Seeding Done

I have a propagator. Just a simple one. I also have a heated one, but I don’t use that for germinating my seeds. The simple one will suffice. It consists of a base tray about 2′ x 1′ with a lid. Inside the base tray, there are eight small trays consisting of 9 cells each – 72 cells in all. The base of the propagator is constructed so that there are interlocking channels which allow water to flow beneath the trays of  cells.

I filled the cells with ordinary general purpose compost a couple of days ago. It is simple enough to avoid putting large clumps of compost in the cells. Then I watered the compost with warm water just to raise the temperature a bit. The compost has been in the garage. I placed the whole thing on the shelf in the kitchen which is over a radiator yesterday and watered again with warm water. This afternoon, the compost was damp and cool to the touch. Perfect!

The seeds are incredibly tiny. To try to put one seed in each cell would be silly. I use a folded piece of white paper to funnel about ten seeds in each cell. It doesn’t matter if all the seeds germinate since they can be thinned out later. (Although I must admit that thinning feels like killing my babies!)

I expect the seedlings to start to appear in two or three days time. They will appear as tiny white dots, which can easily be confused with bits of fungus or something. Patience! I have a growlight, but I do not use it until the leaves start to show. The growlight helps the seedlings grow straight up and not to stretch towards the window in the kitchen. On during the day and off at night – natural cycle.

Spring is around the corner!

I think this winter has been awful. We have not had a awful lot of frost, but the days seem to be been damned cold day after day after day. And to make it worse, we have had months and months of a form of war between the Elite British Establishment, The EU Elite Establishment and The People of the UK. At every turn, there are groups of elitist academics claiming massive taxpayer funding for their ‘research’ which is designed to produce more funding. At every turn, more and more hysterical claims about “20% more likely” are being published as being proof of cause and effect.

What people like Cameron et al failed to understand when they created Public Health England was that they were creating a thoroughly soul-destroying, demotivating, miserablist, worthless entity which was self-replicating, indestructible and costly.

We already had a ‘Public Health England’. It consisted of thousands and thousands of General Practitioners. An outbreak of flu in one area was soon reported to other GPs in the area. There was no need for a national campaign which involved the waste of millions of doses of vaccine.

I see no signs of even a brave politician like Reece-Mogg, who says it as he sees it, actually pulling together ‘an Independent Group’ to devastate the Quangos.

A good start would be a recognition of the problem.




3 Responses to “Seeding Done”

  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    What is the taste of your home grown like Junican ?
    I am with you on the abolition of all Quangos.

    • junican Says:

      When it was first ‘cured’, the taste was what I call ‘tarty’. There was an unpleasant after-taste which dwelt. It was not nice. I think that the reason was that the chemical changes were not yet complete. It is well known that the cured stuff needs to age. There are ways to age stuff quickly, but I am not sure that I trust them.
      I think that ageing for cigs can be achieved much more quickly.

      Quangos are the dispersion of accountability.

      • Timothy Goodacre Says:

        Interesting. Now we have such little choice i’m very much missing my Turkish cigarettes. However i am making some good ones from Gawith Hoggarths Golden Turkish. Hope it continues.

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