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Tying Themselves Up In Knots


This from a Senator in the USA named Charles Schumer (D-NY):

“E-cigarette companies are stepping over the line by marketing these products to kids and getting them hooked on smoking, and they’re hoping that the federal government passes the buck and turns a blind eye to what’s happening.”

It is hard to understand the mentality of a person who makes such a statement.

Michael Siegel argues the case here:

Siegel argues about the facts – vaping is not smoking since there is no smoke, but even being charitable, and allowing that the Senator meant ‘marketing to kids, and thus getting them hooked on nicotine and thus leading them into actually taking up real smoking of tobacco’, there is no evidence that that is happening.

But people like this Senator know very well that what they are saying. The niceties of truth and accuracy are of no interest to them. Their objective is to inflame passions. Take the above statement apart:

stepping over the line…

getting them hooked…

passes the buck…

turns a blind eye…

All are emotive, imprecise, inflammatory, derogatory phrases. If we replace those phrases, what do we get?

“E-cigarette companies are marketing these products to kids in order to get them to start smoking tobacco, and they’re hoping that the Government does nothing about it”

Put that way, it is far clearer that the Senator is either deliberately lying or is deluded. For there is no reason whatsoever for ecig companies to try to entice kids when they have millions of smokers to tempt. Why should ecig companies risk the wrath of the State? If the day arrives when smokers are reduced to a tiny rump, then it could be in their commercial interests to market to kids. Until then, there is no point.

I have little doubt that the Senator’s statement was deliberately couched in those phrases. He know damn well that it makes no commercial sense for an ecig co. to market to kids, but his intention is to inflame the passions of parents by using those phrases. That is all. It is a deliberate ploy, and there is little point in talking about the content of the statement.

How should one respond to such a statement? Tobacco Control itself has taught us – look for the killer put-down. Senators are not in the business of erudite discussion and argument. Remember the Profumo affair? Mandy Rice Davis: “Well, he would say that, wouldn’t he?” (When Profumo denied sexual involvement with her and others) So the put down is obvious:

“What the Senator says is silly, and he knows it. With millions of smokers who would like to stop, why should ecig companies market to kids?”

 The important word in that sentence is ‘silly’, because it emphasises the inflammatory nature of the phrases the Senator used – they are all silly.


Is Tobacco Control in the UK dying a slow death? It rather looks like it. They have picked all the low hanging fruit. In fact, the only really low hanging stuff was the Comprehensive Smoking Ban. You could say that increased tobacco taxes were also low hanging fruit, but that is now producing massive problems for Government. We must remember that all tobacco imported which is not subject to UK duty, whether legit EU imports of personal use, or smuggled ‘chop chop’, is a loss of duty in the over-taxed UK, but it also means a big increase in the cost of import policing. Not only does border force have to try to detect cocaine etc imports, but it now has to try to detect tobacco imports. That is a lot of work for nothing since the seized tobacco is just burnt or buried, or whatever. For every one shipment which is discovered, there will be nine which get through. (That statement is nearly as bad as the Senator’s statement, since I have no idea whether it is true or not) I suppose that I could embellish it:

“For every shipment of this evil substance which border force thankfully intercepts, it is worrying that there may be as many as nine which the marauding criminals, who think nothing of the damage to our children and young people, manage to import by bribery of ships’ crews. We therefore call upon the Government to double the officers of border force”

Oh, by the way, I am not talking about tobacco. I am looking forward 10 years to when the cost of ‘candy’ is 70% tax.

I think, from a practical point of view, this visualisation of ‘the low hanging fruit’ is very important. There is some sort of equation in there. It is difficult to work out. In theory, banning smoking in pubs etc was supposed to bring about a massive improvement in the health prospects of bar workers. Note the word ‘prospects’. As far as I know, since the turnover of staff in bars and pubs is very rapid, there has been no ‘tobacco control’ study which has evaluated the beneficial effects of the smoking ban. Or, to put it another way, because of staff turnover and the need for vast periods of time to elapse between exposure to tobacco smoke and death therefrom, it is not possible for such evidence to exist. It is reasonable to say also that tobacco display bans and plain packaging were also low hanging fruit since all that was required was legislation. At this point, almost all of the low hanging stuff has been picked. From now on, there are no companies to bully and harass, or rather, that there is little return from trying to bully and harass them. There is no money in it.  From now on, the only way is to bully and harass individual smokers, which is the reason for these ‘voluntary’ bans in public places and in hospital grounds. That is where the ‘put-down’ comes into its own.

I think that the key for us smokers, whatever the situation, is TO FEEL NO SHAME!! Absolutely not. For example, if you visit a hospital and step outside to have a fag, and someone wearing a cap says that you cannot smoke in the open air, then you must smile, chat and discuss. The point is that in no way must you be aggressive, because your aggression indicates that you feel SHAME. It would be interesting, in such circumstance, to accuse the oppressor of being ashamed, and that would almost certainly be true as regards a security person trying to stop people smoking in hospital grounds.


I wonder how many people who work in tobacco control are secretly ashamed? Because they are so closely involved in the creation of sound bites and press releases, they must surely know that they are disseminating propaganda. Are ALL the staff of ASH on £100,000 per an? What is the betting that 25% of ASH’s staff smoke on the quiet? Certainly, I think that those people are almost certainly 100% drinkers of alcohol – they would have to be to drown the shame of lying and cheating.


What has Tobacco Control, world-wide actually achieved? Has it eliminated smokers as Hitler eliminated Jews, Gypsies and Queers? I suggest that it has achieved nothing except increasing the costs of Government, hospitals, doctors, dentists and border force among innumerable others (airports, etc).

And the Zealots know it.

This is where the Tobacco Companies come into the equation, and what I find very strange. I do not understand. They have not been silenced by law. There is no law that I know of which denies them free speech. Thus, they could, if they wanted to, defend themselves and their customers. To understand, let us think briefly of a different situation. Let us think of our UK water suppliers.

