Who ‘Owns’ Tobacco Control in the WHO?


I have often wondered how it is that there seems to be a world-wide ‘consensus’ about ‘Tobacco Control’ which transcends such deadly afflictions as Ebola, Zika, filthy water (with which TV adverts constantly batter our minds and demand our money), famine and malnutrition. Is it not really weird? Most people in the healthy, wealthy West live to a good age, despite the possibility that those people who enjoy tobacco might just live a little less long than people who only inhaled sulphurous factory chimney smoke and diesel exhaust fumes and such. There are very good statistics for mortality in the healthy, wealthy West, but are there similar good stats for, say, the dark continent of Africa?

What it comes down to is ‘easy targets’. ‘Easy targets’ distract attention from ‘hard targets’. It is becoming more and more obvious that Tobacco Control is ‘fake news’.

And there is a simple reason for that. It distracts attention from the innate contradiction in the UN’s Millennium Goals. The contradiction is this:

“Burning fossil fuels is causing global warming. That burning must be stopped to save the world. But the only way to improve living standards in the third world is to provide energy, mostly electrical energy, which can only be economically produced by burning fossil fuels”

What could be a better way for the UN and its offshoots to distract attention from that global deficiency (electric energy) than banging on and on about ‘tobacco epidemic’?

My blathering is not unsupported.

Some time ago, I ‘linked into’ The Lancet – a medical journal. I get emails from them when the next publication has occurred. And so I received this month’s offering. One article was about smoking prevalence and so I clicked on it. Here is the full title of the article:

Smoking prevalence and attributable disease burden in 195 countries and territories, 1990–2015: a systematic analysis from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2015 

Here is the link:


I would not recommend that people should waste their time reading the article. It is just repetitive propaganda. For example, here is the first para:

The scale-up of tobacco control, especially after the adoption of the Framework Convention for Tobacco Control, is a major public health success story. Nonetheless, smoking remains a leading risk for early death and disability worldwide, and therefore continues to require sustained political commitment. The Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors Study (GBD) offers a robust platform through which global, regional, and national progress toward achieving smoking-related targets can be assessed. 

The report seems to have been massive. I do not know how long it took to assemble, but it must have cost a fortune. I must admit that I was not surprised to see this:

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Bloomberg Philanthropies.

There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that the whole intention of the report was to produce fake news, and there is plenty of it. Tobacco Control has  been a massive success story. Maybe the important word there is ‘story’.

The whole report is self-congratulatory – deliberately intended to impress political sycophants no doubt (meaning those MPs who just want to be on the winning side).

But here is the really, really important thing:

[My bolding]

The 2030 agenda features tobacco control as a key component to sustainable development, with SDG Target 3.a calling for stronger FCTC implementation.24 Nonetheless, the utility and potential impact of the SDGs on tobacco control may be hindered by the vagueness of Target 3.a (“Strengthen the implementation of the WHO FCTC in all countries, as appropriate”) and absence of defined targets for reducing smoking prevalence by 2030. Ultimately, to move all countries toward stronger tobacco control by 2030, improvements in policy formulation, enforcement and compliance, and the routine monitoring of smoking behaviour are urgently needed. Without valid and reliable data, these efforts risk being more aspirational than grounded in evidence-informed action. Multi-country survey series have substantially improved data availability on smoking prevalence, yet the disadvantages associated with such surveys—high cost, time lags, inconsistent questions across survey series, sample restrictions for young populations, and a reliance on self-reported smoking behaviour—necessitate the development of robust, locally focused, timely, objective, and low-cost methods of tracking smoking trends. Supplementing surveys with biomarker collection is essential because self-reported smoking prevalence is believed to be severely underestimating true smoking prevalence,72, 73, 74, 75 especially in population subgroups or places where tobacco use may not be culturally acceptable.

A key component to sustainable development.



The clue lies in a statement some time ago (20 years?) by a UN Bigwig. The millions of acres of land being used to produce tobacco crops should be used to produce food. That is the Millennium Goal. Arable land should produce food, preferably vegetables and not animals for meat.

