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Intelligent Savages


I’m not sure if there is any ‘proper’ definition of a savage. This is how the Cambridge Dictionary defines the word (used as a noun):

“A person whose way of life is at a very early stage of development:

Twelve thousand years ago, our ancestors were primitive savages living in caves.”

And yet the cave paintings have been dated at around 30,000 years ago. They could hardly be described as ‘primitive’. Stonehenge was built around 9,000 years ago and the pyramids around 5000 years ago.

I never seems to occur to anyone that the people in those ancient days might have been quite happy with their lives. It is reasonable to assume that nature provided an abundance of life’s necessities. Why would there be any need to write things down? The ‘elders’ knew what was safe to eat and what was not. There was plenty of room for everyone to find shelter and the climate was temperate. The only use for weapons was to kill prey.

But, inevitably, a few individuals would become ‘savages’. They would conspire to grab what they could from people who had better possessions than they had. They would use their weapons to gain submission. They would appoint themselves ‘rulers’ and demand ‘taxes’, ostensibly to defend the ruled from savages like themselves.

And thus we arrive at a different definition of a ‘savage’. A ‘savage’ is a person who lacks ‘self-control’.

That idea links in with the idea of which I spoke a few days ago. What differentiates mankind from animals, as regards ‘being alive’, is our ability to decide to focus our attention – to concentrate. Note the importance of the word ‘decide’. We can just as easily decide not to bother. The reason that we have laws to to govern our relationships with other people is because, long, long ago, wise people concentrated their attention to evaluate what problems caused the most trouble between people. Perhaps that is why it became necessary to write things down.

There have been examples of extreme savages throughout history. The obvious example in recent times has been Hitler, but we must not forget his fellows, or the people who subjected the populace to unnecessary grinding poverty. Hitler is good example because he was clearly an intelligent man. He was an intelligent savage.

But there is more. Such people seem to gravitate to where they can do the most damage. They seem to lack that essential element – empathy. If they cannot ‘rule’ by argument, then they will ‘rule’ by force.

I firmly believe that, over the past couple of decades, quite a few MPs have been funded and promoted by TobCON. Whether they were nominally Labour, Tory or Lib Dem did not matter. They were there essentially to promote the anti-smoker agenda. It is hard to believe that Soubry was a health minister when she did not know that the EU tobacco directive included a ‘savage’ attack on ecigs. Wollaston was much the same – a former GP devoted to TobCON.

Theresa May is about the worst possible person to be PM. She is totally dishonest. But which PM in the last few years has been otherwise? Which politician has been otherwise? I would respect a politician much more if he said that, in his opinion, a customs union was essential to protect big business in the UK. It is a reasonable opinion to hold. It would be even better if he could prove it. For over two years we have heard nothing but propaganda and slogans.

People like May are intelligent savages.

Seeding Done


I have a propagator. Just a simple one. I also have a heated one, but I don’t use that for germinating my seeds. The simple one will suffice. It consists of a base tray about 2′ x 1′ with a lid. Inside the base tray, there are eight small trays consisting of 9 cells each – 72 cells in all. The base of the propagator is constructed so that there are interlocking channels which allow water to flow beneath the trays of  cells.

I filled the cells with ordinary general purpose compost a couple of days ago. It is simple enough to avoid putting large clumps of compost in the cells. Then I watered the compost with warm water just to raise the temperature a bit. The compost has been in the garage. I placed the whole thing on the shelf in the kitchen which is over a radiator yesterday and watered again with warm water. This afternoon, the compost was damp and cool to the touch. Perfect!

The seeds are incredibly tiny. To try to put one seed in each cell would be silly. I use a folded piece of white paper to funnel about ten seeds in each cell. It doesn’t matter if all the seeds germinate since they can be thinned out later. (Although I must admit that thinning feels like killing my babies!)

I expect the seedlings to start to appear in two or three days time. They will appear as tiny white dots, which can easily be confused with bits of fungus or something. Patience! I have a growlight, but I do not use it until the leaves start to show. The growlight helps the seedlings grow straight up and not to stretch towards the window in the kitchen. On during the day and off at night – natural cycle.

Spring is around the corner!

