Organising This Year’s Planting


I have finally got round to bringing my seed trays downstairs and siting them where they shout at me ‘Get on with it!’ Now (February) is the time to start germinating the seeds. It is necessary to do so indoors so that the compost in the trays is warm enough, but not too warm, for the seeds to germinate. ‘Warm enough’ is about 20C and ‘too warm’ is above 35C. My practice is to fill the trays with all purpose compost and wet the compost with warm water. Then I leave the propagator with the lid on on the warm shelf above the radiator in the kitchen for a couple of days for things to settle down. Then I sow the seeds on the surface. There is no need to bury the seeds, although some people gently press down on the surface of the compost to ensure that the seeds are in good contact. I don’t bother. After four or five days, the tiny shoots start to show. It is a magical moment!

The seeds that I am using this year are from last year’s plants. I read somewhere that each year’s plants become more accustomed to your soil and produce seeds/seedlings which are just a bit more ‘comfortable’ with your type of soil. This year’s seeds are about 7th generation. After a couple of weeks, the seedlings can be thinned, leaving only one or two in each segment of the seed trays. Another couple of weeks later, the strongest can be transplanted into 2″ pots, or bigger if you wish. My mid May, they should be ready to go outside. Be sure that all danger of frost has passed.

But that does not mean that you can ignore soil preparation, but there are short cuts. For various reasons, I cannot see myself double digging the whole plot this year. My intention is to leave last year’s stumps where they are until the weather gets better. I’ll use a fork to loosen the stumps and then, literally, pull them out, which should loosen the soil around the existing roots. I then plan to use the fork to enlarge the hole since the ground roundabout is pretty compacted by walking on it. I have thrown thousands of old tea bags on my compost heap over the months. The ‘paper’ tends to break up, leaving an very soft ‘loam’, which, mixed with rotting grass cuttings, is a nice fertiliser. Oh, and I can add some of the wife’s urine since she has to use a night bag to collect her wee. I water it down about 10 to 1 because it is very strong fertiliser, although I doubt that it would matter provided that there was enough rain to weaken it before planting out.

So, all being well. I should save myself a load of work. Sod the weeds, unless they are deep rooted, like dandelions, or spread rooted like grass.

I regard the growing as a hobby. My only cost is the all purpose compost, which I do not need to buy new every year. This year, I have an unopened bag of fresh compost. What’s left in old bags can go onto the plot. A bit of tidying up is in order!

I have said again and again that it is not about money. It is about achievement. That is why it is called ‘a hobby’. But it is also part of the ‘achievement’ to be successful at minimal cost. What would be the point of doing a lot of work if achieving the result cost you nearly as much as just buying the end product from someone else? That is not the nature of a hobby. “I have a hobby. Every year, I get a decorator in to redecorate the whole house”. That is not a hobby. It is a cost.

I still have last year’s produce in plastic boxes. It is all shredded and flaked, but has not yet been ‘blended together’ to form  2018 ‘blend’. I have a big tub. I pour some from each box into the tub and stir it all up. Then I fill 30 gram sealable plastic bags, put them into a cardboard box and site the box on top of a wardrobe in the warmest room in the house. The idea is to provide a semblance of the conditions required to age the stuff.

The trouble is that you become more and more reluctant to start using the stuff! I really must harden my resolve and, at least, use the 2015 stuff!

I must get the cardboard box down from its site and DO SOMETHING!






Will May Et Al Get Away With A Stitch-up?


I suspect that they are banking on it. All of May’s words about ‘Brexit means Brexit’ have been meaningless. We knew from the moment that the referendum result was published that that was so. So why did May et al propose an agreement which was NOT Brexit, and obviously so?

The border between North and South Ireland was abolished because it was a nuisance. It caused a lot of trouble for people going about their legitimate business. It did not stop ‘infiltrators’ who were determined. Even a wall could be circumvented by sea. And, despite their religious and political differences, Irishmen were Irishmen. They wanted to travel freely in their own country. There have been no significant ‘troubles’ since.

The border is a red herring.

