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Plotting and Scheming


I have been reading ‘Roman Revolution’ by Ronald Syme. It is a long read, 600 pages, but it is fascinating. Thanks to X who mentioned the book.


I have read over 100 pages so far, and we are only now beginning to move past the assassination of Julius Caesar.

In much the same way that reading ‘The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus’ changes your view of how people thought and acted 2000 years ago, and, especially that they were much, much more ‘erudite’ than we might have supposed, on reading ‘Roman Revolution’, we find that events following the assassination of Caesar were not even remotely similar to most ‘brief histories’, especially Shakespeare’s play, ‘Julius Caesar’. ‘Mark Anthony’ did not immediately dash off to take control of the army and attack Brutus and Cassius. Brutus and Cassius ‘et al’ expected to be lauded for ridding the Republic of ‘The Dictator’, but they were not. A speech by Brutus in the forum left everyone cold, with its dry emphasis on the virtues of The Republic. Popular sentiment persuaded them to leave Rome. Mark Anthony and the Senate were very much aware of the danger of Civil War, and they did not want it. Brutus and Cassius were given ‘governorships’  of a couple or regions of the Empire.

We could go further, but there is no need. All we are saying is that the lessons to be learnt from history are rarely a simple as they seem. Wars do not just happen. They become inevitable if the factions cannot agree and cannot agree to disagree.

How can people ‘agree to disagree’? That is a philosophical question. A says that ‘smoking causes LC’, B says that it does not. A produces ‘overwhelming scientific and statistical’ evidence. B cannot afford to do such studies. A wins.

A wins in just the same sense that a Roman army beat Boudica.   Might is Right.

That is not ‘agreeing to disagree’. That is conquest.

What that means is that all the blather about ‘obese children’ is not based upon reality. It is based upon ‘political expediency’. Only those with massive funding can produce the stats and propagandise them. Meanwhile, the simple-minded population, but not stupid population, content themselves with visual feasts and world cup games.

If a political party wants to gain genuine support (and remember that such parties have low membership numbers as compared with the past), they need to nurse minority support. The Brexit vote showed that there is a vast amount of determined, anti-authoritarian sentiment in the population. Some 25% of the voting population are smokers.

Here is an interesting idea. Are smokers prepared to write to their general election candidates and ask them if they are prepared to condemn the persecution of smokers? Please say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. I shall vote accordingly.

ALL anti-smoking is the product of ‘plotting and scheming’. But it would not exist if there was not money to be made thereby.




I have been reading the ‘Meditations of Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus’. I have not finished yet, but am determined to read the whole thing.

He was born 121AD. He was Emperor from 161AD to 180AD. He did at the age of 59 from ‘consumption’ or some such.

His ‘meditations’ were written in various places. They were, apparently, more in the form of a diary than anything else. He was not writing a biography.

You can read a Wikipedia description here, if you wish:

Or you can read the actual translation (from the original Greek, and not Latin, as you would expect) here:

It seems to be a common phenomenon that most of us regard ‘the ancients’, say, 2000 years ago, as rather stupid people. Why would we think that? My own opinion is that we think that because of the modern advance of science and technology. 2000 years ago, everything in the sky revolved around the Earth. It was perfectly obvious. Those people must have been terribly stupid because it is OBVIOUS that the Earth orbits the Sun, innit?

And they thought that there were multiple Gods who got angry with humans from time to time and caused earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. But there is some sense in their ideas. They saw the Universe as being ‘alive’ in a sense. In a sense, their ‘Gods’ were just like human beings but ethereal and body-less, but none the less ‘solid’ in their existence. And they were mighty powerful.

But what astonished me, as I read the first couple of chapters, was how humble Marcus Aurelius was. He talked about how much he owed to his ‘Mum and Dad’. I mean that almost literally.  They grounded him in the idea of ‘tolerance’.

We might also think of life in Pompeii, a town which was buried in ash from the eruption of Vesuvius in 79AD. It is not unlikely that Pompeii was home to many intelligent and humble ‘patrons’ who looked after the town and its surrounds.

We must ask the question: “What advantage would it be for the ordinary people of the town to be oppressed by the patrons?” There was a sign pinned to a wall adjacent to a water fountain. It said, “Urinating hereabouts is forbidden. Citizens will be fined and slaves will be whipped”. But that is not oppression. It is simple ‘hygiene’ as understood (rightly) at the time.