I think this winter has been awful. We have not had a awful lot of frost, but the days seem to be been damned cold day after day after day. And to make it worse, we have had months and months of a form of war between the Elite British Establishment, The EU Elite Establishment and The People of the UK. At every turn, there are groups of elitist academics claiming massive taxpayer funding for their ‘research’ which is designed to produce more funding. At every turn, more and more hysterical claims about “20% more likely” are being published as being proof of cause and effect.

What people like Cameron et al failed to understand when they created Public Health England was that they were creating a thoroughly soul-destroying, demotivating, miserablist, worthless entity which was self-replicating, indestructible and costly.

We already had a ‘Public Health England’. It consisted of thousands and thousands of General Practitioners. An outbreak of flu in one area was soon reported to other GPs in the area. There was no need for a national campaign which involved the waste of millions of doses of vaccine.

I see no signs of even a brave politician like Reece-Mogg, who says it as he sees it, actually pulling together ‘an Independent Group’ to devastate the Quangos.

A good start would be a recognition of the problem.




Strange Political Jiggery-Pokery.


The seven Labour rebels have resigned the Labour whip and cannot now be considered to be Labour MPs. But they have not set up a new Party. They wish to be considered to be ‘The Independent Group’, or words to that effect. Well, that’s simple enough, innnit? They have become ‘Independents’.

They have been making a huge noise about antisemitism, but I wonder if that is just a red herring. The only concrete thing that I have heard said of them is that they want a 2nd referendum and/or postponement of Art 50. They are all against a ‘no deal’ Brexit.

I doubt that there is anyone in the Country, other than a few diehards, who would not have liked a sensible trade deal to have been agreed by now. Or at least a massive number of non-contentious common benefits to have been ticked off, such as air flights. Why are such things still in limbo?

I think that there is a reason, which is implied in the demands of the ‘Independent Group’ for a 2nd referendum or postponement if Art 50. The simple fact is that MPs and Senior Civil Servants see such nitty-gritty stuff as flights as way beneath them. They are at the top of the Ruling Class and need ‘grand designs’ to satisfy them. They need 500 page ‘agreements’ and ‘legally binding treaties’, and population-wide bans and taxes. It doesn’t matter if the matter is trivial, such as plastic bags and global warming. Provided that the charging for plastic bags is rolled out nationally and is non-discriminatory,  it does not matter that it is utterly trivial and will have no effect whatsoever. It is a great success.

The fact is that ‘the group of seven’ will have no effect on anything. They would have voted for their pet theories anyway. The real reason for their actions might well be to dislodge Corbin and Tom Watson. In fact, Watson came out and said ‘let’s not call them traitors. Let’s look seriously at the issues they raise’. In other words, depersonalise it and stretch it out over time.

A storm in a teacup.

Which leaves us counting down the days until March 29th. Will Parliament put a smirk on the faces of Junker et al? But I think that many MPs are mindful of the vote. Remember the question:

“Do you a) want to remain a member of the EU, or, b) leave the EU? When the People decide to ‘leave the EU’, the vote meant that whatever was involved in being a member of the EU had to be abrogated. If previous politicians had signed off the incorporation of all previous treaties into, say, Lisbon, then all those treaties were automatically abrogated by the vote. More fool the likes of Blair and successors for being so inept, especially Gordon Brown, who secretly flew there to sign.

The trouble is that the MPs chosen to be Brexit ministers had no idea what to do or what it was all about. They knew bugger all about the treaties or what they entailed. Junker et al DID know. It was their business to know.

Heaven only knows what will happen between now and March 29th. But we can reasonably expect a massive TV and MSM propaganda blitz of the most ferocious kind.

Free Will


I started listening to a recording of a lecture from 1968 this evening. For some reason, the machine will not let me copy that specific video. Perhaps as well since it is an hour and half long. I finished up listening to the whole thing.

Paraphrasing and shortening enormously, you might reasonably ask why a plant is considered to be ‘alive’. Except for tree-huggers, no one thinks that trees etc have ‘sensations’ in the sense of sensory perception. They can see nothing, hear nothing, have no pain nerves or, indeed, even the most rudimentary of brains. But they have a genetic plan which drives them to grow. He gives an example of a plant which was growing towards the sun but a rock rolled over it and flattened it (without killing it). The plant will continue to grow and gradually will orient itself towards the sun again. The critical idea is that the plant can do nothing else. It is ‘programmed’ and to that extent can be considered to be ‘alive’.

