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‘Zombies’ Equals Anyone Who Works For Tobacco Control


Or you could put it the other way round.

The thought came into my mind earlier this evening in connection with ‘importing tobacco products’. There is nothing wrong with ‘importing tobacco products’ from another EU country, for your own use or as gifts, regardless of taxes and price.

But there are many grey areas. The EU, years and years ago, classed tobacco plant leaves, when cured, as an agricultural product, which seems to be sensible. There is nothing mystically different between such leaves and any other dried ‘herbs’.

Needless to say, ASH ET AL managed to inveigle politicians into disrupting trade in that agricultural product by forcing the introduction of ‘permits’ to import that agricultural product. From the EU came there no objections, even though that agricultural product is freely traded throughout the EU.

But who is going to enforce the anti-EU decision that dried leaves are to be freely traded?

It can only be ZOMBIES. The enforcers must have no empathy at all. They must enforce whatever they are forced to enforce.

The important phrase there, and which excused concentration camp guards, is ‘forced to enforce’. It is surprising how many intelligent people are prepared to obliterate their own understanding of what is ‘just’ and what is ‘unjust’ merely because they are told so. Thus, we have the situation where a law or regulation becomes ‘correct’ merely because a few biased people who got into Parliament said so.

The fact is that most of us citizens of the UK defer to Parliament, which is reasonable. We have to live together amicably and need regulations and laws to enable that. But there comes a point where sensible regulations fail, at which point ‘The Zombies’ gain the ascendancy.

The General Smoking Ban should never have been enacted. It was a gross intrusion upon liberty and private property, based upon almost zero evidence. But it was enforced with great vigour.

Who did the enforcing? It must have been ‘Zombies’. It must have been ‘enforcers’ with no collective memory of concentration camp atrocities.

But I must admit that individuals have no power, other than to resign. That is where their Unions should come in. They should demand that their members are not used as political fodder.

Zealotry is very strong. It is hard to combat because it is certain. 

I do not know what the answer is.



Leftist or Rightist?


Does anyone know what those words mean? I don’t. I was reading something today which said that academics are predominantly ‘leftist’. Does that mean that they are predominantly Communist, or does it mean that they are predominantly Marxist? And what is the difference?

It seems to me that ‘leftists’ deplore the inequality of wealth distribution. They believe that, if only wealth was redistributed so that every individual had an equal share of the wealth of the world, then there would be happiness. But it is also true that some people are skilled at accumulating wealth, so that, after a period of time, wealth would gradually be concentrated into fewer and fewer hands again.

I think that the whole idea of the importance of wealth is much overstated. Most people want a decent standard of living and security. Sure, there would be some who are happy to live at the bottom end of the scale, and good luck to them. If they are happy with their lives, what is the problem? Imagine what life must have been like for the vast majority of people two hundred years ago. If they were aristocrats, they would have had wealth, but, apart from having more food and amusement, they would have suffered just the same ailments as the rest of the population – with no really effective painkillers. If you were to ask me what the most important medical ‘invention’ was in recent times, I would say, “Painkillers”. It does not really matter whether the painkiller is morphine or paracetamol. What matters is that it works. You cannot live any sort of pleasant life if you are in constant pain.

The question then arises whether or not leftists are more in favour of pain than rightists, or vice-versa. You would imagine that both would deny being in favour of pain.

So what are both doing about pain?

The worst form of pain is physical. I think that anyone who has experienced damage to the sciatic nerve would agree. I damaged my sciatic nerve whilst messing in the garden, and I have never experienced pain like it. It was excruciating. My GP was called out and prescribed strong painkillers and told me to stay put in bed for three days or so. I noticed that, provided that I stayed as still as possible, there was no pain. After about three days, I was able to get out of bed, but I went dizzy at first.

But ‘pain’ can take forms which are mental. ‘Anxiety’ is one. It is awfully debilitating and can lead to all sorts of physical effects, such as the sudden onset of rapid heartbeats and flushing. I have experienced such effects. My doctor told me that, had I not consulted him when I did, I could have had a mental breakdown. I don’t know what that would have meant in real terms, but I could imagine being comatose and unable to do or decide anything. It is hard for us to imagine what it must be like to unable to propel yourself to do what needs to be done. But it happens all the time. The problem is that TobCON are in the ascendancy. They command funding which should be directed elsewhere.