I have a water supplier. Every few months, I find that my water supply cost has increased without notification. The only notification I get is a general announcement via the TV and newspapers, and on the bill I receive, telling me how wonderful they are and how they are the cheapest supplier. At the same time, they tell me how much more my water supply will cost next year. Now, suppose that the Government slaps a 20% excise tax on water?

I rest to think. ALL water suppliers are afflicted. Thus, there is no way for any individual water supplier to represent its customers and complain.

There lies the problem. The water company should have realised, something like a trade union, that its customers are A HUGE BODY CAPABLE OF AFFECTING POLITICS. But there is a huge problem – these very people will also object to price increases!

Thus we can see why tobacco companies abandoned smokers. They were caught on the horns of a dilemma. They are allowed to speak, but because they are officially devils, everything that they say is dishonest.

It might take some time, but it is becoming clearer and clearer that the same applies to Health Zealots. The only difference is the need to identify the criminals among the Health Zealots. There are very many. For example, Arnott has been filmed DRINKING ALCOHOL ALONG WITH THE FORMER GOVERNMENT MINISTER CALLED MILTON MP!!! Disgraceful!

The Smoking Ban produced serious and lasting effects. But the effects had nothing to do with smoking prevalence or the health of bar staff. The Ban closed pubs. That is perfectly obvious and is as proven as can possibly be.

But I would say that the Zealots must win a few more ineffectual battles before the great rebellion begins. For example, I think that the Zealots must be allowed to ban ecigs. Only then can the prohibition be reversed. Further, SHS will be found to be harmless – because it is.

You see, the Zealots try to persuade people that 20% of the population who smoke are A MINORITY. Well, no they are not. They are 100% payers of tobacco taxes. They are vastly the majority of payers of tobacco duties.

Plus, we should acknowledge that tobacco duty has nothing whatsoever to do with the NHS. We have to be brave and stop that nonsense. There is no equation between ‘tobacco related diseases’ and ‘tobacco taxes receipts’. Smoker or non-smoker, you will suffer the problems of old age and die.

Tobacco taxes were originally intended hurt the colonialists in the USA after Independence.

—Oh Dear… I must to bed.


The Grow Light Has Arrived


That was quick! It was only a couple of days ago that I ordered the growlight. To save lots of words, here is a pic of how I have set it up:

2015-05-20 17.21.55

Drat! That tells us little, except that the lamp is situated on top of a cardboard box. OK. Here is another pic which I have just taken:

2015-05-21 01.18.03

That’s better! The curved bits (black) are the outside of the reflector. The lamp vaguely seems to be suspended, but that is a trick of the light. In fact, the ends of the lamp rest on the cardboard.

Needless to say, nothing at all goes smoothly. I switched the light on, but after a while, I noticed that it had switched itself off. At first, I thought that it was just that I had not inserted the two prong connection (visible at the bottom of the pic) correctly, because, when I disconnected it and reconnected it, the light came back on. But the same thing happened again. That is the reason for the jagged cuts in the cardboard. They are to allow increased airflow. I have also cut similar cuts at the bottom edge of one of the sides of the cardboard box. If I can help it, I don’t want the light from the lamp shining all over the room. But I also want the ‘system’ to be easy. The box is on the sideboard, and it is easy to take off the lamp, lift off the box and do what I want with the plants which were covered by the box.

Also, I want to use the lamp all day and all night. I can fit about 15 plants under the box. With 60 plants, that means that each batch of 15 plants can have 6 hours exposure daily. Most specifically, I want to run the lamp through the night. The plants are now getting good natural light through the day. Additional intense exposure through the night cannot but hasten development. Of course, each group will have to take it in turn to be exposed to about 8 hours overnight.

I have emailed the manufacturer/distributor to find out for definite if there is in fact an automatic cut off if the lamp gets hot. I just want to know definitely.

But, although I am looking for benefit from the lamp NOW, its greater potential benefit is in the future. It will help to take the element of ‘chance’ (weather considerations) out of the equation, and give a boost to the plantlets as and when required.

I really like the proposition.

PS. After the vents being cut into the cardboard, the lamp has stayed on for some time now. Perhaps the airflow is now sufficient.

An early night calls…..

The Threat of Islam


Before going any further, I want to stress the difference between a person who is a Muslim (in the same sort of sense that a person might be ‘a catholic’) and an Islamist. There are different ‘sects’ within the Muslim faith, but there is only one ‘Islam’. In my view, Islam is more like a ‘place’ – a country – a caliphate – rather than a faith.

I have been watching a video this evening about Islam. You can watch it here if you have three quarters of an hour to spare:

I found it very, very interesting. The speaker very rapidly, but succinctly, traces the history of Mohammed. In brief, it seems that he used religious freedom in a city to protect himself and form a group of followers. At that point, he was purely a religious leader. Once he got a big enough following, purely as a religious leader, you understand, he morphed into a politician and started to make demands. While he was weak, he made treaties, but had no hesitation in reneging on the treaties once he became strong enough. Once he was strong enough, he became a military commander, and had no hesitation in driving out his former allies. Much blood was shed.

According to the speaker,  this format (religion, politics and military) became a template which was used again and again all over those lands bordering the Mediterranean, and extending further and further into Africa and Europe. Few Brits are aware that Islam conquered and held Spain until around 1500 AD (not sure about that date, but thereabouts). I have no doubt, myself, that Islam also explored the West coast of Ireland and Scotland. Islam was an empire and had a huge navy.