Animals are far more complex, of course. They are conscious. They know what is going on around them and, as we know, can be taught to respond to instructions. But they have a huge drawback. They cannot direct their consciousness. They cannot actually think. 

Humans have this capacity to direct their consciousness or even avoid directing their consciousness. That is really weird since it implies a higher level of control. I can sit on the couch and ponder a problem which needs a solution, or I can decide to put it off until tomorrow. We do it all the time. Be that as it may, when we do get round to seriously confronting the problem, we then focus our consciousness upon it. If we get to that state of focused consciousness, we can even ‘take a break’ and think about other things, and then come back to it.

ALL humans have this ability. It is ‘built in’ (assuming normal brain and mind functioning). But it is also possible for a person to avoid using the ability to think. See first sentence in para above. In that case, they are at the mercy of their emotions. Their emotions are their only guide. The lecturer gives an example of a youth who has never known anything but gang culture and who kills someone. As he is dragged off to jail for life, he will be screaming, “I could not help it!!”

There are MASSIVE implications, and that lecture dates from 1968!

But there is a bit more to it. A human cannot help but think. It is built in. He cannot only be an emotional cyborg. It is easy to see how a criminal can spend his time thinking about how to break into a bank successfully.

But we also have ‘deviants’ thinking about how to deter smokers with bans, PP and taxes. It is the same thing. They use their minds to think about how to torture smokers. They do so of their own free will. It is deliberate. The likes of ASH ET AL are not emotionally driven crims. They think hard before inflicting the torture.


What is ‘News’?


Like many others these days, I rarely listen to/watch the news on TV. At 1 pm today, the BBC news came on and I listened for about two minutes, if that. The headline was (I think!) that some poor woman with a foreign sounding name had been murdered. I switched over without more ado.

I’m sick to death of hearing about misery. You can bet  a pound to a penny that 90% of the report would have been about the tearfulness of relatives and friends. No doubt a police spokesperson would have made the correct statement. But I don’t know because I just do not want to know.

Such reports seem to follow a pattern. A hysterical announcement is made with pics and words from a ‘reporter on the spot’, followed by an interview with a tearful relative or, if no relative can be persuaded, a neighbour. A video of the police erecting a cordon and entering and leaving the area/house usually follows, followed by a police statement.

I just don’t see the point. Such events are the stuff of a local newspaper 2″ columnar report. “The body of a woman was discovered at an undisclosed address. Her husband is being sought. Her two children are being cared for by their grandparents”. Some time later, “A male aged 50 appeared in court today accused of the murder of X. He was remanded in custody”.

If the BBC was reporting the assassination of someone influential, it would make sense (murder always being an assassination), but shit happens. It is not always headline news.

And is that not part of the reason for the demise of the MSM? I read somewhere today that viewers are deserting the BBC news in droves. The report said that the reason is distrust, and that might well be the main reason, but part of the reason might well be the hysteria and misery. Personally, I’m sick to death of the propaganda about the problems of ‘crashing out’ of the EU. Who created that phrase ‘crashing out’? The reality is that we are escaping from a sinking ship.

I also read today that the UK has established a trade agreement with Switzerland which will stand regardless of Brexit. Switzerland is not an EU State, but has trade agreements with the EU. Why was that agreement not headline news? I would have thought that it was very important.

What is NEWS at the moment is the terrible silence and secrecy. Why is the MSM not demanding full revelation? Who is meeting with whom and what is being discussed? It reminds me about how the press was excluded from the last COP event. The further persecution of smokers was discussed in secret.

It is hard to believe that Brexit was voted through by THE PEOPLE. You would be forgiven for thinking that it was voted through as a result of bribery and corruption in high places.

The Slowly Dawning Realisation


Via a link somewhere, I read an interesting article in ‘The American Interest’, a blog:

The article was written by an anaesthetist. In his profession, and as part of a team, every patient has to be treated as an individual, not only for physical reasons, but also because humans have many foibles and hang-ups. One woman refused to let him use a face-mask to administer the anaesthetic because she firmly believed that it would produce wrinkles. He gave in and used a tube instead, which was not the optimum way, but was OK. The point being that the lady relaxed and succumbed without trouble. Another example was an old guy who refused adamantly to stop smoking for the day before the operation. They managed to persuade him to use nicotine patches. After the op, they refused him patches because he was very twitchy in bed, which was good for the immediate healing process. Then they found out that he had been cadging cigs off other people. They should have given him the patches. (In the US, of course. In the UK he would have been outside with the smokers)

His main point was that real doctors have to have a bit of humility. You cannot treat a person as ‘a thing’.

