Spreading The Word

The ‘Logos’ is ‘The word’. In ancient times, there was nothing other that the ‘Logos’. I recent times, propaganda has become the ‘Logos’.

In ancient times, the ‘Logos’ was sacred. It was the ‘Word’. There was no written word since there was no such thing as writing. 30,000 years ago, our ancestors painted the most wonderful pictures of wildlife in their era in dark caves on uneven walls. How could they have possibly done that? Where did they get their paints from and how did they light the caves? Nothing was written, and so they must have relied upon the ‘Logos’. It is easy to imagine that, in those times, the Logos was handed down via ‘priests’ who were without reproach.

What might have been the ‘Logos’ 30,000 years ago? It is hard to think that societies which could paint such wonderful representations of the wildlife around them in such difficult places with only rudimentary sources of light would not have been quite sophisticated in philosophical ideas. You only have to read the Old Testament of the Bible to know that people were reasonably sophisticated in their relationships with each other.

Sure, there were battles, but nothing much changed.

The huge advantage that we have is our diaspora. Provided that we stick to our denial of SHS harm in particular, we have a chance that we shall overcome the Zealots in due course.

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