Even so, it has been a useful tool to weaponise for both sides. Make it a big issue to distract attention from the really important and costly details, such as the intention to pay £39,000,000,000 for nothing. Has anyone analysed what that sum would be used for? It would probably be used to prop up the very bureaucracy which we have voted to leave! It is not a divorce settlement. There is no divorce, since that word suggests commitments. The vote terminated any such commitments with immediate effect.

I’m not sure that the Elite understand the affection that we have for our armed forces. I was in the Air Force from 1960 til 1963. I STILL regard myself as ‘an airman’ even after some 50 years. Even if only in theory, the Air Force is still part of ME. The idea of an EU army is horrific. To whom would such an army have allegiance? Much as one might decry it, we owed our allegiance to The Queen. But The Queen represents the whole People and not some political party or Elite. That is the importance of the allegiance. The idea that our armed forces would swear allegiance to Junker does not bear thinking about. In which case, who would they swear allegiance to? Perhaps they would simply be a mercenary army, paid as such and promised the spoils of war.

The list goes on and on. I read that the Roman Empire collapsed because there was so much corruption at the centre that it could no longer afford or organise the defence of its frontiers.

The EU is an obese non-entity, capable only of producing long-winded documents which any State with any pride would ignore.

Where is the UK’s pride?

Is The North, South Irish Border Significant?


If your house was a death trap due to faulty electric wiring and water leaks and naked flames and gas leaks, would it make sense to worry about the fact that your front door needs painting?

The bother about the Irish border seems to be similar to me. It is almost as thought that minor problem has been deliberately raised into an insurmountable problem deliberately by the EU and the British Gov. That would mean that there has been collusion.

Anyone with any sense can see that there is a simple solution. The UK declares that existing border arrangement will continue. It is hardly likely that hundreds of ferries and container ships will suddenly veer off to make their way to Dublin and other Irish ports to disgorge their tariff-free goods for import into the UK via Northern Ireland and Liverpool. Which would also depend upon the UK imposing any tariffs at all.

The impasse bears all the hallmarks of a concocted, artificial, bureaucratic argument about how many angels can stand on the point of a pin. Ireland is insignificant in the overall picture. The real problems in the Withdrawal Agreement are much deeper. Every MP should have read that document thoroughly, but were they given time? It is not as though the Agreement was like a smoking ban – it is the biggest thing to happen to this country for generations, and must accord with the decision of THE PEOPLE.

In effect, we left the EU the moment after the result of the vote was published. But what did we leave? We left the European Union. Thus, we abrogated the treaty which we signed which created the EU. Little attention has been paid to which treaty was abrogated. Was is Lisbon, Mastrick or what? I have no idea. Also, I can only assume that all the provisions of previous treaties were incorporated into the relevant treaty, so that the common market and customs union was included.

We trusted our MPs to KNOW these things, but they seem to have been as blind as the rest of us.

So is it surprising that there is such a mess? Junker et al have no more idea what is at stake than the rest of us, as regards the treaties. They have no more idea what they are doing than the Kaiser of Germany had when he started WW1. We are militarily strong and the French are weak. Go for it!

Only the EU has an interest in starting a trade war. I am astonished that individual states are going along with it. Surely the smaller states can see that Germany and France OWN the EU? Italy and Spain are in such a mess that they are supplicants of Germany and France. The smaller states do as they are told if they want to reap the beneficence of Germany and France in the way of grants. Is it any wonder that the EU is demanding £39,000,000,000 for nothing in return?

The bluff needs to be called. We will only pay for actual benefits in due course. And, we want repaying for our share of the ownership of the magnificent buildings. We paid for them and we want our money back. They are not buildings belonging to some Emperor or King. We want our money back.

The UK seems to have been on the defensive for three years. It is time to go onto the offensive.

But we should not lose sight of the ‘one size fits all’ attitude of our own Gov. There are not enough rebels who dare to challenge the orthodoxy. One rebel who is TRUE is stronger than an an infinite number of conformists who are UNTRUE.

Mortal Sin


I was a good catholic boy, and still am in the way I relate to other people. When I was a little boy, I was told that to miss mass on a Sunday, without very good reason, such as being in hospital, was a MORTAL SIN. If you died on the Monday, you would go straight to hell and damnation, to suffer pain for all eternity.

I must admit that, even then, I thought that the punishment far outweighed the crime. But that was what we were taught, and who were we to question that teaching?