Brexit will require a new way of thinking. Politicians like PM May, and the rest, are yesterday’s news. If her ‘plan’ passes through Parliament, then our people have been sacrificed to Big Business.

I would love it Jeremy Corbin came up with a radical new plan to ‘drain the swamp’, but I fear that ‘the swamp’ would drain him. How much money are we wasting on the EU? A radical plan would defund the UN, WHO, IPCC, etc. The reason would be corruption.

Such actions are inevitable eventually. But it would require that people like PM May get to grips with what is important. The status of Gibraltar depends upon the decision of the people of Gibraltar. It has nothing to do with Brexit. And yet May seems to have capitulated to Spain, in order to get her ‘agreement’ through the EU.

Blasting the people with propaganda will not work. “This is the best deal for Britain” is a slogan. It means nothing.

May needs to be deposed.



I must admit that I do not know what the word ‘progressive’ means. Imagine that you want to create a path through dense woodland. You would need to organise workers with axes and spades to chop down trees and dig out roots. They would also need to create a hard surface for a path or road. ‘Progress’ would be determined by how far the clearance of trees and scrub had been achieved and the path/road laid. Depending upon the number of workers and supplies, ‘progress’ might be 20 yards per day. Thus, if the total length of the path/road was a mile, then it would take 1760 yards divided by 20 to ‘progress’ to the end of the project – 88 days, or about 3 months. No doubt the workers and bosses would have a party of some sort when the project was completed and they would all be proud of what they had achieved.

‘Progress’ requires an end result, otherwise it cannot be measured. If there is no specific end result, then your ‘progress’ might be entirely in the wrong direction.

Thus, for an action to be ‘progressive’, it must have an immediate putative, but definite, end result.

You might not be wrong if you worked out that the immediate end result, despite all the blather of ‘progressives’, of the smoking ban was the decimation of pubs. The smoking ban did not deter smokers. It killed pubs. So ‘progress’ would be measured by the number of pub closures, week by week, after the imposition of the ban.

But the imposition of massive, unjust taxes on tobacco products could be regarded as ‘progressive’, if ‘progress’ meant diminution of sales. For some reason or other, which ‘progressives’ failed to observe, there appeared a different form of ‘progress’, being contraband, and multiple other forms of ‘progress’. Some people capitulate easily but others fight. What it comes down to in the end is whether or not the cost of ‘progress’ exceeds the benefits of the objective.

That is what happened in the USA. The production of ‘hooch’ overwhelmed the cost of enforcement. Further, taxation funds were zero. Thus, ‘the end result’ of ‘Progress’ was nowhere in sight.

If PM May regards her Brexit solution as ‘the right thing for Britain’, then she is guilty of ‘progressivism’ in the worse possible way. There is no end result. There is nothing which can be measured. The ‘progress’ is heading in a vague direction and cannot be measured. It is a recipe for disaster.

And the same applies to TobCON. All its efforts have been the exact opposite of ‘progress’ since they have no immediate end result. Instead, they have been punitive, in the hope that tobacco product sales by Tobcoms will fall. Those may have fallen, but the black market has taken up the slack.

What should happen is that the Gov terminates the funding of the leaches and terminates uni courses on ‘tobacco studies’. Thus, youths who have committed themselves to heavy debts as a result of those courses could be ‘forgiven’ the debts because they were conned into engaging in those worthless courses.

But people like Glanz will walk away very rich.

I hope that, eventually, a pub will say ‘smoking allowed’, and no one will give a shit. That is what usually happens.



The Influence of ‘Old England’


G K Chesterton once famously said, “….. but the people of England have not spoken yet”. I cannot be bothered looking up the reasons at this time – it is late. But it is simple fact that the population of England is around 50 million and the populations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are around 5 million each. If those ‘protectorates’ wish to avail themselves of the general protection provided by England, they are welcome, but they must not assume that they can take control. It is becoming a shambles of stupid ‘laws’ passed by various ‘devolved administrations’, and it can only get worse. Soon, no one will know what is legal in any of the protectorates, as compared with each other and England, and what is not. If Scotland really wanted to become independent, then it should have been cast out of the United Kingdom and permitted to go its own way. But it would have become a potential enemy of England.

But the Scots did not vote for independence, so why is there a Scottish Parliament? What ‘Scottish Affairs’ are different from England’s Affairs? The same applies to Wales and Northern Ireland. Either we are a united people or we are not. The various parliaments and assemblies were a ‘quick fix’ to a non-problem. Just more layers of Government. It would have been interesting to see how Scots would have responded to the idea of a ‘hard border’ between Scotland and England. We English do not give a shit. They can have a hard border if they wish to.

