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What is PM May Up To?


For two and a half years, since the vote in June 2016, everything about Brexit has been shrouded in secrecy. Nobody has the foggiest idea what the initial approach to the Brexit negotiations of the original Brexit negotiators was. They were talking to EU officials and then suddenly resigned when May produced her Chequers Plan. May came out and said, “Brexit means Brexit”, which is bit like saying “Rain means Rain”. It is meaningless. Is the rain sheeting down or is it a light shower? Is there a massive wind blowing? Are places being flooded? She has avoided actually spelling out what Brexit means like the plague.

But no one else has either. The only thing that you can do is go back to the original question which was (words to the effect): “Do want to either a) remain in or, b) leave the European Union?” That was it.

To be fair, it is true that voters would have had different reasons for voting either way. Some might not even have realised what the European UNION was. What would most voters (including me!) know about the various treaties which gradually brought the EU into existence? You might even ask what MPs and Ministers at the time knew about those treaties? How many studied them in detail?

As far as I am concerned, it was only when the EU apparatchiks recently erected the barricades to a smooth exit and demanded £39 BILLION pounds in danegeld that I realised just how far the ‘integration’ had gone. And yet, in recent years, the signs have been there. Think about the treatment of Greece and Italy. Are we not being treated in much the same way? It seems to be a case of ‘bow the knee or else….’

So what is the ‘….. or else?’ It has not been spelt out. All we hear are rumours and propaganda. It is not that long ago that such provocation would have been a ‘causus belli’. In fact, it might still be so, but without tanks and guns. A financial and economic war is not beyond the bounds of possibility. Perhaps that is why PM May and all the other plotters are terribly afraid. Perhaps they think that the UK is too weak to stand up to such a war, especially in the short term.

They might be right, but it would be much better for all of us if they came clean and said so. Then we would know whom our continental friends and enemies were.

Would we Brits panic? If the powers that be have not been taking steps to arrange the import of essential supplies, which cannot be provided internally, for some time now, then they have been failing in their duty. We still have massive friends, the USA, Canada, Australia, India, etc, etc, who will back us up. A financial war might be more difficult, but it is hard to know if the EU central bank has the resources or authority to wage such a war. I doubt that it could happen unless Germany and France backed such an economic war.

So what are May et al panicking about? If they apply to extend Art 50, then they show a massive sign of weakness and fear. We leave at the end of March. The idea that Parliament might block leaving without a deal surely must be a non-starter, whatever anyone might say. It is tantamount to overturning the Brexit vote.

I read somewhere that May is still trying to garner support for her deal, especially from the Ulster MPs. She must be very stubborn. A defeat in the Commons by 230 votes is not just a hick-up. It is a full on splurge of vomit.

The problem all along has been the lack of definition of ‘leave the EU’. We can export to the EU and comply with the quality demands, and EU countries can comply with our demands. There ought not to be a problem in negotiating a commonality in those standards. Air traffic control existed long before the EU existed internationally, apart from those countries behind the iron curtain. I was in the air force between 1960 and 1963 in radar. Both in the UK and in Cyprus, air traffic was was monitored, and routine communications, in English, were maintained with air traffic control in the various surrounding countries, like Syria, Egypt, Greece, Lebanon, etc. I remember only one ’emergency’ when a fighter had to be scrambled because of an unknown aircraft. The aircraft turned out to be a cessna. I do not know why that aircraft did not file a flight plan. Nothing was shot down.

We voted, for all our personal reasons, to leave the European UNION. We did not vote to cease trading or travelling or cooperating for the greater good.

Shortly after the vote, I asked a couple of ordinary, working guys in the pub how they voted. Both voted to leave. They said that we need to get control of our country back. I do not think that they were just regurgitating propaganda. They really believed, in their hearts, that our country was being ruled by foreign cliques. I agree with them, but I would also extend that control to the UN and all its works.

