Is The Tobacco Control Money Supply Drying Up?

A few years ago, maybe three years or so, tobacco control was vaguely passed to local authorities. In our local area, TC went mad and produced reams of ‘studies’ about smoking being most prevalent amongst ‘the lesser sort’ – the poorest people, and such. Plans were proposed. Since then, I have seen nothing else. Pressure has been put upon local authorities to reduce costs. I think that councillors, or rather the ‘powers-that-be’, realised that paying for all these pie-in-the-sky ‘studies’ and ‘plans’ was a waste of money and quietly shelved the whole thing. Since that first plethora of blatherings, I have seen nothing more. What local authorities generally seem to have done is to turn the anti-smoking zealotry into a money-making scam by authorising private firms to follow smokers in the street and then fine them on the spot  for ‘littering’ if they drop a cig end. That has absolutely nothing to do with health.

I think that anyone who walks around smoking in the town centre deserves the fine if they do not have the sense to carry a small metal box into which to place their cig ends. But that does not excuse local authorities from acting like muggers. There was a case only a day or so ago in which an elderly gentleman was cornered in a shop. A private firm fine collection thug thought he saw the gentleman drop a cig end in the street. Accompanied by another thug, the thug asked the chap to step outside. He refused. The shop owner asked the thugs to leave, but they would not. She called the police. She asked the police if she had the right to tell the thugs to leave, and she was told to look it up on the internet. The police forced the chap to go outside where he was issued with a penalty notice. Perhaps I should say that the police ‘invited’ him to go outside, but it comes to the same thing as ‘forced’.

There is no doubt that the above is a depiction of a ‘Police State’. It is not the duty of the police to support thugs.

The above supports my contention that tobacco control has been turned into a money making scam. The local authorities are not that much different from criminal gangs who trade in drugs. Money is the driver.

It seems to me that the honest intentions of the original anti-smoking zealots, such as Richard Doll, to tell people to cut down on their smoking, were very quickly converted into total cessation. I’m sure that I read somewhere in Doll’s Doctors Study that he recognised that, within the lifetime of a human being, it was the TOTALITY of smoking which was dangerous, and not smoking in itself. The longer and harder that you smoked, the more likely that it would hurt you within your lifetime. The fate of light smokers was not that much different from non-smokers.

What happens is that reasonable suggestions gradually change into dictats. There ALWAYS seems to be that process. Politicians seem to be helpless in the face of dictatorial demands from people who have nothing to lose.

But politicians, weak and subservient though they are, do have one weapon at their disposal which they can use without public opprobrium. It is THE MONEY, once again. TC demands more and more money. It comes down to the meme “One life saved is worth a billion pounds”. Erm…. How do you deny that? The answer is simple: “Would you personally give up all your wealth and possessions to save the life of someone you don’t even know?”

TC money, in the UK, is winding down. Researchers are gradually applying for grants to study obesity, sugar and salt. For a change, politicians now have the upper hand. Whether they grasp the nettle or not is a different thing. Perhaps they will continue to be scared of ‘Public Health’.

The ‘healthy, wealthy West’ is full of jolly, plump, long-living people. The East is full of miserable, skinny, short-lived slaves. And so is Africa and many places in South America.

But there is an enormous dilemma. It is how to maintain our agriculture in the face of cheap imports of food from elsewhere in the world.

There is a growing movement that we should ‘brexit’ from the UN. Trump has indicated that he wants to cut that cost. I do not blame him. The UN, and especially the WHO, has become a bloated parasite with very little to offer.

What needs to be done is to redefine the purpose of the UN. Cut it down to size. The same applies to the World Bank and the IMF. Amalgamate them all! Change their purpose into facilitation, which can be automated and computerised. They have no right to have POWER.

The EU has no right to have POWER. There should be no such thing as an EU Directive. ‘Best Practice’ can be defended, but ‘power’ cannot. There can be no place for Malta’s three votes to swing a decision adverse to the UK’s interests.

But that is what the EU means. Who knows what bribes are offered?

For the UK to prosper, a ‘bonfire’ of the quangos is needed. Cameron promised that but chickened out. That is why we need a Trump – a courageous PM who will clean the swamp of parasites in the first place, and then drain the swamp to ensure that the parasites cannot return.

The Universities need to be ‘regulated’. That is a horrible thing to say, but it is true. But I mean in terms of taxpayers’ input. Let them sink or swim if the offer courses in ‘female emancipation’. Government grants or loans will not be offered to students in such courses.

I feel that Government is beginning, slowly, to wise up. The way to cut costs without danger to the economy or public services is to cut out the myriad of small, wasteful drains on the public purse. ASH ET AL is only one of those small,wasteful drains.


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  1. garyk30 Says:

    Since your PM is chosen by the politicians, not the peoples’ direct vote, I doubt you will ever have a ‘Trump’.

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