Is that not the most important thing? We English do not give a shit. If the people of Wales do not want the protection of England, then they can opt out. They can welcome the invasion of middle east and African young males, but do not expect the protection of England.

England has protected Scotland, Wales and Ireland for hundreds of years. Certainly, in the past, some ruthless aristocrats have taken advantage of their powers to gain ownership of land and enslave the people. Those are the real problems.

Does the reader know that vast tracks of land in England are owned by Big Water to ensure the water supply? I am not arguing against that – it may be necessary. I am highlighting our ignorance of FACTS.

‘Old England’ is the stable part of our Nation. London is a frippery. It is ungovernable. It is the ‘wild west’. Better to let it rot and concentrate development on ‘Old England’.

Visiting Our Daughter’s New Home On The Lancashire/Yorkshire Moors


The fact is that her new home is only around 20 or 30 miles away from where we live. People tend to think, as did I, that ‘the moors’ are vast expanses of flat land covered with moss, bracken, thickets, etc.

They are not. The terrain is ‘rolling’. Do not think in terms of mountains and valleys. Think of a substantial hills separated by substantial vales. At the bottom of the vales run rivers, but not big rivers. Think of 10 yards wide and 1 foot deep – water gurgling over rocks. But it would be wrong to think that such places are short of human habitation. They are not. What is different from conurbations like Manchester is that the old towns there are much the same as they were a couple of hundred years ago. The moorlands were especially suitable for sheep because of the ‘rolling’ terrain. The local towns grew up as markets.

They have a special architecture, very much built of sandstone or granite. They have a ‘life’ which precedes Brexit and all that shit. They are ‘old England’. They WILL survive.

But that does not mean that Aldi etc have not arrived in those places. Of course they have. They will arrive where there is a population, and there is a population. The difference is that the population is spread out more, mostly in the vales. The only place where people who do not have a car can reasonably access shops is living in the town. Perhaps many people are content to live in the town and happily forgo a car.

Our daughter, husband and son are very happy there. Squirrels climb about in adjacent trees, she has a chicken enclosure. As I told her today, all she needs is a couple of goats to provide fetta cheese. She has a quarter of an acre of land.

She also has an open, wood-burning fire. It is lovely, although the explosions from the trapped gas within the wood can be a bit disconcerting.

‘Old England’ still exists. But it is not only in country places. It is everywhere except in Westminster. ‘Londoners’ are not the ‘nouveau riche’. ‘Londoners’ are the people who have lived there for all their lives, and may well include black people, muslims, gays, or whatever. It does not matter. What matters is that they should not allow propaganda to divide them.

Politics has to change. The sight of PM May thrashing a dead horse, which is the so-called ‘agreement’ with the aristocracy of the EU Empire about Brexit, is comical. She should have worn a jester’s hat. From the beginning, the EU bosses had no authority to negotiate anything. The whole Brexit ‘negotiation’ has been charade. Juncker et al never had any power to do other than police the existing rules.

But I do not trust our present MPs to know about ‘Old England’.

The Political Crisis


What the current battle of slogans, especially in the recent pronouncements of PM May, have shown is that absolutely no politician has the foggiest idea what to do about the vote to leave the European Union. Let us get it straight. The vote was simple: Do you want to leave the European Union  or remain in the European Union?” I have deliberately spelt out the words ‘European Union’ because they do not quite mean the same thing as ‘the EU’. What has been disguised over the past two years, has been that trade is not the most important thing. What we voted for was to leave the European UNION.

I believe that the difference between what we voted for and how that has been interpreted is the root of the political crisis. Neither side is addressing what the people voted for. Both sides are arguing about the niceties of trade within the ‘Common Market’ and the niceties of trading with the rest of the world. It seems clear to me that ‘Common Market’, many years ago, was intended to simplify trade between European Nations. Common standards of efficiency and durability of goods were agreed. But there was still room for additional ‘excellence’. A standard car would at least conform to certain basic standards, as regards fuel consumption, acceleration, tyre performance, braking performance, etc. But that did not stop some higher priced cars from being even better.  The ‘standard’ was the minimum.

