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Persuasion AND Coercion


United Utilities, which provides the water supply for North West England, has declared that a hosepipe ban will take effect 5th August 2018. It is the first in England to do so. That seems odd, considering that the Lake District, from which our water supply comes, is one of the wettest places in England. How is it that we in the North West are about to have a hosepipe ban imposed when London is not? And nor is Birmingham.

The answer is simple. The lakes in the Lake District DO NOT supply our water. There are some reservoirs in that area which supply our water.

I was telling a friend about my little conspiracy theory. Da da! It runs like this:

Whenever we have prolonged hot weather, no mention of a hosepipe ban appears until just after we have had a couple of days of rain. The pattern is always the same. Cracked, dried up reservoir basins are shown and the remains of old villages. But why do hosepipe bans appear just after a couple of days of heavy rain?

Think about it. What is the natural response of people to a hosepipe ban after a couple of days of rain? Is it not? “It has been pissing down for a couple of days. Why should there be a hosepipe ban?!!!” The serious-faced spokesperson can then say, “Not enough rain”. Note the consequences. Attention has been distracted from the real problem, which is lack of provision.

But surely the Lake District has not dried up? Indeed it has not. The lakes are full to the brim with water. The Lakes DO NOT supply our water. Reservoirs in the Lake District and elsewhere do. The dried up beds are reservoirs and not the lakes.

It may be that overflows from the Lakes fill the reservoirs. I do not know. It is easy to see how the level of water in the Lakes could stabilise after a couple of weeks of hot weather,  if the streams which fill the lakes dry up, so that there were no overflows.  Thus, there would be no supply of water into the reservoirs.

I would not mind if the Powers-that-be simply told the truth. The simple truth is that there are not enough reservoirs, and they are not prepared to actually use the water in the Lakes. But that is where the little propaganda trick of waiting for people to complain about the wrong thing comes in.

The foregoing has brought on my main thought. On the one hand, we have TV ‘asking us’ to save water in the usual ways – using showers rather than baths and only short showers, flushing the loo less often, ensuring that you have a full load in the washing machine, etc. On the other hand, the same people are ‘forcing us’ not to use water by threats of punishment and huge fines if you water your plants for ten minutes using a hosepipe. At least the Romans were straight forward. A notice in Pompeii near a drinking fountain, said, “Do not piss in this area. Citizens will be fined and slaves will be whipped”.

It is not easy to see the ‘dissonance’ in asking nicely but following up with threats, and yet we would all see that if a person begged from you and, if you refused, produced a knife and demanded money. There is not much difference. If you ‘ask’, you do not threaten, and if you ‘threaten’, you do not ask.

Tobacco Control mastered the dissonance decades ago. They did so by addressing their ‘Persuasion’ to the people, but addressing their ‘Coercion’ to politicians.

They have gotten away with it for decades, but one wonders why. Well, I have been fooled and I think that I am reasonably intelligent. The answer is that the coercion and persuasion are all mixed up like colours. You have to be aware of that fact before you can split the two. It is not easy, until you ‘see’ it.

It is only when you realise and accept that the ‘political coercion’, via ‘the law’, impacts upon the same people who are supposed to be being ‘persuaded’ that smoking is bad for their health and that they should ‘quit’, that you can ‘short-circuit’ the whole dishonest ‘theology’.

WOW! Theology?

Have we forgotten that Islamists have executed people for smoking? Why? Because they see smoking as slow suicide, and suicide is forbidden by the scriptures, and so smoking is punishable by execution, being against the wishes of the Almighty.

I was reading something elsewhere today which talked about ‘post modernism’, or rather ‘post enlightenment’, or something like that. The general idea was that ‘it’ has failed. It has failed to produce a rational reason that humans, without a God to guide them, should have ‘morality’. Essentially, that means that there is no ‘philosophical’ reason that humans should not eat each other. Only a ‘theological’ reason forbids it.

It is very weird that any sensible person could accept the alternative, “Either do as I say voluntarily or I shall bash you”. Ha! Ha! Ha! If you did what you were told to do for fear of being bashed, then your action would not be voluntary.

If you were so inclined, being to oppose ‘authority’ in every way possible, you might increase your use of water. You might even feel so strongly that you leave a tap running all the time, and sod the cost.


