The BAT Proposals for ‘Tobacco Harm Reduction’

I’m not sure that it is BAT (British American Tobacco). I read about the proposals earlier.

It is late, and I am a bit pissed on red wine, but still compos mentis.


It may not be easy to see how these BAT proposals matter, in view of the stranglehold that Tobacco Control has via the UN, WHO and EU.

BAT’s Proposal is that its scientists will thoroughly investigate ‘tobacco harm reduction products’, like snus, snuff, heat-not-burn, chewing tobacco, ecigs, etc, and, with the cooperation of Government, come up with FACTS.


It is a very clever manoeuvre by BAT, but I do not mean that in a bad way. I mean that it is a sensible way ahead. Far too much policy has been based upon propaganda. Very few FACTS have been involved. Epidemiology is not FACT; it is assumption. For example, it is quite possible for an increase in incidence of flu to be attributed to people using buses when the reality is that families infect each other. On the other hand, it is also possible that aircraft passengers infect each other, and pass the infection on. Or not.

It is time for epidemiology to be described as it should be – witchcraft. Organisations such as the British Medical Assn, through their Tobacco Control departments, have diminished their veracity. No one any more believes a word they say on any subject. The Lancet is the same. It mostly consists of epidemiological, junk science.

REAL science still goes on. For example, quietly, from what my wife experienced in hospital, there is a generic drug which ‘kills’ bacteria and viruses.


It is possible that the BAT Proposals might destroy the Tobacco Control Industry because those proposals are devoid of propaganda. You can bet that the likes of Glantz and Chapman will fight tooth and nail to retain their supremacy. But if BAT produces REAL scientific evidence that snus, for example, is wonderfully safe, then the shit hits the fan for TC. TC would have to produce the evidence for its claims. As the McTear Case showed, TC has no evidence. It is entirely propaganda.

Why has our Government fallen for the propaganda?

Replace the word ‘Eugenics’ with the word ‘Wellbeing’ and you need ask no more.


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