Is a Dog Conscious?

Our daughter has a lovely little shiatsu dog named Bella. She is ever so funny. We had care of her for the weekend because daughter was visiting elsewhere. She spent most of her time upstairs in our other daughter’s ‘apartment’ because she was too scared to risk coming down the stairs, although she was happy to climb up them. I went outside to put some rubbish in the bin, and she heard me. The timing was such that it was about the time that she would normally expect to go ‘walkies’.

She came tumbling downstairs as fast as she could. I don’t mean that she fell downstairs – just that she showed no fear. She then bounced about waiting for her lead to be put on and taken for her ‘walkies’.

I had no intention of doing so, but what can you do? So I took her around the block. She had four wees and a poo. She hung back to sniff whatever pongs appealed to her and then shot past me to the next source of tempting pongs. When we got back home, she was happy.

I have often wondered what animals like Bella are conscious of. Certainly, she has memory and emotions. But does she have intelligence? Or is there such a thing as ’emotional intelligence’? I do not see why not, if you see ‘intelligence’ as ‘knowing’. ‘Knowing’ at an emotional level is normal. For example, a lion ‘knows’ that the way to get food is to chase, capture, kill, and then eat a wildebeest, or whatever. It ‘knows’. You may call it ‘instinct’, if you like, but the fact is that the lion ‘knows’. 

But are such animal ‘conscious’?

I think that the are, but only in a superficial way. They know when the time has come to give up and die. That is a concept which we humans find hard to accept.

The big difference is that human consciousness is entirely different. It is not directly based upon internal emotions. It looks outwards. Sure, we have ’emotional intelligence’ but we have a ‘higher level’; a MUCH higher level. We are able to think about ourselves. We able to think about whether it is more important to be content but poor or discontented but rich. We can aim to be content or rich, although it is possible to be both.

But are we humans FULLY conscious, or is there an even higher level? Is there a state of ‘being’ which is not trapped in a body and mind? That is what religion is about. Don’t knock it. It is about a ‘higher state of being’ which is not bound by bodies, brains and minds.

All you need, dear reader, is to realise that you are trapped in your body. You must make the best of it for the time being. The best way to do that is to be kind to other people. The whole idea of ‘turn the other cheek’ is not to be upset if your kindness is taken advantage of.

We live in a world of cheating and distortion, as is the case of dear, sad, Theresa May. Only honesty and kindness will provide the benefits of Brexit for the UK. Propaganda will not.

Honesty and kindness are the key.

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