The political crisis revolves around the idea that that PM May’s repeated slogan ‘this is the right deal for Britain’ is a stupid thing to say. She has said it dozens of times, but it is still a stupid thing to say. The reason that it is stupid is that it is nothing more than a political slogan. For any intelligent person, the implication is ‘do as I say’. It has nothing to do with reasoning. The obvious response is “NO, I WILL NOT DO AS YOU SAY!”

The political crisis is very deep. I do not pretend to know how deep, but it would not surprise if the present political parties broke up. The crisis is that deep. The crisis involves deep principles, especially ‘freedom’. The EU, over the years, has acquired lots of control of our personal freedoms and limited and reduced them by banning the manufacture and distribution of certain goods.

I read today that the EU Court has upheld the ban on snus. What does that say about the freedom of the individual?

A Small But Sweet Victory


I have suffered from prostatism for years. The condition is not uncommon in men over 50 or so. It happens when the prostate gland, which surround the uthera, through which your urine passes from your bladder to the outdoors, becomes enlarged. It squeezes the uthera and makes it harder to pee. You don’t see many epidemiological studies published in the MSM about it, which is odd since anything to do with your genitalia is usually ‘hot news’ in the press. I wonder how many men around that age are trying to ignore their peeing problems because it seems ‘unmanly’ to admit to them?

I went to see my GP about a totally unrelated problem (one related to my wife and not me) and happened to mention that the prostatism seemed to be getting worse, although only in a negligible way. I was horrified when he said that blood tests would be required and an internal ‘finger up the bum’ examination. Had he said, there and then, I’ll do a DRE (Digital Rectum Examination) I would have put up with it, but I was in no mood to go through some sort of extended, time-consuming, blood-letting, bum-poking, process for something which possibly existed only in my imagination. I was not suffering. So I said to leave it for a while.

In June this year, I received a letter from my GP practice inviting me to have a blood test because I am an old fart. I was scheduled for a holiday, so I waited until I got back. The test did not mention the prostate, so I went to the practice and asked to have the prostate added, which the office staff did. I had the blood test.

And this is where everything went to pot.

After a few days, as instructed, I rang the practice about the results of the blood test. I was invited to visit and have a conversation with the practice nurse about the test. All was apparently more or less normal except that the prostate ‘count’ seemed to be a little high. (The ‘count’ is of ‘antigens’ produced specifically by the prostate which indicate that it dealing with ‘impurities’ or something)

Cutting a long story short, I was referred to a Urologist who stated that my ‘count’ was not actually ‘somewhat high’ for my age. It was normal. He too did a DRE and pronounced that my prostate was enlarged but ‘normal’, but he arranged for a cystoscopy. That involves shoving a thin telescope up your penis into your bladder to take a look around. The literature told me that it would not hurt, but it stung painfully and did so for the rest of the day. The cystoscopy revealed some stuff called ‘slough’ growing from a particular spot on the wall of my bladder, which could indicate the possibility of a growth of some sort. But I was not properly informed about that at all. The ‘clinician’ was talking to the two female nurses and not to me.

Again, cutting a long story short, I objected to being sent to a clinic miles away from where I live when there is a major hospital not ten minutes drive from where I live. I also objected to being put on some sort of conveyor belt ‘pathway’ without my specific permission. I told my GP that I wanted my ‘care’ to be transferred to my nearby, big hospital. I started to receive letters informing me of appointments at those miles-away hospitals and clinics, which I refused because I had already asked to transfer to my local hospital.

Why did I refuse those appointments?  Because my wife suffers from MS. She helpless. Leaving her alone for several hours is out of the question.

You would not believe how much opposition I received from the doctors about merely transferring my ‘care’ to my local hospital. All sorts of excuses were raised, such as ‘delays’ and ‘parts of my treatment missed out’. The final one was that I would have to change my GP to get the transfer.

I was immensely pleased, and very relieved, when I received a letter from my GP’s practice this morning giving me the details of an appointment at my local hospital in a few days time.

I have no idea what will transpire in due course. I could have some malignancy for all I know. But at least I have gained a little control. I want to cooperate, but not be subservient. I detest the idea of being put on some sort of ‘pathway’ without knowing about it and where the ‘path’ is going.

So I am now content to see how things go. I am not scared. I am 79 years old.

But is it not true that, in recent decades, THE PEOPLE have been directed along ‘pathways’ without their consent? How many General Elections have occurred without the EU ever being mentioned as a cause for concern? How many such elections have occurred without without mention of attacks upon the tobacco industry or the food industry, but never any attacks on the Pharmaceutical Industry? Perhaps it is because, as far as politicians are concerned, the Pharmaceutical Industry produces ‘Holy Water’, which cures all ills.