The speaker suggests that the Koran was written ‘on the hoof’ to justify the behaviour of Mohammed. I have no opinion on that. Suffice to say that there are parts of the Koran which, according to the speaker, justify the enslavement of ‘infidels’ or even their murder. (Infidels being those who do not comply with being subjugated) It seems that there is a passage in the Koran which says that infidels who comply with subjugation can be allowed to live, but if they object to being subjugated, then the must be killed. The speaker also suggests that there are masses of ‘no go’ areas for the police in many cities of Europe and elsewhere.

Finally, he says that Obama and others are bending over backwards to protect the religious infiltration, on the grounds of freedom of religion, little knowing that that is the way that Islam undermined many a city, country, before becoming political and then military.


The speaker was at pains to say that there are ‘moderate’ Muslims who just want to live as best they can and enjoy their lives. My own view is that there are Muslims and there are Islamists who just happen to be Muslims. As I said earlier, Islam is not a religion – it is a State, a caliphate.

For maybe four years, I have called upon a guy called Assan, who has a taxi, to take me and her to the airport. He is a Muslim, but I do not know if he is an Islamist. As far as I can see from his behaviour and dress, he is a devout Muslim. He certainly does not drink alcohol although he smokes. He is prepared to take me to the airport and pick me up when I return at all hours of day or night. Further, I like him. He clearly has a genuinely caring attitude as betrayed by tiny, subtle kindnesses. Also, I have met his wife. She is not the least bit subservient. I have telephoned him and spoken to his daughter. If it were not for the fact that I know that he is of Asian extraction, I would not have known that his daughter is anything other than an English person from the North West – the accent is mild, but the verbal expressions are what we Lancastrians would term as ‘normal’, such as, “Well, he’s not in so I’ll tell ‘im you rung”.  Me, “Are you his daughter?” “Yeh, I’ve talked to you before”. Me, “Really?”

Those are not Islamist conversations.

Further, two of the nurses who attend to my wife are Muslim. Both have a slight Northern accent and neither have any judgemental or subservient attitudes. Both are lovely people – good at their job, friendly and quite prepared to enjoy a joke.

Of course, it is impossible to say whether or not they are potential jihadists. How can one know?

For the most part, there are three things (and possibly many more) which are important:

1. Any immigrant must accept our SECULAR ways. That is, that there are no demands that all should worship Allah. You can if you wish to.

2. The Laws of this Country have evolved over centuries, and particularly via ‘magna carta’, being the freedom of the individual. Magna Carta is sacrosanct no matter what the UN, WHO or EU says.

3. Persons have a right to moan (freedom of speech) but have no right to impose their wishes. If they wish to enact some process, they can pay for it themselves and not use tax monies, provided that it is legal.


Our Government could immediately, with absolutely minimum effort, save millions upon millions of pounds. It could isolate ‘climate control’ studies to the Met Office and refuse to fund university studies. The Met Office in perfectly capable of, responsibly, measuring the facts. The UN activities are far too corrupt to matter.

But there is a problem. The Chancellor of the Exchequer deals only in BIG, BIG numbers. “Totalitarian” numbers. “One size fits all” numbers. Further, because of the ‘one size fits all’ mantra, Fascist demands that ‘all must obey’ come into play. Think about the ecig controversy.

There is no controversy. No intelligent person would say that inhaling a harmless substance in small quantities (nicotine), from time to time, as compared with inhaling, all the time, air polluted by all sorts of substances, from diesel vehicles, for example, or ambient tobacco smoke, is going to be the direct cause of death or disability.

There seems to be some sort of ‘impulsion’ for political persons to hit the easiest targets, and, because there are easy targets, to hit them.

Do you see the circular argument? It seems too obvious at first, but it is incredibly important. The important word is ‘impulsion’. The circular argument is not important. It is the IMPULSION that is important.

That is why we have stupid and ignorant smoking bans in pubs and everywhere else. It is perfectly obvious that other ways could have been invoked to minimise bar staff exposure to SHS. What decided the smoking ban was IMPULSION. That is, emotional diatribes, such as those which drove young men to their deaths when they climbed out of the trenches of WW1 and faced withering machine gun fire.

ASH ET AL major in emotional diatribes. But I think that ASH is about to be dispensed with. At this time, and for the future, I suspect that ASH is no longer needed. It has served its purpose. Of course, Deborah Arnott will be reassigned, but the rest of ASH will be sacked.


It is easy to drift away.

I am amazed that conversations between Muslims and Secularists have not already taken place. But they may have, and we do not know about them. Thus, our views might already be out-of-date. That is not our fault.

What we need and want is for Muslims in the UK, whatever their origin,  to declare that they regard themselves as English, and to recognise that nothing, but nothing, will overturn ‘magna carta’.

It seems that, in the USA, attempts are being made to overturn The First Amendment, which guarantees Free Speech. The trick, as we have seen over here, is to declare some ‘speech’ to be racist, or ‘hate speech’, or whatever. Free speech is thus being eroded.

It cannot go on. It must be stopped. I should be able to call Obama a DICKHEAD, whatever that might mean, and I should be able to call Mohammed a DICKHEAD, whatever that may mean.


Muslims are just normal people. They live and love. Some of them are Islamists. Those are the enemy within.

Ed’s Plant pics===Canada’s Ecig Hypocracy


Here are pics of Ed’s plants:

Ed says:

Here’s a few pics of the plants inside the cloche. End of March sowing at the back and April sowing at front;

Cultivars (First 3 varieties, sown March)

Golden Virginia

Golden Burley

Silver River

and a pic of the largest leaf (A golden Virginia)

Bear in mind that the oldest of his plants is around two months.


Those pics have pissed me right off!! I did not know that it was possible to get such results so quickly.

“Right”, I cried, and straight on to the internet and bought myself a grow light. It is only a single tube one and cost £20. Nothing big or complex is needed because the seedlings are so small. If it helps me to get plants even a quarter of the size of Ed’s plants in a month or so, then I shall be deliriously happy.