And that was his main gripe with “Public Health”. PH cannot go wrong because it never engages with individuals. It cannot go wrong. As a result, it is arrogant. Epidemiology is science and is always correct. But PH forgets that even the ‘hard’ sciences, like physics, are based upon conjectures, also known as theories. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is still only a theory and has not achieved the status of an axiom. “The shortest distance between two points is a straight line” is a geometrical axiom. PH has been trying, and largely succeeding, to use epidemiology as though it produced axioms. They are so arrogant because they are extremely clever at using words and phrases which disguise the uncertainty of their so-called ‘science’.

Further, he contends that PH has tricked its way into areas which should not be its concern. EG, poverty produces mental illness. That may be true, but the result is that poverty becomes a health issue. ‘Something must be done’ about the health issues surrounding poverty. The answer is not to give the poor money; it is to create an army of ‘experts’ to council such sufferers. Everyone who is poor, as defined by the ‘experts’, then receives a visit from a social worker who ‘assesses’ their mental health.

He also makes the point that such interventions are almost infinite. There is nothing to stop PH from growing and growing until it absorbs all the nation’s wealth.

Funnily enough, I regard ‘Public Health England’ as a far more difficult problem to solve than Brexit. The more that I think about Brexit, the more that I realise that even Brexiteers like Johnson were shocked by the result. They did not know what to do. Perhaps that is why there is no public discourse about what the first twelve months of negotiations were about. PM May knew that, which is why she came up with her ‘plan’. Her ministers could not do so. They had no idea. They were lost in a labyrinth. The plan was crap, and May knew it. It was an opening gambit. We are seeing an artificial brinkmanship.

The EU want a hard boarder between North and South Ireland? Let them build the wall and man it. Let them create customs posts and man them. Let them do all the work when the wall is blown up all along its length. But South Ireland is wide-open to blackmail by the EU.

Slowly, realisation is appearing that the UK is in a terrible mess. The best thing that could happen is the abolition of self-perpetuating quangos.

The ‘Moral Crusade’


We have all talked about how TobCON is ‘like’ a moral crusade, conducted by puritans.

I was reading some stuff today about the liberalisation of the obscenity rules and regulations. It seems that Gov has quietly acceded to LGBT demands to be treated the same as heterosexuals. Needless to say, the Gov always needs an excuse. After decades and decades of ‘disgusting, filthy, stinking’, the Gov seems to have found the excuse: IT IS ALL ABOUT CONSENT!

Most of us older people will remember when homosexual activities were banned, pure and simple, even in private. Many a politician came to grief when his ‘extra-curricula’ activities came to light. It was only in 1967 that some lenience crept into the law. Even so, such activity was massively frowned upon.

So, now, what would have been described as ‘deviant’ practices can be described as ‘ordinary’ pornography, such as ‘fisting’. Needless to say, the ‘permission’ is full of ifs and buts. It must be clear that the activity is with consent, but that does not mean that gagging, for example, is not OK. Sufficiently strong security must exist to stop such material being available to under 18s. (Ha, ha)

It was as I was reading that stuff that the idea that anti-smoking was indeed nothing but a moral crusade came into my mind; not ‘LIKE’ a moral crusade but is an ACTUAL moral crusade. Smoking is a disgusting, filthy, practice, just like homosexuality and must be banned – eventually, even in private. The curious thing is that it is happening the other way round! Rather than starting with a blanket ban (prohibition), it is creeping in a little at a time. The same template has been applied to drinking, sugar, salt, CO2, etc. There is no end to the possibilities of ‘disgusting, filthy, stinking’.

It means that the fiddling of statistics and ‘health outcomes’ are irrelevant. It would not matter if the whole edifice came tumbling down. Zealot would point at the wreckage and shout, “SEE WHAT THOSE DISGUSTING, FILTHY, STINKING SMOKERS HAVE DONE!”

