The Australian Ambush

Is it any wonder that Australia has become the epicentre of the persecution of people who enjoy tobacco? In the light of improving knowledge, it is clear that Australia was set up, in much the same way that Ireland was set up. It was all pre-planned some time ago.

Ireland was, for some decades, a place at war, even if on a small scale. When hostilities ended, people were tired, tired, tired, of confrontation. Thus, they were wide open to a different, and far more subtle warlike invasion. Healthism. The war against tobacco companies. Note, not so much against tobacco, as the Zealots claim, but against tobacco companies. The war against the international tobacco conglomerates. It is as much as political war as a so-called health war. I hate to use the word ‘socialism’, because that word used to symbolise the freeing of the ‘lower sort’ from either literal or effective slavery. The sort of thing that I mean is aristocratic power making fortunes out of industry while paying workers only just enough to sustain life. That state of existence, for me, was what ‘socialism’ was intended to correct. It is a pity that it somehow morphed into communism and national socialism. Is ISIS in the Middle East any different from communism and national socialism? I don’t think so. Islam is being used as cover. The fanatics who kill themselves in suicide attacks are brainwashed zombies. The leaders are never the ones who kill themselves. G K Chesterton once said that when the leaders of a nation decide that war is the only way forward, they should prove it by killing themselves. Just think how much less warfare, death, mutilation and destruction there would be in the world if, instead of the FCTC, a Treaty had been signed by all the nations in the UN that the Prime Minister, or equivalent, of any country which initiated warfare, would publicly fall on his sword.

Further, about Ireland, it is a small island on the edge of continental Europe. Not an awful lot of money would be required to fund the propaganda, and the borders (the sea) are not difficult to defend from smugglers – or so they thought. The fact seems to be that the Zealots miscalculated. Sure, in the beginning, the combination of high taxes on tobacco, demonisation of smokers, smoking bans, would seem to be effective and very successful. Except that, as time goes by, human ingenuity starts to take over. A split in society occurs. Smokers separate themselves from non-smokers, and, especially, anti-smokers. In effect, they form a social ghetto. Smoky-drinkies and pre-loading at home before going out are forms of the split in society.


Australia is a different kettle of fish. I have known for some time about the 1911 law which forbade the movement of tobacco plants and seeds (and thus the private growing to tobacco plants). It seems that people have actually applied for permission to grow plants, but been refused on the grounds that they would be unable to protect the plants. And yet, I have seen a number of sites on the net which have been from Australian growers. Only recently, there was a police bust on an ‘illicit’ tobacco plant growing operation involving the growing of some 3,000 plants within a sort of enormous polytunnel. Funny, innit, that I have read nothing about prosecutions. But Australia does not possess an enormous population, and its coastline is vast. Is it any wonder that it is being flooded by chop-chop and ‘Manchester’ cigs?

But I have only today discovered a rather interesting thing. It seems that Australia put the substance ‘nicotine’ on an official list of poisons. European nations did not, nor have most other countries. I do not know why Australia did that or when. I have tried to google it but cannot find info. However, that listing of nicotine as a poison is what has been used as a reason to ban ecig liquids containing nicotine. Weird, or what? Cigs are not banned, nor are nicotine patches and gums etc, but ecig liquids, and even cartridges, are banned. One could vaguely understand how that listing could be the basis for banning bottles of ecig liquid, but surely not ecig cartridges. Cartridges are sealed and contain such a minute quantity of nicotine that they cannot possibly be life-threatening.

Is it any wonder then that the likes of Chapman and Daube are pontificating about ecig dangers and getting away with their nonsensical claims? THEY HAVE A ‘LAW’ TO BACK THEM UP.

Actually, I am not sure that Australians actually are conforming. Control of the media is intense in Australia. In some ways, it is a laid-back country, but in other ways it is as puritanical as can be. Recent figures about smoking in Australia seem to suggest that the same social division is operating there as is the case here and in Ireland. You cast us out of the pubs? OK. We shall not go to YOUR pubs. Youth smoking has increase substantially. Why not? The supply is now largely unofficial.

So the enormously expensive Zealotry in Australia is actually fuelling the very ‘behaviour’ which it is supposed to prevent. Turn up the persecution and turn down the compliance. It has always been so.


Vaguely, I suggest that the smugglers (I mean real smugglers) should be our heroes. I know that that goes against our brainwashing, but perhaps it is part of our ongoing re-education. We have to learn to recognise the verbal excreta of all of the Tobacco Control Industry. Having learnt to recognise it for the shit that it is, we must find one line ‘put-downs’. Long, complex explanations do not work. For example, the simple avoidance of describing people like Glantz and Chapman as ‘Professor’, and, preferably, describing them as “Herr” Glantz, etc. ‘Herr’ is a German word which means ‘Master’, but, over time, has come to mean the same as ‘Mister’ – just a male title. Even so, it conveys ‘superiority’ and ‘Nazi’, which is a true description.