But I say again:

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Bloomberg Philanthropies.

I doubt that those funders just cough up the money without having major inputs into what the objective of the report is. It follows that Bloomberg and Gates control much of Tobacco Control in the WHO, UN, etc.

But what is important is not the involvement of Gates and Bloomberg. What is important is the wholesale commandeering of taxation.


Holiday Observations of Smoking and Fatties


My hotel was far, far busier than I expected it to be. But it is early season, and so the fact that many hotels were not yet open might well mean that my hotel was busier than it should be. How statistical mumbo-jumbo is created! But there was another factor. Although many of the cafes and bars on the front were not yet open, there were plenty which were. My personal favourite is ‘Tom Brown’s from Manchester’. All week it has been busy, but on Sunday lunchtime it excelled itself – not a single table was available. But even had there been one, it would have been difficult to get service in such a crowd. Putting the two factors together, it is reasonable to assume that the resort was pretty busy for the time of year.

What was also odd was the number of kiddies and families of such in the hotel. The place was inundated with tots. Frankly, I must admit that I found it quite amusing. Many of the little tots were taking responsibility for their own drinks and food, such as using the drinks machine to get a glass of orange juice. It was really funny to see them very slowly making their way to their table with one glass of orange juice, held in both hands very carefully. One ‘couple’ stood out especially. It was what I assume to be a ‘mother and daughter’. The mother was quite glitzy in a deteriorating sort of way, if you get my meaning. But what struck me was how the daughter, who was around 12 or 13, handled herself. she was very self-assured. I do not mean that unkindly. She smiled at me as she passed my table (which was itself charming – don’t fucking accuse me of anything!). The mother did nothing. The girl selected their food from the buffet.

Nice reminiscences.

A couple of observations about smoking and vaping.

It isn’t often that you find yourself in a situation where there are lots and lots of people of varying ages in plain sight. As regards vaping, what struck me was that most of the people that I saw vaping were ‘older’. I only saw one young woman vaping. I have noticed that phenomenon before. It seems to me to be the middle-aged, or older, ‘worried well’ who are stopping smoking and going to vaping. What I saw was lots of young men and women smoking. When I sat outside the nightclub, playing chess, I saw young men and women – adults, and not youths or children – enjoying a fag now and then. But it would be unfair not to also point out that there were loads of older people smoking as well.

No conclusions can be brought from these observations, except that, by and large, it is sort of surprising how many people seem to be very correct, and then spoil it all by taking out a packet of cigs and lighting up.

And so to fatties.

There is nothing more revealing of fatties than holiday attire. And there were lots of fatties. But who defines ‘fatty’? Would it not be more realistic to define plump, middle-aged people as ‘the standard’? Are they not perfectly healthy?

I don’t know if I should say this, but there seems to be some sort of genetic thing with some black girls. I call it ‘The Kardashian Effect’. They have an ‘S’ shape – huge boobs pointing left and huge buttocks pointing right. Again and again, I saw ‘The Kardashian Effect’. But, as far as I could tell, not an ounce of fat.

What I saw, generally speaking, among the youths on display, was athletic young men, who ‘conformed’ to the ordinary expectation of virility. The young women did not conform – their bums were too big and their thighs too fat.

But my observation was that the vast majority of the young women had that physique; that that physique is perfectly normal. It is the women who have slim hips who are abnormal.

And so we ask ourselves ‘to what extent over many years’ has a ‘fake’ female shape been promulgated by the BBC as an ideal shape, using its power to promote news-readers and such as idols?

Enough for tonight. I am tired. It is just that I wish to point out that propaganda can be very subtle.

A Nice Little Vacation


The site administrator is off to sunnier climes for a week or so.

OK, I mean me, Junican. I have no intention of giving much if any thought to tobacco matters while I am away. I have three books and my electronic chess set to amuse myself. I know quite a lot of people there since I have been going to the same place for years. It will be nice to reacquaint with them. Friendly faces are always welcome. I intend to wine and dine to some small excess, which is very much part of my holiday. But, most of all, it is relaxing and not being OBLIGED to do anything.

