The Persecution of Smokers, Drinks and Others

I have no doubt that, if marijuana was legalised, that it would not be long before duty was levied upon imports of the raw material. Such duty seems to be detached  from the effect upon the final consumer.

Tobacco duty goes back to the American revolt, when the King wanted to damage the economy of the revolting colonists. Alcohol duty goes back to a dispute with Portugal and its purpose was to to damage the economy of Portugal.

But we must be more precise. The purposes were to deprive THE ELITE in America and Portugal of funds. The purposes were to reduce the capacity of THE ELITE to wage war by depriving them of income.

It is quite odd that such duties have survived for so long. You would think that the countries whose products were subjected to duty would have complained vociferously. What is the point of a ‘free trade area’ when some products are subjected to massively punitive extra charges? There is only one answer, which is that EVERY tobacco product and EVERY alcohol product, wherever it comes from, even internally, is subject to the same protocol. Thus, as far as competition is concerned, there is a ‘level playing field’.

Which is all very well until smokers and drinkers rebel.

What has surprised me over the last several year is that smokers have not rebelled much. Drinkers have. Loads and loads of pubs have closed. I would guess that the majority of drinkers now drink at home. Where are the statistics? I go to my local three times per week and have only two pints. I used to go nine times per week. But my drinking habits have not changed much. I now drink red wine at home rather than pints at the pub. There are several people who go to the pub on the same nights that I do, and probably on the other nights as well. I have a friendly relationship with them. I like them. I doubt that they would object to me having a fag in the pub, but you do not know just how far the propaganda has penetrated the conscious minds of otherwise sensible people. You simply do not know. If I lit a fag in their presence, would they become hysterical? I do not know.

Such things are ephemeral and could change rapidly, but duties (aka costs) never reduce. It is that solid wall which needs to be destroyed. It is not unlike the Berlin Wall. It needs to be smashed down.

Sometimes, I see young people open a packet of ten cigs and extract one cig. I thought that packets of ten had been forbidden. Perhaps that law has not yet become operational.

I feel sorry for those youths. They seem to have no concept of manipulation. Because I was unable to go to Mallorca in Autumn due to health problems, I have had to buy cigs at full price, but I have not fiddled about with packets of 10 or 20. I have bought them in multiples of 100.

My point is that all the youths should be in touch with illegit suppliers. That is the only way to rebel. Chinese Chop Chop would be perfect.

Essentially, that means that legit purchases of taxed cigs would fall through the floor.

Eventually, that is the only way to rebel.

2 Responses to “The Persecution of Smokers, Drinks and Others”

  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Packets of ten were banned when plain packaging came in Junican. Due to stupid UK tobacco pricing it is incumbent on all UK smokers to buy from whoever is selling cheap. Refuse to pay these rediculous taxes and don’t subsidise these idiots intent on bullying UK smokers.

    • junican Says:

      Perhaps the people I have seen opening ten packs have got them on holiday.
      I read an interesting thought on the net today: ‘If the Gov wants everyone to stop smoking, then it follows that it wants to lose the tax income from cigs. So why is it complaining about loss of tax income from smuggled cigs?’

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