I remember studying ‘Roman History’ at college. Only now do I realise that I was being ‘directed’ in a direction which caused the Roman people to be stupid oafs. They may not have been able to read and write, but they were far from stupid oafs.

Finally, for tonight, we might highlight how ASH ET AL are going to have to ‘bid’ for funding:

If politicians have any sense at all, they will follow the OZ example. They will transfer the funding to certain wonderful Uni Depts. ASH will disappear.

But we smokers must NOT let ASH disappear. Arnott is a criminal. She has used funds from Gov to lobby Gov, which is a criminal offence.

ASH ET AL have no concept of humility. On the contrary, their attitude is ‘victorious’.

The sooner that Arnott is prosecuted, and persecuted as she has proposed that smokers should be persecuted, the better.


What Is ‘Political Correctness’?


I must admit that I have often been guilty of ascribing motivations to Anti-smoking Zealots which are ‘monetised’. That is, for years and years, Anti-smoking Zealots have milked the ‘Sacred Cow’ of the NHS for millions, if not billions, of pounds and have produced absolutely NOTHING.

I do not know the statistics, but I’ll bet a pound to a penny that ‘smoking related’ diseases and deaths apply to ALL deaths. I doubt that any investigation of ‘smoking related’ deaths will be investigated from now on. Everyone who is not killed by accident or force MUST die from a ‘smoking related’ disease.

Only ‘Political Correctness’ can explain the raising of smoking into a ‘MORTAL SIN’. So much so that smokers have to pay massive sin taxes to assuage their guilt.

There are all sorts of definitions of ‘Political Correctness’. Nothing is clear.

So I watched the two hour video of a debate about ‘Political Correctness’ involving Jordan Peterson and Stephen Fry,  and a guy called Michael Dyson and a Ms called Michelle Goldberg.

It can be seen here:

It is very interesting to watch because it displays the epitome of ‘cognitive dissonance’. Dr Dyson wants the whole programme to be about ‘colour prejudice’ and ‘white privilege’. Stephen Fry kept asking when they were going to talk about ‘political correctness’.

My ‘take’ from the discussion was that Dr Dyson wants a war. But not a physical war. He wants wealth to be taken away from the owners of that wealth and handed over to some sort of Wealthy Organisation, such as ‘Black Lives Matter’.

It is impossible to defeat the arguments of Dr Dyson other than to point out that his argument would need FORCE to re-distribute Wealth.

What is ‘Political Correctness?

It is not just verbal. It is also persecution of smokers. It is also promotion of Global Warming and such stuff.

Thus ‘political correctness’ means getting paid.


‘Nisakiman’s’ legacy.


Kevin Jones was his real name. I suppose that his real name was just an ordinary Welsh name, or something like that. But his name, ‘Nisakiman’, which he used as a ‘nickname’, means a lot to us all.

I have read his blog. It seems that it took him a long time to decide to set up a blog. I suppose that he could not see that he had anything to add to the general consensus in our anti-persecution-of-smokers blogs that would help, other than commenting.

That is the attitude of a humble person. I mean ‘humble’ in the sense of recognising that you are not ‘all-knowing’ and that you may have the whole thing wrong.

I wish that Nisak has written more about his adventures into various parts of the world which almost none of us would have ventured. Would you, dear reader, have saved up your pennies in order to pay for transport to Java, and such places? How would you survive?

The only thing missing from Nisak’s accounts of his travels is how he could afford to do so. Where did he get his funds from? I do not mean that in a disparaging way. I mean, I rode on my bike to Brussels in 1958 and I was ‘out’ for three weeks. I cycled down to London, staying in Youth Hotels. I had an aunt in London with whom I resided for a couple of days, taking in a show at her expense! I got the ‘boat train’ to Dover, and arrived in Calais.

There was no restriction on travel WHATSOEVER!!

Where did the idea that Englishmen or Frenchmen, or Germanmen, or any other ‘men’ were restricted from travel in Europe come from? All you needed was your passport. There were no restrictions at all. None.

Nor were there restriction of Europeans visiting the UK. There would be no such thing as ‘the tourist industry’ if there were.

I cycled to Brussels and visited the World Fair. What a disappointment! It turned out to be a commercial project. I had met an Irish lad and we were together when we went to the World Fair. We visited the Irish site and the UK site. Both were just adverts for Industry. A bit like airports with their ‘nationally recognised’ brand shops.

