All living things grow old and die. The more complex the ‘body’, the more that decrepitude can manifest itself in different forms. You need only look at the Gov Mortality Statistics to see just how many primary causes of death there are:

But the same axiom can be applied to much more simple ‘bodies’. They still become decrepit.

It seems that Climate Control is becoming decrepit quite rapidly, in comparison with Tobacco Control. The reason, I suppose, is ‘the pause’ in heating. ‘The Pause’, as a phrase, is a construct of Climate Control propaganda. The reality, as any reasonably physicist would tell you, is that there is no such thing in nature as ‘a pause’. It is no accident that almost everything in nature is circular. That means that almost everything in nature revolves and rotates, accelerates and decelerates. What is absolutely certain in nature is that there is no such thing as ‘a pause’. If there actually was some element of global warming 20 years ago, then that warming stopped 20 years ago. Nature does not ‘pause’, but it can take an awful long time, as we transient human being see it, for an acceleration to slow down and reverse itself into an deceleration. It is only about 50 years ago since ‘scientists’ were projecting a coming ice age.

And yet, somehow or other, we have in the UK a ‘Climate Control Act’. How on earth did such an Act pass through Parliament? It can only be that MPs did not consider themselves able to weigh the evidence, and that they therefore MUST accept the evidence of ‘Experts’. This is the point where Global Politics comes into play.

And it is at this point where we can ask how the ‘Climate Control Act’ came into existence in the UK with almost no discussion whatsoever. It seems to have ‘come down from above’, in the same way that the ten commandments did. Moses ascended a mountain, and the next day, came down with a stone tablet etched with the ten commandments. The commandments were etched into the stone tablet by God. Perhaps we should not blaspheme by suggesting that Moses spent the night etching the commandments into the stone tablet.

I don’t know what precisely the Climate Control Act says. Frankly, the important thing is that it should not exist. The reason is that it was enacted in haste, in response to scaremongering. But we cannot avoid the conclusion that it is all deliberate. That would mean that our Parliament, for all intents, might as well not exist. It may well be true that the modern world is too complex for MPs to get their heads around, so that they have been deliberately manipulated.

My conclusion is that our country needs to get rid of professional politicians. That is very easy since it implies that university graduates, who spend a couple of years as researchers for MPs DO NOT graduate to MPs themselves. The need for ‘real world’ experience is obvious.



The above is only loosely connected to my main point, which is that Tobacco Control is old hat. It is rapidly becoming decrepit. In the USA in particular, the pressure on the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) to make manufacturers subject their products to massively expensive safety processes, is  overwhelming. But where does that pressure come from? It comes from Academics, who know nothing. Is that a contradiction in terms? How can Academics know nothing? I shall explain.

Imagine a war. Imagine Generals who have experienced wars. Imagine ‘Academic Experts’ who have studied past wars, and those experts dictating what the Generals should do.

Do you see the dissonance? It is that the ‘Experts’ who should be the Generals. ‘Experts’ do not want to be Generals. They want to tell Generals what to do. And that is what our politicians have permitted. They have abrogated their powers to unelected, crazy, stultifying, one-size-fits-all misfits.


But, in the end, all organisations such as Tobacco Control suffer from decrepitude. They die. They rot. After a while, the ‘science’ is revealed to be junk. That is what happens, and has always happened, until THE TRUTH is revealed.


Weird though it might seem, despite Government persecution of smokers, it seems that budgets for tobacco control are being reduced. I saw something that said that, in Ireland, TC’s grant has been reduced from around €10 million to €3 million. Thus, despite the rhetoric, the fact is that TC is becoming decrepit.

It is a wonder of nature that there is acceleration and deceleration, and that things corkscrew rather than simply circulate. Only idiots think that human nature can be organised.


4 Responses to “Decrepitude”

  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    I think Tobacco Control should have no public funding at all. I’m fed up paying exhorbitant prices for these idiots to be supported with their junk scientist partners.

    • junican Says:

      It isn’t an accident that they get that funding. It was organised a long time ago. First, ‘charities’ like Rockefeller got it off the ground with big grants, but built into those grants was political interference. All of the shit can be countered by NOT paying the exorbitant taxes. Work it out.

  2. garyk30 Says:

    Getting older does force one to be inventive.

    New ways have to be found To get stuff done.

    • junican Says:

      Very true, gary! You need to use your brain more to find the easiest way. It might take longer, but it is easier.

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