Tobacco Smoke in Cars

A bit of light relief.

TobCON got smoking banned in cars with kids present. I seem to remember that they did experiments which showed that cars rapidly fill with large quantities of tobacco smoke when people are smoking in the car.

I do not remember what exactly the experiments were.

A comment on a previous post reminded me of my experiences in my car. Herself had no idea, of course. She would have quite happily puffed away with all the windows closed and then complained when the smoke irritated her eyes, or whatever. But, after a lifetime of smoking in my car, I knew better.

Sure, if your car is stationary, even with a window partly open, it will fill with smoke. That is because there is little circulation. But I found that, when the car was moving, I needed only to open my driver-side window an inch and the smoke was, literally, sucked out of the car. I could actually see the smoke being sucked out.

I was curious about the science involved so I read up about it. The smoke was sucked out at the end of the window which was moving forward and not at the back end. What was happening?

It is quite simple. If the air pressure inside the car is X, the fact that the car is moving quite rapidly causes the air which passes the window on the outside to have a lower pressure. Thus, the air inside the car wants to get out so as to equalise the pressure. But a vacuum is not permitted, so the air leaving the car must be replaced. But the air inside the car must leave in order to equalise the pressure. So what happens is that ALL the air in the car tries to escape via THE FRONT END of the open window. That is because the incoming air circulates around the inside of the car from front to back then around to the front again. Have you ever noticed that it is people who are in the back seats who ask for a window to be closed? They feel the draught. If the drivers side window is open one inch, then forced air enters the car a the BACK END of that window, and ‘exhaust’ air exits at the FRONT END. Even an inch is probably more than sufficient. Even half an inch might be enough, especially on motorways.

I think that TobCON was economical with the truth as usual. I used to go to work on the bus in the sixties until I bought my first car. Sometimes, the upper deck got smoky and I used to open the window (which was the type that you slide back) by about an inch. The smokiness disappeared in minutes with minimal loss of warmth. Why was that? Because the smoke was concentrated mostly near the ceiling.  TobCON has made a terrible mess of everything that it has touched. I read something tonight which is perfectly obvious upon reflection and which we have all been aware of without giving it the emphasis which it deserves.

If the Government and TobCON want smokers to stop smoking, then if logically follows that they do not want the tax income from  smokers. In that case, why are they moaning so much about loss of tax income from smuggling? A recent estimate has put the loss of duty etc at £2,000,000. But they say that they do not want that money anyway. So what is all the fuss and waste of money chasing smugglers for? The Gov says that it does not want that money anyway.

There must be many similar contradictions which are staring us in the face, but which we do not see because of ‘the narrative’. A plain example is the one that I mentioned yesterday. You need a permit to import ‘raw tobacco’ into the UK even though no such regulation exists in the rest of the EU. The phrase ‘raw tobacco’ is an invented one. There is no such thing. Nor is there such a phrase as ‘tobacco products’. It is because that phrase was permitted to invade our language that ecig liquid was mis-classifieds as a ‘tobacco product’. I read somewhere that it is easier to extract nicotine from green Niacin Plant leaves than cured ones, without the expense of curing. It would be interesting to see what would happen if ecig liquid manufacturers got together and took the matter to court. If they extracted nicotine from green Niacin Plant leaves, or other sources, would the ‘tobacco products directive’ stand?

IN any case, why should anyone give a shit about EU directives of UN FCTC directives? Whose army are those organisations going to employ to enforce their demands? Only stupid politicians in the UK and other stupid politicians in the developed world give a toss about the EU or the UN.

The rest make hay while the sun shines.

4 Responses to “Tobacco Smoke in Cars”

  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    These UK anti campaigners use every trick in the book to boss us around. We must all do what we can to defy them !

  2. slugbop007 Says:

    The Chinese made an air purifier for motorized vehicles several years ago that eliminates almost 99% of the smoke and other particles lurking about. Indoor air filtration systems are just as efficient. The bottom line is that Nico-Nazis hate smokers and certainly do not to accommodate our wishes in the least. They are neurotic, sadistic hypochondriacs.


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