Is it possible that the ‘dissonance’ between persuasion and coercion can be eradicated? I think not. It must be either one or the other. But that does not mean that coercion cannot follow the failure of persuasion. It is when the two occur at the same time that ‘dissonance’ occurs.

So, the hosepipe ban replaces persuasion. The weird thing is that, for the last month or so, there has been no significant persuasion!

For decades, TobCON has got away with ‘soft sell’ and ‘hard sell’ at the same time.

It is time that Politicians recognised that TobCON is the worst possible scenario, and they should have realised that fact a decade or so ago when the FCTC arose.

Politicians today cannot hide behind stupid, ignorant decisions made by their predecessors. They must reverse those decisions. Our Gov must kick the FCTC into touch and stop funding it. The same goes for the IPCC. They are both fraudulent. Further, the UK must demand billions of pounds in refunds from the UN because of the lies which have been told. Further, the UK must demand ‘credits’ for its part-ownership of EU buildings. Why has that never been mentioned?

DISSONANCE is a major thing in today’s world. What is important is recognising where the dissonance occurs. That is the most important thing. Solutions might take some time.


Is Smoking Fantastically Important?


I ask because almost nobody gives a toss about the persecution of smokers.

It seems to me that there are two rather small groups. There is the fanatical anti-smoker Zealots group and there is the reasonably knowledgeable ‘defence of smokers’ group. Note that most smokers are not members of the second group. Between the two lie the indifferent masses. The indifferent masses start at the level of GPs and such and gradually work down to smokers who have no idea what is being done to them. Such smokers might buy a packet of 20 every couple of days and compare the price with the price of a pint of beer. A pint of Fosters hereabouts is £3.10 at this time. Such people might see the price of cigs as reasonable in the sense that 20 cigs cost about the same as two pints of lager. They have no sense of value. They do not know that 20 cigs should cost no more than a quid, and that a pint of beer should also cost no more than a quid.

MPs, no matter how clever and intelligent, fall within the indifferent masses. To them, the persecution of smokers does not exist. In OZ, the Gov has been raising the price of cigs by 12.5% per an for a few years now. A packet of cigs is heading towards AU$40 = about £22. According to something I read today, smuggled cigs are selling at ‘half official price’ = about £10.  But £10 is still twice as much as the price in Spain, and probably three times the cost in Bulgaria and such, and probably ten times as much as in other places.

There are all sort of interesting ‘studies’ which could be performed. For example, is there a class of person who is just as happy to be in prison as free? I have never seen such a study, and it would be very difficult to verify if there was. I have no doubt that prisoners would say, “Of course I would rather be free!” Well, yes, provided that they were ‘free’ to commit their crimes. I think that there is a class of person who can cope very well with prison life, just as monks cope with monastery life. The monks are voluntary prisoners. The Trappist monks are the most imprisoned (voluntarily) since they devote their lives to prayer and solitude within their monastery.

Prisoners who are quite content with life in prison (meals, TV, ‘relationships’, books, education, etc) have no fear of imprisonment.

So is it surprising that Oz cannot cope with the smuggling of vast amounts of cigs? It is laughable that a person entering the country can only bring in one sleeve of cigs (if that). As a result, Oz has had to vastly increase its Border Force. It really is laughable. For example, a former Customs Chief said that the baggage of persons entering Oz from South Korea was suspect, and that certain types of baggage would be pulled off the carousel and inspected. Meanwhile, millions of cigs are being imported in containers. Oz Customs justify themselves by intercepting the occasional container containing a consignment of, say, 10,000 sleeves = 2,000,000 cigs. But when the cost of a sleeve of 200 cigs costs AU$0.50 to produce in Indonesia, what does the loss of one container-load matter?

All those people, MPs, Customs Officers, etc, fall within the ‘indifferent masses’. “Just doing my job, Gov”. Lawyers are also in that category. They can make money from prosecutions, indifferent to the persecution. They make money from persecution.

In my opinion, there is NOTHING more important than to emphasise the persecution. In the end, it is the persecution which will defeat TobCON. But the persecution is not really about smoking and SHS danger. It is about FREEDOM. The idea that a smoker cannot open a bar, staffed by smokers, and with warnings displayed that ‘smoking is permitted’, is the very epitome of persecution. It is exactly the same as not permitting Synagogues.  I mean EXACTLY the same.

The ‘indifferent masses’ of experts in academia do not ‘see’ the persecution. They see something of little significance, such as pleasure, compared with ‘postponing deaths’. ‘Postponing deaths’ is far more important than the pleasure of smoking, drinking, eating chocolate, being young and foolish, etc.