But what about people who work on Sundays? They should not work on Sundays. “Keep holy the sabbath day”. But what about seamen? They are excused unless there is a priest on board.

All that nonsense seems to have disappeared now. I don’t know of the actual teaching changed or if it was just allowed to drift away.

But it reminds me of the dire consequences of, say, global cooling which were prominent in the 1970s or thereabouts. The world was destined to become snowball earth again before long. It was ordained. It was a prophecy. Who knows? Perhaps those prophecies were deliberate in order to bring into prominence the idea of climate change, which could then be changed to global warming. Produce a big scare and then change the subject of the scare. The tobacco template took a long time to come to fruition.

The nature of MORTAL SIN has changed, but it is still with us. Not long ago, it was smoking, but added to that is now obesity and being overweight.

But the new MORTAL SIN is not actually being obese. It is being STATISTICALLY obese. Thus, there are claims that some 17% (?) of schoolchildren are obese. The reality is that hardly any are obese.

The problem is that the people who are making up the statistics are not actual statisticians. They are amateur academics who do not have anyone to answer to if they make things up. If they cock it up, then they just drift away. Their cock-ups are hidden in a morass of similar cock-ups, spread about all over the place. None of them are ever called to account. They just drift away. The natural consequence is that politicians who base their demands upon such fake statistics also drift away when it turns out that they were wrong.

I watched a short interview of Soubry MP earlier on today on BBC news, I think. Her antipathy to Brexit was palpable – emotional. I do not understand why she should feel emotional about Brexit since it is not about emotions. It is about who rules the UK. But she is also an anti-smokER Zealot, disguised as an anti-smokING zealot.

Perhaps it is time for a new Privy Council Chamber to be set up, with powers to call MPs to account for their views and decisions. But who would be on the Council? Perhaps David Cameron should be a member.

The House of Lords is supposed to be such a chamber, but it long ago lost it soul.

What can replace it?


A ‘Ten Minute Rule’ to Ban Smoking in Hospital Grounds


H/T Simon Clark:

One Tracy Babbin, a Labour Cooperative MP and actress, has tabled a motion to ‘stub out’ smoking on hospital grounds. She wants A LAW.

I get the impression that all MPs are actors or actresses. For example, Gove MP gave a masterly performance a few days ago pitching Corbin as the lowest of the low charlatans at the end of the ‘no confidence’ vote. Even Corbin must have admire the performance. It would not surprise me if Corbin sought out Gove later and warmly shook his hand, congratulating him on his magnificent performance.

So we now have a Labour Cooperative actress and MP proposing that smoking in the open air must be banned. I have no doubt that she will perform magnificently, reducing MPs from all sides to tears. Sad tales will be told and Big Tobacco will be harangued and blamed. She will call for a ban on tobacco altogether, but will not demand the end of duty, since the logical consequence of a ban on tobacco is the end of duty. She wants a ban on smoking and thus does not want the taxation income therefrom.

I mentioned in a previous post that the demand for a ban on tobacco and and the demand for increases in taxes were inconsistent. Do you want the tax income or not? As we all know, Prohibition in the US resulted in no tax income and bathtub gin. The same applies now, and is directly connected to the ‘ban by stealth’ and smuggling. It does not matter if the ban is gradual or sudden. The result will be the same. More tax equals more illicit.

But, as regards the hospital grounds ban, there is a specific cruelty about it which glossed over. That cruelty derives from the ideology. I have little doubt that the actress MP will concentrate entirely upon smokING. I think that she has deluded herself over many years into the idea that smokERS do not exist. If she actually went to a hospital, she would not see individuals smoking outside, she would see smokING. And there are notices all over the place saying “No SmokING”. She would ask herself why smokING is happening, and why has it not been stamped out. She might also go around the wards and ask why so many beds are occupied. Should not those beds be freed-up? Is that person occupying that bed genuinely ill, or is he/she a smokER? That example is likely to be the only reason that an actual person might be referred to.