Is there an answer? I can’t help but feel that the answer is to attack the morality. For example, high tobacco taxes are a direct persecution of smokers. It is no defence to say that it is for their own good. It is not the place of such people, starting in academia and working through to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, to make such decisions. Again, we have a reversal of normal practice. The reason that high earners pay a higher rate of tax than ‘ordinary’ workers is that they gain a greater advantage from our ‘capitalist’ system than do ordinary people. They probably gain a greater advantage from our publicly financed road system, and many, many others. Poorer people have no access to such benefits. But tobacco taxes are knowingly levied upon  those who tend to smoke most – those who have few pleasures in life. For them, smoking is a several times a day pleasure, and they don’t care if smoking is ‘disgusting, filthy, stinking’.

The whole TobCON organisation is a moral perversion from top to bottom. It originates from the past idea that merely being physically dirty, as I result of working on the land or being a coal miner was seen as a sign of immorality. No ‘decent’ person would appear in public without being scrubbed up, ‘properly’ dressed and clean shaven. TobCON requires that sort of compliance for people to be seen as ‘morally upstanding’.  How many times have we seen pics in the MSM showing an MP or footballer having a ‘crafty’ cig outside some venue? And the smokers always seem to apologise! The Zealots ALWAYS seem to come back with even more vituperative. For example, footballers should refuse ABSOLUTELY to be a role model. “I am a good footballer. I hope that I am a good example of a good footballer. I have no other duty”.

So let us fight back on the morality issue. It does not matter if tobacco is a ‘legal product’ or not. It does not matter if you buy from the black market. What matters is that the Government is the disgusting, filthy, stinking criminal for persecuting smokers.


‘Bog-eyed’ All Day


It is a weird thing how there are times in the day when your eyes get heavy, especially if you are reading stuff on the internet. Of course, it does not help when your daughter who has been in Goa on holiday for three weeks arrives at your house in the early hours (any time in the morning), collects her dog and spirits off again. I was vaguely aware of some noise, but not much. I don’t blame her because she must have been dog tired after all the travelling. I should imagine that she went straight to bed with ‘her baby’ for most of the day. And there are lots of other interruptions to me beauty sleep.

I usually get a chance to relax in the afternoon for a doze, but not today. Herself tells me that I drop off and snore, but I never feel as though I have. Half an hour seems to be enough, for some reason or other.

But I wanted to watch the rugger matches, so I tried to curl up in my corner of the couch and watch through half-closed eyes. I would not really have minded had I dropped off, but it was not to be.

So it’s midnight, and here I am scribbling when I should be in bed. The thing is that this time of night is my ‘me’ time. Herself is tucked up in bed and settled down. She is still awake and watching TV, but ‘quietly’. My ‘me’ time is precious to me. I can stop in bed as long as I like tomorrow, but it never seems to work out that way. Yes, I can stop in bed, but what for when I am awake? So I get up and potter about doing routine tasks, like washing up. There always seem to be plenty of them.

My ‘lifestyle’ may seem to be very humdrum, but I am not discontent. I am having a few glasses of wine and a few fags before bed. The more that the Zealots persecute me, the more that I enjoy my cigs. I have got into a habit of taking some chocolate to bed. It is wonderful to lie in bed, in the dark, letting the chocolate melt in ones mouth!

The more that is revealed about the true nature of the EU, the more that I realise that politicians today are floundering about trying to find a purpose. The sugar tax was pathetic, and the charge for plastic bags even more so. Both were nothing but ‘virtue signalling’. Were tobacco tax increases and smoking bans the same? Was the Iraq war the same?

It is the deceit and propaganda which gets up my nose, and there seems to be no counter to it. ‘Her Majesty’s Opposition’ seem to be just as bad as the majority party. They want to be seen as ‘more virtuous’ than their opposite numbers.

It is pretty obvious that we are also seeing the collapse of the Civil Service at its highest level. But nobody will say so. ‘Amateur’ politicians (the elected ones) want to appear to be in charge and NEVER blame the ‘Professional’ politicians in the Civil Service.

I see that Silly Sally Davies is leaving the Health Dept in September and ‘has now been appointed by the Queen as Master of Trinity College, Cambridge.’ She must have done a wonderful job at the Health Dept. It is a pity that no one knows what she did. I mean that she might well have done some wonderful things, such as vastly diminishing hospital infections, but we do not know. All we know is that she detested smokers and fatties. Why do we know nothing of the wonderful things that she did?