But that is as nothing compared with Nisak’s adventures. It is a pity that he did not say how he could pay for his adventures.

But what we gain from our acquaintance with Nisak is a spiritual thing. That does not mean openly lighting up a cig in a pub. It means denying the authority of the persecutors. The academics who encourage the persecution are vile, but it is the powerful who actually persecute smokers with their taxes, fines and bans.

But they need a population which is static to persecute it.

The population is NEVER static for long. Only the dumbest of people, or the wealthiest, such as Cameron, will pay for cigs which are taxed. Erm… I am one such, but I recognise my stupidity. But I recognise that I would have to become known in a certain pub or similar environment, to dip into the ‘half-price’ scenario.

Nisak has shown us that courage is worth a thousand studies. What is important is that, as regards Tobacco Control, which is amoral  and out of control, persistence regarding PROOF must continue. It does not matter what laws are passed. What is important is THE FACTS. As long as TC is in charge, there will be no certainty of THE FACTS.

Can we transfer Nisak’s courage to the UK? I suppose that we could regard him as a ‘martyr and a saint’, but such ideas are frowned upon today.

Perhaps we should investigate the idea of ‘martyrs and saints’, but not now.

For me, Nisak’s memory is courage.

The Juvenile ‘Overweight/Obesity’ Crisis


There are incredible claims being made by Public Health England. Do not be distracted by apparent other sources, such as ‘charities’ – the real source is PHE.

I have occasion to collect my wife from her hairdressers, which coincides with the 3.30 pm approx end to the school day most of the time. This coincidence has been happening for the last several years, fortnightly. I have yet to see a grossly fat child among the children who cross my path.

Is it different in other parts of town? I have no idea. But, surely, it is not beyond the powers of interested individuals to get together and video children exiting school, pixilating their faces, to show that the VAST majority of school children are ‘normal’.

I use the word ‘normal’ because I have to. All school children are ‘normal’ unless they are ‘abnormal’.

What I am getting to is the idea that there MUST be a model of what a school child must look like to be ‘perfect’. There has to be a ‘perfect’ model. In order to have a ‘range’ of acceptable ‘height/weight relationships’ (Body/mass index), there MUST be a ‘perfect’ model.

What is that ‘perfect model’?

But it gets messier and messier when you start to bring ages of children into the equation. What is the BMI expected for an eleven year old who is tall and well-built and who is on the rugby team?

What is the ‘perfect’ model?

Unless you have the ‘perfect’ model, you cannot assess variations from that model.

Thus, talk about ‘the obesity crisis/epidemic’ is similar to talk about ‘climate change/global warming’ hysteria.

What is the common factor? It is hysteria.

The Effects of ‘Sin’ Taxes


First, we have to recognise that minimum pricing of alcohol is a ‘sin’ tax. It does not matter who the difference of the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pricing of drinks benefits. The fact that the minimum price is due to Government edict or law is what makes MUP a ‘levy’, which is the same thing as a tax.

I read today about a guy from Scotland who drove 300 miles from Glasgow to England to buy his chosen brand of cider. Even before I started reading the report, I said to myself, “Surely the cost of driving so far would eat up the savings in the cost of the booze?” Not so it seems. If the report is correct, the price difference of his favourite cider was about £2.50 before MUP and about £5.50 after MUP. He bought 100 bottles, meaning a saving of about £300. How much would it cost in petrol to drive 300 miles? My very rough calculation at 30 miles per gallon produces a use of 10 gallons of petrol. On average, petrol costs about £5 per gallon, so the cost of driving 300 miles is about £50. So the guy is well in pocket from his trip.

I suppose that he might have had a stopover in a motel or something. That is an extra cost, but it also makes the trip into something of a mini-holiday, if he enjoyed driving. When our little family drove down to South Wales for our annual week or two, living rough in a caravan on the seashore, the drive down there was, for me, a pleasure – except when you found yourself behind a tractor or something. On the whole, the traffic moved freely, although the twisting roads meant that speed was limited. But the changing scenery made up for that. There was a faster way – down the M6 until you reach the M4 and turn right. How boring!

I suspect that many Scots will be making such trips. In fact, it can be expected that many entrepreneurs will be making such trips.