I believe that the ‘democratic deficit’ has nothing to do with ‘direct democracy’ such as regular plebiscites. The vast majority of people would soon get fed up with voting so that the advantage would move to the Zealots. No, the real problem is that we do not know whom we are voting for. Did the voters in Cameron’s constituency have any idea of his previous? How did he get fast-tracked to Cabinet Minister and then PM? What were his achievements in life?

The ‘narrative’ has been smokING and Big Tobacco for decades now.

The ‘narrative’ must be changed, but that does not only apply to smokING. It applies to Brexit, SJWs, the WHO, and everything else. It is PEOPLE who matter and not THEIR ACTIVITIES.

Tobacco Smoke in Cars


A bit of light relief.

TobCON got smoking banned in cars with kids present. I seem to remember that they did experiments which showed that cars rapidly fill with large quantities of tobacco smoke when people are smoking in the car.

I do not remember what exactly the experiments were.

A comment on a previous post reminded me of my experiences in my car. Herself had no idea, of course. She would have quite happily puffed away with all the windows closed and then complained when the smoke irritated her eyes, or whatever. But, after a lifetime of smoking in my car, I knew better.

Sure, if your car is stationary, even with a window partly open, it will fill with smoke. That is because there is little circulation. But I found that, when the car was moving, I needed only to open my driver-side window an inch and the smoke was, literally, sucked out of the car. I could actually see the smoke being sucked out.

I was curious about the science involved so I read up about it. The smoke was sucked out at the end of the window which was moving forward and not at the back end. What was happening?

It is quite simple. If the air pressure inside the car is X, the fact that the car is moving quite rapidly causes the air which passes the window on the outside to have a lower pressure. Thus, the air inside the car wants to get out so as to equalise the pressure. But a vacuum is not permitted, so the air leaving the car must be replaced. But the air inside the car must leave in order to equalise the pressure. So what happens is that ALL the air in the car tries to escape via THE FRONT END of the open window. That is because the incoming air circulates around the inside of the car from front to back then around to the front again. Have you ever noticed that it is people who are in the back seats who ask for a window to be closed? They feel the draught. If the drivers side window is open one inch, then forced air enters the car a the BACK END of that window, and ‘exhaust’ air exits at the FRONT END. Even an inch is probably more than sufficient. Even half an inch might be enough, especially on motorways.

I think that TobCON was economical with the truth as usual. I used to go to work on the bus in the sixties until I bought my first car. Sometimes, the upper deck got smoky and I used to open the window (which was the type that you slide back) by about an inch. The smokiness disappeared in minutes with minimal loss of warmth. Why was that? Because the smoke was concentrated mostly near the ceiling.  TobCON has made a terrible mess of everything that it has touched. I read something tonight which is perfectly obvious upon reflection and which we have all been aware of without giving it the emphasis which it deserves.

If the Government and TobCON want smokers to stop smoking, then if logically follows that they do not want the tax income from  smokers. In that case, why are they moaning so much about loss of tax income from smuggling? A recent estimate has put the loss of duty etc at £2,000,000. But they say that they do not want that money anyway. So what is all the fuss and waste of money chasing smugglers for? The Gov says that it does not want that money anyway.

There must be many similar contradictions which are staring us in the face, but which we do not see because of ‘the narrative’. A plain example is the one that I mentioned yesterday. You need a permit to import ‘raw tobacco’ into the UK even though no such regulation exists in the rest of the EU. The phrase ‘raw tobacco’ is an invented one. There is no such thing. Nor is there such a phrase as ‘tobacco products’. It is because that phrase was permitted to invade our language that ecig liquid was mis-classifieds as a ‘tobacco product’. I read somewhere that it is easier to extract nicotine from green Niacin Plant leaves than cured ones, without the expense of curing. It would be interesting to see what would happen if ecig liquid manufacturers got together and took the matter to court. If they extracted nicotine from green Niacin Plant leaves, or other sources, would the ‘tobacco products directive’ stand?

IN any case, why should anyone give a shit about EU directives of UN FCTC directives? Whose army are those organisations going to employ to enforce their demands? Only stupid politicians in the UK and other stupid politicians in the developed world give a toss about the EU or the UN.

The rest make hay while the sun shines.

The Persecution of Smokers, Drinks and Others


I have no doubt that, if marijuana was legalised, that it would not be long before duty was levied upon imports of the raw material. Such duty seems to be detached  from the effect upon the final consumer.

