The Brexit Swamp

Is there any better example of ‘the swamp’ than Brexit?

  1. Vote against the deal agreed between May and the EU.
  2. Have no deal to vote for.
  3. Vote against having no deal to vote for.
  4. Vote for having no deal to vote for (delaying Brexit).
  5. Close down for the summer.

The big problem is that there is no ‘Her Majesty’s Opposition”. Tory and Labour are agreeing how they will proceed. Neither wants Brexit, but for different reasons. Tories for business reasons, Labour for political reasons. Both want to scupper Brexit and then fight over the EU later. It could go on for decades.

But if it comes to pass that we have EU elections, how should we vote? It is massively tempting to say, ‘don’t bother’ since refusal to be involved is a vote in itself. But that would not work. We want to oust the Lib, Lab, Con incumbents.

It is a pity that UKIP lost its way, and it is a pity that ‘The Brexit Party’ became necessary. It was revealing today that Farage said that he was not going to allow rogue elements to join The Brexit Party. Personally, I blame UKIP for allowing Carswell to change sides from Tory to UKIP. They should have told him to resign and fight a bye-election under the banner of UKIP. The disruption of UKIP was just not worth the publicity.

Perhaps UKIP and The Brexit Party should field candidates in different constituencies so that we have a choice between Tory, Labour and ‘other’.

I suppose that we must wait for developments.


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  1. smokingscot Says:

    Carswell did resign his seat and stood at the by election as the ukip candidate.

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