Home Sec Sajid Javid States the Obvious and Is Pilloried

Could anything be more obvious than that the people trying to cross the channel in rubber dinghies are ‘illegal immigrants’? Some crazy ‘freedom lovers’ have been shouting at him because he said so.

And yet, he has proposed no solution. I cannot see recalling a couple of Border Force boats from the Med, where they have been ‘helping’ the EU effort to stem the tide of similar people crossing the Med from North Africa, will provide a solution.

How long has this mass migration been going on now? How many years? How many people? And not an end in sight.

it strikes me that Javid is just going through the motions. I saw a short video of him apparently on a Border Force boat chatting to the crew. I suppose that the message was, “Look at me. I’m doing something about it”. Politicians are very fond of such ‘virtue signalling’.

In fact, I would not be at all surprised if ‘virtue signalling’ was the reason for smoking bans. We all know, I assume, that persecuting people by levying massive taxes on tobacco are just a way of robbing smokers. They have nothing to do with health. It isn’t the taxes which are ‘virtue signalling’ – it is the bans and PP and such. ‘Minimum pricing of alcohol’ in Scotland is virtue signalling since it was designed simply to avoid increasing duties whilst increasing prices.

All those ‘virtue signalling’ devices are a scandalous misuse of power. The ‘wellbeing’ of The People is for them to decide. It is certainly not something for politicians and academics to decide. 40,000,000 adults in the UK will have their own ideas of what constitutes their wellbeing, and they have every right to do so. In July 2016, they decided to ‘leave the European Union’, and yet, two and a half years later, we are still in it.

There seems to be no political solution to any of the travails of our Nation. No bad laws are repealed, no costs are cut, we stagger from crisis to crisis. And now, the simple matter of leaving the EU has also been turned into a crisis. The UK should have left the EU within a couple of months, and THEN started negotiating matters of trade. By ‘leave the EU’, I mean disconnect from the political entity known as the EU. Treat the EU as though it was the USA. “There is nothing to be gained from disrupting trade at this time. We shall continue present trade arrangements for a period of time if you agree”. There was no need to try to sort out all the ramifications which have accumulated over 40 years within a few months.

The smoking ban was a bad law. The original proposal was to exempt ‘wet led’ pubs, meaning pubs which were just that with no pretensions to be anything but drinking and meeting places. But we all know that that was just a delaying tactic so that that exception could be withdrawn at the last moment. Another scandalous misuse of power.

I am wondering how the impasse will be resolved. It does not seem to matter which major political party you vote for. Both are obsessed with trivia.

5 Responses to “Home Sec Sajid Javid States the Obvious and Is Pilloried”

  1. elenamitchell Says:

    Sad really. Pubs were meeting places. But no one who smokes wants to go to them anymore.

  2. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    These people are illegal immigrants – economic migrants. They should be towed back out to sea. The message should be as per the Australian one. You will not be allowed to land in the UK.

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