What Will Be The Political Consequences Of The Brexit Debacle?

I don’t see a disintegration of the Tory or Labour Parties. Over the past few decades, they have become more and more indistinguishable. At least the rise of Corbin et al has destroyed the Blairite ‘Tory-lite’ consensus that the important thing is ‘lifestyle’. Corbin et al might not yet have come up with ‘freedom’, but there is a chance that they might. I don’t see the Tories coming up with such an idea.

The reason is that the Tories have somehow lost the idea of individual freedom. Such people are even more dangerous than waffling socialists. Their tendency to insist in an authoritarian manner, expels reason.

Think about the sugar tax. It has been voted through by Tory MPs. But there are many more ‘prohibitions’ which have been voted through as part of ‘health acts’ which are actually financial acts.

We voters cannot help but be confused. In General Elections, how can we decide who to vote for? There are no ‘general principles’ any more. Labour and Tory are much the same, despite Corbin’s attempt to tread new ground.

It will take some time for the repercussions of Brexit to work through, and no one knows what the results will be. What we can be assured of is that the ‘comfort zone’ of MPs has  been destroyed.

The internet will ensure it.


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