But I have a small philosophical problem. My objective has always been to grow these plants with the least possible expense. The reason for that is because I vaguely imagine that many people who may wish to grow their own stuff may be hard up. So my searches for advice and my practices have been to keep costs absolutely minimal. The point is that if you have only space to grow, say, 30 plants, you don’t want to spend lots of cash to grow the plants, cure the produce and make the cigs. Well, not to start with at any rate. That is why I followed Rose’s suggestions – the towelling method of yellowing the leaves – to start with.

I also intend to acquire a greenhouse. It need not be big – just big enough to be useful.

I suppose that it is a good thing to keep busy, busy when one becomes aged.


The Canadian Health Zealots, and the Canadian Government, are hypocrites. They pretend to care about ‘health’, but, in reality, their ‘caring’ is a sham. That is what happens when a group of well-meaning innocents start to agitate about some ‘worthy cause': it does not take long for charlatans to see a nice little goldmine.

A case in point is the experience of one, Catherine Nissen from Alberta, Canada.

She decided that she wanted to try snus. She liked it. She was a non-smoker. And then the Canadian (Alberta?) Government wapped a huge tax on snus, so that a tin of snus costs $Can 25, whilst a pack of 20 cigs costs $Can 12.  There is a problem in that she does not state the equivalence in terms of usage – how long would a tin of snus last, as compared with a pack of cigs? How many little snus packets are there in a tin, and is each one the equivalent of one cig? However, the tenor of her statement suggests that the effect of the tax is to make snus at least as expensive as cigs, and possibly more so. The result was that Catherine started to smoke cigs from time to time because they were cheaper. You can read her story here:


The importance of her story is that Government taxation can create the appearance of a ‘gateway’ effect from snus (and thus also from ecigs, if they too became heavily taxed) to cigarettes. Imagine what would happen if smokers who, for cost reasons rather than health reasons, had stopped smoking and taken up vaping were to find that the cost of vaping has overtaken the cost of smoking due to draconian taxes. IF the reason for swapping from smoking to vaping was only cost, then, clearly, they would revert to smoking. Thus, if enough people were affected to show statistically, there would appear to be a ‘gateway’ effect from vaping to smoking.

If the Canadian politicians were so determined to cut smoking, why did they introduce a draconian tax on snus? We could also ask why Australian politicians have banned ecig juices which contain nicotine.


The answer is clear. There can only be two alternatives. Either the danger of smoking has been enormously exaggerated, or the Canadian and Australian Governments are either sick or stupid or charlatans. Clearly, the charlatans will always be able to lead the sick and stupid.

Is the phrase ‘sick and stupid’ overdoing it? I suppose so, but it depends upon the definition of ‘sick’ and ‘stupid’. Since a committee of The Elite in the WHO decided to foist upon us a new definition of ‘diseases’ (to include the physical effects of poisons, for example), I see no reason that I should not describe a politician who votes for ‘banning smoking in cars where there are kids’ as suffering from a disease, which we might call “Infantile Superiority Incremental Syndrome”. ISIS, for short.

The word ‘stupid’, is, of course, relative. I have no doubt that Einstein was ‘stupid’ in some ways. For example, daughter two, the teacher, seems to have no conception of the the meaning of the word ‘tidy’…. Oh….. except as it applies to her pupils.


It seems to me that politicians, by and large, are flaccid and plasticised. That is why they allow themselves to be ‘whipped’. No self-respecting MP, elected by the people of his constituency, should allow himself to be forced into any sort of compliance with the dictats of The Elite. It makes sense that every person who is elected to represent his constituents in Parliament for a period of five years should be absolutely and totally independent of FORCE. The FORCE that I am talking about is the FORCE inflicted upon politicians by Health Zealots and their associated Charlatans. He should regard his tenure of the position of MP for his constituents as for the period of five years only, and not a second longer. He must do as his conscience decides, and not as The Elite decide.

Thus, our system of ‘first past the post’ is not as bad as it seems, provided that each MP understands that his priority is his constituents. If 20% of his constituents are smokers, he must give them due consideration. They are not reptiles.

Is it not really, really, obvious? And does not the ridiculous taxing of snus in Alberta, Canada, show it to be true?

Off with their metaphorical heads!

More About the Seedlings===Neanderthal Estimates of Risks


At the moment, during the dawn of the new era of a miraculous Tory majority, few sound-waves are coming from The Puritans, other than from the ugly Fat Controllers. I cannot help but feel that when the Puritans have got their way about tobacco, alcohol, salt, sugar, etc, that they will turn their attention to ugliness. It will start with ugly children. Studies will show that the ugliest children come from women who smoked even one cigarette during pregnancy, or drank a bottle guinness, or …. well, you know the process.

Anyway, be that as it may, the curious case of the ‘Wilting Tobacco Seedlings’ needs a Sherlock, Columbo, Morse, Wycliffe, Lewis, etc to investigate. There is no murder involved, merely unexplained death. There again, according to a Morse story on the TV earlier today, even the most apparent case of suicide is open to doubt.


So were my seedlings murdered, or did they commit suicide, or did they die from ‘seedling child abuse’? I do not know.

Here is the story. Here is a pic:

2015-04-20 21.52.13

The nice distribution has come from selective thinning.

And so the seedling grew.

Unfortunately, I did not take pics of them as they grew, but they grew sufficiently until I judged that I could transplant them into 2″ pots.

Now look at these two pics:

2015-05-18 01.51.46

2015-05-18 01.51.18

The seedlings in the bottom pic were much bigger than the seedlings in the top pic when they were transplanted. The bottom pic does not really indicate how sick the seedlings are because of the light, but I still have hope that they might get going. I refuse to abandon them until all hope is lost. This is not merely a sentimental issue – it is a learning issue. Can they survive, and can they suddenly spurt to growth?