NO!!! We are not obliged to rectify all the problems of the third world. We can help if and when we want to in our own way. But we must not destroy our own economy to make India prosperous. We can import from such places goods which we cannot easily produce ourselves. Tea is a case in point. Wine is another. We export what we are good at, which might be expertise.

Only the market will decide. Government is a hindrance when it comes to trade.

Free trade with the EU is a natural situation and does not require negotiation. The market will decide.


Does the UK Provide Funding for Executions?


Rose reminded me of something. One, Andrew Black, used to work for anti-tobacco UK. Some readers might remember that he intervened (had to intervene) when Minister Soubry, who is now a crazed Europhile but no longer a Minster, got herself in a terrible mess over what the EU directive said about ecigs. She thought that ecigs had been removed from the directive when in fact draconian clauses made a terrible mess of ecig’s value.

Without being sure, I believe that the said Andrew Black, an Australian, now works for the UN. I do not know in what capacity. What is true is that the UK taxpayer pays for the vast majority of the costs of the FCTC Organisation.

But those costs are only millions of pounds. It is not as though they are billions. Why should a Minister bother his head if a few million pounds are siphoned off into international execution squads when those millions are only a tiny part of his Overseas Aid budget?

Why executions? Perhaps Andrew Black has since told Bhutan that its penalty for possession of tobacco products, being execution, is just a tad over the top. Chopping both hands off would suffice. Perhaps he told them that UN (aka UK) funds would not be forthcoming to fund good times for the Elite unless ‘bad press’ ceased.

You could replace the word ‘execution’ with any other word, such as imprisonment, and it would be the same. The UK is funding the FCTC to vilify, fine and imprison people for nothing.

The casual attitude of politicians was revealed by the ignorance of Soubry and continues to be revealed by their ignorance of the meaning of Brexit. Brexit means that The People of the UK do not want to be subservient to a Federal Overlord. The federal system works well for the USA because its principle motivation is to be strong in international affairs. It also works well as regards inter-State crime. It did not work well as regards Prohibition. That was a step too far.

The EU has gone in the opposite direction. It is all about avoiding international repercussions, despite its pretensions otherwise. It is about regulating States. That is what the directives have always been about. But, at the same time, the EU is in cahoots with the UN. It is enthusiastic about the FCTC, IPCC and ‘Health’.

The casual attitude to Brexit of MPs must change. Trade matters can be sorted very easily as can the overflights of aircraft etc.

It is the relinquishing of our right to govern ourselves which is the important question.

Hammond Blocks the Calorie Menu


I say ‘calorie menu’ because the Fat Zealots are trying to do what they did to cig packets – make restaurant menus into noticeboards for their messages. At first, the calorie count would be in small type, but would then expand to fill most of the menu space and exclude the information that diners want. ‘King’ prawns would become simply prawns. Adjectives would be banned, other than gruesome adjectives as prescribed by the academics on various government committees.

A headline that I saw in a newspaper (the Sun?)  said that there was a bitter argument in the Cabinet about it. I doubt that that was true, but we can assume that the Health Sec proposed it and was not happy when the Chancellor of the Exchequer opposed it. The Health Sec was probably annoyed because he did not immediately get his way. If he really wanted his way, he would have had to explain how the calorie count menus would reduce obesity. He would not have been able to do so, since there is not a shred of evidence that they would. His ignorance and subservience would have been revealed. Hammond said that such a law would have too great a deleterious effect on small outlets. How could a small pub comply when serving hamburger and chips in a small way to a small number of people? There are lots and lots of places like that. They have a small, restricted menu which is intended to just provide a snack. Nothing fancy. You get that an awful lot abroad. Many bars have display cabinets which keep food warm and you can choose from what’s there. They do not have a menu as such. My favourite little bar in Magalluf has a menu, but it is restricted in that most dishes are variations on a theme. You can have a sandwich with this or that on, or a burger, or a toastie, or something like that. I find it perfectly adequate for my lunch.

But what is the REAL problem? It is that the Health Sec did not get rid of the Zealots who were pestering him. As we all know, if ASH ET AL had had to rely upon public donations, they would have folded in no time. They get NO money to speak of from the public. The only way that they get money to fund their biased research is from Gov handouts.