What then? No doubt the temperance lobby has already infiltrated ‘Public Health England’, which will demand MUP in England to stop the ‘smuggling’, and I have no doubt that Parliament will succumb. It always does.

Why is that?

One can only assume that people who stand for Parliament are of a peculiar kind. They almost always have a history of attending meetings of a Political Party, and mostly have some history in local politics, like local authorities. During that process, those people morph from being well-intentioned butterflies into caterpillars.  It is an unnatural reversal of nature. Is it any wonder, therefore, that the imposition of MUP proceeded through the Scottish Parliament without a vote. Actually, what happened was that the vote had already confirmed MUP previously, with many votes against, so the re-vote was just a formalisation of the result of the Court Decision that the Scot Parliament had the power to impose MUP.

That is another indication of the reversal of natural processes. The whole process of the imposition of MUP indicates the morphing of butterflies into caterpillers.

That unnaturalness is evident in England also. It started with the smoking ban in its most obvious form, but it actually started much earlier. What springs to my mind is the ‘clunk click’ adverts on TV around the time that compulsory wearing of seat belts in cars was enacted.

I cannot help but think that ALL TobCON compulsions are based upon the success of the seat-belt law. But there is a huge difference. The seat-belt law was a genuine attempt to reduce death and damage from motor accidents. TobCON is nothing like that. There is no direct connection between the enjoyment of smoking and death.

The morphing of MPs from butterflies to caterpillars is well-illustrated by Cameron’s decision to dictate Ugly Cig Packets. He was already on his way out. He was already known to be a ‘typical Tory  Elitist’ – a product of Eton.

Why did not the rest of the Tory MPs rebel? The simple fact is that they did not give a shit. The plight of smokers is not on their agenda. The butterflies turned into caterpillars.

The effects of ‘sin taxes’ applies only to those who commit ‘sins’.  The number of activities which could be regarded as ‘sinful’ is infinite.

There is a definite and definable line where Gov exceeds its mandate. Again, it comes back to the seat-belt law. That law applied FORCE to citizens which did not protect other citizens from direct harm.

Sin taxes are the same, and they will get worse and worse.

Fighting Back


These are the ramblings of a person who has just engaged in a very pleasant family dinner to celebrate the arrival of a brand new great-grandson. The parents and child have travelled up from the South to visit for three days. The baby is three months old. It has been a lovely event.

This event reminded me that ‘society’ is composed of families rather than individuals. Without ‘families’, it is hard to see how there can be ‘society’. The idea is perhaps a bit complex for a short post like this, but it revolves around the idea that children are taught ‘morality’ in the family, and not in ‘society’. Thus, the ‘morality’ of ‘society’ depends upon how children are taught morality by their parents.

One of the worst things about Tobacco Control, all around the world, has been the attack on families. In his own house, granddad has to go outside for a smoke if grandson is in his house. If granddad visits daughter’s house, he has to go outside for a fag.


It is because TC has created irrational fear. The important word is IRRATIONAL.

It is perfectly obvious, in retrospect, that the fear of SHS is irrational. And it boils down this. If the atmosphere became saturated, in a pub, for example, with noxious fumes, people would vacate that place. They would not tolerate it at an individual level. They would leave.

That happened a few years ago in my local. The pub was quite busy and it was winter. There was quite a lot of tobacco smoke in the air. Really, the publican should have put the fans on for a minute or two, but he was a lovely guy but careless. A group of people walked in, two of them were Canadian, and the Canadians almost dropped dead because of the tobacco smoke and had to rush outside choking. They were obviously ‘propagandised’ – suffering from a non-communicable mental disease.

But wait! Is it possible to for propaganda to spread mental diseases? I do not see why not. Is that not the entire purpose of propaganda? To spread mental disease? To spread ‘thought’ disease?

I have vaguely in mind to start pestering my MP. I am not quite sure how, but it must be something similar to a troll. Erm… Correct that.

There we have a problem – how not be seen as a ‘troll’. How to be seen as an ordinary voter who represents hundreds of others.

At the end of the day, it means, for us old farts, simply voting for the smoking candidate, whatever the party. If no candidate smokes, then we do not vote.

I think that thousands and thousands of citizens have already gone underground as regards buying leaf. ‘Permits’ have caused the ‘trade’ to disappear from view, but not to disappear. Permits have/will cause vast costs, chasing after cause and effect.