But perhaps what is more important is the top pic. Those seedlings were the runt of the germination when I first started transplanting. The pots are the same, the compost is the same. What is different? The only thing that I know of is that the bottom pic is of seedlings which I put outside in the sun, but also in the cool wind, for a couple of days. The top tray is on the window ledge in my bedroom. It has not been outside at all.


I have transplanted some more tiny seedlings into more spacious surroundings. Also, I have started some more seeds. I have filled a washing-up bowl to about two thirds (about 3″ thick) with ‘rough’ compost topped off with a layer of ‘seeding’ compost.

You see, even though it may be that this year may be a calamity, there is no reason that we should not learn from the calamity.

We shall carry on. I read an article from an OZ news source earlier. I bucked the trend. It told the truth. Persecution produces resentment. Four times 12.5% increases in duty on tobacco products over the last couple of years, in Australia, produces resentment. Citizens who are resentful ‘revise’ their thinking about what is ‘honourable’ and what is not. Thus, it is easy to see how ‘white van man’ and ‘chop chop’ purchases overwhelm the State apparatus. The State is no longer ‘honourable’. Its laws are ‘dishonourable’.

In fact, I am sure that future philosophers will show that early 21st century politicians were mugged. I feel sure that ‘Smoking Bans’ will be seen as a no more significant than sugar bans – FOR THE OBESE.

Ha, Ha! Now we hit the crux, and it is this crux which is different from smoking. Eating a MacDonald burger is just as healthy, and, at the same time, just as unhealthy, as eating electricity or astronomy.

Some people become extremely fat as a result of sitting at home, day after day, week after week, month after month, chomping. It really does not matter what they are chomping. They chomp and chomp, and if they are chomping on ‘healthy’ stuff, they think that they will become slim. They will not. Chomping ‘healthy stuff’ will only reduce the propensity – unless you eat too much …..


There may have been a time, before the modern era, when politicians knew what they were talking about and what they were dealing with. That seems no longer to be true. The situation is, in every respect, very, very complex. Thus, Smoking Bans are Neanderthal.

Perhaps I shall expand upon the Neanderthal nature of ‘Smoking Bans’, and all the other ‘fears and risks’ tomorrow.

Good night.


Problems With My Seedlings===Vesuvius and Pompeii


Oh dear! My seedlings look as if they are dying.

They were germinated in multi-purpose compost and were doing fine. When They were big enough, I transplanted them into 2″ pots in the same compost. Since then, they have wilted.

What can possibly have gone wrong?

For a few days earlier this week, I was putting them outside in the sunshine. There was a cool breeze, but it was sunny. I wondered if the problem was that the breeze had cooled the pots and that that was the problem. It appears that not, because some more seedlings which I transplanted a couple of days ago are also heading the same way.

I am becoming pretty sure that the coldness of the compost is the problem. My digital thermometer (with probe) tells me that the compost temp is 19C, which ought not to be detrimental to the seedlings. But when you push a finger into the compost, it feels quite cold.  The damper the compost the colder if feels. So we can surmise that the water in the compost is draining heat from the roots, even though T is 19C (in the same way that the reason that it feels cold to your finger is because heat is being snatched away from the skin of your finger by the water).

Funny stuff is water. As we know, as compared with, say, metal, it can hold heat for a long, long time. I suppose that the corollary is that it can also absorb heat rapidly. Thus, even though a swimming pool might be heated, it always feels freezing when you first dive/jump in.

I’ve checked the roots of a couple of the seedlings and they seem to be OK, and so I am trying to rescue them by putting them into the heated propagator. But I can only do about 20 at a time. I’ve been rotating them in groups during the course of this afternoon. The digital thermometer that I bought for use with the curing box has been a godsend because I can push the probe into the compost in the pots and see what is happening.

Time is advancing all the time. The plants should be out in the ground by now. But I’m not that worried because it is not that important that the plants should go through their full life cycle. Apart from the initial small leaves, it is the next layer of leaves which grow the biggest. The top-most leaves are not very big, and therefore not that important, and producing seedbuds is not that important – I can always buy a new supplyof seeds, and I still have lots of seeds left from 2013/14.

There are lessons to be learnt in there somewhere, although I’m not quite sure what they are. I think that maybe an investment in grow-lights might be warranted.

We’ll see how things go.


I hope that readers are not bored by my slight obsession with Pompeii. I was reading something yesterday which said that what killed those residents of Pompeii who did not escape was not poisonous gas inhaled, but sheer heat, around 800F (or was it 800C?). I wondered what got so hot. It is hard to imagine the air itself getting so hot because it would immediately create a massive upward draft as the hot air rises and cold air floods in to replace it. So what got so hot?

So you come round to ‘pyroclastic flow’ and ‘pyroclastic surge’ – the difference does not matter much for this post.

So what got hot?

Although no one is absolutely sure (because “anything might happen in the next half hour”), what seems to have happened is that the magma directly under Vesuvius was a mixture of silica (sandstone?), water and gases. The whole mass of molten silica (mostly) and gasses was so compressed that the gasses were more or less liquids. When the pressure got too great, the mountain cap gave way, and this mix of silica and gasses FROTHED into the atmosphere with great force. The word FROTHED is important. Think of shaking a bottle of coke, or champagne and then releasing the mixture. The big pieces of silica, thoroughly mixed with gasses, exploded into many fragments. Those fragments are called ‘pumice’. Most of the pumice deposited upon Pompeii was in pebble size – say, one inch diameter. Think of the forces which decide that rain, hail and snow do not drop out of the sky as great bid dollops.

What happened next is interesting.

The cloud of exploded froth rises vertically into the air. As it rises, it cools and is pushed sideways (the mushroom cloud) somewhat. The gasses diffuse, but the pumice stone falls under the influence of gravity. It rains down over a wide area. You could call that ‘Phase 1′, and it is the most widespread phase and the least damaging phase, except that the longer it goes on, the more ‘ash (pumice)’ is deposited on roofs of buildings, and the sooner they collapse.