If you study Doll’s ‘Doctors Study’, you will find, if you persevere, that only lung cancer was seriously prevalent more often in smokers than, say, heart problems, which were, statistically, about two times more prevalent in smokers. Two times is not ‘statistically relevant’. It could be due to chance or other factors. Only LC matters. Doll’s study reckoned that LC was 15 times more prevalent in smokers than non-smokers.

We must understand that ‘fifteen times’ is ENORMOUS!! It is so ENORMOUS that statisticians must have wondered if it could possibly be true. But hardly anyone said so. One can only infer that the mass of statisticians and epidemiologists did not give a shit, and were part of the ‘indifferent masses’.

“Contains No Added Sugars”


What would happen if an advertiser produced an advert on TV which showed a tobacco plant in all its glory. But the advert slogan was “Contains no added sugars”. Nothing else at all. Just the pic and the slogan.

For TobCON has reached the bottom of the barrel and is seeking to justify its existence. Perhaps it could justify its existence by screaming about such an advert. The scream test inverted.

Such an advert has happened many times before, but not normally. The ‘trick’ is normally intended as the first step in rousing interest. People who see the starter advert say, “what was that about?” It is natural. Only later adverts reveal the intention.

What is odd is that tobacco retailers have never shouted. Is that not odd? There are millions of tobacco retailers but they have ever shouted and accused TobCON of purveying lies about their products and describing their customers as ‘deviants’.

There is a strata between ‘Tobcoms’ and smokers. That strata is retailers. I include all the processes after the Tobcoms have manufactured cigs etc as ‘retailing’. For example, it would make no sense for Tobcoms to spray millions of cigs in all directions – the ‘system’ must package the cigs. That packaging must suit the retailers demands.

But not individually.

Looking back, it has always been the retailers of cigs who have suffered to a greater or lesser extent, and it has always been retailers of booze who have suffered. And it is always possible that smokers who do not understand what is going on, have isolated themselves into a loneliness.

Smokers can help publicans if publicans want to scream. It is not Tobcoms who can defeat TobCON. It is publicans, restaurateurs, clubs of all sorts, which demand FREEDOM to make their own rules about smoking.

I do not understand why retailers, pubs, clubs, restaurateurs did not fight like hell about the Smoking Ban.

And they are still tax cows.

How and When Did the Word ‘Processed’ Become a ‘Dirty’ Word?


If you apply to a bank for a loan, your application will be ‘processed’; an application for a passport will be ‘processed’. But it seems that the ‘processing’ of food is now very dangerous. That must mean that a loaf of bread is very dangerous, since the grain etc which went into making the loaf has passed through a ‘process’ to make the loaf. The word ‘processed’ has even been extended to grilling bacon and roasting beef. Why not also extend it to washing apples? Washing apples is ‘processing’ them.

All our food is ‘processed’ in one way or another. Only if you have an apple tree or similar, and pick an apple off the tree and eat it there and then, is the apple not ‘processed’.

And yet the Zealots claim that ‘processed’ food is dangerous. Perhaps they might reconsider if they were asked to recommend that we eat raw fish and raw meat, or even raw ears of corn. Why not? But even the slaughtering of an animal is a ‘process’; the catching of fish is a ‘process’.

It is astonishing how the Zealots get away with it – redefining the emotional meaning of a word whilst ignoring the actual meaning. The word ‘health’ does not mean what it used to mean. Many a time, I have read comments here and there, in the past, where some unfortunate person has, for example, lost everything, but commented: “At least I have my health”. How could a person know that he/she is ‘healthy’ without a thorough medical check-up?

The emotional meaning of the word ‘health’ has changed enormously over the last several decades. When did ‘working conditions’ become ‘unhealthy’? Is the presence of asbestos unhealthy?

I beg to differ. We have a word for it; that word is ‘dangerous’. Asbestos may be dangerous. I read somewhere a few years ago that ‘ordinary’ asbestos is not dangerous – it is blue asbestos which is dangerous. I forget the detail.

Things and actions are not ‘unhealthy’.

