‘Bog-eyed’ All Day

It is a weird thing how there are times in the day when your eyes get heavy, especially if you are reading stuff on the internet. Of course, it does not help when your daughter who has been in Goa on holiday for three weeks arrives at your house in the early hours (any time in the morning), collects her dog and spirits off again. I was vaguely aware of some noise, but not much. I don’t blame her because she must have been dog tired after all the travelling. I should imagine that she went straight to bed with ‘her baby’ for most of the day. And there are lots of other interruptions to me beauty sleep.

I usually get a chance to relax in the afternoon for a doze, but not today. Herself tells me that I drop off and snore, but I never feel as though I have. Half an hour seems to be enough, for some reason or other.

But I wanted to watch the rugger matches, so I tried to curl up in my corner of the couch and watch through half-closed eyes. I would not really have minded had I dropped off, but it was not to be.

So it’s midnight, and here I am scribbling when I should be in bed. The thing is that this time of night is my ‘me’ time. Herself is tucked up in bed and settled down. She is still awake and watching TV, but ‘quietly’. My ‘me’ time is precious to me. I can stop in bed as long as I like tomorrow, but it never seems to work out that way. Yes, I can stop in bed, but what for when I am awake? So I get up and potter about doing routine tasks, like washing up. There always seem to be plenty of them.

My ‘lifestyle’ may seem to be very humdrum, but I am not discontent. I am having a few glasses of wine and a few fags before bed. The more that the Zealots persecute me, the more that I enjoy my cigs. I have got into a habit of taking some chocolate to bed. It is wonderful to lie in bed, in the dark, letting the chocolate melt in ones mouth!

The more that is revealed about the true nature of the EU, the more that I realise that politicians today are floundering about trying to find a purpose. The sugar tax was pathetic, and the charge for plastic bags even more so. Both were nothing but ‘virtue signalling’. Were tobacco tax increases and smoking bans the same? Was the Iraq war the same?

It is the deceit and propaganda which gets up my nose, and there seems to be no counter to it. ‘Her Majesty’s Opposition’ seem to be just as bad as the majority party. They want to be seen as ‘more virtuous’ than their opposite numbers.

It is pretty obvious that we are also seeing the collapse of the Civil Service at its highest level. But nobody will say so. ‘Amateur’ politicians (the elected ones) want to appear to be in charge and NEVER blame the ‘Professional’ politicians in the Civil Service.

I see that Silly Sally Davies is leaving the Health Dept in September and ‘has now been appointed by the Queen as Master of Trinity College, Cambridge.’ She must have done a wonderful job at the Health Dept. It is a pity that no one knows what she did. I mean that she might well have done some wonderful things, such as vastly diminishing hospital infections, but we do not know. All we know is that she detested smokers and fatties. Why do we know nothing of the wonderful things that she did?

It always seems to be the same ‘at the top’. Everything is ‘top secret’. No one knows what the original Brexit ministers who were negotiating with the EU talked about. May replaced them by making their positions untenable. But still the likes of Boris Johnson have said absolutely nothing about their negotiations. Were they sworn to secrecy? Is that normal?

The BBC documentary which I mentioned yesterday, actually revealed nothing, even though it was very interesting. What was not said by the EU was, “We see that the UK People have voted to leave the EU. How can we help?” The opposite appear to be true. “We see that the UK People have voted to leave the EU. There is plenty of time, so let’s work out how to diminish the effects”.

The ‘deep State’ has to be opened up to scrutiny. If Corbin advocated such a thing, I might just vote for him. But it is not possible. He has no idea what ‘the deep State’ is.

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