The Disruption Caused By Ecigs

For years and years, or even for decades, ‘Harm Reduction’ advocates have seethed at the antics of Tobacco Control. By definition, that ‘seething’ must also apply to the attitude of the WHO.

The only way that I can describe the attitude of the WHO is by describing it as the attitude of a Dictator, King, Emperor, Czar, etc.  But that attitude presumes total control, and that is what the WHO expected – over a long period of time. The WHO has no time limitations. It does not depend upon the same people being in charge. All that is required is that successors are of the same mind. And, ‘of the same mind’ means destruction of the tobacco industry and little else. That is the goal of the WHO. It really is as simple as that. If the tobacco industry is destroyed, then the public as a whole will cease to smoke cigs. Land used for growing tobacco plants will be restricted to Big Pharma, which might find real therapeutic values in the toxins inherent in the plant. After all, antibiotics are toxins.

Ecigs have seriously disrupted the plan.

There is a Motion before the UK Parliament at the moment which is going through the process, which demands that ecigs should be exempted from EU directives prior to Brexit. That means that the recent EU directive, in so far as it punished ecigs, is declared null and void in the UK.

Will it be passed? I doubt it, but only because it is contrary to the supremacy of EU directives. Politicians do not like ‘outliers’ (aka ‘outlaws’) buggering up their control. No doubt that there will be a three-line whip forcing Tories and Labour to vote against.

But that Motion indicates real concerns about what the EU bosses intend. Why was snus, a ‘tobacco product’ which did not involve burning tobacco, banned everywhere in the EU except Sweden, where it was popular? Would it not have been a good idea to promote snus, since the tobacco was not burnt, so as to reduce the tar?

I am glad that we are leaving the EU, regardless of economic or Customs effects. It is utterly corrupt. It should have been obvious to our Government that our contributions to the EU Empire would be misused. Why is it only now becoming apparent? But, even now, when the corruption is waving flags and parading about naked, our Government closes its eyes.

I doubt that the corruption would have been so visible if it were not for ecigs. It is no accident that the WHO, USA and EU attitude to ecigs in almost exactly the same. The people in control form a tiny elite, and they also control the money. The rest of the organisation is subservient. The employees are paid slaves.

Slavery is not just about physical status. It is also about subjugation of the spirit. If you regard ‘Lord This or That’ as superior to you, you have been captivated.

Ecigs have brought these anomalies into our ‘window’ of visibility. The mud from TC is beginning to drain away.


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  1. Roberto Says:

    Indeed, e-cigs are a disruptive consumer technology that has shaken a very authoritarian regulation of tobacco and nicotine that had been functioning without problems for almost 3 decades. The stability of this regulation comes from a very profitable alignment of ideology and vested interests (a “perfect storm” rather than a conspiracy). All those involved loose when e-cigs (and snus) come about, specially the ideologues, the medical bureaucracy (TC) and the pharmaceutical industry, but also the tobacco transnationals, though the latter are more able to adapt to the disruption (in fact, they are already successfully introducing their own THR products).

    The main novelty is that part of the Public Health apparatus is now supporting THR through e-cigs and snus and challenging the abstinence only paradigm. Perhaps hesitantly and with contradictions and setbacks, but at least in the UK this shift is real, whereas most controllers in the USA and in the WHO corridors (which dictate policies to India and other developing countries) there is harsh opposition, even if paying shallow lip service to THR. As you (and many others) rightly say, one of the effects of this development is that a lot of the “dirty laundry” and junk science stored in the TC closet is slowly slowly slowly coming to the open air. Because of this a lot of Public Health folks that support THR do so in such a hesitating manner.

    Even if anti-THR forces win the current battle and manage to over-regulate e-cigs, it is an open question if they win the war. Whatever happens the damage to TC has been done: a niche of e-cig consumers and enthusiasts backed by a minority section of Public Health will remain. Besides this, the tobacco industry has sufficient political and financial clout to succeed in introducing its own range of THR products or (if forced to) keep profiting with conventional cigarettes. These are gradual and slow developments, but it seems that we could be witnessing the slow beginning of the end of the historical cycle of tobacco regulation that began in the 1980’s.

    • junican Says:

      I am sure that you are correct, Roberto, regarding the shakiness of THR support. Many a senior person will be reluctant to put their well paid jobs at risk, having seen how some of their former comrades have been treated for stepping out of line. The problem is the absolute power, lawlessness and lack of accountability in TC. They can do and say anything that they wish and get away with it. Ecigs are bringing those autocratic activities into the light of day.

  2. Rose Says:

    There is a Motion before the UK Parliament at the moment which is going through the process, which demands that ecigs should be exempted from EU directives prior to Brexit. That means that the recent EU directive, in so far as it punished ecigs, is declared null and void in the UK.

    Will it be passed? I doubt it, but only because it is contrary to the supremacy of EU directives

    I wouldn’t bank on that, Junican, the Conservatives have done it before.

    EU bans herbal remedies: another victory for corporate interests

    “When the EU does something truly unpopular, it usually builds in a delay. Eurocrats know that national ministers are likelier to agree to measures which will blow up in the laps of their successors. Thus the restrictions on natural and alternative medicines, which were passed in 2004, will hit herbalists’ shelves in April.”

    New EU regulations on herbal medicines come into force

    “A Department of Health spokesperson said: “We have swiftly introduced a system to register herbal practitioners using unlicensed herbal medicines, so consumers will be able to continue to use unlicensed herbal medicines if they wish.”

    • junican Says:

      Good point, Rose. I did not know that. A six year delay in implementation throws any problems onto the succeeding administration.

  3. Pat Nurse Says:

    I hope they don’t regulate ecigs out of existance for those who like them but for those of us who don’t they remain a threat with govt likely to be persuaded that we poor pathetic addicted smokers need saving and therefore should be forced or nudged to switch for our own good. Ecigs allowed inside, for example, can only further marginalise smokers pushed outside and remove any hope that we ever get inside again. We should all be fighting for inclusion for both. The only way ecigs will be saved is if tobacco smoking is saved too and politicians recognise and respect choice. Sadly ecigs are becoming just another weapon to beat smokers with.

    • junican Says:

      I don’t know quite how to put this, Pat. I agree with your general sentiment that ecigs users and smokers should recognise that TC want total control of both, but I also am happy that ecig use has not been banned in pubs.I see it as a small victory. That small victory gives recognition that ecig vapour is not smoke. That is an important point. Twist and turn as Glantz et al might, they cannot reverse decades of blaming ill-health on the SMOKE.

  4. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Not interested in ecigs , snus etc. Just want everyone to leave my tobacco and cigarettes alone. The only way i will give up is death.

    • junican Says:

      The rent-seekers will not give up until their money supply dries up. I think that it already is drying up, quietly and behind the scenes.

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