The Creation of ‘Fake Truth’

Herself likes watching Emmerdale, Coronation St and such in the early evening. Nothing wrong with that. This evening, there was a gap which needed to be filled between episode 1 and episode 2 of Corrie. There was a programme about the Galapagos Islands which nicely filled the gap.

I have seen several programmes about those islands and they are always interesting. It is not just the islands themselves but the seas around them. Apparently, the people in the programme found a new species. I am not sure, but they went down 1500 metres in a small pressurised, strong machine into the dark and found a small, colourful squid. Or it might might not have been that small. But it existed.

Needless to say, it was not five minutes into the programme before the presenter mentioned climate change. Those islands are as near a damn it on the equator, and are thus warm and have equal days and nights. They were formed by volcanoes, one of which, at least, is still active. The caldera of that volcano is huge. If it ‘blew’, all hell would result and very little would survive.

Of what importance, therefore, would be the minute variations caused by climate change?

What really, really annoys me are the assumptions: 1. That a warmer world would be bad, and, 2. That species in the deep oceans matter. Those that can tolerate changes in temperature survive; those that cannot become extinct. That has always been so.

And yet the presenter talked about ‘preservation’ as though it matters. Who cares if some species of iguana dies out? Who cares if a a some species of animal which is food for predators dies out? Whales gobble up millions of plankton; who cares about the fate of the plankton? Are they not living beings? How about:


But what is important is that the presenter introduced climate change when there was not reason to do so at all. She mentioned it as though it was FACT. But she did not even mention how climate change might affect those islands, as compared with the active and huge volcano. It is almost as though the script writer inserted a sentence about climate change totally out of context.

The same has been happening with smoking. It is a GIVEN that anyone who smokes will die a horrible death shortly after he is old enough to collect his state pension. That is what Doll’s ‘Doctors Study’ purported to show. But it was ‘junk science’ because, as the famous statistician, Fisher, pointed out,  no account was taken of the individual circumstances of each doctor who died. Smoking alone was not strong enough to provide an explanation for why an individual doctor died.

‘Fake truth’ is especially in the latest news – that children are consuming so much sugar that, by the age of 18, they have consumed 50% more sugar than they should have. The numbers might be correct, but they mean nothing. They are ‘fake truth’ because they are based upon some sort of ‘ideal’.

There is no such ‘ideal’.

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  1. michaeljmcfadden Says:

    I always sprinkle sugar on my plankton while smoking, so it’s all OK.


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