Should I Change My Mind About Brexit?

The thought has always been in my mind since June 2016 that it could be that my ‘altruistic’ attitude to Brexit (corruption, undemocratic, monolithic, communistic, etc) was misplaced. If politicians can stomach all those things which cost taxpayers masses of money, which ‘benefits of scale’ ought to be saving, why should I not think the same? Why should I not vote to ‘remain’ because it would hampers TobCON’s efforts to persecute smokers by reducing the import limit to, say, 200 cigs?

In a way, all the aggro is working to the advantage of smokers. In matters of trade, it is to our advantage that the UK is tied tightly as possible to EU regs. There might even be a case for the repeal of the clause in the finance act of a couple of years ago which requires a permit to import the agricultural product known as ‘a variety of herb’? Rename the plant as ‘The Niacin Plant’. There are parts of the world where the niacin plant grows wild, like mushrooms. It is a very beneficial plant. The human body needs niacin and the leaves have been used in the past to prevent infection of wounds. What’s not to like?

So we smokers voluntarily burn the leaves and inhale the smoke to a greater or lesser extent. I personally hardly inhale at all. I tend to take a drag and then breath in through my nose a little and then expel the smoke. I like the taste and feel and find it gratifying. I have no problem in doing without during a two hour flight which spreads out to around four hours when you take into account the queuing time at Manchester and the time waiting for your baggage to appear at the other end. I used to nip outside for a quick fag on arrival in Palma, Mallorca, but I have had to stop that because the ‘authorities’ tightened up the procedure for getting back inside the building. That did not bother me either.

Is nicotine addictive? It may be, but how addictive? It seems to be very easy to deny yourself the pleasure is circumstances dictate. When I was a cashier at the bank, many decades ago, we could not smoke on the counter. Did it bother me? Not at all! For the couple of hours serving customers, I never felt any yearnings. At my break, I had a fag and a cup of coffee. At lunch, I ate my meal and then had a couple of fags and several cups of tea. I never yearned. On the way home, I had a fag on the top deck of the bus. It was very nice.

But actually stopping smoking was damned hard. I don’t really know why. The Zealots say that it was because I was addicted, but that explanation is too facile. I have just stopped writing for a couple of seconds and had a drag. That small hiatus help one to gather ones thoughts. There is a comfort in taking that short drag before continuing. Marcus, our cat, is sitting on the couch next to me nice and cosy. I find it comforting (for both of us?) to give him a stroke from time to time.

We must not deny that we are emotional creatures as well as intelligent creatures. I must admit that I don’t like using the word ‘creature’, because it has implications of animal. No, I prefer to use that word as meaning ‘a creation’. We are all ‘creations’ One of the problems of modern day ‘science’ is that we have lost the idea of ‘wonder’, in the sense of astonishment. The idea that a man and a woman can have a baby (no matter what the mechanics are), which will grow up into a man or a woman and have a baby, which will grow up to be a man or a woman and have a baby, generation after generation, no longer fills us with astonishment. It stands to reason that my ancestors must go back all the way to Adam and Eve (even if Adam and Eve are idealistic). My ancestry does not stop unless aliens arrived at some time in the past!

We are emotional entities as well as intellectual entities. On the one hand, TobCON uses rational reasons (LC) to stop is smoking by law as much as possible, but, on the other hand, it uses emotion to turn non-smokers against smokers. It uses emotion to frighten smokers out of their wits.

Perhaps the EU is not such a bad option if it just buggers about with quantities of ecig liquid in bottles and the nicotine strength. Surely, every vaper knows that there are ways around such silly edicts. There are a couple of guys who go in my local, which is not exactly ‘a den of evil’ , who have these massive machines and can blow out massive clouds of vapour. None of them do so these days, but they could if they wished to. Maybe the landlord ‘advised them’ that it was not in their interests to annoy other customers with the smell of the vapour, even though it was harmless.

So maybe my altruism was a terrible mistake, but maybe not so. Perhaps the vote in the referendum woke politicians up out of their stupor. Perhaps they now realise that The People are not as bovine as they thought. No wonder that Labour are sitting firmly on the fence as regards Brexit and not coming up with any plans (which some Tories have complained about). They are not the Gov and need not come up with plans. They call for a GE, but are at the same time terrified of such an eventuality. They would have to come off the fence.

What I would like to see is the EU diminished. I would like to see its vastly expensive citadels closed down and sold off to Trump’s hotel chain. I would like to see 90% of its employees redeployed (sacked). I would like to see its purpose redefined so as to favour small enterprises. That means being hard on multinationals and soft on local businesses as regards regulations. You want to sell cars internationally in vast quantities? Then you have to comply with strict regulations. You want to sell bananas on the local market? Then shape and size do not matter. Let consumers decide what bananas they wish to buy. You want to smoke cigs? Your decision.

Obesity is a funny one. Imagine being so fat that you can hardly walk. I have seen such people, but not often. Funnily enough, fat itself is quite light. It is not nearly as heavy as meat or bones. It is more like foam rubber than wood. That is why it is such a good insulation. Ask any whale.