Blair keeps poking his nose into present day politics as though he is an oracle. In reality, he was never more than a libertine, not dissimilar to Cameron. But he could act! He should have gone on the stage. He would have played the part of Hamlet wonderfully well.

Why is the House of Commons full of actors? Few MPs seem to have a grasp of FACTS. They deal in emotions. It is hard not to believe that most wars start because of emotions. What was the point of WW1? What was it for? After all the slaughter, nothing was gained by either side.

Brexit is similar in that the politicians have turned it into an emotional contest. “What’s best for Britain” is a slogan. It immediately puts the backs up of the French and the Germans. Why should they not proceed on the basis of “What’s best for France”, or “What’s best for Germany”?

The simple fact is that the People of the UK decided to disconnect from the POLITICAL EU. They do not want a remote, corrupt, bunch of charlatans making decisions about how we live at enormous expense.

It is perfectly obvious that the UN is equally corrupt. Why is the FCTC organisation almost completely funded by the UK? What politician in the UK Gov is responsible for throwing taxpayers’ cash at such an obvious self-serving monstrosity?

Who is responsible?

Not Having Much To Talk About


With ASH ET AL staff being paid for doing nothing at the moment, there is not much to talk about. I haven’t seen any reports of new press releases for some time, other than repeating the same formulaic adverts on TV in January to try to take advantage of New Year Resolutions, which require no new work. I wonder if ASH ET AL have moved to zero hour contracts? I remember reading somewhere a couple of years ago how ASH was having major problems with staff turnover. I sometime wonder what the dozen or so staff at ASH ENGLAND do with themselves all day. Do they amuse themselves by doing the Guardian crossword? Perhaps Desperate Debs, ASH CEO, could arrange for the Guardian to publish an anti-smoking crossword. It could have clues like: “Prime Minister who gloriously introduced the smoking ban in 2007 (five letters)”. A long word might be: “FCTC: Framework …… on Tobacco Control (ten letters)”. Perhaps the Guardian would publish it if offered £10,000 to do so. I’m sure that ASH’S budget could stand such a trivial amount.

One of the things about Brexit that I find weird is this ‘bribe’ of  £39,000,000,000 pounds which the EU is demanding to permit free trade. What else could the bribe be for? Legal previous commitments? If that were the case, then the UK would be liable, Brexit or not. In any case, ‘expert’ legal opinion is that the UK has no such commitments without a ‘quid pro quo’. EG, contributions to atomic research. If the UK committed to a five year plan, say, then it would have to pay, but that payment would be for the research, and not a contribution to the EU apparatus, and the UK would have a right to benefits arising from the project. But even that possibility lacks certitude.

It is a pity that the MSM did not draw attention to the massive, massive, massive scandal of the corruption of the UN. For decades, everyone has assumed that the UN is populated by people who are saints. Every single one of them. I don’t know how big the UK ‘team’ attached to the UN is or what it costs, but I’ll bet that it costs millions. The problem is, that for Gov, millions of pounds are neither here nor there. Millions of pounds are small change. That is how organisations like ASH get funded. What’s two or three hundred thousands of pounds here or there?

I have always held that it is a mistake for householders to worry about stuff like council tax. They need to look at the myriad of small costs which add up. Flush the toilet when you have a poo, but not when all you have done is add some urine to the water in the bowl. Don’t leave lights on all over the house. Use the microwave for five minutes rather than the cooker for half an hour. Keep your house warm but switch off the heating rather that open a window when a room gets too warm.

The reason that I got into consideration of the mounting costs of little things is that, when I retired from the bank having been made redundant, at the age of 50, and having a wife suffering from MS, my pension income was adequate but limited. If herself and I wanted to go to Mallorca a couple of times a year, then we needed to keep costs down. It was not difficult. It was a matter of avoiding waste as much as possible.

