Intelligent Savages

I’m not sure if there is any ‘proper’ definition of a savage. This is how the Cambridge Dictionary defines the word (used as a noun):

“A person whose way of life is at a very early stage of development:

Twelve thousand years ago, our ancestors were primitive savages living in caves.”

And yet the cave paintings have been dated at around 30,000 years ago. They could hardly be described as ‘primitive’. Stonehenge was built around 9,000 years ago and the pyramids around 5000 years ago.

I never seems to occur to anyone that the people in those ancient days might have been quite happy with their lives. It is reasonable to assume that nature provided an abundance of life’s necessities. Why would there be any need to write things down? The ‘elders’ knew what was safe to eat and what was not. There was plenty of room for everyone to find shelter and the climate was temperate. The only use for weapons was to kill prey.

But, inevitably, a few individuals would become ‘savages’. They would conspire to grab what they could from people who had better possessions than they had. They would use their weapons to gain submission. They would appoint themselves ‘rulers’ and demand ‘taxes’, ostensibly to defend the ruled from savages like themselves.

And thus we arrive at a different definition of a ‘savage’. A ‘savage’ is a person who lacks ‘self-control’.

That idea links in with the idea of which I spoke a few days ago. What differentiates mankind from animals, as regards ‘being alive’, is our ability to decide to focus our attention – to concentrate. Note the importance of the word ‘decide’. We can just as easily decide not to bother. The reason that we have laws to to govern our relationships with other people is because, long, long ago, wise people concentrated their attention to evaluate what problems caused the most trouble between people. Perhaps that is why it became necessary to write things down.

There have been examples of extreme savages throughout history. The obvious example in recent times has been Hitler, but we must not forget his fellows, or the people who subjected the populace to unnecessary grinding poverty. Hitler is good example because he was clearly an intelligent man. He was an intelligent savage.

But there is more. Such people seem to gravitate to where they can do the most damage. They seem to lack that essential element – empathy. If they cannot ‘rule’ by argument, then they will ‘rule’ by force.

I firmly believe that, over the past couple of decades, quite a few MPs have been funded and promoted by TobCON. Whether they were nominally Labour, Tory or Lib Dem did not matter. They were there essentially to promote the anti-smoker agenda. It is hard to believe that Soubry was a health minister when she did not know that the EU tobacco directive included a ‘savage’ attack on ecigs. Wollaston was much the same – a former GP devoted to TobCON.

Theresa May is about the worst possible person to be PM. She is totally dishonest. But which PM in the last few years has been otherwise? Which politician has been otherwise? I would respect a politician much more if he said that, in his opinion, a customs union was essential to protect big business in the UK. It is a reasonable opinion to hold. It would be even better if he could prove it. For over two years we have heard nothing but propaganda and slogans.

People like May are intelligent savages.

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  1. mymarkx Says:

    Well, darn, junican, you couldn’t possibly be suggesting that the fascist rat race isn’t the best of all possible worlds, and that people can be happy without cars, TVs, cell phones, microwaves, etc.?

    Yes, the planet supplied everything we needed to survive for tens of thousands of years. (Including medicines because big pharma still seeks out shamans to find out what they can refine and sell.) And then some intelligent savages started owning things. The first lunatic who said, “This is MY tree and nobody else can have anything from MY tree,” should have been quarantined before the disease could spread.

    From owning trees and land, they quickly went on to owning animals and then slaves. Now almost the entire planet is owned and paved, and everyone has to pay for food, shelter, and clothing, which the planet once provided free of charge. Are people happier? Are at least rich people happier? Ask the psychotherapists who don’t take insurance and charge between $500 and $1000 an hour in wealthy neighborhoods. They don’t have enough hours in a day to schedule all the rich people pleading for appointments. And the suicide rates in those neighborhoods are just a high as everywhere else.

    The first truly happy guy I ever met in my life was a US ex-pat who has been living in Venezuela for a couple of decades. The intelligent savages are so unhappy that they can’t stand to see anyone else happy, and feel compelled to bomb people like that. You either join the rat race or we’ll kill you. That’s how it started and that’s how it continues.

  2. garyk30 Says:

    “Now almost the entire planet is owned and paved“

    The oceans are not paved(70% of the Earth’s surface)

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