‘Fighting back’ involves pestering your MP. I am not prepared to do so until there is a chance that such pestering might achieve something. But at least one can say, “I will vote for anyone else but you”.

What is important is that the persecution of smokers must be recognised as such,


The Irish Question


The border between Northern Ireland and the The Republic of Ireland (Eire) has been a line on a map similar to the border between Lancashire and Yorkshire for a couple of decades now. There are no barbed wire fences or sentry posts or customs check points. Movement of people and goods have been free from interference. The ‘Irish Question’ is, once again, a thorn in the side of ‘the body politic’. It is obvious why that is so, but the reason needs to be stated (even in simplistic terms).

In the 1920s, after Eire became independent, part of an agreement between the UK and the Irish Republic was that of free movement. There has never been a requirement for passports to be produced when Irish people come to England or vice versa. Irish people could find work in England and vice versa. In a sense, all the former nations of Britain were still that – British. Irish British, English British, Scottish British, Welsh British. It is not clear to what extent trade between Eire and the UK was ‘formalised’ in the sense of customs controls. This site is worth a read:

Frankly, I think that there was very little detailed trade control. Why should there be? The economics between Eire and the UK were not affected by the split – Irish butter and Guinness were no different after the split than they were before. No benefit would have accrued to either side by starting a trade war.

What is different now?

Not a lot, but the differences are a result of the EU, and not relations between Eire and the UK. In the lead up to Brexit, the relations between Eire and the UK are our business, and not the business of the EU. There’s the rub. Irish politicians are panicking. They want to hide behind the EU. But the UK is leaving the EU, so it does not matter what the EU, as a whole, thinks about the situation. It is for the UK and Eire to decide. Eire politicians feel powerless, and they are. What they fear is that the EU will force them to create a hard border!

But how can there be a soft border?

The answer is that there has never been a seriously hard border. It has always been the case that tourists, or pretend tourists, can enter the UK. There is nothing to stop a jihadist from entering the UK if he/she has a valid passport. There never has been. Many of us go on holiday to Spain or wherever. One could go on holiday to Spain with a valid passport from Syria with the intention of blowing the country up. What is to stop you?  I speak of the intention and not of the movement from Syria to Spain.

The simple fact is that invasions must be repulsed. But how do you know that tourists are not invaders?

You don’t, but at least they have identification of a sort.

I can understand why the Gov cannot solve the problem of illegal immigrants. They are all ‘tourists’ in the first instance. The only way is demand absolutely positive proof of citizenship, if they claim benefits. But that is not easy. “What is your name? What is your address?” Neither of which are certain to be true.

The whole situation is a mess.

Why is Africa, with its wonderful climate and untold natural resources, in such a mess?

Is Technology Getting Too Complex?


I had an appointment with my doctor this afternoon. A short chat about herself’s medication. When I arrived, reception could find no trace of an appointment – neither present, past or future. Clearly, the appointment had not been entered into the computer, even though the person I spoke to on the phone when I made the appointment must have been looking at the computer when I made the appointment in order to give me a date and time. Am I going insane? Did I dream that I made that appointment? Hardly. I made a note at the time and created a ‘sticky note’ to remind me.

So what went wrong? You would think that entering a name and address in a diary on a specific day and time would be simplicity itself, but I cannot help but think that there are all sorts of extra bits of info which could be entered, if required. I suppose that it is easy in those circumstances to forget to press ‘enter’ or ‘done’ or whatever.

A similar thing happened with BT. We decided to move back to BT to take advantage of its optic fibre internet speed connection via its Infinity product. I filled in a very complicated on line form. One obvious requirement was my land line phone number. My number has only five digits after the area code. The form refused to accept only five digits and demanded six digits. I inserted a 0 in front of the five digits, and the number was accepted. Also, somehow or other, our street name was repeated in the address field. Later, I called BT and told them about the five digits problem, and the respondent told me that he had corrected it. You would think that BT would know that there are five digit numbers. But I hadn’t noticed the repetition of the street name at the time. Why should it matter anyway? I received confirmation of the order with info that it would take around three weeks. After about two weeks, I tried to ‘track’ my order. I got a message saying that my email address was wrong. I left it a few more days, and still got that message. I then rang BT.