Tobacco duty goes back to the American revolt, when the King wanted to damage the economy of the revolting colonists. Alcohol duty goes back to a dispute with Portugal and its purpose was to to damage the economy of Portugal.

But we must be more precise. The purposes were to deprive THE ELITE in America and Portugal of funds. The purposes were to reduce the capacity of THE ELITE to wage war by depriving them of income.

It is quite odd that such duties have survived for so long. You would think that the countries whose products were subjected to duty would have complained vociferously. What is the point of a ‘free trade area’ when some products are subjected to massively punitive extra charges? There is only one answer, which is that EVERY tobacco product and EVERY alcohol product, wherever it comes from, even internally, is subject to the same protocol. Thus, as far as competition is concerned, there is a ‘level playing field’.

Which is all very well until smokers and drinkers rebel.

What has surprised me over the last several year is that smokers have not rebelled much. Drinkers have. Loads and loads of pubs have closed. I would guess that the majority of drinkers now drink at home. Where are the statistics? I go to my local three times per week and have only two pints. I used to go nine times per week. But my drinking habits have not changed much. I now drink red wine at home rather than pints at the pub. There are several people who go to the pub on the same nights that I do, and probably on the other nights as well. I have a friendly relationship with them. I like them. I doubt that they would object to me having a fag in the pub, but you do not know just how far the propaganda has penetrated the conscious minds of otherwise sensible people. You simply do not know. If I lit a fag in their presence, would they become hysterical? I do not know.

Such things are ephemeral and could change rapidly, but duties (aka costs) never reduce. It is that solid wall which needs to be destroyed. It is not unlike the Berlin Wall. It needs to be smashed down.

Sometimes, I see young people open a packet of ten cigs and extract one cig. I thought that packets of ten had been forbidden. Perhaps that law has not yet become operational.

I feel sorry for those youths. They seem to have no concept of manipulation. Because I was unable to go to Mallorca in Autumn due to health problems, I have had to buy cigs at full price, but I have not fiddled about with packets of 10 or 20. I have bought them in multiples of 100.

My point is that all the youths should be in touch with illegit suppliers. That is the only way to rebel. Chinese Chop Chop would be perfect.

Essentially, that means that legit purchases of taxed cigs would fall through the floor.

Eventually, that is the only way to rebel.

Should I Change My Mind About Brexit?


The thought has always been in my mind since June 2016 that it could be that my ‘altruistic’ attitude to Brexit (corruption, undemocratic, monolithic, communistic, etc) was misplaced. If politicians can stomach all those things which cost taxpayers masses of money, which ‘benefits of scale’ ought to be saving, why should I not think the same? Why should I not vote to ‘remain’ because it would hampers TobCON’s efforts to persecute smokers by reducing the import limit to, say, 200 cigs?

In a way, all the aggro is working to the advantage of smokers. In matters of trade, it is to our advantage that the UK is tied tightly as possible to EU regs. There might even be a case for the repeal of the clause in the finance act of a couple of years ago which requires a permit to import the agricultural product known as ‘a variety of herb’? Rename the plant as ‘The Niacin Plant’. There are parts of the world where the niacin plant grows wild, like mushrooms. It is a very beneficial plant. The human body needs niacin and the leaves have been used in the past to prevent infection of wounds. What’s not to like?

So we smokers voluntarily burn the leaves and inhale the smoke to a greater or lesser extent. I personally hardly inhale at all. I tend to take a drag and then breath in through my nose a little and then expel the smoke. I like the taste and feel and find it gratifying. I have no problem in doing without during a two hour flight which spreads out to around four hours when you take into account the queuing time at Manchester and the time waiting for your baggage to appear at the other end. I used to nip outside for a quick fag on arrival in Palma, Mallorca, but I have had to stop that because the ‘authorities’ tightened up the procedure for getting back inside the building. That did not bother me either.

Is nicotine addictive? It may be, but how addictive? It seems to be very easy to deny yourself the pleasure is circumstances dictate. When I was a cashier at the bank, many decades ago, we could not smoke on the counter. Did it bother me? Not at all! For the couple of hours serving customers, I never felt any yearnings. At my break, I had a fag and a cup of coffee. At lunch, I ate my meal and then had a couple of fags and several cups of tea. I never yearned. On the way home, I had a fag on the top deck of the bus. It was very nice.

