The ‘Medicalisation’ of Ecigs

Most readers will be aware of the attempt by Tobacco Control EU to regulate ecigs as medicines, which was struck down by a Judge in some foreign part, which might have been Slovakia or somewhere. The Judge said that ecigs could in no way be medicines since they did not attempt to ‘cure’ some ailment.

Vapingpoint wrote to her MP before Xmas complaining about the EU TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) as regards ecigs. He/She responded kindly and queried the situation with the (pretend to know something about health) Public Health Minister, Jane Ellison MP. Here is Ellison’s reply:

It is interesting to note the language. That language is not the language of a real person. It is the language of a regulator. “The Dept of Health recognises that ecigs help some people to stop smoking…”, completely avoids the possibility that ecigs might be enjoyable. And, as a consequence, as far as the Utterly Corrupt Denizens of Tobacco Control are concerned, ecigs are mechanisms, just as drug company products like nicotine gum are mechanisms.

But the key phrase is “It is therefore important that proportionate regulation is introduced to ensure minimum safety requirements….” Thus, ecigs are to be strangled by de facto medicalisation, despite a ruling by a Judge in Slovakia (?), or wherever, that ecigs are not medicines.

The trick has been to describe ecigs as ‘medically unsafe’. Thus, the demonisation of ecigs is based upon ‘safety’, and not upon health directly. Thus, no matter how ‘healthy’ they might be, they are to be condemned because of the vague possibility that they might be ‘unsafe’.

Allison herself says so in the quote above. Note the last sentence. It assumes the possibility that ‘children’ will have enough pocket money, and the intent, and the desire, to gobble ecig vapour. Can you imagine anything more unrealistic than that?

Somehow, our political system has spawned a class of person who has absolutely no connection to real life. How were people like Allison created? I do not understand. I really do not understand. Such people are not real people.

What is important to understand is that the anti-ecig atrocity is orchestrated. It is obvious. It is very, very, very obvious. The phrase “We do not know….” is an obvious intent to create doubt when the fact is that we DO know. The Proper Science is very clear. What vapers inhale is not the least bit unusual. It is mostly water vapour, which is a substance which we inhale, via the air, with every breath that we take. Further, we inhale flavours with every breath that we take. Further, the nicotine that may be in ecig vapour is harmless.


The TPD has been a bare-faced conspiracy as concerns ecigs. Is there nothing that can be done to reveal the conspiracy?

Oddly enough, there is. But it would require the enthusiastic cooperation of an MP. MPs have privileges. An MP can over-rule FOI restrictions. I should imagine that ‘fake charities’ would be shaking in their boots if an MP started to really investigate their activities. But these fake charities protect themselves by complexity.

While the UK Government continues to back the conspiracy, not a lot can be done to counter it. But that does not mean that there are not ways for decent citizens to act.

The first thing that vapers could do is out-source their liquids. But, because they hold the HIGH MORAL GROUND, they need to tell their MPs, openly, that they are doing so. They must demand from their MPs support for their actions. THEY HOLD THE HIGH MORAL GROUND. They should not allow Tobacco Control to take it away from them.

IT IS INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT that the conspiracy in the EU, the WHO and the USA in general MUST BE DEFEATED. DEFIANCE is the only way, and it is important that Vapers tell their MPs that THEY WILL DEFY. That is critically important. Any vaper who does not do so is stupid, stupid, stupid. Vapers have the high moral ground, and must use it.

Do Vaping Shops TALK to their customers? I am amazed that that there are tens of thousands of vaper shops which have not engaged their customers in a massive frontal attack on their MPs (or other representatives).

But I personally am not a vaper, so I really ought not to be talking about it. I am unclean, a sort of leper. I accept that description, and so normal relationship conventions no longer apply to me. I am a leper, to be avoided. I accept it. Cameron hates me, as he has shown by nodding through the medical porn PP regulations. I accept it.

But the worm will turn eventually. Does Cameron realise that he is a despot? Whilst he publicly pretends to defy the EU, he plainly puts EU Directives into effect.



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  1. castello2 Says:

    Excellent post! As I thought about sharing, on FB and twitworld, I wonder if you are on FB and tweeterland? I have possibly friend-ed you or re-tweeted you but not sure.
    I am supposing that you’re describing yourself as a leper because you still enjoy smoking? Many if not most vapers are slowly learning that we do not hate smokers but actually love them 🙂 We tell them everyday to not be the worst person ever and shun smokers.

