Tobacco CONTROL tactics. (How Tobacco Control deceives)

Recently, the Tobacco Control Industry ventured into the blogosphere with a wiki called ‘tobaccotactics’ (as far as I can see, ’wiki’ is the name of a type of software which makes it easy to create structured documents. That is, documents with sections, sub-sections, sub-sub-sections, etc.).  Tobacco Control created their ‘wiki’, rather cack-handedly, to inform readers of the nasty tricks which the Tobacco Industry supposedly gets up to. As is usual with Tobacco Control, its insecurities got the better of it, and it included as ‘Tobacco Industry Stooges’ the likes of Dick Puddlecote and Frank Davis, along with Freedom to Choose. Within days, our blogger community had grabbed the name ‘TobaccoCONTROLtactics’ in order to display the nasty tactics of Tobacco Control.

tobaccocontroltactics is now up and running. The URL is:

Do save the site as ‘a favourite’. We can expect the site to develop as people write articles for ‘’.  It will make interesting reading as time passes.

One Response to “Tobacco CONTROL tactics. (How Tobacco Control deceives)”

  1. Says:

    Our governments are nothing but hypocritical criminals who are two-faced and nothing but a bunch of f****** scabs it is more punishing by our laws to grow a tobacco plant then it is to grow illegal drugs yet our government sells tobacco with high taxes some of the highest in the world and yet they will put you in jail for 2-5 years for growing a tobacco plant and charge you up to $85,000 per plant there’s nothing but a bunch of f****** dogs f*** you government and on top of that all they ban us from smoking practically every where you walk outside your door they can go f*** themselves up the f****** ass with a piece of glass

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