“Inside Europe: 10 Years of Turmoil”

I knew about the BBC 2 programme, but assumed that it would be a typical BBC whitewash. I was quite surprised when a couple of commenters said that it was not.

So I watched the first two episodes this evening:


The programme was quite fascinating.

Needless to say, it mostly consisted of politicians putting the best gloss that they could upon their own involvement.

The first episode outlined Cameron’s political problems with the Tory Party. For some reason, it seems that around 2012, immigration from Eastern European States was a big problem – Polish plumbers and all that. The Tory Party was shedding members to UKIP by the thousand, and some Tory MPs were contemplating transferring their allegiance. As Cameron et al saw it, that immigration was crucial politically. I don’t know why. So he tried to limit immigration, but the EU would have none of it. He then tried a clever ruse. Benefits would be limited. That is, he and his cronies tried to move the goalposts from immigration itself to benefits. And so it went on, week after week and month after month. What Cameron et al failed to see was that it was not about immigration per se – it was about sovereignty. They were wasting time and oodles of money negotiating with the wrong people about the wrong things.

There was some glossing over what happened prior to the referendum, perhaps because everyone kept stum. But we all know what happened. It was not just a fail for the political class, but an absolute disaster.

The second part backtracked somewhat to the Greek catastrophe, but the timing was similar. Put very simply, the Greek Gov was paying its pensioners far more than it could afford. Its costs were far greater than its income. It was in serious danger of going bankrupt, in the sense that it could not obtain more money because it was in the Euro and could not print money itself. It had to beg Euros from Germany and others, like the EU Central Bank. Greece wanted billions of Euros. Germany et al were not having it. They demanded that Greece ‘breaks even’, that is, equalises its income and costs.

But then Italy and Spain started to go haywire. Italy had a Gov imposed upon it when Berlusconi could not come up with a plan.

We have not yet come to Brexit. I assume that it will be the subject of the next episode.

But I ask myself why on Earth the ‘political class’ in the UK is so furiously determined to stay in the EU. If the EU is so wonderful, why did we not join the Eurozone? Why did no politicians appear on TV to explain why we did not do so?

For the last several months, The People have been uninformed. We have no idea what PM May has been discussing with the EU. We have no idea whose interests she and her team have been trying to protect.

There ought to be a massive furore in the MSM about the secrecy. All meetings and discussions should be formal and visible to all. Secret arrangements should be absolutely anathema.

It was such secrets which lead to WW1 and WW2.

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  1. Roobeedoo2 Says:

    I’ve been watching it, too. It’s fascinating to hear European politicians calmly describe how they have lurched from one crisis to another, and mostly of their own making…

    The next episode will be about the flood of migrants to Europe, starting in 2013…


  2. Rose Says:

    I have too, it was surprisingly edifying.

  3. Neil Graham Says:

    There will be no uproar from the media about the secrecy. They are conspiring in it, happy to only print Project Fear rubbish. They hardly ever print or screen any story that reflects well on Brexit.

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