Why Do So Many of our Politicians Love the Idea of the EUSSR?

Perhaps PM Theresa May should be asked that simple question: “Why do you love the idea of the EU becoming a federal government?” For that is the direction in which it has been heading for years and years. It has been perfectly obvious for years and years.

But it is not just the idea of a federal government in the pattern of the USA. It is a pattern which is is centred upon a politburo of selected potentates, such as Junker.

Who selects the potentates?

There are many interesting questions which need to be asked of PM Theresa May. What does she know about the selection of Junker as ‘top dog’ in the EU? How did that come about? Who decided? Who decided whom would occupy all the other vice-president positions? Who decided? And if it was various committees, who decided whom should be members of those committees? Not a single member of those committees are voted into office.

Why have our politicians put up with such an authoritarian system for so long? It is a MASSIVE scandal.

I think that Brexit is revealing the ignorance of MPs and Ministers. Either they were complicit of they were ignorant. Neither alternative reflects well upon the persons who have been passing through Parliament if the last decades, pretending to be MPs.

If the Media was independent, it would be asking MPs to declare their reasons for supporting the EUSSR. For there is no doubt that the EU prefers globalist enterprises. They are easier to legislate either for or against and to demand bribes from. Tiny enterprises are a pain in the butt. Global Enterprises are the equivalent of Communist Russia’s National Targets for tractor production. They are malleable.

Chaos is not such a bad thing. Nature is chaotic.

The smoking ban denied the value of chaos. Chaos is what produces innovation.

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