Revolution is Inevitable

I do not know where to start.

The World Renowned expert on ‘tobacco harm reduction’, Carl Phillips, has excelled himself with a denunciation of the Federal Drugs Administration (FDA) decision to lower the nicotine content of ‘tobacco products’ (or is that just ‘cigarettes’?):

The War on Nicotine begins

I find it incredible that the newly appointed Trump head of the FDA, Dr Gotleib, can be so ignorant. Surely he must know that low nic cigs have been tried before, and that they failed miserably to be taken up by smokers? Who want to smoke fresh air?

Here are the facts. TobComs delivered low tar tobacco for the Canadian Gov. It was used in cigs. For some reason which might have seemed sensible at the time, TobComs called those cigs ‘lights’. ‘Lights’ meant ‘low tar’. Some time later, the Zealots started screaming that TobComs had ‘misled’ the public. Little was said about the part played by the Canadian Gov. In fact, by a constitutional trick, the Canadian Gov was absolved of any responsibility for encouraging low tar cigs. Note that we are talking about ‘low tar’ and not ‘low nicotine’. I am pretty sure that the ‘low tar’ tobacco plants are what produce tobacco today. I personally have noticed, over the years, that filter tips are nowhere near as brown as they used to be.

TobComs worry me. In the distant past, decades ago, they deliberately played down the possible dangers of smoking. Note the word ‘possible’. That exercise was not scientific but was marketing. If people want to smoke tobacco, then it is reasonable for TobComs to compete for the market by whatever means necessary. Thus, you got ‘doctors’, wearing thick, black glasses and white coats, extolling the virtues of ‘Capstan Full Strength’ and such. It is NOT reasonable believe the statements of the Surgeon General just because he says so. Does anyone believe that the Surgeon General’s reports were not politically orientated?; that ‘truth’ and ‘facts’ were not manipulated?

TobComs worry me because they do not support their billions of customers. It is as though their billions of customers were contained within an enormous ants’ nest. Every time that TobCom’s have gone to law, it has been to defend the profits of their companies, and not to finance the legitimate ‘human rights’ disputes brought up by individual customers. For example, publicans could have disputed that the Smoking Ban in England contravened their ‘human right’ to facilitate pleasure. We go to pubs for pleasure, and not just to absorb alcohol. In fact, I think that it is reasonable to say that we do NOT go to pubs to absorb alcohol at all  – we can do that at home. We go there for fun.

The collapse of Tobacco Control is inevitable. It is winding itself up into more and more contradictory spirals. The utter nonsense that Glantz has produced, which says that Tobcoms encouraged nicotine patches to addict smokers who were already addicted to nicotine, is beyond parody.

I had hoped that Trump would ‘clean the swamp’. Oh dear, that hope seems to have been too trusting. But there is still some hope. It is quite possible that Trump will get rid of Gotleib quite pronto. He should. Despite the ‘title’ Doctor, the fact is that Gotlieb is way out of his depth. He has shown himself to be a simplistic sucker. He came in fresh and was told to hit nicotine. He did not originate the idea. A sucker.

We should all know where these idea come from. It is from the WHO. It is a secret society. It may have public hearings from time to time, but the main discussions go on in secret. What we read and hear is the sanitised version of what is said and decided.

The horror, had we not voted to exit the EU, is that the subterfuge would have continued until we ordinary people became slaves for all intents. EU Directives cannot be repealed. They are written in stone.

The only way is a revolution, which is what Brexit is, without the violence. Brexit is akin to the French Revolution or the Russian Revolution.

All we can hope for is that not only business will be freed by Brexit, but that ordinary people will be freed from the tyranny of EU Directives. Remember that ‘ordinary people’ are the overwhelmingly important people in our land. Whatever their religion etc might be, their ‘comfort’ is the most important thing. They can believe that queers should be thrown off high buildings, provided that they do not do so.

America is impossible. I suspect that there are many different cultures, even in the white population, never mind the black population or the ‘coloured’ population.

It is unbelievable that there is so much concentration on smoking and hash or whatever. The fact is that the USA is not homogeneous. There are many different cultures.

For the legislators, ‘tobacco harm’ is a Godsend. It enables them to distract attention from from REAL iniquities or inequalities.

I wish that our PM and The Cabinet would address he idea of ‘Freedom’. They will not. They will only screw up the persecution. They cannot help themselves.

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