But actually stopping smoking was damned hard. I don’t really know why. The Zealots say that it was because I was addicted, but that explanation is too facile. I have just stopped writing for a couple of seconds and had a drag. That small hiatus help one to gather ones thoughts. There is a comfort in taking that short drag before continuing. Marcus, our cat, is sitting on the couch next to me nice and cosy. I find it comforting (for both of us?) to give him a stroke from time to time.

We must not deny that we are emotional creatures as well as intelligent creatures. I must admit that I don’t like using the word ‘creature’, because it has implications of animal. No, I prefer to use that word as meaning ‘a creation’. We are all ‘creations’ One of the problems of modern day ‘science’ is that we have lost the idea of ‘wonder’, in the sense of astonishment. The idea that a man and a woman can have a baby (no matter what the mechanics are), which will grow up into a man or a woman and have a baby, which will grow up to be a man or a woman and have a baby, generation after generation, no longer fills us with astonishment. It stands to reason that my ancestors must go back all the way to Adam and Eve (even if Adam and Eve are idealistic). My ancestry does not stop unless aliens arrived at some time in the past!

We are emotional entities as well as intellectual entities. On the one hand, TobCON uses rational reasons (LC) to stop is smoking by law as much as possible, but, on the other hand, it uses emotion to turn non-smokers against smokers. It uses emotion to frighten smokers out of their wits.

Perhaps the EU is not such a bad option if it just buggers about with quantities of ecig liquid in bottles and the nicotine strength. Surely, every vaper knows that there are ways around such silly edicts. There are a couple of guys who go in my local, which is not exactly ‘a den of evil’ , who have these massive machines and can blow out massive clouds of vapour. None of them do so these days, but they could if they wished to. Maybe the landlord ‘advised them’ that it was not in their interests to annoy other customers with the smell of the vapour, even though it was harmless.

So maybe my altruism was a terrible mistake, but maybe not so. Perhaps the vote in the referendum woke politicians up out of their stupor. Perhaps they now realise that The People are not as bovine as they thought. No wonder that Labour are sitting firmly on the fence as regards Brexit and not coming up with any plans (which some Tories have complained about). They are not the Gov and need not come up with plans. They call for a GE, but are at the same time terrified of such an eventuality. They would have to come off the fence.

What I would like to see is the EU diminished. I would like to see its vastly expensive citadels closed down and sold off to Trump’s hotel chain. I would like to see 90% of its employees redeployed (sacked). I would like to see its purpose redefined so as to favour small enterprises. That means being hard on multinationals and soft on local businesses as regards regulations. You want to sell cars internationally in vast quantities? Then you have to comply with strict regulations. You want to sell bananas on the local market? Then shape and size do not matter. Let consumers decide what bananas they wish to buy. You want to smoke cigs? Your decision.

Obesity is a funny one. Imagine being so fat that you can hardly walk. I have seen such people, but not often. Funnily enough, fat itself is quite light. It is not nearly as heavy as meat or bones. It is more like foam rubber than wood. That is why it is such a good insulation. Ask any whale.

Yes, I want a ‘deal’. But ‘the deal’ MUST disconnect us from greater and greater integration on the communist model. We do not want a PLANNED economy on the Russian or Venezuelan pattern. But, above all, we want to be released from the straitjacket of EU persecution in league with the UN. The links with the UN have not been highlighted, but they are massive. Why do our politicians know nothing about such links? I know, and I have nothing like the resources of an MP. They must KNOW!

Trump has only attacked the UN a little at this time, but it is likely that he has the UN in his sights. He should insist that the UN relocate to Venezuela or Somalia if it wants US funding. We would see how many ‘One World’ Zealots would rapidly change their minds.

But would I change my vote if there was another referendum? Of course not! I detest the whole ethos of forced integration, no matter how gradual. I detest the whole idea of ‘power blocks’, such as the US and Soviet Union.

There must be a better way, but that does not include a ‘One World Government’. Lifestyles will vary according to climate and custom. They should be left alone.