Government must be very peculiar. It is quite possible that controlling a myriad of costs at a low level would cost more than paying the costs. In such a case, there is only one answer. Don’t incur the costs. There is a case to be made for the National Lottery funds to be incorporated into Gov income. Why not? If Road Tax can be so treated, why not lottery funds? There is no automatic reason for such funds to be under the control of a self-appointed group of puritans.

“Dear Mr Lottery. My mates and I have formed a group. We intend to frequent a gambling casino monthly. We think that the fun would do us a world of good. But we have no money. We would be grateful if you would fund us to the extent of a mere £1000 per month. A couple of the members of our group suffer from depression and we have been told by ‘experts’ that the fun of gambling would help them enormously. I look forward to receiving your cheque, payable to me personally as the leader, in the very short term”

Trump in the US is engaged in a ‘slash and burn’ exercise. I read today an opinion that the ‘stand-off’ with congress over the budget has resulted in many Gov depts being almost shut down, and yet the efficiency has improved. The report was from an anonymous person who works for the US Admin, and is thus highly suspect. But it would not be surprising if it were true.

We in the UK need a ‘slash and burn’ policy to get rid of the myriad of self-appointed so-called ‘charities’. And then move on to greater wastes of public money, such as funding student loans for university courses such as ‘ethnic studies’. Those loans will never be repaid since no employer will ever employ a person with a degree in ‘ethnic studies’ when the alternative is a person with a degree in ‘mechanical engineering’ (depending upon the job, of course).

Government waste is astronomical.

“Something must be done”

Watching the Confidence Debate Live


I am luck (or unlucky). Being retired I can watch hours of debate. Since the MPs must have had a pretty good idea that the motion was going to fail, you would think that their hearts would not be in it. I was surprised by the passion displayed by the speakers.

But is that – passion – not a large part of the problem? It is all emotion. “Many of my constituents are suffering appalling deprivation, and it is all the fault of the Gov’s austerity programme”.

“In my constituency, employment has never been so high due to the Gov’s programmes”.

And so it went on.

But I must admit that I was impressed by Gove MP’s vituperative aimed at Corbyn. Having seen him on TV lots of times, I did not know that he had such a wicked tongue. He gave Corbyn 50 lashes with brute force. It was quite comical.

We all know by now that the Gov won, I should think. In fact, I would imagine that the Confidence vote never had a chance of succeeding, despite what I said in my last post. It was too far fetched.

So what next? I doubt that discussions with senior parliamentarians and opposition leaders will produce some sort of plan which satisfies the EU bureaucracy, never mind The People who voted to leave.

In my opinion, the root of the problem lies in the Treaties which Gordon Brown signed before shooting off. I’m not sure which Treaty was the important one. Mastrick, Lisbon? It was the one which turned the proposed EU Constitution, voted down by almost all The People, into a Treaty which had the same effect.

French, Irish, British People want to be able to control their Gov. They do not want their Gov to be controlled by far away forces. They do not want ‘one size fits all’. If we want to frack for gas, then we shall do so. We do not want EU bureaucrats making such important decisions.

Such a process leads inevitably to Communism.

So May’s Super Deal Has Been Rejected by Parliament


It must have been a super deal because she kept bragging about it so much. According to her, it was wonderful – the answer to all the ramifications of Brexit.

But I cannot help but feel that something underhand is going on. It is extremely unlikely that a second referendum will be held. What would be the question? Extending the time period for the implementation of Art 50? It could be done, but is the same thing as not implementing the referendum decision, even if there was a specified period of time. Who is to say that the period would not be extended again and again?

Corbyn has demanded a vote of no confidence in the Gov, and it will be debated tomorrow (I think). I doubt that Corbyn will win. It depend upon the Tory willingness to hold a General Election. But at least a GE would be a good excuse to postpone Art 50 implementation. The ground has already been prepared for such an eventuality. In the event that Corbyn’s demand results in a defeat of the Gov, then there would be little option but to postpone Art 50. I wonder how many Tory MPs have been told to vote for Corbyn’s motion? It would only take some 50 such Tory MPs, who intended to retire anyway, to precipitate a GE. Or they might even just go home and not participate in the vote. What is to stop them?

