Leftist or Rightist?

Does anyone know what those words mean? I don’t. I was reading something today which said that academics are predominantly ‘leftist’. Does that mean that they are predominantly Communist, or does it mean that they are predominantly Marxist? And what is the difference?

It seems to me that ‘leftists’ deplore the inequality of wealth distribution. They believe that, if only wealth was redistributed so that every individual had an equal share of the wealth of the world, then there would be happiness. But it is also true that some people are skilled at accumulating wealth, so that, after a period of time, wealth would gradually be concentrated into fewer and fewer hands again.

I think that the whole idea of the importance of wealth is much overstated. Most people want a decent standard of living and security. Sure, there would be some who are happy to live at the bottom end of the scale, and good luck to them. If they are happy with their lives, what is the problem? Imagine what life must have been like for the vast majority of people two hundred years ago. If they were aristocrats, they would have had wealth, but, apart from having more food and amusement, they would have suffered just the same ailments as the rest of the population – with no really effective painkillers. If you were to ask me what the most important medical ‘invention’ was in recent times, I would say, “Painkillers”. It does not really matter whether the painkiller is morphine or paracetamol. What matters is that it works. You cannot live any sort of pleasant life if you are in constant pain.

The question then arises whether or not leftists are more in favour of pain than rightists, or vice-versa. You would imagine that both would deny being in favour of pain.

So what are both doing about pain?

The worst form of pain is physical. I think that anyone who has experienced damage to the sciatic nerve would agree. I damaged my sciatic nerve whilst messing in the garden, and I have never experienced pain like it. It was excruciating. My GP was called out and prescribed strong painkillers and told me to stay put in bed for three days or so. I noticed that, provided that I stayed as still as possible, there was no pain. After about three days, I was able to get out of bed, but I went dizzy at first.

But ‘pain’ can take forms which are mental. ‘Anxiety’ is one. It is awfully debilitating and can lead to all sorts of physical effects, such as the sudden onset of rapid heartbeats and flushing. I have experienced such effects. My doctor told me that, had I not consulted him when I did, I could have had a mental breakdown. I don’t know what that would have meant in real terms, but I could imagine being comatose and unable to do or decide anything. It is hard for us to imagine what it must be like to unable to propel yourself to do what needs to be done. But it happens all the time. The problem is that TobCON are in the ascendancy. They command funding which should be directed elsewhere.

Brexit will require a new way of thinking. Politicians like PM May, and the rest, are yesterday’s news. If her ‘plan’ passes through Parliament, then our people have been sacrificed to Big Business.

I would love it Jeremy Corbin came up with a radical new plan to ‘drain the swamp’, but I fear that ‘the swamp’ would drain him. How much money are we wasting on the EU? A radical plan would defund the UN, WHO, IPCC, etc. The reason would be corruption.

Such actions are inevitable eventually. But it would require that people like PM May get to grips with what is important. The status of Gibraltar depends upon the decision of the people of Gibraltar. It has nothing to do with Brexit. And yet May seems to have capitulated to Spain, in order to get her ‘agreement’ through the EU.

Blasting the people with propaganda will not work. “This is the best deal for Britain” is a slogan. It means nothing.

May needs to be deposed.

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