So…… See you all next week!

Anti-smoking and Pro-smoking Obsession


Frank Davis talked about the fact that he wakes up and, after gaining his bearings, automatically starts thinking about the persecution of smokers. I am much the same. I am happy to claim that I am ‘obsessed’.

I read somewhere, a long time ago, that when you think about and study some subject, the volume of brain cells involved grows and grows.

Herself and I are quite fond of watching ‘Eggheads’ on BBC2 at 6 pm. The panellists are absolutely astonishing in their breath of knowledge. But it is a matter of fact that some people have ‘photographic’ memories. They can remember what they have read or seen with the greatest of ease, while the rest of us have much difficulty in remembering what day it is.

I suspect that ‘experts’ are much like ‘Eggheads’ – they remember, with the greatest of ease, what they have read somewhere. Take Stephen Hawking. He is extremely ‘big’ in physics and cosmology, and yet he has been suffering from muscular dystrophy,  or whatever, since he was 20. In fact, he was not expected to survive beyond 25.

So we imagine a person with little physical ability but a great mind. He can apply that mind to complex mathematical equations and apply that knowledge to what is known about the nature of light, matter, gravity, etc.

He can only do that if he reads stuff. He cannot personally experiment because of his physical problems. But he does not need to do so since the observations upon which he relies are physical and almost beyond doubt. He can rely upon the observations of others, aka astronomers.

The reason that we confer people like Hawkings and Einstein an others with such admiration is that they were able to expand their brain activities greatly, just as the panel on Eggheads expand their memories.

There are all sorts of uncanny things. I was watching a guy throw darts at the dartboard this evening. I have played darts and spent a lot of time practising at home. I got to be pretty good. But how do we refine such skills to such an extent that the top darters can almost pinpoint the precise spot where the dart they throw will hit?

All these skills, including golf and football and quoits, etc, all have something in common. It is practice, practice, practice. The same applies to thinking. Practice, practice, practice.

But practice, practice, practice requires constant repetition.

Constant repetition does not produce new insights.

Am I proposing contradictions? Am I saying that repetition is just repetition and that it is useless and that nothing can come of it? Well, yes – except that, sooner or later, the repetition will not be precise, and new knowledge will ensue.

That is what happened in REAL science. The discovery of penicillin was an accident, but not an uneducated accident. Faraday discovered electrical induction by accident, but not a thoughtless accident. That is how REAL science progresses – repetition with variations.

TobcoN is a totally artificial construct. Its ‘science’ depends upon an accumulation of dodgy statistics which acquire the artificial stature of ‘a body of evidence’. If TobcoN was building houses, its ‘body of evidence’ would build houses with no walls so that ‘fresh air’ could circulate.

Have I displayed ‘pro-smoking obsession’? Probably. But I don’t care. All I want is not to be persecuted. All I want is not to treated like a Jew in Nazi Germany. All I want is left alone. All I want is to be able to make my cigs myself from leaf which is unadulterated. If others are prepared to buy a cig, a small tube of dried leaf, at a price of some 35p each, that is their stupidity, when alternative supplies are available.

There is a lot to be said for ‘roll with it’. An apple pie with reduced sugar? Sprinkle sugar on it.


A Lot of Blather About Brexit


I was quite intrigued by ‘The Great Repeal Act’. I wondered why it was ‘Great’. I vaguely thought that it meant the repeal of vast numbers of EU imposed regulations. I was very disconcerted to find that ‘The Great Repeal Act’ meant, a) enacting laws in the UK which imposed thousands of regulations of one sort or another which were not UK law already, and then, b) repealing the the 1970s law which committed the UK to EU Control. But there is a c), which is the idea of subsequently getting rid of those newly enacted laws which we do not like.

In a way, I understand that. Accept the rules and then abrogate them.

But why accept the rules at all?

I do understand that, and it is quite simple.  You cannot abrogate rules which do not exist. Thus, you must get rid of ‘grey’ areas. You must make everything black and white. So, you enact a law which imposes all the duties, and then you amend the law to repeal those duties bit by bit.