After much thrutching about, I was informed that the ‘wrong’ address had caused automatic cancellation of the order. It appears that their ‘system’ automatically checks addresses and cancels orders which have a ‘wrong’ address. Bully for them, but not much help for me. Reordering took another half an hour on the phone. But we are set up for the changes to occur on 21st/22nd May. I am a patient man.

I cannot help but think that only the people who write the programs really know what their programs do. Only they know whether their programs are easy to hack or not. The probability is that even they do not know.

I wonder how far these faults extend? How reliable are the computer programs which academics use? How is it that their projections of the success of some smoker persecution initiative always turn out to be rubbish? What programmer gleefully wrote a bit of code which ALWAYS projected success? It isn’t really ‘junk in, junk out’. It is manipulation of algorithms, aka equations.

I was reading today a rather long post about what is going on in the White House in the USA:

There are three previous reports, equally messy. They describe the comings and goings of Trump’s appointments to various posts in his administration. The whole thing reads as though EVERYONE in the US Gov is engaged in one sort of intrigue or another. You get the impression that policies are devised to make a ‘minister’/politician look good, regardless of the mayhem which might result.

How does anyone know what is REAL!? As regards what is REAL, only facts can tell you. Opinions and projections are useless. A local authority, Blackburn and Darwen, hired a security type company to police litter louts and dog poo. That company deliberately targeted smokers who might toss away a filter tip. The vast majority of fines issued were to smokers. A filter tip is as nothing compared with a pile of dog poo or a drinks can. If it was left alone, it would be washed down the drains or would rot away because it is made from wood fibre. A vicious anti-smoker councillor justified that deliberate persecution of smokers by claiming that the cleanliness of the streets was massively important to residents. You would think that there were still horses dragging carts around and depositing wonderful manure all over the roads. Even if it were true that residents want the streets to be spotless, that would not justify deliberately persecuting smokers. Spotless streets need lots of cleaners.

Finally, I suspect that politicians rely to much on dodgy, computer produced projections based upon ‘focus groups’.

God help us all.

‘The Lesser Sort’


King James 1, who railed against the practice of smoking, made a particular point of claiming that it was ‘the lesser sort’ of subject who should be discouraged from smoking. ‘The better sort’, the aristocrats, only indulged for medicinal reasons, which was OK. King Jimmy hit ‘the lesser sort’ with swingeing duties on tobacco, which raised to costs of ‘the lesser sort’ without hurting ‘the better sort’. As we know, the eventual ‘unintended consequence’ was ‘no taxation without representation’ – American Independence. Not that Independence would not have occurred anyway eventually. But there are always triggers, are there not?

Are we not seeing EXACTLY the same sort of thing today? The ‘Lesser Sort’, the poorest people, were being bashed and bashed again by aristocrats such as Cameron and Osborn – The Etonian Gang. Is it any wonder that they were perfectly happy to bash smokers, drinkers, fatties, etc, if those matters distracted attention from ‘The New World Order’?

I saw a short video last night or the night before. It showed various politicians over the last few decades, promoting ‘The New World Order’. Kissinger was one, both Bushes were involved, Clinton was involved, Blair, Brown and sundry others spoke in favour of ‘The New World Order’.

One would think that ‘The New World Order’ would be, by definition, benign, organised by altruistic, kind, generous people in the UN. But historic experience teaches us that such ‘Empires’ lead to serfdom. They do so via ‘controls’, ‘regulations’, ‘laws’, ‘oversight’, ‘five year plans’, etc. They bind freedom.

At the moment, the only result of the FCTC has been persecution of smokers.

It is MASSIVELY important that we must see that the end of ‘smokING’ is not the objective of the FCTC – it is the death of smokERS.

There is a total lack of control over the FCTC (and the IPCC, and all the rest) apart from what the USA decides. The USA decides EVERYTHING. Why? Because, where it not for the USA funding, the UN could not exist.

There was just the slightest possibility that UKIP could have become the voice of ‘the lesser sort’, but it fucked up. It fell for the siren voices of the mainstream. ‘Ban smoking’, ban drinking, ban a spoonful of sugar, ban hamburgers, ban ice cream, ban EVERYTHING!

It was the famous J S Mills who said that individuals MUST be free to act as they wish, provided that they did not hurt others. What that means is that Government regulation must be minimal, otherwise the Gov will cause pain.

But does Gov give a toss about the pain suffered by ‘The Lesser Sort’?

I think not.