The Slowly Dawning Realisation

Via a link somewhere, I read an interesting article in ‘The American Interest’, a blog:

The article was written by an anaesthetist. In his profession, and as part of a team, every patient has to be treated as an individual, not only for physical reasons, but also because humans have many foibles and hang-ups. One woman refused to let him use a face-mask to administer the anaesthetic because she firmly believed that it would produce wrinkles. He gave in and used a tube instead, which was not the optimum way, but was OK. The point being that the lady relaxed and succumbed without trouble. Another example was an old guy who refused adamantly to stop smoking for the day before the operation. They managed to persuade him to use nicotine patches. After the op, they refused him patches because he was very twitchy in bed, which was good for the immediate healing process. Then they found out that he had been cadging cigs off other people. They should have given him the patches. (In the US, of course. In the UK he would have been outside with the smokers)

His main point was that real doctors have to have a bit of humility. You cannot treat a person as ‘a thing’.

And that was his main gripe with “Public Health”. PH cannot go wrong because it never engages with individuals. It cannot go wrong. As a result, it is arrogant. Epidemiology is science and is always correct. But PH forgets that even the ‘hard’ sciences, like physics, are based upon conjectures, also known as theories. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is still only a theory and has not achieved the status of an axiom. “The shortest distance between two points is a straight line” is a geometrical axiom. PH has been trying, and largely succeeding, to use epidemiology as though it produced axioms. They are so arrogant because they are extremely clever at using words and phrases which disguise the uncertainty of their so-called ‘science’.

Further, he contends that PH has tricked its way into areas which should not be its concern. EG, poverty produces mental illness. That may be true, but the result is that poverty becomes a health issue. ‘Something must be done’ about the health issues surrounding poverty. The answer is not to give the poor money; it is to create an army of ‘experts’ to council such sufferers. Everyone who is poor, as defined by the ‘experts’, then receives a visit from a social worker who ‘assesses’ their mental health.

He also makes the point that such interventions are almost infinite. There is nothing to stop PH from growing and growing until it absorbs all the nation’s wealth.

Funnily enough, I regard ‘Public Health England’ as a far more difficult problem to solve than Brexit. The more that I think about Brexit, the more that I realise that even Brexiteers like Johnson were shocked by the result. They did not know what to do. Perhaps that is why there is no public discourse about what the first twelve months of negotiations were about. PM May knew that, which is why she came up with her ‘plan’. Her ministers could not do so. They had no idea. They were lost in a labyrinth. The plan was crap, and May knew it. It was an opening gambit. We are seeing an artificial brinkmanship.

The EU want a hard boarder between North and South Ireland? Let them build the wall and man it. Let them create customs posts and man them. Let them do all the work when the wall is blown up all along its length. But South Ireland is wide-open to blackmail by the EU.

Slowly, realisation is appearing that the UK is in a terrible mess. The best thing that could happen is the abolition of self-perpetuating quangos.

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  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    You and I know Junican that PHE England should be abolished along with the other quangos. The country would save a fortune. I read on Frank’s site that Dame Sally at the age of 70 is going to be a warden of an Oxbridge college on £200,000 a year. Additionally she has a public sector pension of £120,000 a year. Isn’t this obscene ? Incidentally most of these college wardens incline to the left in politics and are ardent Remainers. Snouts in the trough eh ? Our swamp certainly needs draining urgently.

  2. junican Says:

    The swamp gets deeper and more extensive every day. It will take a determined and numerous group of politicians to get to grips with it.

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