The New ‘Growing’ Essay===The Death of the old Political Parties

If you click on the ‘Growing etc’ prompt in the sidebar, you can access the new site. Remember, the new site is not a ‘page’ of the BSC. It is a different site. The connection of the new site to the BSC (and the ‘McTear Case’ site) is via my personal account. That is, all three sites are independent. If you click on the ‘Growing etc’ tab in the sidebar, you will be taken to the old page, and from there to the new site by clicking the link there.

My stats show me that very few people go to the ‘Growing’ essay via this site. Almost everyone goes to the ‘Growing’ essay via google links directly. If you google “Curing tobacco”, my essay still comes up as the second entry, which is not bad for an obscure, little blog. ‘Growing and curing tobacco’ produces the same result. Googling the whole title of the essay brings up only BOTH of my sites initially, of course. Interestingly, even googling only ‘flavouring tobacco’ brings up my original essay.

But people can be really lazy, so it is possible that many will not bother to click the link to the new site. That does not bother me at all since it is obvious that those people are not actually very interested in the subject at all. Sod them.

WordPress can be horribly annoying at times. The ‘theme’ for this site is called ‘Kubrick’, and it is nice and simple. There is little clutter. ‘Kubrick’ used to be the ‘default’ free site. Now, WordPress has changed the default site. They claim that the new default site is more user friendly. The truth is that it is just too simplistic, giving very little more than an empty sheet of paper (but, to be honest, I have not really explored it properly yet). What I find most annoying is that the font size seems to be fixed. It is much bigger than I personally find comfortable for reading. As far as I can see, you have to pay to be able to change the settings. But perhaps I am being over-sensitive, or am an anachronism.


What seems to me to be true is that yesterday’s political parties are becoming anachronisms. They have given away most of our national powers. That may be the reason for the stupid car smoking ban and PP – they have given away our independence and have nothing to do other than enact EU regulations. Get it? Not laws of principle, but EU regulations. Or FCTC regulations. Or, IPCC regulations. That is why yesterday’s political parties need to be swept away and replaced. Hopefully, Greece is showing the way. But the Greeks must be determined to survive on their own terms. IT CAN BE DONE!


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