There is much fun to be expected. Trump in the USA intends to get rid of regulations which hamper US Enterprise, such as Environment stuff. I expect that our Government will do likewise, in due course.

But before the Environment stuff can be ejected, “EDUCATION” must be re-orientated. Our planet is HUGE, ABSOLUTELY ENORMOUS. The resources available to us are only limited by our imaginations. Why are not schools describing the enormity of our resources?

If we allow our imaginations freedom, and put resources into those imaginations, then a minimal living standard for all could be achieved.  But while resources are wasted via the ‘Framework Convention on Tobacco Control’, no such UN projects can be envisaged. They will always be ‘controlled’ by the FCTC, World Bank, EU, etc, etc.

Entities such as the UN, WHO, World Bank, etc, were NEVER envisaged as CONTROLLERS. It is an indictment of past politicians that they did not see that they themselves would be relegated to the status of simple voters whilst the UN etc gained more and more power.

So there is a simple point which is paramount. We Brits decide out laws.

Brexit is On


The letter has been delivered and the die is cast. The green benches were packed when May delivered her oration.

So what now?

There are only 27 (28?) nations (states?) in the EU. At the same time as talking to the Communist elite at EU level, we need to be talking and negotiating with every individual nation (state?). Does Germany want its exports to the UK of its Mercedes cars blocked by excessive import taxes? Of course not! In effect, the EU, as a decision-maker, has no power to make decisions about Brexit. Nor does the European Parliament. If fact, the ‘European Parliament’ is a misnomer. It’s only power is ‘to deny’. It cannot ‘enable’. What sort of ‘Parliament’ is so powerless? The EU ‘Parliament’ is a bit like the House of Lords. It can only send proposals back.

So, parallel to EU shadow negotiations, the real negotiations will be between the UK and each individual Nation (State?).  The wonderful thing about our situation is that we have at least the possibility of clarity. That is what ‘all together’ means. The Scot Nats have done themselves no favours by being antagonistic. ‘Clarity’ means ‘clear objectives’. The EU is not the same as ‘The President of the USA’. It has no such power. The whole organisation is a sham. It PRETENDS to have power. Take the proposal that no Nation, after 1st April 2017,  can leave the EU without consent. Is there anything more likely to create Civil War than that stranglehold? How did such a stranglehold come into existence? Which Nations voted for it?

In the USA, most smoking bans are the result of local government decisions. It is obvious that anti-smokers flood such committees. But the good news is that, given the right circumstances, such as loss of revenue and general dissatisfaction, such anti-smokers can be ejected and replaced, and sensible rules applied. But, most importantly, such changes can be applied very quickly.

That is not the case with the EU. EU ‘laws’ are written in stone and cannot be changed. They are perfect. There is no mechanism to change or repeal EU Directives.

So we wait to see what happens. It should be fun.

The ‘Father of Statistics’, Sir Ronald Aylmer Fisher, Must be Turning in His Grave


The Doll ‘Hospital Study’ and his ‘Doctors Study’ were reasonably thorough, but still Fisher debunked them. Why? Because they did not and could not, take other factors into account. ‘Confounders’ is the word. As I have mentioned many times before, there was a relationship, after WW2, between the increase in the import of oranges and the increase in divorces. The math is perfectly clear – the import or oranges caused the increase in divorces, OR, the increase in divorces caused the increase in the import of oranges. Which do you prefer?

So we have a rather comical report in the Sun from Saturday’s edition. (I buy the Saturday Sun because it is amusing in a sleazy sort of way, and because it has a decent TV guide). Here it is verbatim:

Big waist is linked to loss of memory.


Fresh evidence that middle-age spread can lead to dementia was revealed yesterday.

A study of almost 500 people lasting 20 years found fat people are far more likely to have failing memories. 

The Alzheimer’s peril was caused by insulin resistance – the condition behind type 2 diabetes.

Obesity and lack of exercise can fuel it.

Previous studies have revealed that the brain is vulnerable to the effects.