But do we see the problems with misuse of words? It might be a clue that there is no verb associated with the word ‘health’. “Yesterday, I healthed my house plants by watering them and feeding them” “I have taken some vitamin tablets to health myself”

It follows, from the word, that ‘health’ cannot be improved since there is no associated verb. It also follows that the word ‘health’ is almost meaningless. At best, it means ‘not being ill or damaged physically’, at any specific moment. It means that there are only two states in which a person can be – either ‘healthy’ or ‘unhealthy’.

Matters get even worse when one considers ‘mental health’! “My GP told me that I am mentally unhealthy” But it happened to me. My wife’s MS was getting worse and I became more and more anxious. I suddenly started having heart palpitations (fast heartbeats) and getting hot when just sitting on the couch reading the newspaper or watching TV. Those physical events just happened for no apparent reason at the time. My GP told me that it was as well that I went to see him at that time, because I was on the verge of a ‘nervous breakdown’. He prescribed immediately acting beta blockers for a couple of days to be followed by continuous seroxat-type medication for as long as necessary. The tablets reduce feelings of anxiety; not the reasons for the anxiety, but the emotional effect of the anxiety. I am still taking those tablets because those emotions are still present.

But was I ‘mentally ill’?

I wonder if any politician has ever thought that the phrase ‘National HEALTH Service’ has always been meaningless? At best, it should have been ‘National UNHEALTH Service’. My spell checker tells me that there is no such word as ‘unhealth’. And yet there is a word ‘unhealthy’.

It matters very much that our country’s laws should be framed in words which are fixed in their meaning. For example, we should never have adopted the most recent TPD (tobacco products directive) from the EU which included ecigs. Ecig liquids are not made from tobacco, as compared with cigs, cigars, pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco, etc. They may contain some stuff which comes from tobacco, aka nicotine, but nicotine can be made in a lab from green tobacco plant leaves. Those leaves are not ‘tobacco’. The situation would be much clearer if the plants had not been called ‘Nicotiana tobacum’. Perhaps they could have been called ‘Angel Delight Enlightenment’ – in Latin.

How do you reestablish the true meaning of words?

There is only one way. It is to use those words over and over again in the correct emotional sense.

Perhaps this idea might motivate us all to fight back. For example, the word ‘quit’ in the USA has always had a certain derogative meaning: “A Quitter”. Someone who ‘gave in’. The Zealots have managed to convert ‘quitter’ to virtue.

To counter the misuse of the word ‘processed’, it would be in our interests to apply that word to TobCON. People like Arnott have been processed.

They started it.

‘Qualitative’ Problems


A remark in a comment to a post a couple of days ago roused my interest. Briefly, the commenter  said that,  after an operation in hospital, there was no follow up to see how she was getting on. The same has happened to me. When herself recently suffered a setback, due to the MS, and had ‘a stroke’ maybe, the NHS probably saved her life. But the actual problem was a chest infection. The hospital put her on a drip of antibiotics plus other stuff – blood thinners and all that.

But, despite all those serious ‘interventions’, no doctor has called round to our house to check how things are. The District Nurses come twice a week, but they only do what they have to do – change the pressure sore dressing.

The problem is not a ‘quantitative’ problem. It does not matter much how many times a check occurs.  What matters is that a check occurs. That is ‘qualitative’ and not ‘quantitative’.

I think that our Country has developed a ‘phobia’ about quantities. For example, the number of smokers seems to have become tremendously important; the number of knife attacks in London is tremendously important, even though there are few, because they have increased somewhat.

One must understand that the persecution of smokers is both quantitative and qualitative. “Die ten years too soon” and “Are disgusting, filthy, stinking”.

I do not give a toss about ‘die ten years too soon’, but I care very much about ‘disgusting, filthy, stinking’. For it is ‘disgusting, filthy, stinking’ which brought about smoking bans, and not science.

It is interesting to observe that Brexit problems are similar. They are not ‘quantitative’ when it comes down to the nitty-gritty. They are about POWER.

More About The Brexit Stuff – Apathy


It is getting boring. I read the provisions of the white paper which is supposed to reflect the wishes of the people who voted for Brexit. There is an implication that the people were only interested in immigration and law-making when then they voted to leave the EU. That might be true. It might well be true that most voters were not bothered about trade.

But that has also been my own attitude, by and large. The critical thing to me was not the common market. It was the connections of the EU with ‘One World Government’ – the UN, WHO, IPCC, etc. Those tentacles were clearly exhibited by the Climate Control Act. Why did not masses of MPs contest the evidence? For it is the lack of evidence which should have stopped the zealots who proposed the Climate Control Act in their tracks.

