‘Zombies’ Equals Anyone Who Works For Tobacco Control

Or you could put it the other way round.

The thought came into my mind earlier this evening in connection with ‘importing tobacco products’. There is nothing wrong with ‘importing tobacco products’ from another EU country, for your own use or as gifts, regardless of taxes and price.

But there are many grey areas. The EU, years and years ago, classed tobacco plant leaves, when cured, as an agricultural product, which seems to be sensible. There is nothing mystically different between such leaves and any other dried ‘herbs’.

Needless to say, ASH ET AL managed to inveigle politicians into disrupting trade in that agricultural product by forcing the introduction of ‘permits’ to import that agricultural product. From the EU came there no objections, even though that agricultural product is freely traded throughout the EU.

But who is going to enforce the anti-EU decision that dried leaves are to be freely traded?

It can only be ZOMBIES. The enforcers must have no empathy at all. They must enforce whatever they are forced to enforce.

The important phrase there, and which excused concentration camp guards, is ‘forced to enforce’. It is surprising how many intelligent people are prepared to obliterate their own understanding of what is ‘just’ and what is ‘unjust’ merely because they are told so. Thus, we have the situation where a law or regulation becomes ‘correct’ merely because a few biased people who got into Parliament said so.

The fact is that most of us citizens of the UK defer to Parliament, which is reasonable. We have to live together amicably and need regulations and laws to enable that. But there comes a point where sensible regulations fail, at which point ‘The Zombies’ gain the ascendancy.

The General Smoking Ban should never have been enacted. It was a gross intrusion upon liberty and private property, based upon almost zero evidence. But it was enforced with great vigour.

Who did the enforcing? It must have been ‘Zombies’. It must have been ‘enforcers’ with no collective memory of concentration camp atrocities.

But I must admit that individuals have no power, other than to resign. That is where their Unions should come in. They should demand that their members are not used as political fodder.

Zealotry is very strong. It is hard to combat because it is certain. 

I do not know what the answer is.


2 Responses to “‘Zombies’ Equals Anyone Who Works For Tobacco Control”

  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    There is absolutely no reason why one shouldn’t import tobacco products for own use, either finished products or raw materials. This is a typical UK example of an unelected, taxpayer funded pressure group having undue influence on our elected government and needs to stop. I find the antics of ASH and similar groups objectionable and I don’t want my taxes funding them. As you have pointed out many times Junican ASH would not exist without public money !

    • junican Says:

      I think that it is deeper than ‘unelected, taxpayer funded pressure groups….’. They are the tip of the iceberg. Who is really trying to derail Brexit? We need a new PM who says, “Put the GREAT back into Great Britain”.

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