The ‘Moral Crusade’

We have all talked about how TobCON is ‘like’ a moral crusade, conducted by puritans.

I was reading some stuff today about the liberalisation of the obscenity rules and regulations. It seems that Gov has quietly acceded to LGBT demands to be treated the same as heterosexuals. Needless to say, the Gov always needs an excuse. After decades and decades of ‘disgusting, filthy, stinking’, the Gov seems to have found the excuse: IT IS ALL ABOUT CONSENT!

Most of us older people will remember when homosexual activities were banned, pure and simple, even in private. Many a politician came to grief when his ‘extra-curricula’ activities came to light. It was only in 1967 that some lenience crept into the law. Even so, such activity was massively frowned upon.

So, now, what would have been described as ‘deviant’ practices can be described as ‘ordinary’ pornography, such as ‘fisting’. Needless to say, the ‘permission’ is full of ifs and buts. It must be clear that the activity is with consent, but that does not mean that gagging, for example, is not OK. Sufficiently strong security must exist to stop such material being available to under 18s. (Ha, ha)

It was as I was reading that stuff that the idea that anti-smoking was indeed nothing but a moral crusade came into my mind; not ‘LIKE’ a moral crusade but is an ACTUAL moral crusade. Smoking is a disgusting, filthy, practice, just like homosexuality and must be banned – eventually, even in private. The curious thing is that it is happening the other way round! Rather than starting with a blanket ban (prohibition), it is creeping in a little at a time. The same template has been applied to drinking, sugar, salt, CO2, etc. There is no end to the possibilities of ‘disgusting, filthy, stinking’.

It means that the fiddling of statistics and ‘health outcomes’ are irrelevant. It would not matter if the whole edifice came tumbling down. Zealot would point at the wreckage and shout, “SEE WHAT THOSE DISGUSTING, FILTHY, STINKING SMOKERS HAVE DONE!”

Is there an answer? I can’t help but feel that the answer is to attack the morality. For example, high tobacco taxes are a direct persecution of smokers. It is no defence to say that it is for their own good. It is not the place of such people, starting in academia and working through to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, to make such decisions. Again, we have a reversal of normal practice. The reason that high earners pay a higher rate of tax than ‘ordinary’ workers is that they gain a greater advantage from our ‘capitalist’ system than do ordinary people. They probably gain a greater advantage from our publicly financed road system, and many, many others. Poorer people have no access to such benefits. But tobacco taxes are knowingly levied upon  those who tend to smoke most – those who have few pleasures in life. For them, smoking is a several times a day pleasure, and they don’t care if smoking is ‘disgusting, filthy, stinking’.

The whole TobCON organisation is a moral perversion from top to bottom. It originates from the past idea that merely being physically dirty, as I result of working on the land or being a coal miner was seen as a sign of immorality. No ‘decent’ person would appear in public without being scrubbed up, ‘properly’ dressed and clean shaven. TobCON requires that sort of compliance for people to be seen as ‘morally upstanding’.  How many times have we seen pics in the MSM showing an MP or footballer having a ‘crafty’ cig outside some venue? And the smokers always seem to apologise! The Zealots ALWAYS seem to come back with even more vituperative. For example, footballers should refuse ABSOLUTELY to be a role model. “I am a good footballer. I hope that I am a good example of a good footballer. I have no other duty”.

So let us fight back on the morality issue. It does not matter if tobacco is a ‘legal product’ or not. It does not matter if you buy from the black market. What matters is that the Government is the disgusting, filthy, stinking criminal for persecuting smokers.


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  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Yes and many of us are not going to tolerate this attitude much longer.

  2. elenamitchell Says:

    I’ll come if everybody else is going.

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