The only reasonable explanation for the Climate Control Act is apathy. It is ‘nice’ to be on the side of the angels, even though there are no angles. Trump has stirred things up. He has drawn the lace curtains and shown that there are no angels.

I read a statement tonight from the Tory MP and Cabinet Minister, Priti Patel. The heading says it:


So where is the ‘freedom’ for pubs etc to have smoking spaces? Freedom is indivisible. You are either ‘free’ or ‘coerced’. As John Stuart Mills said, “The only constraint upon freedom is harm to others” (or words to that effect). In other words, limitations on freedom must be proven to be necessary.

But what constitutes ‘necessity’? Americans can own guns simply because they wish to. UK citizens cannot. Thus we have lots of ‘knife crime’. What a silly euphemism! A ‘knife crime’ could easily be just carrying a samurai sword from location A to location B, or stabbing someone twenty times.

Apathy means passing laws which stink. It also means defending those laws against all reason. For example, what could be more innocuous than an ecig? It is not tobacco and it is not a gun. It is, essentially, a ‘fragrance’.

There are hundreds of thousands of laws. They could mostly be swept away by vigorous examination, and massive cost to taxpayers diminished.

But APATHY prevails.

Being ‘Pro-Active’


It is very hard to get laws repealed. It is even harder to get the EU to withdraw a directive. Those directives are written in stone. But as we have seen with the ecig directive, there is MASSIVE opposition, even amongst Health Zealots. Is there any chance that that directive will be amended or repealed? I think that the answer is, “NO!” Not a chance in hell. Have any directives ever been repealed?

I wonder how many new laws have been created over the last several decades? I know that there have been thousands, but could that number be millions? It does not matter that much whether it is thousands or millions. The important thing is that such laws have to be enforced. The more that the everyday lives of citizens are controlled by laws, the more effort is needed to ensure that the control is effective. More police, more environmental officers, more auditors, more civil servants, more courts and lawyers.

The situation has become so ‘top-heavy’ that costs have outstripped resources. The police are wasting vast amounts of time looking for ‘hate speech’ on the net, or at least dealing with reports of such speech.

But what is even worse is that trivialities supersede serious crimes. A case in point has been the ‘up-skirt’ hysteria. (Silly boys using mobile phones to take a flash pic of women’s underclothes in the street by positioning the phone under the woman’s skirt). Yes, it is a nasty thing to do, but silly boys do silly things, as do silly girls. I remember once seeing a pic on Facebook (I think!) taken by a girl of a massive ‘bulge’ in a youth’s trousers. What is the difference?

The awful thing is that TobCON has used fake stats to promote ‘proactive’ prohibitions and persecution, and that politicians have passed even more laws. Even worse is that the EU, WHO, UN are in charge of getting those laws passed.

The cost of the EU, WHO, UN is stratospheric.  All their treaties and directives impose enormous costs. And, inevitably, those cost fall upon the poorest people in wealthy nations. They do not fall upon wealthy internationalists.

A new way of thinking is needed. And it must be bottom up and not top down. I am experiencing this need myself at the moment. It is difficult to explain. Herself had to be rushed to hospital a couple of months ago due to complications of Multiple Sclerosis. She nearly died, but the NHS saved her life. Since she came home, not a single medic, including her GP, has displayed the slightest interest in her plight.

I do not blame those people. Their work-load increases daily via laws.

If a political party declared in its manifesto that it would do nothing for five years but reduce the laws on the statute book by 90% (provided that that included repealing anti-smoker laws), then I would vote for that Party.

It is not about ‘Marxism’, ‘Capitalism’, ‘Communism’ or any other ‘ism’. It is about people doing as they wish, even if what they do is dangerous, such as mountain climbing or rolling cheeses down hillsides.

So, being ‘proactive’ does not necessarily mean marching about. It just as much means  opposing strenuously by any means within ones capability.

My Plants


There seems to be a progression. It begins with ‘nanny’ state, progresses to ‘bully’ state, and finally becomes ‘tyrannical’ state. It seems to be a sort of natural, unstoppable progression. It does not matter what political party is in power. The progression is unstoppable. Only when the tyranny reaches such an intensity that the ‘enforcers’ realise that they have become inhuman, does the overthrow of the tyranny start.

