At What Point Did the Government of Great Britain Lose All Sense of Proportion?

One must admit that the end of the Empire reduced GB to a small group of islands off the coast of Europe. But, there again, so did loss of Empire affect France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, etc. It is understandable that the Elite of those countries yearned for a new Empire. What could be better than a new Empire comprising of the sovereign countries of Europe?

I have often said that I can find no definitive answer to the question as to what caused WW1, other than that the ‘Aristocracy’ of Europe fell out. After the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, the Austro-Hungarian ‘Empire’ demanded that Serbia comply with impossible demands. The invasion of Serbia then brought into effect a myriad of inter-related treaties, some of which were secret. I have no doubt, in my mind, that some of them were the result of Napoleon’s adventures. But all of them were the creations of the ‘Aristocracy’. Between the wars, ‘socialism’ gained the ascendancy, but did the ‘Aristocracy’ disappear? I think not. It changed. It changed from being based upon the ownership of land to ownership of industry. Also, it hid itself behind innumerable companies, the shareholders of which were based abroad, many of the shareholders being themselves companies.

There are certain people who get all the blame and attention, such as Soros, but they are not necessarily the main actors. There may be an element of ‘fake news’ about their involvement in bending Governments to their will. The real culprits are the ‘Aristocrats’ who took over the Civil Service and Industry, and then moved on to create the UN and all its works.

But why did the USA fall for the trick? Perhaps it too had its ‘Aristocracy’, although of a different kind.

Perhaps the degradation of UK politicians into puppets of the EU and UN, unable to take serious decisions but are constrained to passing laws about same gender marriages, etc, and raising taxes to pay for more and more costly ‘initiatives’, reflects upon the characters of individual MPs. Essentially, it comes down to having no idea what to do. In many cases, such as Brexit, the whole issue is too complex for them. They would rather stay with the ‘status quo’. They are frightened. Shall I repair the hole in the roof or replace the whole roof? Is the hole just a one off, or does it indicate that the whole roof is in a mess? Advice is required. But do they go to roofers for advice? NO! They go to architectural ‘professors’, ‘doctors’ and other academics, or they go to massive building groups which do not deal with holes in roofs. Thus they get advice to RIP EVERY SLATE ROOF OF EVERY BUILDING THAT THEY OWN AND REPLACE THE SLATE WITH TERRACOTTA. That is what happened with asbestos. Not all asbestos was dangerous. Vaguely, I recall that ‘white asbestos’ was OK; it was ‘blue asbestos’ which was dangerous.

What we are witnessing, at this time, is a complete loss of proportion. Every year, in the UK, some 500,000 people die. I have long held that the cause of death is failure of a major organ, whether it be heart, brain, liver, etc. The part that ‘lifestyle’ plays in the failure of a major organ depends upon the circumstances. Amy Winehouse was a great songstress but she succumbed to an excess of drugs and alcohol. She is not the first. Billy Holiday died young from the same problems, and so have any other ‘artistes’. Amy and Billy CHOSE their lifestyle. One can only presume that they wanted to live an exciting life, come what may. In a sense, it is like a person becoming a ‘soldier for hire’. I met a guy on a golf competition  some years ago. A part of his neck was missing. He had been a British marine and transferred to the USA marines. He was hit by a bullet in the neck, but not fatally, as is obvious. But it could have been fatal. He was extremely lucky. It would have been great to listen to his reminiscences, had the opportunity occurred, but it did not. After the game, we all went our separate ways. But I remember him very clearly. He was a very calm golfer.

I think that our politicians really, really want the EU to make decisions for them. In a way, I understand that attitude. Who will deliberate with the International Money fund and the myriad of other supranational NGOs if not the EU? What is missing is that the EU is in league with those NGOs.

The only sensible option is a complete break. Get in contact with Trump and drain the swamp. The swamp enables the continuing failure of Africa to take advantage of its vast mineral wealth. Forget the UN – it is corrupt. Abolish it and replace it. But such things are hard to achieve, even though everyone knows that they are no longer relevant.

People PM May are lost in a world of detail. They do not see the ‘big picture’, or rather, the ‘big picture’ that they see is subservience to ‘Aristocrats’ in the EU.

I want to see the free trade area in Europe to survive. I do not mind ‘free movement’ of Europeans with passports.

The ‘sense of proportion’ suggests that care and attention must predominate and not EU Directives.

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