Strange Political Jiggery-Pokery.

The seven Labour rebels have resigned the Labour whip and cannot now be considered to be Labour MPs. But they have not set up a new Party. They wish to be considered to be ‘The Independent Group’, or words to that effect. Well, that’s simple enough, innnit? They have become ‘Independents’.

They have been making a huge noise about antisemitism, but I wonder if that is just a red herring. The only concrete thing that I have heard said of them is that they want a 2nd referendum and/or postponement of Art 50. They are all against a ‘no deal’ Brexit.

I doubt that there is anyone in the Country, other than a few diehards, who would not have liked a sensible trade deal to have been agreed by now. Or at least a massive number of non-contentious common benefits to have been ticked off, such as air flights. Why are such things still in limbo?

I think that there is a reason, which is implied in the demands of the ‘Independent Group’ for a 2nd referendum or postponement if Art 50. The simple fact is that MPs and Senior Civil Servants see such nitty-gritty stuff as flights as way beneath them. They are at the top of the Ruling Class and need ‘grand designs’ to satisfy them. They need 500 page ‘agreements’ and ‘legally binding treaties’, and population-wide bans and taxes. It doesn’t matter if the matter is trivial, such as plastic bags and global warming. Provided that the charging for plastic bags is rolled out nationally and is non-discriminatory,  it does not matter that it is utterly trivial and will have no effect whatsoever. It is a great success.

The fact is that ‘the group of seven’ will have no effect on anything. They would have voted for their pet theories anyway. The real reason for their actions might well be to dislodge Corbin and Tom Watson. In fact, Watson came out and said ‘let’s not call them traitors. Let’s look seriously at the issues they raise’. In other words, depersonalise it and stretch it out over time.

A storm in a teacup.

Which leaves us counting down the days until March 29th. Will Parliament put a smirk on the faces of Junker et al? But I think that many MPs are mindful of the vote. Remember the question:

“Do you a) want to remain a member of the EU, or, b) leave the EU? When the People decide to ‘leave the EU’, the vote meant that whatever was involved in being a member of the EU had to be abrogated. If previous politicians had signed off the incorporation of all previous treaties into, say, Lisbon, then all those treaties were automatically abrogated by the vote. More fool the likes of Blair and successors for being so inept, especially Gordon Brown, who secretly flew there to sign.

The trouble is that the MPs chosen to be Brexit ministers had no idea what to do or what it was all about. They knew bugger all about the treaties or what they entailed. Junker et al DID know. It was their business to know.

Heaven only knows what will happen between now and March 29th. But we can reasonably expect a massive TV and MSM propaganda blitz of the most ferocious kind.

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