Would Corbyn get in? May has already said that she would not remain as leader of the Tories at the next GE. If she made way for a new face, perhaps the Tories could win because of the dislike of Corbyn. Note how May has, again and again, said that the referendum result was sacred, but Corbyn wants a second referendum. What ‘floating voter’ would vote for such a thing?

A lot depends upon the determination of the remoaners in Parliament. Do they think so much of the EU that they are prepared to risk their seats? Remember that there are a lot of ‘safe’ seats on both sides.

For me, it was never about trade. Free trade is something which can be arranged without the political EU. It was always about corruption, both financially and politically. The ‘willing subservience’ of the EU to the UN, WHO, FCTC, IPCC, etc, is too obvious to ignore. And yet it is ignored. Nobody talks about it. Trump has taken them on on behalf of Americans, but we still suffer. It really is uncanny how no one sees what is going on – or they are complicit. How many of our MPs are complicit in the global take-over of ‘wellbeing’? How many countries, such as China, are just taking advantage?


Paying UK Prices


Because I could not go away in October, I am running out of half-price cigs from Spain. I am hoping to get away at Easter when daughter(s) will look after the wife. Until then, I shall have to pay UK prices.

It hurts, but not because of the money. It is a matter of principle. I abhor the persecution inflicted by punitive taxes. The WHO TobCON division recommends education, bans and high taxes. Do you see which one of those three is actually direct persecution? It is the high taxes. Bans are a nuisance, but they do not actually force you to stop smoking. For many people, costs do. And that persecution is aimed directly and deliberately at the poorest people on the planet – those people who find smoking to be a pleasant experience which they can enjoy all day long without getting ‘high’ or ‘inebriated’. Nicotine is a mild stimulant. It is not dangerous.

So I have been looking on the net for the best suppliers. There are loads of sites which charge continental prices. One site offered insurance against seizure! Another site argued that there was, in fact, no reason under EU regs which stops a person from importing stuff into the UK by post. I should have read that opinion, but what I was really looking for was a reliable supplier of UK taxed stuff. As I said, it was not the cost as such which was my driver. It was convenience and safety from a credit/debit card point of view.

But the prevalence of sites which offer cheap stuff, imports from Eastern Europe, for example, suggests that Customs cannot be bothered to chase after people who are importing small quantities. One site gave prices – around £45 for 200. That equates roughly with Spanish prices. I guess that those sites are acting as intermediaries – you pay them and they arrange for your order to be filled and dispatched by the supplier somewhere in Bulgaria. The only problem with that system is that you have no come-back if your order disappears. Also, there are a lot of rogues out there.

So, for the next couple of months, I must top up my stock at full UK, punitively taxed, prices. But I have several kilos of leaf and three years home-grown to tide me over. All of my home-grown is already shredded and flaked. On its own, it is a tad ‘harsh’, meaning having an unpleasant after-taste, but it blends well with a mild variety like Virginia. (Not all Virginias are mild) The 2015 stuff is now aged and stands alone quite well, but it is still better used as a blend.

What I need to do is shred and flake more of the leaf, but it is boring. I have the time, but it is boring. My friend in Ireland has a much bigger and better machine, but it is still hand-cranked. The perfect machine would be electric. But would such a machine be safe? A hand-cranked machine stops when you stop rotating the handle, but an electric machine would carry on even if it was stripping your fingers of skin.

What I found annoying when searching for a convenient deal was that you can only buy cigs in quantities of 100 from sources in the UK. But I did find one supermarket which had 200 cig cartons. I am not sure how that could have happened.

I think that it was the Labour Minister Prescott who ordered that cigs could not be sold in quantities greater than 100. That was years and years ago. It was another facile but pointless, easy regulation much beloved by politicians. How else could you describe Cameron’s acceptance of PP? Pointless but easy. But now it turns out that the EU owns the copyright for the vile pictures. Not not to worry! Australia has offered the UK its vile pictures free of charge! But what annoys me is the restriction to 100 cigs. It does not deter me, but it is another nuisance. What would be really annoying is if Asda said that that I could only order 100 cigs at a time on our weekly grocery order.