I watched a film yesterday about the East German regime (thanks for the link whoever). It is called ‘The Lives of Others’. I found a free download:

It is almost impossible to describe because the plot is not the main thing. It is the ideology behind the plot which matters.

In East Germany, the ‘Stasi’ could do whatever it wanted to do with only the tiniest pretence of ‘legality’. ‘State Security’ excused anything. The main story of the film is that a Stasi ‘operative’, quite high ranking, charged with listening to bugged conversations, came to sympathise with the people that he was listening to. They were authors, playwrights, film and stage directors, etc – artists. He was charged with eavesdropping on a specific author’s bugged home. He did not report the conversations that he heard. He falsified his reports. Because he could not find anything to the liking of the ‘bosses’, he was demoted to steaming open letters. When news came that the Berlin wall had been demolished, he and his fellow steamers simply walked away from their jobs.  Think about that. They were imprisoned, but were now free.

Years later, the author in question, after the Stasi files were opened up to the public, the author in question discovered all the false reports. He knew that they were false because he could remember the conversations which were NOT reported. He wrote a book in praise of ‘A Good Man’.


One cannot help but wonder when ‘good men (and women)’ will stop enforcing the evil edicts of EVERYONE who forces them to do so, including politicians, ASH ET AL, etc. When did the police become enforcers for anti-obesity lobbyists and politicians?

And so to my plants! Very few people are talking in the UK about ‘the plants’. Those ‘plants’ could be any sort of ‘plants’. But there is a way round. The answer is, ‘those plants which can grow outdoors in the UK’.  ‘Weed’ (!) cannot be grown outdoors in the UK.

Anyway, this wonderful summer has revealed the potential for ‘the plants’ to perform wonderfully well. I would not normally expect the plants to start to flower until around the end of August, but they are flowering now. Leaves are ‘maturing’ sooner than ever. I have already harvested dozens of leaves which, frankly, have already ‘ripened’ (means gone past the best point of ‘maturity’ for curing). But that is OK. Who cares if the leaves are not perfect? ‘Good enough’ is good enough for me.

The critical thing to understand is that there are ‘good men (and women)’ who will eventually refuse to obey orders. For the time being, policing smoking in pubs is not sufficiently abhorrent for ‘public servants’ (aka wage slaves) to refuse to persecute their friends. But it is coming.

But what is different in the modern era is that there is such a thing as ‘historic crimes’. I am talking about deliberately raising taxes because it is politically possible. That is, persecuting the poorest people to FORCE them to stop enjoying the most accessible ‘stress relief’ which one can control oneself – a cigarette.

The deliberate misuse of the law is criminal, and highly so. I hate to use the word because it has become so hackneyed, but the only appropriate word is ‘treason’. But we are not talking about assassinating the Queen or blowing up Parliament. We are talking about our freedoms. ‘Treason’ means taking steps to enslave us.

So I have dared to speak about ‘my plants’. Only a totally incompetent, childish, over-bearing set of politicians, such as exists in Australia could ignore the backlash which will inevitably result when people get fed up.

One of the wonderful things about ‘getting fed up’ is that the graph is not ‘linear’. As more stupid laws are introduced, people get more, and MORE, and MORE fed up.

The comical thing about it is that IT DOES NOT MATTER!!


Brexit Shit Hits Fan


I have some sympathy for PM May. The pressure from business to keep the ‘Common Market’ must be immense. And you can understand it. If your business depends upon exports to Europe, then the last thing you want, in a competitive environment, is extra costs in the form of tariffs, but, perhaps more importantly, customs barriers. For them, ‘free movement of goods’ is terrifically important. The same applies to importers in respect of customs barriers. The wheeze of using technology to avoid customs problems is a joke.

So the Foreign Sec and the Brexit Sec have resigned, along with others, on the eve of PM May’s statement in Parliament about the Brexit plan. I don’t think that their actions are political manoeuvring, although they might be. I think that they just cannot agree to support PM May’s Brexit plan. In effect, they are saying to PM May, “If that is your plan, then we want nothing to do with it. You must get others to put it into effect”. That is, they are acting on a genuine matter of principle. Put simply, we will not pay the EU apparatchiks billions of pounds per an to trade with States which want to trade with us. That is blackmail.

