Mortal Sin

I was a good catholic boy, and still am in the way I relate to other people. When I was a little boy, I was told that to miss mass on a Sunday, without very good reason, such as being in hospital, was a MORTAL SIN. If you died on the Monday, you would go straight to hell and damnation, to suffer pain for all eternity.

I must admit that, even then, I thought that the punishment far outweighed the crime. But that was what we were taught, and who were we to question that teaching?

But what about people who work on Sundays? They should not work on Sundays. “Keep holy the sabbath day”. But what about seamen? They are excused unless there is a priest on board.

All that nonsense seems to have disappeared now. I don’t know of the actual teaching changed or if it was just allowed to drift away.

But it reminds me of the dire consequences of, say, global cooling which were prominent in the 1970s or thereabouts. The world was destined to become snowball earth again before long. It was ordained. It was a prophecy. Who knows? Perhaps those prophecies were deliberate in order to bring into prominence the idea of climate change, which could then be changed to global warming. Produce a big scare and then change the subject of the scare. The tobacco template took a long time to come to fruition.

The nature of MORTAL SIN has changed, but it is still with us. Not long ago, it was smoking, but added to that is now obesity and being overweight.

But the new MORTAL SIN is not actually being obese. It is being STATISTICALLY obese. Thus, there are claims that some 17% (?) of schoolchildren are obese. The reality is that hardly any are obese.

The problem is that the people who are making up the statistics are not actual statisticians. They are amateur academics who do not have anyone to answer to if they make things up. If they cock it up, then they just drift away. Their cock-ups are hidden in a morass of similar cock-ups, spread about all over the place. None of them are ever called to account. They just drift away. The natural consequence is that politicians who base their demands upon such fake statistics also drift away when it turns out that they were wrong.

I watched a short interview of Soubry MP earlier on today on BBC news, I think. Her antipathy to Brexit was palpable – emotional. I do not understand why she should feel emotional about Brexit since it is not about emotions. It is about who rules the UK. But she is also an anti-smokER Zealot, disguised as an anti-smokING zealot.

Perhaps it is time for a new Privy Council Chamber to be set up, with powers to call MPs to account for their views and decisions. But who would be on the Council? Perhaps David Cameron should be a member.

The House of Lords is supposed to be such a chamber, but it long ago lost it soul.

What can replace it?


6 Responses to “Mortal Sin”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Soubry used to be a smoker. She’s a religious convert.

  2. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Soubry is mad !

  3. Philip Neal Says:

    The anger and persistence of people like Anna Soubry mystify me. Her kind have spent the past thirty years mocking the future Leavers as obsessives, ideologues, bigots and conspiracy theorists. They affected to regard Britain as an unimportant little country, unworthy of anyone’s attention including their own. If they had won the referendum they would be carrying on in that vein still.

    What are their tantrums about? They have never struck me as the sort who want anything truly impressive to be achieved. I doubt if Soubry dreams of a Mars landing, fusion power or even a cure for the common cold. My guess is that people like her, who are important purely for being members of the political class, dread the thought of a society in which importance is conferred by actual achievement rather than the size of the polity which they administer.

  4. junican Says:

    They mystify me also. The time to sing the praises of the EU was during the referendum campaign, but they failed abjectly. Instead, they opted for ‘project fear’ without anything concrete involved.
    There is still nothing concrete involved in their blandishments.
    But there is nothing concrete in the EU. It consists of a huge bureaucracy, several massively expensive buildings, and millions of pages of printed material.
    What is there to like?

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