But I am glad that I somehow procured a small victory. I can take whatever happens from now on.


Ego Versus Pride


H/T GaryK in the comments to my last post.

How ‘proud’ am I that we won WW2? I should imagine that most Brits are at least just a little proud that we saw off Hitler, even if only in the Battle of Britain (the air war which pitted our fighter aircraft against the Luftwaffe massed bombers). It is harder to be proud of the mass bombing of Germany, even though it was necessary to let the German people know that the propaganda from Goebbels et al was lies, and even though the Germans started the mass bombing.

It is possible to imagine that there were politicians who abhorred the fact that our fighters took on the German bombers. Perhaps those people might have reckoned, in some peculiar way, that the German bombers caused very little loss of life. Better to let the German bombers do their worst as regards destruction of property and save our fighters for a coming offensive.

Where EGO comes into the equation is when politicians DEMAND that their ideas are the best, and nothing else will do. And it is personal thing, and not a party thing. The party may seem to have EGO, but it cannot, since it has no mind. EGO is a product of the mind. Only individuals can have EGO.

In a sense, PRIDE and EGO are opposites. A person entirely consumed by EGO expects his plans to be adopted and the results to be as he expected. He feels no PRIDE if that happens. If his plans fail, then the reason MUST BE that his plans were not properly put into effect.

It follows that being proud must require uncertainty. EG, winning a race. A person winning a 100 metre dash can be proud because he was not certain to win. The second placed runner can also be proud because he beat all but the winner.

ASH ET AL, the FCTC apparatchiks, etc, despite their celebrations of increased taxation and smoking bans cannot feel pride. Their machinations are all the product of EGO – the NEED to win regardless of the consequences.

It is very hard to fight against the combination of EGO driven apparatchiks and EGO driven politicians. That is why they are never satisfied.

How Important Is Brexit?


Prior to the referendum in June 2016, I do not recall any great furore about the gradual disappearance of UK sovereignty into the black hole of the EU. There were some loud noises about the destruction of our fishing fleet, but those noises did not seem to have any effect.

But do people remember these things? Is there a corner of their memory and mind which stores the furore of the time and holds it to be recalled when the time is right? Our fishermen are still feeling the effects of the ‘Common Fisheries Policy’, as was witnessed not long ago on the Thames (during the Brexit campaign?). There must be lots and lots of small groups who have been affected by the EU’s directives over the past 40 years who remember what happened to them. Imagine the horror of residents of coastal towns finding rag-tag groups of young men (‘children’) making camps out of junk wherever they can and then stealing what they can from the town. Nothing not nailed down is safe. Were the ‘grooming gangs’ not known of before they were disclosed in the MSM? Have ‘no go areas’ only recently appeared?

The Elite seem to forget that their ‘little at a time’ project creates ‘little at a time’ groups of disaffected people, which eventually coalesce.

I was reading today an article written by Sir Roger Scruton:

I wonder why such articles are often undated? Actually, in a roundabout way, I have found the date – 2014. I found it due to the fact that Scruton criticised Soros in the lecture and that came up in a search.

In the lecture, Scruton explored the need for groups of people to have an identity before they could organise laws. For example, two separate tribes could not have mutual laws, even if they lived peacefully side by side. Each tribe would need its own internal laws. The two tribes could have ‘treaties’, but not mutual laws.

The need for identity is largely territorial. You cannot divorce identity from place. Cultures need time and place to develop. Cultures are what enable us to have laws which we all accept and enable us to organise our lives so that we can cooperate with each other.

Scruton claimed, even in 2014, that the EU had made a terrible mistake by ignoring the effects of place and culture for many years, and that, before too long, it would collapse. He claimed that the biggest mistake of all, in recent years, has been the Euro. Read the lecture if you want the detail.

I cannot remember who the ‘saying’ is attributable to, but it is: “Never underestimate the wisdom of the unlettered man”. I remember an example of that shortly after the Brexit vote. I was in the pub and briefly chatted to a couple of ordinary working chaps at the bar. Both said that they voted to leave the EU because of loss of sovereignty, but not in so many words. They voted ‘leave’ because the EU was making our laws.