It strikes me that ‘free movement of people’ has existed in Europe for aeons. Only comparatively recently have passports been introduced. But there is a difference. Until comparatively recently, there was no point in paying the cost of moving from, say, Germany to England just for the sake of it. There needed to be motivation. That might have been a holiday, visiting relatives, a job as a translator, fleeing from oppression, etc. What we have seen in recent times is the motivation of social benefits, partly within Europe but mostly from other countries. A host of flowers is a powerful attraction to a host of bees.

What annoys me about the Brexit negotiations is that there is an awful lot of it which is artificial. For many people who voted for Brexit, immigration was probably the main motivator. Who can blame them? For years, we have seen groups of young men trying to break into lorries destined for England, and the Calais camps are a disgrace to France. The fact that the French Gov permitted those camps showed that England was on its own, EU or no EU.

I would like to see the shit really hit the fan. I would like to see Trump kick the UN out of New York and into Ethiopia or Bangladesh. I would like to see the WHO moved from Geneva to the Congo. I would like to see the IPCC moved to Greenland.

Those organisations must be ‘exiled to the outer fringes’. How many people would want to be MPs if Parliament was situated in the Outer Hebrides?

Corruption is always associated with comfort. No one has ever taken a bribe which makes them worse off.

There is no doubt that smoking bans which have proliferated throughout the whole world rely upon corruption. Tobacco taxes are corrupt. Booze taxes are corrupt. Petrol taxes are corrupt.

Until a Government revokes such impositions, I shall regard that Government to be corrupt. There is no alternative.

‘Let It Develop’


I once had a good friend with whom I played a lot of golf in amateur competitions all over the North West of England. Most courses will have at least one ‘open amateur’ comp per year. They are quite good earners. Competitors pay a fee to enter the comp, and it is quite likely that they will drink and dine after their game. I enjoyed playing many courses, off the competition tees, which would have been impossible without those comps.

But my friend and I fell out. We fell out because he became more and more taciturn on the golf course. He would not talk to our fellow competitors. He acted as though he was a professional golfer, who was unconscious of his surroundings and focused only on his own shots. That meant that I had to ‘carry the can’ of being friendly and sociable. It was not that onerous until we had a really good score in a comp and waited for the prize-giving. Our score, in a Stableford, was 45 points on a hard course. We thought that we would win. Not only did we not win, we were fourth, but the club gave us a special prize of a bottle of whiskey for turning up at the prize-giving, which was nice.

My friend went out of his mind. He blew a gasket, but, thankfully, not there and then. He was embittered. Even today, decades later, I still cannot understand. We came fourth out of maybe 100 couples. That is quite an achievement. Why he was miserable, I do not understand.

But one of the great ideas that he gave me was ‘let it develop’. He owned a classic old sports car. When it was his turn to drive to a golf course, many an eye in the car park was turned to his car. We were talking about car problems, and he said that, sometimes, when you cannot be sure what the problem is, it is better to ‘let it develop’.

We have seen TobCON advocating the persecution of smokers using the words ‘help’ and ‘children’ and we have seen weak politicians failing to define ‘help’ and ‘children’. They have allowed ‘help’ to become ‘force’ and ‘children’ to become ‘grown-up adults’.

But it cannot go on forever. It never has. But the lessons of history should have warned politicians that some mild persecution now, which seems irrelevant now, and brings in millions of pounds of tax income from a minority, will rebound massively in due course.

There is a sadness that the MSM has not been warning Gov that persecution of minorities gradually builds up resentment, even if those people do not realise why they resent.

It is late, and I must to bed.

I have one last thing to offer. TV commercial adverts are as near total lies as can be imagined. But the words and phrases just manage to so imprecise that the advertisers get away with it. It would make sense for Secondary Schools to use TV adverts to teach their students about ‘fake truth’. It is NOT TRUE that magical stuff X will make a fatty thin in three months. Not eating for three months will make a fatty thin and probably dead.

But school teachers, as far as I know, are not allowed to teach kids about ‘fake truth’.

It is time that teachers got their act together and, via their Union, collectively, refused to do other than teach children the basics. My daughter, an ‘early years’ teacher, goes to great lengths, in her own time, to get her wards to think. For example, she got me to dig up some plants and weeds to reveal the root structures. Those kids were astonished. They had never seen the root structure of a plant.

It is for the teacher Unions to come out of the 19th/20th century and STOP the politicisation of schools, from top to bottom. As far as I know, there are are no such things as beneficial rats.

When a thing like the FCTC gets control, there is only one answer – eradicate the thing like you would with a plague of rats. Kill it.