Yes, I want a ‘deal’. But ‘the deal’ MUST disconnect us from greater and greater integration on the communist model. We do not want a PLANNED economy on the Russian or Venezuelan pattern. But, above all, we want to be released from the straitjacket of EU persecution in league with the UN. The links with the UN have not been highlighted, but they are massive. Why do our politicians know nothing about such links? I know, and I have nothing like the resources of an MP. They must KNOW!

Trump has only attacked the UN a little at this time, but it is likely that he has the UN in his sights. He should insist that the UN relocate to Venezuela or Somalia if it wants US funding. We would see how many ‘One World’ Zealots would rapidly change their minds.

But would I change my vote if there was another referendum? Of course not! I detest the whole ethos of forced integration, no matter how gradual. I detest the whole idea of ‘power blocks’, such as the US and Soviet Union.

There must be a better way, but that does not include a ‘One World Government’. Lifestyles will vary according to climate and custom. They should be left alone.

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  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    I wonder when the UK swamp will be drained Junican and all these useless quangos like ASH and PHE are closed down. Certainly not with the current corrupt bunch of UK politicians of all parties.

    • junican Says:

      It takes only one person, as we have seen in the US, to be a leader. We have not had such a leader since Thatcher, and she was limited. Is there any such leader on the horizon? I do not know.

  2. Rose Says:

    I personally hardly inhale at all. I tend to take a drag and then breath in through my nose a little and then expel the smoke

    You wouldn’t, because you are a practiced smoker, the connection with lungs is purely visual and misleading. The lungs are the bellows that suck just a little smoke onto the tongue and then expel it.
    Drawing smoke into the lungs would give you a tremendous coughing fit, just as it did me with my first cigarette.

    Nicotinic acid – 1941 (p.2)

    “You will recall that in our letter of March 11th we doubted that vitamins could be absorbed from tobacco smoke by the throat and lung tissues. However, we have now found that nicotinic acid is dissolved in the saliva of the smoker when smoking ordinary cigarettes,..

    Thus, the vitamin does not have to be absorbed thru the lungs, but will be swallowed in the approved manner. These conclusions are based on actual analysis of saliva, collected from a smoker while smoking.
    In other words, we analyzed the saliva, which would have otherwise been swallowed. No Nicotinic Acid occurred in the smoker’s saliva before smoking. We feel that we have made this report sufficiently long to cover the discoveries, which we regard as quite remarkable”

    Sublingual and Buccal Medication Administration

    “Sublingual or buccal forms of drugs have their advantages. Because the medication absorbs quickly, these types of administration can be important during emergencies when you need the drug to work right away,”
    https: //

    Physiology of Taste
    Taste Receptor Cells, Taste Buds and Taste Nerves

    “The sense of taste is mediated by taste receptor cells which are bundled in clusters called taste buds. Taste receptor cells sample oral concentrations of a large number of small molecules and report a sensation of taste to centers in the brainstem. ”

    “Interwoven among the taste cells in a taste bud is a network of dendrites of sensory nerves called “taste nerves”. When taste cells are stimulated by binding of chemicals to their receptors, they depolarize and this depolarization is transmitted to the taste nerve fibers resulting in an action potential that is ultimately transmitted to the brain.”
    http: //

    “pellagra-preventing vitamin in enriched bread,” 1942, coined from ni(cotinic) ac(id) + -in, chemical suffix; suggested by the American Medical Association as a more commercially viable name than nicotinic acid.
    “The new name was found to be necessary because some anti-tobacco groups warned against enriched bread because it would foster the cigarette habit.” [“Cooperative Consumer,” Feb. 28, 1942]
    http: //

    10 years of tobacco research has kept me wonderfully occupied.

  3. Rose Says:

    Btw Junican, technology has finally caught up with my requirements.
    Ikea are selling small growlights for the home.

    So I am now growing 60 geranium seedlings in January and they are doing very well.
    Propagator until they start to germinate, then growlights in a warm corner while they are growing their first leaves, then onto the windowsill as normal when they’ve toughened up a bit.

    Petunias next.

    • junican Says:

      Good stuff about the Niacin Plant!
      I bought a small growlight a couple of years ago. I fixed up a large cardboard box under which I could place my seedtrays. The growlight sits on top in a hole cut in the cardboard. The box is lined with foil. It works fine. The box is placed in a convenient position near a radiator so it gets the benefit of the heat from the radiator, but not directly. The grow lamp is the main thing. It works wonderfully well.
      My germination programme is due to start in a few days time.

      • Rose Says:

        You beat me to it.
        Mine is a bar with three lights and a holder fixed into one of my windowsill seedtrays, it is rather wobbly, but it works.

  4. Gregg Says:

    Honestly, I never knew there were people who didn’t inhale until reading on this blog!

    • junican Says:

      Generally speaking, cigar and pipe smokers do not inhale. The effect would be too strong. They draw, savour and puff. Essentially, I do the same with cigs. But I used to inhale. I don’t remember when or why I started to reduce the inhaling. It just happened. It had nothing to do with health. Sometimes, I still do but only very briefly – in and out. I think that it might have had something to do with smoking in the car. I did not want to fill it with smoke or have the windscreen obscured, so I got into a habit is blowing my smoke in the direction of the slightly open window. It was interesting to see the smoke being sucked out of the window.

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