Funnily enough, the collapsing of roofs and ceilings is what protected the contents of buildings from the next phase.

The volcano, in the first instance, has to build up enough force to blow off the cap. When it achieves that, the force is dispersed for a while – think of a spring which has suddenly been released – it shudders back and forth for a while. I takes a period of time for the initial expenditure of force – to blow off the cap – to be replaced. Pressure must build up again. But, one might ask, since the volcano’s cap has been blown, why should not the contents just spill out like an overflowing pan?

They do, but they are augmented by the stuff which is falling back down from the initial explosion. What is HOT and is pouring down the sides of the volcano is much the same stuff as as blown up into the air, except that it has not been ‘exploded’ into the air. It is heavier than air and thus flows as though it was a river. Further, it is in the nature of a tsunami – it is HUGE. It towers over the highest buildings and walls. It’s front is 20 meters high.

Very few of us have experienced any kind of equivalent. Oddly, it seems that we are not allowed to know such equivalents, such as snow avalanches. Sure, we can read about them and about heroes, and such, but we never ever are told about the extent of the avalanche – how big it was. These things happen from time to time and can be milked by the press for gore.


I enjoyed watching this video tonight:

I had to laugh. It employs tobacco control tricks. It claims that Naples in Italy is in imminent danger from a massive explosion of Mount Vesuvius. Lots of vids from PHD ‘scientists’, but the commentary, which claims the danger, is divorced from the statements of the scientists. But, ignoring the politics and fearmongering, it has a lot of useful information.

The ‘divorce’ of science and ‘fearmongering’ is plain and obvious. It will not cease until the exponents of fearmongering  are unseated. By ‘unseated’ I mean told to do the jobs that they are paid to do in Public Health, like lecturing on the difficulties of the NHS in England, and similar difficulties in African nations, and more efficient ways for these NHSs, all over the World, to be better.

Vesuvius erupted in 1944. Those events are described, with films, in this video:

Do watch it because, if you listen to the commentary, you can see that the exaggerations of the presenter have little relationship with the ‘scientists’ who describe what they think might have happened. That relationship is the epitome of tobacco control. No one at all should believe a word of tobacco control, and the FCTC should be consigned to history.

Cameron Welcomes Nicola Sturgeon into No. 10


Much too late to be bothered with anything significant tonight.

I just saw on BBC News a story about the above.

The Scottish Nationalist Party got 50+ seats with only one million + votes. UKIP got one seat with three million + votes. Sturgeon was invited into No. 10 to have discussions with Cameron, on the basis of her party receiving one million + votes out of the forty or so million adult voters in the UK. Farage, on the other hand, leader of UKIP, with three times the votes of the SNP, is NOT invited into No. 10 to have discussions about devolving the UK from the EU.

I should stress that I have no knowledge of the pros and cons of dissolution of the Union.


I fail to see the problem in dissolution. If the PEOPLE of Scotland want to become self-ruling, I see no difference between that and, say, Australia, or Malta, or the American colonies. A sticky point could be Defence, but I am sure that a sort of ‘Framework Convention’ via the honest endeavours of the UN, WHO (defence obviously involves ‘health and welfare’) and the EU could easily sort out precisely how many spears, and bows and arrows the Scots would be provided with for their defence. Simples.

Further, the more I think about it, Wales and Northern Ireland could be offered complete independence. Would that not be loverly? In fact, I would suggest THAT IT MUST BE SO!!!

Thus, the people who live in those places should be offered, once and for all, either integration or separation. Thus, the stupid anomalies of the Welsh and NI Assemblies could be dissolved.

Oh, and if these places expect England to defend them, they can fuck right off (I rarely use bad language). They can pay for their own ‘border forces’ and their own ‘tax evasion specialists’. And if they offer enough money, we English might just stretch our armed forces to cover those places.

Thus, as early as possible, Cameron must produce a ‘Dissolution of the Union’ Bill. It is the only thing that makes any sense, in view of the Scottish Nationalist invasion of Parliament. It is also clear that the vote for the SNP, being so overwhelming, means that the Scots no longer want Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II,  to represent them in the World. They can ‘anoint’ their own King/Queen, if they wish to. Since Nicola Sturgeon is not herself an MP, perhaps she could be seated upon the Stone of Scone and anointed Queen of Scotland. I thing that would be very nice. There is nothing nicer than a fairly pretty, pretty blonde wench (or even a blonde proto-male wench) ascending the beauty contest throne. I feel sure that those who voted for SNP in the GE would just love to be reigned over by Queen Nicola I.

The above musings are not as divorced from reality as it might seem. You see, “there are TIDES in the affairs of men….” (or something like that – Shakespeare). They ebb and flow, and change the situation of the underlying strata.

It is strange that there are, at the same time, people who want to be free from perceived oppression (which can be the only reasonable reason for Scottish Nationalism), but who happily accept oppression from their own side. It is like German Jews who survived Nazidom applauding the continuation of extermination camps.

Suppose that I said that Scottish Nationalism is the same thing as Nazi Anti-smoking Intolerance? For those sort of intolerant ‘verbotens’  are the very soul of the rats who scamper around the sewers of Public Health, which is the modern equivalent of Nazidom.

Finally, it ought to be true that the politicians who enact some legislation should be PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE. We have forgotten that vast parts of our problems as a Nation are that politicians enacted laws which caused the problems. The reason for the cock-ups, mostly, was that the politicians did not demand physical evidence. They accepted rhetoric and emotion.

“Evidence based Policy”? Pull the other one.

Greens Have Lost Control of Brighton Council===The World-Wide Web of Deceit


Something that I found out only a few minutes ago. Yes, the Greens have lost control of the Council. “I thought now the greens had been reduced to a minority…….”, said a commenter on an article in the Brighton News.

