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Last night, I pressed on with the rewrite of the Growing Essay, but yesterday afternoon was so pleasant out that I set to on deep digging my baccy plots. I managed to get almost all of plot 1 done, but not without some suffering in the human back. I have a condition which is not unlike sciatica. It is the result of an injury which I suffered about a decade ago, if not longer. I remember the incident well.

I was doing some weeding on my knees. I spied a particularly big weed to my right which was just a little too far away to reach easily. I twisted and stretched…… I swear that I actually felt something rip in my back. The pain was intense – so much so that, for quite a while, I could not/dared not get to my feet. I felt silly kneeling there immobile. Eventually, I managed to stand up and totter back into the house. The odd thing is that I could not find the seat of the injury by prodding about with my fingers, but the slightest movement brought a searing pain.  At least, once I managed to sit down, the pain subsided and stayed subsided until I moved. Oddly, after a few hours, the pain almost completely vanished and I was able to go to the pub. However, sometime during the early hours, I woke, tried to move and was smacked with the intense pain again.

The doctor had to be called out. He did me no favours when he got hold of my leg and lifted it in the air. He jumped a foot into the air himself when I screeched. “Inflammation”, he said, “Here’s a prescription for some strong painkillers. The pain should go away in about a week” Right, Doc, but I could not go to the chemist’s, nor could herself. A kindly neighbour filled the gap. The painkillers helped, but the slightest movement still creased me. I found that, if I just lay still, there was no pain. I also found out that, if I brought on the jab of intense pain, I subsequently had about 30 seconds pain-free to move around after the jab subsided. After a week, the inflammation subsided and I was able to get back to normal.

But the back has been weak ever since and I have had many a traumatic day of suffering, but I have learned to recognise the signs when the the aching starts. When it does start, I must just stop!!! After an hour or so, I can carry on with the job. The biggest danger is when doing jobs which require one to incline. Bending down is not a problem. Continuous inclining is the danger.

I overdid it somewhat yesterday and suffered a little, but not too much. I decided, this afternoon, to do a little more. Blow me down! No sooner had I started than it began to rain. Ah well, tomorrow is supposed to be going to be cloudy but mild.



Over the last couple of weeks, I have seen anti-smoking ads on the TV. Three times I have seen the ‘tumour on a cigarette’ and, yesterday, I saw the ‘black blood’ ad. But no signs of the new one. You can see the new one here:

I wonder what happened? Has anyone seen the new ad, or has it been dropped?


I’ve been thinking a bit more about Cameron’s decision to go ahead with the car smoking ban (with kids present) and PP. Frank Davis and others, including me, have pointed out that Cameron will have little to gain. Smokers will be annoyed but non-smokers will not notice. Only Zealots will rejoice and there are not enough of them to make a difference. So where does he get the idea that these bans will produce ‘feel good’ from? I suppose that charlatans in the Health Dept told him so.

But there is more to it. If Cameron fails to win the GE, the Tories will have gained nothing. If he wins, then all that he has done is made a rod for his back for the next five years. Imagine what he will face. There will be a concerted, never-ending campaign to get smoking banned ANYWHERE where there are children present – anywhere and everywhere. How could he withstand the demands? He has already conceded the principle. urther, he will face non-stop demands for plain packaging to be extended to every commodity which fake charities and tax-funded lobby groups claim is harmful. Again, the precedent has been set.

He must be out of his mind.

Back to the reorganisation.


UPDATE 2.30 am 27th Jan 2015.

The copying and updating is done. It is done, but not yet dusted.


4 Responses to “Pressing on with the Reorganisation===Deep Digging the Plots===The TV Ad===PP====Update re Growing”

  1. Rose Says:

    Junican, I haven’t seen the new antismoking ad since the day of the launch, though like you I have seen the old ones repeated.

    The billboard campaign seems to be causing much merriment.

    McRib and anti-smoking billboards in case of unfortunate juxtaposition

  2. junican Says:

    Did you also post that up on Frank’s site? I thought that it was very funny when I saw it. But which way round is ‘the unfortunate juxtaposition’? Putting the mcrib ad next to the cig ad brings the cig ad into disrepute, doncha think?

    • Rose Says:

      It certainly makes the cig ad look silly.

      Btw , I saw the new cigarette ad for the first time since launch this very evening on an obscure channel called CBS action, they were showing a rerun of Shogun from 1980..

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