Not Much to Talk About

The world has been unusually quiet of the past few days. Yes, there has been much talk about knife crime and how the terrified authorities propose to do nothing very much, but that is fairly routine. If a yoof is going to take a knife out of his parents’ kitchen and pop it into his pocket before meeting his mates, there is not much that anyone can do about it. We have at least a dozen sharp, pointed knives which could be used as daggers. I would certainly not wish to find myself having to lock them in a safe just in case…..

ASH ET Al made a ponderous demand for the cig buying age to be raised to 21, following the USA, of course, and in accordance with the demands of their masters in the WHO, but apart from a bit of noise in the press, the demands have fallen on deaf ears so far.

Brexit has more or less dropped out of sight for now. There is still lots of blather on the net, but nothing concrete. There’s supposed to be a vote on Tuesday, I believe, but everything seems to still be up in the air. How can you have a ‘meaningful’ vote on maybes and possibilities?

Would it not be very nice if all those noises and demands were quietened? It would be very easy. Long before ‘Public Health England’ was invented, women especially were always going on diets. As a child, I remember my mother going on a diet. She eschewed butter and used margarine, and she eschewed potatoes. She did not snack. But it never made much difference. Perhaps she lost a few pounds, but it was not long before she gave up and became her normal, plump, cheerful self. I’m talking about the 1950s when money was tight and it was not easy to make ends meet. But there was no ‘authority’ forcing people to slim down by using tricks with the food supply. And make no mistake – there were lots and lots of plump women around in those days. Men tended to be slimmer due to the fact that many worked manually, but there were still plenty plump school teachers and doctors. Even then, the phrase ‘middle age spread’ was known and used. Why should not middle age spread be a real phenomenon? Most people who play strenuous games like football ‘hang up their boots’ by the time they reach 40. Their bodies can no longer take the stress. They opt for golf, bowls, snooker, or whatever. It is natural for the human body to start to accumulate fat in middle age to prepare for old age.

I have been vaguely wondering why MPs nod with approval when some vastly expensive, on-going body like PHE is proposed. Can they not see that it will grow and grow until it suffers from middle age spread then obesity?

Wind them down. De-fund them. Give them limited and specific objectives. They deliberately attack and persecute ordinary citizens.

It must come to an end.

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  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    I look back fondly on the 1960’s Junican when most people smoked, and pubs were the hub of friendly like minded people. Free born English men like myself couldf speak our minds without these politically correct arseholes and minorities impinging on us. Fabulous choice of cigarette brands too – remember Sullivan Powell ?

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