A Defence of the EU

I read an interesting post this evening in defence of the EU. It is here:


I do not mind bloggers defending the EU and saying that it is a mistake to leave the EU. That is legitimate debate, regardless of the result of the Referendum. It is a reasonable attitude to say that the decision was a mistake.

I have given that post some prominence because it is reasonable. But it deviates from the REAL problems of being a member of the EU. I have always held that I voted for Brexit to rid taxpayers of the cost of the corruption. I do not understand how Macron, Merkel and May et al can countenance the corruption. I do not understand how they can stand the corruption of the EU being hand in glove with the WHO and the UN. I do not understand how our Government in the UK can be so subservient as to accept the EU Directive that ecig liquid can only be sold in 10 ml bottles.

That is just one example of stupidity. Another example is the ban on snus. That also is stupid.

But there is a reasonable argument that the stupidity is because the wrong people are in charge. I would go along with that idea if there was some way to change who is in charge. But there is no such way. Such decisions are secret.

The point of Brexit is to remove ourselves from that corruption. It has little to do with trade. No one in their right minds would want to disrupt trade. That is not what the Brexit vote was about. It was about everything else apart from trade. By trade, I also mean overflying territories. None of those arrangements, including student exchanges, are affected, unless someone wants to be awkward.

Brexit was about removing ourselves from a form of dictatorship, disconnected from trade.

Why do people like PM May not see that?


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  1. Rose Says:

    I do not understand how they can stand the corruption of the EU being hand in glove with the WHO and the UN

    “Your evil is my good” – Count Dracula.

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