I know that it is of no importance, but it made me smile.

But is it not odd that the voters threw out the Greens because they buggered up the town, and yet they increased the majority of Caroline Lucas, the Green candidate in th GE? It is vaguely similar to the results in Thanet South – voters gave UKIP councillors control of the council but did not vote for Farage. Also, vaguely, it was similar to Scotland. Voters were against the SNP as regards the Union, but for them as regards the GE.

It is easier to understand the Scotland situation. I suppose that there were enough voters who were Labour, Tory and LibDem to get a majority when added together in support of the Union, but were insufficient to gain seats when split up into separate entities in the GE. I don’t know, but I suspect that the turnout in the referendum was significantly higher than in the GE as well.

But it isn’t worth speculating about, is it? It did amuse me, however.


I see that the Big Food and Big Alcohol Gangs are roaming about again. VGIF discusses an article in the BMJ:

Malhotra gets away with all sorts of quasi facts and misinterpretations of data. Why does the BMJ publish this crap? I think that the answer is fairly obvious, which is that as long as an article has a veneer of epidemiological ‘fact’, and and as long as it conforms to the objectives of those who control the WHO, EU and UK Health Dept, then there is no one else to answer to. Sure, a few other ‘experts’ will object to the methods and findings, but what do they matter? When ‘the body of evidence’ has been built up, then a nice little ‘meta-analysis’ will not be interested in viable objections raised at the time of the publication of the study.

In the case which Chris Snowden examined, the article was withdrawn for a couple of days an a couple of alterations made. Note the change that Chris highlighted:

[The only important bit is the phrase highlighted in yellow]

The revised version:

It is pretty clear that what motivated the change was the possibility of legal action against the BMJ. But the faults and failings otherwise remained intact.

Publication is all that matters. It then becomes ‘evidence’ with which to bamboozle Minsters. Precisely this method is being used in the USA to demonise ecigs and to attempt to get them ‘de facto’ banned. The same happened in the EU Tobacco Directive, and in the OZ plain packaging fiasco. At each stage of ‘the plan’, connections are broken. Research project are devised. (Break) The results are (mis)interpreted. (Break) They are published. (Break) Press releases are issued. (Break) Newspapers publish the sensationalised statements of organisations like ASH ET AL. (Break) Quasi-fake surveys are made with “70% in favour” results. (Break). The Minister for Health is presented with a ‘fait accompli’.

If there is one example of this process which beats all the others for cheek, it is Global Warming. It was UN organised right from the beginning, as was the FCTC, and as is anti-alcohol, anti-sugar, anti-salt, anti-oil, etc. Note that all of them involve big, world-wide corporations. Where did the money come from to pay for all the global warming research all over the world? God only knows. Perhaps, one day, when the scam unravels, the truth will come out, and it will probably be revealed that misappropriation will figure largely. But these people are bloody good at covering their tracks. Talk about money laundering!

How can your average MP, even if he has not been tutored in the dark arts of Common Purpose, have any idea of the forces which have been gradually built up, using taxpayers’ monies, to render him powerless?

I personally do not expect to see the day when the whole, foul system of deception collapses, but it will.

When Will an EU Country Rebel?


I must admit that I am somewhat knackered (again!) tonight. I had a standard rose to plant. Our daughters bought it for is because it is named ‘Golden Anniversary’, being of a gold/yellow colour. Nice of them.

Planting it sounds easy enough, but it was not. The place selected for it (by them) was overgrown by geraniums. Not the splendid geraniums which you put in pots, but perennial geraniums. They have plentiful, small, pretty, pink, white, red flowers, but the roots are really thick and dense, though quite shallow. It took quite a while and much digging to clear an area of about half a square metre of ALL traces of root. If you don’t, then the roots quickly reproduce foliage. After that, I took the opportunity of the fine weather to clear my semicircular ‘rock garden’ of weeds ready for summer bedding. Damn it! Every year I ignore it until it is overrun by thistles, dandelions, etc.

Anyway, my little legs are a bit stiff and the eyes are rather tired, so if I ramble a bit, please accept.


The title of this post has multiple possible meanings. “Anything can happen in the next half hour!!” The EU (along with its boss, the UN) is founded upon the shaky foundations of gradual imposition of more and more regulation. Perhaps the worst regulation of all was the idea of ‘modified majority voting’ (or whatever the correct phrase might be). You see, since there is no direct democratic control over the EU, which means that each and every country must have a mandate from The People of that country to confirm EU decisions – except that ‘modified majority voting’ meant that the EU Elite could manipulate decisions so that any country that disagreed could be forced to comply or face….. What? Penalties? Well, we have seen such penalties imposed. Ultimately, the offending country could be thrown out of the EU. Divide et impera.

I keep wondering what are the benefits of being in the EU which mean that a Country or Nation has to sacrifice its freedom to decide its own destiny? Only one idea comes to mind, which is BLACKMAIL. There are no benefits, other than avoiding being stigmatised, demonised and bashed by the EU Central Bank. In other words, countries like Spain, Italy, Greece were tempted into joining the EU by gifts and promises. Once in, the gifts became necessities. Is that not what happened in Cyprus? Is that not what happened in Italy when the EU put a regent in place? I have no doubt that the financial arrangements for these countries are such that, if they do not comply, they will be bankrupted.

What does that mean?  I am not quite sure, but it might well be that banks would not be permitted to credit State employees with the salaries. But who makes the decisions that funds are not available to pay those salaries? You see, when the shit hits the fan, it comes down to simple arithmetic. It always has done. If you rely upon an overdraft, then the withdrawal of the overdraft buggers everything up for you. I mean, buggers up everything. Thus, to survive, you need ‘charity’. Charity comes with rules.