It always seems to be the same ‘at the top’. Everything is ‘top secret’. No one knows what the original Brexit ministers who were negotiating with the EU talked about. May replaced them by making their positions untenable. But still the likes of Boris Johnson have said absolutely nothing about their negotiations. Were they sworn to secrecy? Is that normal?

The BBC documentary which I mentioned yesterday, actually revealed nothing, even though it was very interesting. What was not said by the EU was, “We see that the UK People have voted to leave the EU. How can we help?” The opposite appear to be true. “We see that the UK People have voted to leave the EU. There is plenty of time, so let’s work out how to diminish the effects”.

The ‘deep State’ has to be opened up to scrutiny. If Corbin advocated such a thing, I might just vote for him. But it is not possible. He has no idea what ‘the deep State’ is.

“Inside Europe: 10 Years of Turmoil”


I knew about the BBC 2 programme, but assumed that it would be a typical BBC whitewash. I was quite surprised when a couple of commenters said that it was not.

So I watched the first two episodes this evening:

The programme was quite fascinating.

Needless to say, it mostly consisted of politicians putting the best gloss that they could upon their own involvement.

The first episode outlined Cameron’s political problems with the Tory Party. For some reason, it seems that around 2012, immigration from Eastern European States was a big problem – Polish plumbers and all that. The Tory Party was shedding members to UKIP by the thousand, and some Tory MPs were contemplating transferring their allegiance. As Cameron et al saw it, that immigration was crucial politically. I don’t know why. So he tried to limit immigration, but the EU would have none of it. He then tried a clever ruse. Benefits would be limited. That is, he and his cronies tried to move the goalposts from immigration itself to benefits. And so it went on, week after week and month after month. What Cameron et al failed to see was that it was not about immigration per se – it was about sovereignty. They were wasting time and oodles of money negotiating with the wrong people about the wrong things.

There was some glossing over what happened prior to the referendum, perhaps because everyone kept stum. But we all know what happened. It was not just a fail for the political class, but an absolute disaster.

The second part backtracked somewhat to the Greek catastrophe, but the timing was similar. Put very simply, the Greek Gov was paying its pensioners far more than it could afford. Its costs were far greater than its income. It was in serious danger of going bankrupt, in the sense that it could not obtain more money because it was in the Euro and could not print money itself. It had to beg Euros from Germany and others, like the EU Central Bank. Greece wanted billions of Euros. Germany et al were not having it. They demanded that Greece ‘breaks even’, that is, equalises its income and costs.

But then Italy and Spain started to go haywire. Italy had a Gov imposed upon it when Berlusconi could not come up with a plan.

We have not yet come to Brexit. I assume that it will be the subject of the next episode.

But I ask myself why on Earth the ‘political class’ in the UK is so furiously determined to stay in the EU. If the EU is so wonderful, why did we not join the Eurozone? Why did no politicians appear on TV to explain why we did not do so?

For the last several months, The People have been uninformed. We have no idea what PM May has been discussing with the EU. We have no idea whose interests she and her team have been trying to protect.

There ought to be a massive furore in the MSM about the secrecy. All meetings and discussions should be formal and visible to all. Secret arrangements should be absolutely anathema.

It was such secrets which lead to WW1 and WW2.

What Will Be The Political Consequences Of The Brexit Debacle?


I don’t see a disintegration of the Tory or Labour Parties. Over the past few decades, they have become more and more indistinguishable. At least the rise of Corbin et al has destroyed the Blairite ‘Tory-lite’ consensus that the important thing is ‘lifestyle’. Corbin et al might not yet have come up with ‘freedom’, but there is a chance that they might. I don’t see the Tories coming up with such an idea.

The reason is that the Tories have somehow lost the idea of individual freedom. Such people are even more dangerous than waffling socialists. Their tendency to insist in an authoritarian manner, expels reason.

Think about the sugar tax. It has been voted through by Tory MPs. But there are many more ‘prohibitions’ which have been voted through as part of ‘health acts’ which are actually financial acts.

We voters cannot help but be confused. In General Elections, how can we decide who to vote for? There are no ‘general principles’ any more. Labour and Tory are much the same, despite Corbin’s attempt to tread new ground.

It will take some time for the repercussions of Brexit to work through, and no one knows what the results will be. What we can be assured of is that the ‘comfort zone’ of MPs has  been destroyed.

The internet will ensure it.