It is true that Big Tobacco, decades ago, marketed its products just like soap manufacturers. “You’ll be a little lovelier, each day, with FABULOUS PINK CAMAY!!”! How do we know that “Fabulous Pink Camay” did not contain substances which cause skin cancer? Has anyone ever conducted as study to find out? What has been the delayed effect of ‘Fabulous Pink Camey’? Further research is required.


The Australian Ambush has used the 1911 ban on growing tobacco plants and the undated categorisation  of nicotine (in its purest form and in sufficient quantities) as a poison.

We should not be unduly disturbed by these events. They are aimed at an atypical population which dwells in lugubrious, externally jolly and sunny pleasure. But not everyone wants to enjoy lugubrious, external, jolly and sunny pleasures. That is why the enjoyment of tobacco will endure.



8 Responses to “The Australian Ambush”

  1. cherie79 Says:

    Don’t know about their tobacco attitudes but when my son visited he was horrified at the overt racism in Australia. He went with several friends, four white Scottish, English and Cypriot with two British blacks, both running successful businesses and says the way they were treated was dreadful out with the large city centres. My cousin also worked there for a year with her fiancée, both were offered permanent jobs there but both found the racism unacceptable. I was never aware of this in Australia but it seems to be rife. Seems strange that a country famous or infamous for its macho attitudes has become more PC than anywhere else except about race.

  2. Smoking Lamp Says:

    Australia (and New Zealand) are both trying to ban smoking. Outdoor bans are the new rage. The same thing is happening in the US and Canada. Of course they clim this is to counter the health risks posed by second hand smoke.

    The entire second hand smoke fraud is contrived to denormalize smoking. It has nothing to do with health. It is all about social control. The reality is the tobacco control cult and politicians they have conned need to enforce increasingly harsh bans before their fraud and complicity is discovered. That time is coming, you can coerce statements and fines (government is in this case a refined version of organized crime) but you can’t suppress freedom and knowledge.

    You correctly observe that the Antismoker initiatives are based on a clear strategy. They select the locations for assault and then execute their plan. Then they move to a new target. Right now they are having great success. That can be countered if pro-choice rebels priorities some of their resistance. The question is what is the priority and how can it be applied.

  3. Peter Says:

    I can only comment upon Melbourne, where my ex-partner and our daughter now live. I do indeed encounter racial prejudice when I go there, but mostly good natured Pom-bashing: I’m the target, not my half-Filippino daughter nor her Tongan boyfriend. It’s been three or four years since I last visited but I doubt the people I know there have changed so much.

    Kind regards, Peter

  4. The Blocked Dwarf Says:

    Funny you should mention OZ, as I awoke this morning to an email from a customer down under who recently bought one of the ‘KITCHEN/Leaf Shredders’ (according to the CN22 Customs Declaration sticker) I sell. He sent me some photos of his current crop in the ‘herb garden’ -which is what they have to call it as it is illegal even to possess tobacco seeds there. He said recently: ” No leaves, plants, seeds are allowed in your possession.

    The penalty is greater than for growing pot ”

    Says it all I think.

  5. nisakiman Says:

    The penalty is greater than for growing pot

    That would probably be because the govt has a system in place for extorting money for tobacco, but not for pot. Ergo, if you are growing tobacco, you are defrauding the government, a most heinous crime. But if you are growing pot, you are merely breaking a debatable law.

  6. The Blocked Dwarf Says:

    @ Nisaki, indeed, you are correct, my friend’s sentence actually continued thus; “The penalty is greater than for growing pot as that is state and the tobacco is federal”

  7. mummy Says:

    Haven’t any Australian lawyers or vapers questioned the illegality of e-cig cartridges that do NOT contain any nicotine? Many folk use an e-cig with various flavourings and contain no nicotine.

  8. junican Says:

    Good comments everyone.
    Australia has been well and truly stitched up – and deliberately so. But all the more reason for The People to rebel – in due course. In fact, the rebellion is already in progress – witness the increase in ‘unofficial’ tobacco supply.
    Despite what the officials say, it is perfectly obvious that ‘well-wishing entrepreneurs’ (aka, smugglers) are taking up the slack in demand. Let’s face it, the only reason for smuggling is State over-taxation and cruelty. Do not separate the two. Over-taxation is cruelty – especially since it hits the poorest people hardest. There is no honest justification. Honesty is sadly lacking.

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