannot combat TC, but he could massively undermine the CONTROL aspect. Americans WILL NOT be controlled by the corrupt UN.

The UN is utterly corrupt. It serves no purpose other than to enrich its participants.

The UN is part of ‘The State’ and vice versa. It is to be hoped that, as with Trump, Theresa May is not a ‘Common Purpose’ graduate, as Cameron was.

“Leading beyond authority” is the slogan of ‘Common Purpose’. But who decides ‘the purpose’ and who ‘leads’?

What we have to understand is that we are all STUPID. All of us. We have studied the heavens for centuries and are no nearer an understanding of the Universe as were the shepherds who first noticed that there were ‘planets’, which were ‘stars’ which ‘wondered about’. They were the planets. They ‘wondered about’ because our observations of their positions depends upon our own position in the solar system. That does not apply to far away stars.

Enough. I have, as usual, drifted. It seems to me that ‘Personal Rights’ no longer exist. Only ‘Corporate Rights’ matter.

Another Post Today: Vapingpoint Liz’s Letter to PM Theresa May


Liz reads out the letter in a video:

Liz raises the points which hardly anyone in the MSM or in Parliament mention – the nasty downside of the War On Smokers. Nasty activists (well-paid trolls) have infiltrated all aspects of government as they mercilessly ban, demonise, denormalise, batter, rob, smokers day after day.

I have been experiencing squelching noises in my left ear. I had problems with that ear some years ago (went deaf in that ear) so I went to the doctors who diagnosed wax. When I went to the hospital, I found that my appointment had been cancelled because the specialist was not feeling so well. Anyway, I had been putting olive oil in the ear, as instructed, and the hearing had returned. All I went to the hospital  for was to get any remaining wax removed. So I continued with the oil for a few more days and all was well.

So I went on the net to see what was being recommended. The first site that I tried was a NHS one. Guess what they recommended among other things? You got it – STOP SMOKING!

Zealots (doing other well-paid ancillary jobs) are everywhere. And that is how they do it – they apply for and are pushed forward into those well-paid ancillary jobs where they can do as much damage as possible to smokers whilst apparently being well-paid for messing up some other aspect of the NHS. Those costs of TC are hidden from view.

Watch the video. Liz is a credit to us all.



“Keep on keeping on”.

Dylan Thomas:

“Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my father, there on the sad height,
Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

We say:

“Keep on keeping on”

Old men and old women have seen a lot. They have seen Governments come and go, but not much changes. We have see the emergence of telephones, Radio, and TV. Not much changes.

The ‘human condition’ remains the same. We can be miserable or happy; we can be unhealthy or healthy; we can be slim or fat; we can be rich or poor. None of those conditions change our nature.

“Everybody’s looking for something….”

It is in our nature to investigate and try things and see what happens. That is our nature.

I do not understand ‘Tobacco Control’ at all. It seems to me to be the antipathy of human nature. When Hillary and Tensing climbed Everest, they did so for no other reason than to show that it could be done – that human beings could do it. The same applies to the Moon landings – to show that it could be done. If there are subsequent benefits, such as mining the Moon for rare metals, etc, that might happen in due course, but the first thing that must happen is showing that it is possible to get there.

TC is entirely negative. It aims, and has largely succeeded, to eliminate experimentation. It is largely impossible for new, and relatively harmless, tobacco products to enter the market – unless the come from ‘BIG TOBACCO’. In other words, ANTI-BIG TOBACCO has sheltered and protected REALLY BIG TOBACCO.

It is all quite comical, but it is perverse that BIG GOVERNMENT has facilitated the rise of PURITANISM whilst being HEDONISTIC itself.

And there lies the meaning of Dylan Thomas’s poem.

Don’t let the bastards grind you down.




ASH Scotland has apparently revealed what must be done about ‘illicit tobacco’. I only found out about that via a vague reference. I have not seen any links as yet, but I suppose that they will appear eventually.

Is there such a thing as ‘illicit tobacco’? What does the word ‘illicit’ mean? I opine that tobacco, in itself, is similar to hay – to make hay, the grasses are cut down, allowed to dry for a while lying in the fields, scraped together in to bails and then carted off to be stored in barns. The resultant ‘hay’ is fed to cattle and horses and whatever else during the winter. Is there such a thing as ‘illicit hay’?

There is no such thing as ‘illicit’ tobacco. There may be ‘smuggled’ tobacco, and there may be ‘substandard’ tobacco, and there may be ‘infected’ tobacco, but not ‘elicit’ tobacco. There is no such thing.

ASH ET AL play games with words, and politicians admire them because politicians themselves play games with words. All of them distort the meaning of words. They use nouns, adjective and adverbs to make things sound worse than they are. For example, ASH ET AL have, for ages, used phrases like: “There is a worry that young people will become addicted to nicotine via ecigs”.

Who exactly is worried? I am not worried. You are not worried. Who is worried? Why should Arnott be ‘worried’? Does she also ‘worry’ about the situation in Syria? Why not? That situation is far more immediate than ‘worries’ about ecigs.

The election of Trump as USA President was a revolution. Brexit was a revolution. Those two events are world-changing. I am not quite sure that Trump himself realises that. ‘HE’ is a revolution. HE must ignore all the crap about Russia. Let someone else handle it. HE must press on with ‘draining swamp’. His only problem is the build-up of the size of the swamp. It will take years to drain.

Similarly, Brexit is a swamp. I voted for Brexit to get out of the ‘swamp’ of political corruption. I see blatant corruption everywhere in the EU. I see some kind of subservience to the UN: Climate Control, Tobacco Control, Obesity Control. I would like to see Trump kick the UN out of New York and insist that they relocate to Somalia before he gives them one more penny.

It is simple things like ‘location of persecutors’ which undermine them. ASH LONDON occupies premises on one floor of a ‘tower block’. Well, not exactly. It has a few rooms on a floor of a building in London. But, surely, renting that office space must be very expensive? What does it matter where ASH LONDON is located? In any case, why it that organisation not called ‘ASH ENGLAND’?


So ASH SCOTLAND has made a plan to ‘correct’ the problem which it created. The plan will, no doubt, involve massive expenditure on persecuting smokers who dare to import leaves. Thousands of customs officers will have to recruited and paid to justify the existence of ASH SCOTLAND.

That is what it is all about – justifying the existence of ASH SCOTLAND.

The need for ASH ET AL to justify their existence is becoming more and more pronounced,  and ASH ET AL are becoming more and more worried that their verbal manipulations will fall on deaf ears.

As an aside, what has amazed me over the last decade or so, is how PMs have appointed anti-smokers, again and again and again, as Health Ministers. Is it any wonder that the NHS has no direction? It blunders about, giving as much importance to persecution of smokers as the curing of diseases.

There is a revolt in this land. The revolution is about ‘Control’. Control, control. control. Revolutions have always been about ‘Control’.

But there is a definite Revolution happening.

Who knows how extensive the Revolution might be?