PP Again====Deep Digging

I very quick post tonight – I want to carry on with the revision. Although the copying is done, there is quite a lot of stuff to add.


I was thinking a bit more about the Cameron stupidity in pushing ahead with the car ban and PP. I was reading on ‘Spiked!’ that there is commotion in the Cabinet (of course, that might be just mickey-taking), but it would hardly be surprising if it is true. It appears that neither Osborne (Chancellor) nor May (Home office) were consulted. Think about it – if PP aids the making of counterfeit cigs, then the Chancellor might be very unhappy about the loss of duty income. Also, the Home Sec has to combat such maleficence as the Minster in control of the police (and customs?).

What I’ve been thinking about is the timing of the debates in parliament. To take place before the election, and assuming that the EU deliberations have been concluded, then the likely time is going to be April. Imagine the situation! There will inevitably be uproar in the press. Smokers will be bloody annoyed, and non-smokers will not be bothered significantly since they are not affected, and are more interested in the economy (especially their jobs) and the NHS. Is Cameron gambling that these anti-smoker acts will annoy Labour supporters into voting for UKIP? But why should they if they are Tory/LibDem actions?  Is it not that the very ideas and the potential precedents will affect Tory voters just as much?

It will be very interesting to see what happens!


Finished the digging today. Both plots have been extended a little more and deeply dug. Plenty of deep holes between and around the big clods of earth.

Back to the drawing board.


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