  2. castello2 Says:

    Oops, maybe you refer to yourself as a leper because cameron has deemed you so for being un rich and not super healthy? Sorry if I’m making a mess of this.

    • junican Says:

      No probs, Castello. I don’t ‘do’ Twitter. I have a Facebook account but I do not post on it. I sometimes look what my daughters are posting.
      Smokers are the same as biblical lepers. “Unclean! Unclean!” we must shout as we exit the pub for a fag. Well, as good as….

      • castello2 Says:

        Thanks for the clarification. I volunteer for CASAA on facebook as an admin so I am there way too much. We add many new vapers daily and spend lots of time trying to educate them about bashing tobacco and smokers. As the deeming regs approach most will see how the propaganda machine works.
        Twitter is a nightmare. I try to help amplify what the folks on our side say but I may be doing it wrong 😦

      • junican Says:

        I’m impressed that you are a member of CASAA. As NZ above said, in his link, only a fraction of vapers know what is going on. That is why I am amazed that ecig shops have not been educating their customers. How difficult would it be to say to them, “HELP US! WE ARE TRYING TO STOP THE EU FROM DESTROYING THE ECIG INDUSTRY”. A leaflet, briefly describing the affects of Article 20, and suggesting a simple complaint to their MPs, would suffice.
        But they need to do it NOW! If they do not, then ignorant MPs will vote Art 20 through. It would then be too late.
        Unless Vape shops defy the law, and Vapers defy the law. OAPs did precisely that when Thatcher introduced the Poll Tax. They defied her, and they won. Unfortunately, it is probable that they just made their own situations worse, but that is another story. That could not happen with ecigs.

  3. Norbert Zillatron Says:


    It was German judges up to the highest courts that ruled consistently: No medicine!

    Now those bullyticians try the same thing here. De facto medicalisation through excessive “regulation”.

    • junican Says:

      Good post of yours Norbert. I’m as certain as certain can be that the anti-ecig programme is a real conspiracy right from the top of the WHO. Glantz, Frieden, Chapman, etc are all involved. They are clever buggers. They must have had a good chat amongst themselves to come up with a different form of words which changed the ‘unhealthy’ mantra to ‘dangerous’ mantra, in order to justify virtual medicalisation.

  4. Roberto Says:

    Yes, your Health Minister is a regulator. She is polite and diplomatic (unlike most regulators in the USA) and she doesn’t say it openly, but it is clear as water that her aim is to push in the end for a strong regulation in which e-cigs are publicly banned just like all other tobacco products (the children bla bla) and ONLY supplied by pharmacies under prescription, likely in horrible plain packaging like nicotine patches. This is how methodone is prescribed as a replacement of heroine, but at least heroine users are lucky not to be harassed by a “second hand” methodone scare, so they can at least enjoy the “replacement” (or even the real substance) in a public place.

    Health ministers are like this in every country in our age of prohibition. The ministers here in Mexico talk exactly like your minister on the issue of marijuana: it is “dangerous” (the “children” bla bla the “we still don’t know if it is safe..” bla bla) and it “may be OK” but only if used for strict medical purposes and under severe prescription.

    As you say, we humble mortals need to defy this bureaucracy by being resilient in “our vice”, be it cigarettes, cigars or e-cigs, marijuana, etc. Hopefully, forms of more active resistance may arise in the future. At least in Latin America prohibitionists have been badly stained by the “drugs war”. While tobacco is a relatively minor issue in this part of the world, the nasty taxes on cigarettes are already producing a thriving black market that mostly sells single cigarettes to poor folk that cannot afford the legal product.

    • junican Says:

      Your description of what is happening in Mexico adds to my thinking as I described in my response to Norbert Z.

  5. The 'Medicalisation' of Ecigs | All about Ecigs... Says:

    […] Most readers will be aware of the attempt by Tobacco Control EU to regulate ecigs as medicines, which was struck down by a Judge in some foreign part, which might have been Slovakia or somewhere. The Judge said that ecigs could in no way be medicines since they did not attempt to 'cure' some ailment.…  […]

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