The ‘masses’ are not as dumb as the likes of Cameron thought they were. Cameron et al thought that ‘project fear’ would succeed, but that project did not deny that the EU was making our laws. Thus, it did not answer the most basic objection to the EU – that it was making our laws.

And we should also remember that people remember idiocies, such as differentiating between curved and straight bananas. How many people, at great expense, were employed to write rules and regulations about the shape of bananas? For most onlookers, that would suggest that there is a vast army of employees who spend their expensive time dealing with trivia.

In my opinion, that is the importance of Brexit. A clean break is about sovereignty and not about trade. No wonder Cameron immediately resigned, despite his promise to ‘do what the elected decided’. No plans had been made for a ‘leave’ vote. What else can a ‘Yes man’ do but resign when his advisers scarper?

The importance of Brexit is not that we are leaving the EU, it is that The People WANT TO leave the EU. That is why ‘culture and place’ matter. It would be stupid for the EU bureaucrats to disable trade. There is absolutely no reason that Brexit should do so. “Carry on for now”.

Also, no billions are paid to the EU until valid reasons for our contributions are provided. If we agreed to pay towards the Galileo project for some period of time, then we shall, provided that we share the benefits.

I have been wondering why the Tory 22 committee has not mounted a leadership challenge. Perhaps the challengers are keeping their powder dry. If May brings her Brexit deal to the Commons and it is defeated, then she will have to resign anyway. If it somehow passes, then the Lords may overturn it due to constitutional illegalities. Free movement between the people of Ireland, as a whole, and the rest of Great Britain was established around 1916 in an Act of Parliament. Despite the ‘troubles’, that free movement is still in place and has never been rescinded. Nor has the South ever rescinded it. Free movement in the whole of the British Isles has existed for a hundred years. It is unlikely that the Brexit Bill will pass detailed scrutiny.

Brexit is about Culture and Place. That is why it is of supreme importance.

Deleting Old Blogs


I have had the sad experience today of deleting blogs which are no longer active. Some of them had not posted since 2014 and some simply no longer existed. Of the rest, some had posted nothing since 2017, but I have left them alone.

I suppose that it is natural that people will run out of things to talk about, especially if ‘the government machine’, the juggernaut, ploughs on regardless. I have been surprised, over the years, by the number of blogs which have torn legislation to pieces on solid grounds, only to see the legislation go through anyway. It is to their credit that they soldier on.

The question that arises in my mind is ‘how come no opposition to proposed legislation ever has any effect until the shit hits the fan big time’? It is pretty clear that the PM is surrounded by unelected and unnamed ‘advisers’ who are whispering in her ear, “Hold your nerve. The rebels will crack. Just keep shouting, “This is the best deal for Britain”.

I listened to a podcast today involving some eminent professor who was totally anti-EU. It was fairly recent in that it addressed the current divorce proceedings. What struck me most was his opinion that the EU was an empire on its way down. It had passed the mid-point of the inverted U scale. I suppose that it is a feature of modern day event that everything is sped up when compared with, say, the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire lasted for hundreds of years. The ‘Pax Romana’ enabled a period of relative prosperity to take place. What, in the end, did for the Roman Empire was bureaucracy.

In more recent times, Empires have arisen and died within a few generations. The professor opined that the EU had pressed so much that the weight of its bureaucracy has already exceeded its ability to ensure cooperation; that ordinary people all over Europe are disenchanted; that the EU is already a spent force.

So why are May et al trying to prop the EU up?

The professor, who seemed to be passionate but rational, did not say what sort of ‘deal’ might be adequate. In fact, he said that the EU was INCAPABLE of negotiating. Its ‘constitution’ depended upon absorbing ‘competencies’ which could never be released. Once absorbed, they disappeared into a black hole. That might have been OK when there had to be unanimity, but not when ‘majority voting’ was introduced by Blair et al. You cannot have Sovereignty and Servitude at the same time. PM May has been acting as though she is an Emperor, casting aside Ministers with abandon and advocating policies which diminish our nation.

I hope to continue this blog ‘ad inf’, but I must admit that it is difficult. I don’t like going on about the latest persecution as though it was something new. It is not. It is part of a continuum of persecution, devised by the Prohibitionists in the FCTC and WHO.

Only a world-wide catastrophe will kill of TocCON, Global Warming etc. It seems that such a catastrophe is on its way. Sunspot activity in the Sun is almost nonexistent. An ice age is around the corner, starting tomorrow.