Prof David Tanne, who led the research at Israel’s University of Tel Aviv, said people who keep fit and watch what they eat reap cognitive benefits in later life.

He said: “Exercising, maintaining a balanced and healthy diet, and watching your weight will help you prevent insulin resistance.

As a result, you protect your brain”. 

Is it any wonder that Epidemiology is in disrepute? Let us copy that article and highlight some phrases:

Big waist is linked to loss of memory.


Fresh evidence that middle-age spread can lead to dementia was revealed yesterday.

A study of almost 500 people lasting 20 years found fat people are far more likely to have failing memories. 

The Alzheimer’s peril was caused by insulin resistance – the condition behind type 2 diabetes.

Obesity and lack of exercise can fuel it.

Previous studies have revealed that the brain is vulnerable to the effects.

Prof David Tanne, who led the research at Israel’s University of Tel Aviv, said people who keep fit and watch what they eat reap cognitive benefits in later life.

He said: “Exercising, maintaining a balanced and healthy diet, and watching your weight will help you prevent insulin resistance.

As a result, you protect your brain”. 

I did not divide the piece into those paras. That is how it was laid out, but squashed up into a column. That is, it is merely a series of sentences.

But note the number of caveats, which I have highlighted. From the caveats, it is perfectly obvious that the whole thing is the other way round. It may well be that ‘failing memory’ causes old people to eat more than they need.

“I just fancy some fish and chips. Get me some fish and chips”.

But, Grandad, you just had a big meal of fish and chips!”

“Oh, did I? In that case, nip to the shop and get me a pizza. In fact, get me two. Your grandma will pay (grandma being dead the last ten years).”

And all that is caused by ‘insulin resistance’, which the article totally fails to define.

But the Zealots have been getting away with such utter and demented crap for a couple of decades, so why should we expect any sort of ‘TRUTH’. There seems no longer to be such a thing as ‘TRUTH’. There are only variations on possibilities.

I DO NOT ACCEPT IT! 1 + 1 = 2.

It is true that we know little about the what the universe is made of at the sub-atomic level – or at the macro level, if we take into consideration our ignorance of space IS. What is Space? It is not merely distance between objects. It is a real thing. It exists. I just have a feeling that cosmologists know perfectly well that the nature of Space is of paramount importance, but they hide that discussion from ignoramuses like us bloggers.

In my experience, over the decades of my existence, middle-aged people ‘thicken up’. I am not one of them for some reason or other, although my weight grew from about 9 stone (skinny git) when I was 19, to some 11 stone in my mid-forties. After that, it fell again to around 10  stone, and is now some 9 stone.

But what should ‘Society’ do about lard-arsed obese people?

In my opinion, ‘Society’ should do nothing. People who are obese know very well that they are. If they need ‘help’, then their doctors can advise them. And what would the doctor advise? DON’T EAT SO MUCH STUFF, WHETHER ‘FAST FOOD’ OR NOT, AND WHETHER HEALTHY FOOD OR NOT. JUST EAT LESS.

I don’t know precisely how it has come to pass, but it seems to me that ‘HEALTH’ has lost any realistic meaning. Everyone is ill to a greater or lessor extent.

The interesting thing is that that might well be true. Our bodies are under continuous attack from viruses and bacteria. Eventually, in old age, they win and devour our bodies, sooner or later.

There is nothing that we can do about it.

So let’s enjoy ourselves while we can. We have so many possible little pleasures. I enjoy writing this blog; I enjoy growing my tobacco plants, even though the work involved does not justify the product – it is a hobby.

There comes a point where 60,000,000 people have to defy the Elite. And the toxic suppuration of the excretions of TobcoN must reflect back upon those who, knowingly, permitted it. Smokers have been persecuted. THERE IS NO DOUBT.

Arnott et al will get their comeuppance eventually.

Why is it taking so long?

The UK Taxpayer Investment in EU Property


I dare say that there are all sorts of convoluted legal documents concerning who owns the buildings which the EU uses. Those palaces of elegance and much gold must belong to someone or something. How many billions of pounds have British taxpayers invested in those glorious edifices over the years?

