What is PM May Up To?

For two and a half years, since the vote in June 2016, everything about Brexit has been shrouded in secrecy. Nobody has the foggiest idea what the initial approach to the Brexit negotiations of the original Brexit negotiators was. They were talking to EU officials and then suddenly resigned when May produced her Chequers Plan. May came out and said, “Brexit means Brexit”, which is bit like saying “Rain means Rain”. It is meaningless. Is the rain sheeting down or is it a light shower? Is there a massive wind blowing? Are places being flooded? She has avoided actually spelling out what Brexit means like the plague.

But no one else has either. The only thing that you can do is go back to the original question which was (words to the effect): “Do want to either a) remain in or, b) leave the European Union?” That was it.

To be fair, it is true that voters would have had different reasons for voting either way. Some might not even have realised what the European UNION was. What would most voters (including me!) know about the various treaties which gradually brought the EU into existence? You might even ask what MPs and Ministers at the time knew about those treaties? How many studied them in detail?

As far as I am concerned, it was only when the EU apparatchiks recently erected the barricades to a smooth exit and demanded £39 BILLION pounds in danegeld that I realised just how far the ‘integration’ had gone. And yet, in recent years, the signs have been there. Think about the treatment of Greece and Italy. Are we not being treated in much the same way? It seems to be a case of ‘bow the knee or else….’

So what is the ‘….. or else?’ It has not been spelt out. All we hear are rumours and propaganda. It is not that long ago that such provocation would have been a ‘causus belli’. In fact, it might still be so, but without tanks and guns. A financial and economic war is not beyond the bounds of possibility. Perhaps that is why PM May and all the other plotters are terribly afraid. Perhaps they think that the UK is too weak to stand up to such a war, especially in the short term.

They might be right, but it would be much better for all of us if they came clean and said so. Then we would know whom our continental friends and enemies were.

Would we Brits panic? If the powers that be have not been taking steps to arrange the import of essential supplies, which cannot be provided internally, for some time now, then they have been failing in their duty. We still have massive friends, the USA, Canada, Australia, India, etc, etc, who will back us up. A financial war might be more difficult, but it is hard to know if the EU central bank has the resources or authority to wage such a war. I doubt that it could happen unless Germany and France backed such an economic war.

So what are May et al panicking about? If they apply to extend Art 50, then they show a massive sign of weakness and fear. We leave at the end of March. The idea that Parliament might block leaving without a deal surely must be a non-starter, whatever anyone might say. It is tantamount to overturning the Brexit vote.

I read somewhere that May is still trying to garner support for her deal, especially from the Ulster MPs. She must be very stubborn. A defeat in the Commons by 230 votes is not just a hick-up. It is a full on splurge of vomit.

The problem all along has been the lack of definition of ‘leave the EU’. We can export to the EU and comply with the quality demands, and EU countries can comply with our demands. There ought not to be a problem in negotiating a commonality in those standards. Air traffic control existed long before the EU existed internationally, apart from those countries behind the iron curtain. I was in the air force between 1960 and 1963 in radar. Both in the UK and in Cyprus, air traffic was was monitored, and routine communications, in English, were maintained with air traffic control in the various surrounding countries, like Syria, Egypt, Greece, Lebanon, etc. I remember only one ’emergency’ when a fighter had to be scrambled because of an unknown aircraft. The aircraft turned out to be a cessna. I do not know why that aircraft did not file a flight plan. Nothing was shot down.

We voted, for all our personal reasons, to leave the European UNION. We did not vote to cease trading or travelling or cooperating for the greater good.

Shortly after the vote, I asked a couple of ordinary, working guys in the pub how they voted. Both voted to leave. They said that we need to get control of our country back. I do not think that they were just regurgitating propaganda. They really believed, in their hearts, that our country was being ruled by foreign cliques. I agree with them, but I would also extend that control to the UN and all its works.

NO!!! We are not obliged to rectify all the problems of the third world. We can help if and when we want to in our own way. But we must not destroy our own economy to make India prosperous. We can import from such places goods which we cannot easily produce ourselves. Tea is a case in point. Wine is another. We export what we are good at, which might be expertise.

Only the market will decide. Government is a hindrance when it comes to trade.

Free trade with the EU is a natural situation and does not require negotiation. The market will decide.

10 Responses to “What is PM May Up To?”

  1. elenamitchell Says:

    I don’t know anymore, if I ever did. And I don’t care anymore either. I don’t have to. I have ridden nearly ten years of the effects of a weak Pound on my British State Pension, and now The French State has stepped in to help me, largely without me even having to ask. So why should I care about British Pride when it seems to have gone forever. Perhaps Britain should stay with The EU. The Politicians don’t seem to be able to manage even the thought of coping alone.

    • junican Says:

      Your comment is heartfelt, Elen.. We are all sick of it. My main gripe is that there should not have been either Leavers of Remainers in Parliament. All should have been Leavers because The People had decided. Art 50 should have been triggered the day after the referendum.
      The first thing that should have been said by our negotiators was that we shall leave in 2 years time. Let us agree about those matters which are easy, such as air travel. The present system will remain. Etc. Free trade can continue if the EU wants free trade. We do, but we also will trade freely with the rest of the world. If the EU wants to impose tariffs, it can do, and so can we.
      It could all have been done and dusted in six months.

  2. garyk30 Says:

    ENGLAND managed to build a world wide empire without the EU.

  3. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Sooner we leave the better. The MAJORITY voted to leave. These treacherous MPs have done everything possible to twart the Referendum result.

  4. AndyDan Says:

    Your last two paragraphs nail it.
    Governments don’t trade, people do. Everything will be fine if the government would just get out of the way.
    When people ask me if I’m worried about Brexit, I always reply that Brexit is the least of our worries. What terrifies me is a Corbyn government.

    • junican Says:

      It is not so much that Gov is involved. EG, Manufacturing standards have to be agreed and enforced. It is more that Gov should get out of the way once the treaty has been agreed.

  5. Philip Neal Says:

    A bigger question: what are the Remainers up to? I mean Tony Blair, John Major, Nick Clegg, David Cameron, George Osborne, John Bercow and the rest of them. Suppose that one or another of the current parliamentary ruses to cancel Article 50 succeed and we find ourselves back in the EU on existing terms.

    Do they imagine that Brexit was a like a dud season of Dallas and that they will wake up from the nightmare to find that Bobby Ewing is still alive after all? “For goodness sake let’s move on blah blah blah at the heart of a reformed European Union blah blah blah stop obsessing blah blah blah coming our way blah blah blah nobody is talking about a jackbooted European Army blah blah blah only fruitcakes nutcases and racists blah blah blah”.

    Or will the mask drop and the country be informed the next day that the EU really is the EUSSR, that the political classes are its agents, and that there will be no question of trying to leave it ever again?

    • junican Says:

      That seems to be a great summary of what the Remoaners want – reversion to the ‘status quo anti’, where the the ‘plan’ for a EUSSR system was gradually being implemented.
      The horror is that so many of our politicians love that idea.

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