The Obvious Brexit ‘Deal’


We have already informed the EU that we shall leave at 11 pm on 29th March 2019. The EU has accepted that. We, The People, decided in June 2016 to leave, so that the implementation date was already several months late. the Parliament of the day had no option but to set in motion the process of leaving, no matter how many remoaners there were. It was unthinkable that the decision of The People could be set aside. The weasel Cameron should have been thrashed metaphorically to within an inch of his virtual life by the likes of Corbin. What cowardice! He promised to implement the decision but ran away. Now we see him grinning as he trots around London keeping fit. I have no doubt that he is smoking like a chimney at home.

Why did he run away? PM May has had every reason to run away as well in the last few months, but she has persevered. She may be a ‘wrong ‘un’, but she has persevered. Why did Cameron run away? There can be only one answer, which is that his advisers ran away as well. He was left alone with no idea what to do. When I say, ‘no idea what to do’ I mean exactly that. Absolutely no idea what to do. It took months for the Gov to decide to invoke Art 50, which should have been done within a few days of the vote. That can only mean that new ‘experts’ had to be found to advise.

It seems to me that the Gov is presently in a similar situation. May et al have no idea what to do. They want a ‘deal’, but the EU is absolutely intransigent. No ‘deal’ unless it accords with EU regs, which are written in stone.

There is no possibility of a ‘deal’ until AFTER we have left. What is possible is that we shall be able to disengage gradually, which means retaining the status quo for a while. That is what should have started to happen two years ago. For example, our MEPs (EU Parliament) should have been told that they no longer represented the UK, even if they stayed in place. And that the UK would no longer pay them, either directly or indirectly. That we would no longer recognise the ECJ (EU Court of Justice), ongoing cases apart. We would no longer have representation on the EU council.

There was nothing to discuss about such matters.

As regards subjects such as CERN, they could wait and we would continue to support them for the time being. Present arrangements for trade and travel were not a problem. Time would tell.

The enormous mistake was to even think of sorting out all the ramifications of Brexit during the course of a few meetings of people who had no idea what to do. The example of Soubry being unaware of the TobCON directive which attempted to destroy ecigs, and the intervention of the slimy bastard Andrew Black, an Australian, who is now destroying the character of the UN, comes to mind. There are lots of example where no one knows what the laws and regulations are. What could be worse than the definition of ‘hate speech’? It seems to be incredible that the definition is ‘that which a person hearing such speech believes that the speech is ‘hateful’.

Enough for tonight.

The obvious Brexit deal is MAINTAIN THE STATUS QUO for the time being of those things which affect The PEOPLE, such as travel, including trade. But withdraw from supranational treaties which deny our country’s sovereignty.

Why Do So Many of our Politicians Love the Idea of the EUSSR?


Perhaps PM Theresa May should be asked that simple question: “Why do you love the idea of the EU becoming a federal government?” For that is the direction in which it has been heading for years and years. It has been perfectly obvious for years and years.

But it is not just the idea of a federal government in the pattern of the USA. It is a pattern which is is centred upon a politburo of selected potentates, such as Junker.

Who selects the potentates?

There are many interesting questions which need to be asked of PM Theresa May. What does she know about the selection of Junker as ‘top dog’ in the EU? How did that come about? Who decided? Who decided whom would occupy all the other vice-president positions? Who decided? And if it was various committees, who decided whom should be members of those committees? Not a single member of those committees are voted into office.

Why have our politicians put up with such an authoritarian system for so long? It is a MASSIVE scandal.

I think that Brexit is revealing the ignorance of MPs and Ministers. Either they were complicit of they were ignorant. Neither alternative reflects well upon the persons who have been passing through Parliament if the last decades, pretending to be MPs.

If the Media was independent, it would be asking MPs to declare their reasons for supporting the EUSSR. For there is no doubt that the EU prefers globalist enterprises. They are easier to legislate either for or against and to demand bribes from. Tiny enterprises are a pain in the butt. Global Enterprises are the equivalent of Communist Russia’s National Targets for tractor production. They are malleable.

Chaos is not such a bad thing. Nature is chaotic.

The smoking ban denied the value of chaos. Chaos is what produces innovation.