When we Brexit, we want to realise our investment. It is quite simple. We shall determine our share of the value of those properties, and all the artwork and equipment therein, for a reasonable sum of money. Let’s say £500 billion. That seems reasonable to me. After all, the EU has offices and buildings all over the world, all of which have been purchased with our money to a greater or lesser extent.

But then again, all those properties, for all we know, might be owned by private companies, and the EU, legally, simply rents them. But which persons in the world could possible afford the costs of building such magnificent palaces? Perhaps they received grants from the EU to do so in the form of loans at interest. Or perhaps Soros owns them all.

I that is so, or something like it, why do the British People not know who owns the buildings and properties which the EU uses? How do we know who else uses those buildings which we taxpayers have paid for? How do we know whether or not the UN, WHO, FCTC, IPCC, etc, have not been freeloading at the cost of taxpayers in the UK? And to what extent have they been freeloading?

Who owns the UN Building in New York? Who paid for it? Who pays the cost of its maintenance?

The British People have always placed their trust in the Government to do the right thing for them. Sure, that trust might have meant the enrichment of the few, but, by and large, that trust benefited the common herd as well. But we have reached a point, thanks to the internet, that The People can inform themselves. And they can ask questions such as those above.

Who owns the buildings that the EU caused to be built in the EU’s honour? Those buildings are hardly simply utilitarian. They are magnificent edifices. They are akin to the wonderful cathedrals which were built centuries ago. And I have no doubt that they are equipped, in every sense, with the most wonderful kitchens, toilets, rest rooms, conference rooms with mahogany tables and chairs. Only the very best. Fuck the rain forests when the EU demands the very best.

We want the other 27 States to reimburse us for our capital investments over the decades. But if the investments are worthless because they were ‘rent’, then we still have the right to know who ripped us all off. I can say that because we were never asked, in party manifestos, to pay for the rents of the EU. We have A RIGHT to know to whom the rents were paid so that we can get our own back by taxing them 95% for any activity in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Has anyone ever seen anything about who owns the EU buildings?

The importance of ‘OWNERSHIP’ cannot be overemphasised. Do the People of America ‘own’ the Capitol Buildings, or are they owned by some private company are rented? Is the Palace of Westminster a private property, rented out? Who pays the rent and how? It is not so much the cost as the principle. How many private Landlords are ripping off the populace, via taxes, because the Government is paying massive rents in the middle of London when, with the aid of modern communications, those offices could be ‘out-sourced’ to wooden huts in the provinces?

We do not know. I have great respect for the ‘Office of National Statistics’. It has defended itself against political subversion again and again, especially TobcoN. I had occasion to telephone Nat Stats a couple of years ago about interpretation of some stats, and they could not have been more helpful, friendly and kind. It is a pity that I cannot remember what my enquiry was about.

And that is what the modern world needs. There is no reason, with modern communications, for Government to be physically centralised in London. Westminster should become a museum. It will so become eventually.

All these ideas encompass freeing us all from costs which impoverish us all – like the EU, UN, IPCC, FCTC, etc. It is THE COSTS, as measured by accomplishments, which matter.

Back to the beginning. To what extent does the UK have a share in the ownership of EU property?

Why I Voted Brexit


We seem to keep going over the same subjects again and again. In fact, our whole contempt for Tobacco Control is based upon repetition of the basic concept. That concept is ‘freedom’.

It is rare these days to see ‘The Free World’ mentioned in the MSM. That phrase was supposed to differentiate between ‘Un-free’ states which had been conquered by Russia and absorbed into the Soviet Union, and the ‘free’ States which comprised most of Western Europe, along with America.

But what was the main element of the ‘freedom’ of ‘The Free World’? It must be the true ability to throw out the current elite group of individuals who govern and replace them. That ability might be far from perfect, but it exists.

I consider myself to be reasonably intelligent, but I am also an emotional human being. When the Common Market established rules which meant that I did not have to be humiliated by the nasty looks of Customs Officers, and their demands to know if I had bought something or other which comes under the heading of ‘anything to declare’, I thought that it was wonderful.