Yes, I have decided to get my cigs from our usual supermarket and have them delivered to our door.

I detest the Government and all politicians. As soon as they become Ministers, their brains boil. They become tools of the Elite. They cannot help it. Again and again, we have seen politicians become childish once they attain an actual position where they have power. They ban running about in the playground. Faced with Brexit, they have no idea what to do. They are at the mercy of ‘special interests’, including the Civil Service, which is bound up with the EU, WHO, UN and all their works.

There already exists a ‘One World Government’. It is hidden from sight. TobCON is the prime example.

Trump has taken them on to some extent and they are squealing. But they are deeply entrenched. Why are we in the UK still throwing vast amounts of money at the FCTC organisation? It can only be carelessness. Ministers do not care what funds are dispensed to these parasites. Which Minister is responsible for donations to the UN and FCTC? I have no idea.

I don’t think that people like Theresa May PM have the foggiest idea what they are doing. They are being told what to do. But would someone like Reece Mogg or Johnson have any better ideas? I doubt it.

There is only one answer to Brexit which accords with the vote of the People. It is LEAVE!!! Nothing else matters.

But I am annoyed that the Ministers who started the negotiations and then resigned when May tried to force them to accept the Chequers Agreement, did not publish their own descriptions of the negotiations at the point where they resigned. There is utter silence from them. In fact, the whole negotiation is shrouded in secrecy. Why is that?

I must pay UK prices for my cigs and it hurts. I cannot at this time zip over the Belgium on the ferry.

Not to worry. Where there is a will, there is a way.

The Result of the Biopsy


I need to word this post carefully.

Today, I had an appointment at the local hospital. I was told that the result of the biopsy of the ‘stuff’ from my bladder was that I have bladder cancer.

I shall be talking about this just this once.

It seems that all is not lost. The cancer is still localised in the bladder. It has not spread beyond, such as into the bones. I don’t know precisely what sort of cancer it is, although the nurse did mention some gobbledegook words. I suppose that I’ll find out when I get a copy of the report to my GP.

There are various treatments. There is a meeting of ‘specialists’ on Friday, and the nurse has said that she will call me and let me know what is said. I expect that I shall meet with someone where a decision will be made as to what treatment is best. The worst scenario would be the complete removal of my bladder eventually. I asked her to tell me plainly what my chances were, and she said that nothing was sure, but that I should have several more years ahead of me. At the age of 79, I am not unhappy with that. The fact that I was otherwise reasonably fit was a plus in my favour.

I have been thinking about how to handle it. I’ve decided to take immediate future events as they come. Note, not ‘a step at a time’. The next ‘event’ is on Monday when the catheter should come out. I am not looking beyond that. I am not seeing phone calls as ‘events’.

Other than that, I shall continue with my reasonably pleasant way of life. I intend to plant my baccy plants as usual around May and tend them lovingly through the summer. If my condition permits, then I expect the zot off to Magalluf at Easter as usual.

I have yet to find out if the treatment will ‘cure’ the condition, but I shall be happy if it is stabilised.

Please, dear readers, don’t expect any updates. What is, is, and what will be will be.


At Last, A Health Sec Seems to be Moving Slightly in the Right Direction


I refer you to this article by Simon Clark:

The Health Sec is one Mathew Hancock (never heard of him). It seems that he wants to move away from whole population nannying and target ‘help’ at people who appear in hospitals and such. I remember reading about one (one!!!) local authority which was pretty successful in helping people who suffered from drink problems by going one to one with each individual, but I cannot remember the details or which authority.

He even admitted that it was nice to have a few beers from time to time. But he didn’t say that it was nice to be pleasantly plump or to enjoy the odd cigar from time to time.

