In 2012, I copied posts from the main blog to the Diary. This year, I am going to copy the URL for the post in question instead, and give a brief summary of the contents.

We can start with the post of 7th January 2013:


This post describes the digging over of the plots. At this time of year, the objective is to open up the ground to allow frost to enter deeply. Turn the ground over in big lumps and leave them like that. The ground can be smoothed in spring.

The post incidentally mentioned the exquisite taste of my home-grown and the difficulties of growing tobacco plants indoors.

Post of 18th January.


Seeds were sown in a propagator on Sunday, 13th Jan. Today, Friday 18th Jan.,  they have germinated. There are pics of the seedlings. In a week or so’s time, the seedlings will be thinned, and the propagator put on a bedroom window ledge where they will get light, but the temperature is not too warm.

Post of 27th January 2013.


The seedlings are growing well and are about 1cm tall, but there are far too many. They need to be thinned out.

Post of 5th February.

The seedlings are now nearly 2cm tall and are acquiring three or four leaves. They need to be thinned out again so that only two seedlings remain in each cell of the propagator.

Post of 15th February.

The propagator cells have been topped up with compost prior to holiday in Spain. The seedlings are now buried up to the leaves.

Post of 24th February.

After the holiday, the seedlings have grown really well during the holiday and are ready for transplanting into pots.

Post of 28th February.


54 2″ pots have been potted with the seedlings and are looking good. There are still about 20 seedlings in the propagator in reserve. Includes a pic of a seedling’s roots.

Post of 8th March.


Pictures of the good development in the last week. Final total of plantlets – 62.

Post of 11th March.


I have found a machine which seems to be ‘good for purpose’, within reason. A hopper enables more rapid filling of the tray. Includes a video of the machine.

Post of the 15th March.


The seedlings are really getting big now. They measure some 10cm across. Includes pic of root system showing how skinny roots are and that plants are not pot-bound.

Post of 22nd March.

67 days after sowing. The plants are getting really big.

Post of 25th March.

Shows a plant in a bucket on a window ledge indoors.

Post of 27th March.


I was trying to find a machine which will make the job of chopping up the shredded leaves into bits easier. I could not find a purpose-built machine and so I bought a meat mincer. I had to replace the extruder (the gummage with holes in it through which the minced mead is pushed) because the holes were too small. There are pics of the machine suitably adjusted. It is quick and easy.

Post of 6th April.

Showing how well the plants in buckets indoors have done.

Post of 15th April.

Showing pics of the slug deterrent moats, the plantlets planted out and more about the plants indoors in buckets.

Post of 23rd April.

About how I never thought about wind chill. Some damage to plantlets, but have now ‘bottled’ the plants (pics). More about the indoor plants (pics).

Post of the 24th April.

About the electric cig making machine. The Zen Supershooter turned out to be a dud (possibly I was sent a defective machine from USA). The Supermatic 2 is very good so far.

Post of 28th April.

About towelling the indoor grown leaves. [Not a success!]

Post of 2nd May.

See also post between. For some reason or other, the towelling/wadding process has produced a rather nasty tasting tobacco. What is different about the indoor grown leaves?

Post of 8th May.

Did the indoor leaves lack carbon?

More about the difficulties of the planted out plants.

Post of 9th May.

2nd batch of indoor-grown leaves. No wadding? Just a bit – again produced unpleasant smelling tobacco. No good.

Have sown some more seeds re possible loss of many planted-out plants.

Post of 17th May.

Newly sown seeds have germinated.

Post of 20th May.

Pics of outdoor plants after re-planting deeper. Hope for survival but worry about possible ‘stunted’ growth.

Post of 15th June.

Germinating some seedlings in case plantlets erroneously planted out in April fail.

Post of 25th June.

Shows pics of mold (mould).

Post of 8th July.

Good growth of plants.

Post of 15th July.

Bugs eating plants.

Post of 21st July.

Harvesting leaves.

Post of 28th July.

Growth of plants.

Effect of wet weather. Canes.

Post of 30th July.

What is eating the leaves?

Post of 8th August.

The Heated Propagator.

Post of 11th August.

Early comments on the propagator.


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