I want to know more about Bolton Smokers Club.

Would you like to join the Bolton Smokers Club?

 If I was asked that question, I would ask, “Why? Why would I want to join the Bolton Smokers club?” There is only one reasonable answer, and that is, “Because it would be advantageous to you” The obvious following question would be, “Why would it be advantageous to me?”

The answer to that question is complex, and so I can only make the important points:

• People who Enjoy Tobacco have been and are being persecuted.  

• Tobacco Control has infiltrated all levels of Government.

• Tobacco Control has infiltrated the Mass Media – newspapers and such.

• Tobacco Control has infiltrated your Local Authority, so that you do not know what daft anti-smoking scheme they  might come up with next.

• The only way to combat the above is from the bottom up, which means establishing groups all over the country in Cities, Towns and Villages.

There is no violent, evil or malicious intent in the Bolton Smokers Club. We simply want to be able to enjoy our pleasant habit and we want publicans and others to cease to be used by the State as unpaid enforcers of the wishes of those organisations which comprise Tobacco Control. We want publicans and others to be able to offer facilities to their smoking customers.  NOTE VERY WELL that politicians are IRRELEVANT in this war. They come and go. The real war is between THE PEOPLE and TOBACCO CONTROL ADVOCATES.

Only if THE PEOPLE (in particular, people who enjoy tobacco) organise themselves from the bottom up will those who wish to deny us our freedoms be defeated.

We can organise quietly. The Bolton Smokers Club is essentially just a group of like-minded people local to Bolton. We are an angry swarm of wasps. Bolton Smokers Club is a wasp’s nest. 

JOIN THE CLUB TO REGISTER YOURSELF AS A ‘RESISTER’. There are only two qualifications:

  1. The more local people the better, but it does not matter – join if you wish.
  2. You need to DETEST the smoking ban.

I am the administrator. This is not as simple as it sounds! We have already had Spam and Phishing.

I will post regularly. Mostly, I will be drawing attention to the blogs of other  more ‘verbose’ people than I! But any ‘member of the club’ can post here, provided that he/she makes sense and is non-political! Remember – our unifying sentiment is A DETESTATION OF THE SMOKING BAN.

Anyone who wants to write a ‘members post’ for this blog can email their post to me at:


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