A ‘Ten Minute Rule’ to Ban Smoking in Hospital Grounds

H/T Simon Clark:


One Tracy Babbin, a Labour Cooperative MP and actress, has tabled a motion to ‘stub out’ smoking on hospital grounds. She wants A LAW.

I get the impression that all MPs are actors or actresses. For example, Gove MP gave a masterly performance a few days ago pitching Corbin as the lowest of the low charlatans at the end of the ‘no confidence’ vote. Even Corbin must have admire the performance. It would not surprise me if Corbin sought out Gove later and warmly shook his hand, congratulating him on his magnificent performance.

So we now have a Labour Cooperative actress and MP proposing that smoking in the open air must be banned. I have no doubt that she will perform magnificently, reducing MPs from all sides to tears. Sad tales will be told and Big Tobacco will be harangued and blamed. She will call for a ban on tobacco altogether, but will not demand the end of duty, since the logical consequence of a ban on tobacco is the end of duty. She wants a ban on smoking and thus does not want the taxation income therefrom.

I mentioned in a previous post that the demand for a ban on tobacco and and the demand for increases in taxes were inconsistent. Do you want the tax income or not? As we all know, Prohibition in the US resulted in no tax income and bathtub gin. The same applies now, and is directly connected to the ‘ban by stealth’ and smuggling. It does not matter if the ban is gradual or sudden. The result will be the same. More tax equals more illicit.

But, as regards the hospital grounds ban, there is a specific cruelty about it which glossed over. That cruelty derives from the ideology. I have little doubt that the actress MP will concentrate entirely upon smokING. I think that she has deluded herself over many years into the idea that smokERS do not exist. If she actually went to a hospital, she would not see individuals smoking outside, she would see smokING. And there are notices all over the place saying “No SmokING”. She would ask herself why smokING is happening, and why has it not been stamped out. She might also go around the wards and ask why so many beds are occupied. Should not those beds be freed-up? Is that person occupying that bed genuinely ill, or is he/she a smokER? That example is likely to be the only reason that an actual person might be referred to.

I believe that the ‘democratic deficit’ has nothing to do with ‘direct democracy’ such as regular plebiscites. The vast majority of people would soon get fed up with voting so that the advantage would move to the Zealots. No, the real problem is that we do not know whom we are voting for. Did the voters in Cameron’s constituency have any idea of his previous? How did he get fast-tracked to Cabinet Minister and then PM? What were his achievements in life?

The ‘narrative’ has been smokING and Big Tobacco for decades now.

The ‘narrative’ must be changed, but that does not only apply to smokING. It applies to Brexit, SJWs, the WHO, and everything else. It is PEOPLE who matter and not THEIR ACTIVITIES.

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