Countries like Greece dare not rebel. BUT THE UK COULD! That is very important. The way that I see it is that there needs to be wholesale destruction of the Academic control of the EU, the WHO and the UN, among others. There is a problem because Big Business and Academia are almost opposites, but not quite. Big Business produces wealth. Academia absorbs that wealth and spits out words and symbols designed to terrify THE PEOPLE.


OK. It is clear that, say, Greece, must rebel. There is no alternative other than a sort of slavery. But does not this slavery also apply to the denial of pleasures to THE PEOPLE?

That is where the UN, EU, WHO ‘tobacco control, alcohol control, salt control, sugar control, SUSTAINABILITY’ picture enters into the equation.


The Conservatives has promised a referendum on EU membership. God only knows what secret negotiations will be involved. The probability is that loads and loads of ‘straw men’ will be employed to obfuscate the reality.

The Common Market was working wonderfully well. It established common standards of efficiency and durability of products. But one could still buy a superior product, like a Rolls Royce, with its luxury. The point is that the Common Market set a minimum level of longevity and efficiency.


Sooner or later, a country/state will rebel over the smoking ban. I have previously mentioned the hotel that I stayed in in Magalluf which had an ashtray on the balcony table, an ashtray in the room and an ashtray in the bathroom. I shall go there again. That hotel welcomes smokers. I shall never visit Ireland. Ireland is taboo. Its politicians believe in witchcraft from tobacco smoke and voodoo epidemiological metadata studies. Its politicians are slaves of the EU Aristocratic Elite.

Slavery is alive and well, but who are the SLAVEMASTERS?




Creating the Evidence


Ed, in the comments to yesterday’s post, linked me to a very interesting paper. Here is the URL:

It is a long read, but I became fascinated and read on for several hours until I finished it. It is too complicated to explain in any detail, but it is much concerned with propaganda. There are some massive claims. For example, the author claims that the whole Bible was forged in the 1400’s. The reason for the forgery was political. The author claims that, although various ‘translations’ of the Bible existed, all the original manuscripts somehow disappeared or were destroyed. For example, St Jerome, around 700AD, translated the Bible into Latin. His version was called the ‘vulgate’ version. Various ‘transcriptions’ appeared in the 1400s, but, for some strange reason, no one seemed to be able to produce an original copy of Jerome’s version. I must admit that that is weird. If people were transcribing Jerome’s version, how come no one could produce an original copy of that version? So, Jerome transcribes a version of the Bible, from earlier versions, which might have been in Hebrew or Greek, but there are no surviving copies of those older versions. There are only references to them in various texts which themselves have been lost or destroyed! The author suggests/implies that, prior to the 1400s, NO ACTUAL BIBLE EXISTED. That Christianity was a word of mouth, handed-down tradition.

But there is in fact written evidence. From a wikipedia article:

here is are pics of a couple of pieces of papyrus which contain parts of a few verses of St John’s Gospel:

Those pieces of papyri are lodged in the Rylands Library in Manchester. There is a little dispute about the date of the papyri, but around 100AD to 200AD seems to be accepted. What I personally believe (without much evidence!) is that the four apostles, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, told their own stories of their experiences with Jesus. These stories were handed down by word of mouth and then written down. but not an awful long time after the events. By that I mean, for example, a person whose grandfather, as a young man, escaped from Pompeii when Vesuvius erupted in 79AD, might well be able to recall what his parents told him that his grandfather had said about the eruption. This would especially be so if the escaped young man settled somewhere close-by so that the volcano was still visible. You could imagine the scene:

“Your Grandad, Lucius, told us about it. He was a seaman and was on his boat, anchored in the harbour at the time. There was an enormous explosion – really deafening. The top of the mountain had disappeared and smoke and stuff was pouring into the sky. Everything was shaking. The Captain ordered us to up anchor and get away. Everybody rowed like mad while others got the sails up. We watched from a safe distance. It was horrible. We could see stuff raining down all over the area. One explosion was followed by another, again and again. We did not dare to try to go back and help others. We waited until the eruptions finished, and then we went back. Everything was buried. Pompeii was buried”.

If Lucius was 20 in 79AD and told his offspring about his experiences when he was 50, that would be in 109AD. If his offspring were 10 when he told them, and they told their offspring when they were 40, then the year would be 139AD. It is easy to see how 100 years could elapse before anyone actually wrote anything down about the personal experiences of Lucius. Is that surprising? Well, no, not at all. Writing things down was not easy or cheap in those days. Few people people could write, and so scribes had to be hired, at a cost.


But what is most important about the link is that, even 500 years ago, sophisticated propaganda was being used. And that propaganda involved creating evidence. Much of the created evidence was used to create ‘legal’ legitimacy for actions. For example, it was claimed that a Welsh ‘Prince’ discovered America long before the Spanish/Portuguese did. That claim was sufficient to ‘legally’ support the claim of ownership of all of North America on behalf of Queen Elisabeth 1.

But what really, really turned the tables was the defeat of the Spanish armada. Thereafter, Elizabethan England became the master of the seas. No doubt about it.

It was around that time that the Slave Trade really got going. I was amazed to find that, according to that blog, Sir Francis Drake, of great renown, was a slave transporter. Perhaps one should not be shocked in view of the fact that George Washington was a farmer and slave owner. Perhaps, in those days, transporting people from the misery of bare existence in Africa to the welfare of slavery in America was seen as ‘a good thing’, especially since those people were ‘saved’ by being converted from pagans  to Christianity.


I have compressed a long paper and I have more or less ignored the most ‘learned’ part, which is the machinations of the ‘politicians’ who ruled Elizabethan England. They saw themselves as Emperors of the World and tried their best to create a World Order, over which they would rule.

Do you know what?

They succeeded. It took time, but the British Empire straggled the World.

What a pity that the Yanks throttled it and substituted Eugenics.




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