What really annoys me with these people is the way that they objectify people. Instead of saying that they will do everything necessary, including force, to beat up smokers until they stop smoking, they talk about ‘smokING’ as though it existed as a separate entity from the smokERS. The same applies to obesiTY and problem drinkING.

I had that experience in hospital myself. I told the pre-op people that I drank a litre of red wine per day. The lady was horrified. “That’s over 100 units per week! The ‘limit’ is 14 units”. How quickly the new instructions are passed down!  Anyway, before I had the op, I was approached by a lady from the ‘alcohol unit’ who had a prepared spiel about the damage that alcohol can do. Whatever I said, she was not deterred from reciting her spiel. My question: “If you can’t enjoy yourself when you are 79 year old, when can you enjoy yourself?” brought a blank look as she continued with her lecture. I was amused when one of the nurses later whispered to me, “I agree with you”.

But they seem to be unable to stop pushing. Not long ago, after the op, I had a CT scan. Since my problem has been bladder, I was surprised when the CT scan supervisor said that they also wanted to check my kidneys. That might be totally innocent since your kidneys are what extract impurities from your bloodstream and direct them to your bladder, along with surplus fluids of one sort or another. But I couldn’t help but think that the ‘alcohol police’ had had a hand in it. I dare say that they would just love to tell me that my kidneys were in a mess.

These people, the ‘alcohol police’, ‘smoking police’, ‘obesity police’ seem to have some sort of overriding power, a bit like Scotland Yard’s ability to push local police to one side.

So we can see what Hancock’s instructions from PHE have been. Anyone guilt of bodily fatness must be referred to the special force fatness unit for correction. The fatness unit will take over from there.

There is a difference with smokING though. There is no equivalence to ‘obesity’ (being far too plump) and ‘problem drinking’ (getting pissed and injuring yourself). As we know, heavy smokers’ lungs have been used in transplants. The crazy part about the whole situation is that logic should say that, for most people, smoking is rather harmless, but the Zealots have turned logic on its head and said that the evidence of comparative harmlessness indicates no safe level. It would be correct, therefore, to say that there is no safe level of flying in aircraft since you can never say which one will eventually crash and kill everyone. The risk of being killed in such a crash are huge, but the risk of being involved in such a crash are tiny.

I may be wrong, but I do not remember seeing recently any study which is the equivalent of Doll’s Doctors Study, or anything like it. Tobacco these days is very much more refined than it was in Doll’s day. I personally remember when filter tips were really brown with tar. These days, the filter tips are hardly brown at all. Do smokers still have a greater likelihood of dying from LC than non-smokers? If so, what is the difference? After all, in Doll’s day, the air was often filled with industrial smoke before the clean air acts, and many of his doctors were involved in WW1.

We cannot expect the persecution of smokers via taxes and bans to diminish, but at least the Health Sec is drifting away from massively expensive campaigns. Perhaps he might also drift away from financing university ‘studies’ which fart about with trivialities. And, get rid of ASH.

Spreading The Word


The ‘Logos’ is ‘The word’. In ancient times, there was nothing other that the ‘Logos’. I recent times, propaganda has become the ‘Logos’.

In ancient times, the ‘Logos’ was sacred. It was the ‘Word’. There was no written word since there was no such thing as writing. 30,000 years ago, our ancestors painted the most wonderful pictures of wildlife in their era in dark caves on uneven walls. How could they have possibly done that? Where did they get their paints from and how did they light the caves? Nothing was written, and so they must have relied upon the ‘Logos’. It is easy to imagine that, in those times, the Logos was handed down via ‘priests’ who were without reproach.

What might have been the ‘Logos’ 30,000 years ago? It is hard to think that societies which could paint such wonderful representations of the wildlife around them in such difficult places with only rudimentary sources of light would not have been quite sophisticated in philosophical ideas. You only have to read the Old Testament of the Bible to know that people were reasonably sophisticated in their relationships with each other.

Sure, there were battles, but nothing much changed.

The huge advantage that we have is our diaspora. Provided that we stick to our denial of SHS harm in particular, we have a chance that we shall overcome the Zealots in due course.