I remember very clearly the last time that I had to accept the humiliation of Customs. It was when herself and I returned from a cruise in the 1980s. There was a huge hangar with lots of tables. We were forced to process with our baggage past the tables. Customs Officers demanded that you put your suitcase on the table, and they stared at you, and asked if ‘you have anything to declare’. We were not forced to open our suitcase, but a guy next to us was. The Customs Officers found something that he had bought on the ship, not tobacco but a piece of jewellery, as best I can recall. I don’t know what happened after that.

So, these days, if you travel to or from a State in Europe, you can pass from one to the other without hassle. Why? Because you hold a recognised Passport.

The Passport is of ENORMOUS importance. It is what can discriminate between ‘legit’ persons and ‘illegit’ persons. It is crucial because it is the only way to stop ‘illegit’ from gaining entry to this country by pretending to be tourists.

How can you differentiate between ‘tourists’ who will return home, and ‘tourists’ who just camp here?

No one talks about it. The camps in Calais are a distraction – fake news. It is ‘tourists’ who have no intention of going home which are the problem.

You can see perhaps why I personally voted for Brexit. It is because I want the Government that I vote for to have POWER!!!! I do not want my MP to be subservient to EU ‘directives’. Most of all, I want ‘edicts written in stone’, via EU Directives, to become written in chewing gum.

So, my vote was not really about ‘Sovereignty’ as such. It was about ‘CONTROL’.

Permits to Hold Certain Plant ‘Waste’ Come Into Effect on April Fools Day – 1st April 2017


When ‘Liberty’ is overturned by ‘Tyranny’, this is what happens. Ordinary activities, like growing plants in your garden, become ‘controlled activities’. In bygone times, the ‘King’ would just have said, “Hey you! Gimme yer money or else I’ll chop your head off”. Not today. Today, vastly elaborate processes are required just to grow a few plants.

But wait. Erm…. The ‘controlled activity’ is not the growing. It concerns the dead plants at the end of the season. The dead plants are not permitted to be transported from A to B. But nor can they be held in storage. Despite the fact that they are dead, they are alive and well at the same time. They are so dangerous (probably to children mostly), that these dead plants (‘waste’) thousands of policemen and customs officers have been primed to issue permits for such transportation of the dead plants (‘waste’) and storage of the dead plants (‘waste’) at enormous expense.

Some people have applied for such permits (to hold and transport the dead plants (waste).

It appears that there are some problems. The new regulations which require permits, come into effect on April Fools Day – 1st April.

The requirement for permits to DO ‘controlled activities’ …….

That requirement is akin to requiring a ‘Driving Licence’. But the need for such a licence is obvious. Driving without training is obviously dangerous. But the ‘controlled activities’ which now require a ‘permit’ are harmless. They involve the movement or storage of dead plants. How can such movement or storage be harmful?

So we get to the crux. The then Chancellor, Osborne, probably did not even know that TobcoN had slipped a clause into the Finance Act which required that the movement of dead plants (waste) must only occur if it is permitted to occur.

No wonder that the Police and Customs cannot make head nor tail of the regulations. I have it that people who applied for permits are in a no-man’s land – they cannot ‘transport or store’ because they have no permit, but neither than they dispose of dead plants because there is no ‘regulated activity’ legislation which allows them to burn the stuff. Consider Global Warming.

Oh. I forgot to mention that the ‘waste’ in question is dead tobacco plants, even small, decorative ones which you might have in pots in your garden. They are pretty, and you might not even know that they are of the genus ‘Nicotiana’.

April Fools Day is the perfect day for the fools in TobcoN to display, once again, their overwhelming confidence that they can get away with anything.

What we have to remember is that politicians come and go. It is not the politicians who are to blame for the persecution of smokers. We need to find out who the individuals are and attack them verbally.

The ‘April Fools’ law displays the disconnect between what politicians experience in Parliament as compared with the reality of what they experience in their own lives.

They permit actions which they would be appalled about if those actions affected them.