The Influence of ‘Old England’

G K Chesterton once famously said, “….. but the people of England have not spoken yet”. I cannot be bothered looking up the reasons at this time – it is late. But it is simple fact that the population of England is around 50 million and the populations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are around 5 million each. If those ‘protectorates’ wish to avail themselves of the general protection provided by England, they are welcome, but they must not assume that they can take control. It is becoming a shambles of stupid ‘laws’ passed by various ‘devolved administrations’, and it can only get worse. Soon, no one will know what is legal in any of the protectorates, as compared with each other and England, and what is not. If Scotland really wanted to become independent, then it should have been cast out of the United Kingdom and permitted to go its own way. But it would have become a potential enemy of England.

But the Scots did not vote for independence, so why is there a Scottish Parliament? What ‘Scottish Affairs’ are different from England’s Affairs? The same applies to Wales and Northern Ireland. Either we are a united people or we are not. The various parliaments and assemblies were a ‘quick fix’ to a non-problem. Just more layers of Government. It would have been interesting to see how Scots would have responded to the idea of a ‘hard border’ between Scotland and England. We English do not give a shit. They can have a hard border if they wish to.

Is that not the most important thing? We English do not give a shit. If the people of Wales do not want the protection of England, then they can opt out. They can welcome the invasion of middle east and African young males, but do not expect the protection of England.

England has protected Scotland, Wales and Ireland for hundreds of years. Certainly, in the past, some ruthless aristocrats have taken advantage of their powers to gain ownership of land and enslave the people. Those are the real problems.

Does the reader know that vast tracks of land in England are owned by Big Water to ensure the water supply? I am not arguing against that – it may be necessary. I am highlighting our ignorance of FACTS.

‘Old England’ is the stable part of our Nation. London is a frippery. It is ungovernable. It is the ‘wild west’. Better to let it rot and concentrate development on ‘Old England’.

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  1. Rose Says:

    I never quite understood where devolution came from, it was something that just seemed to happen and I never bothered to look it up until now.

    Tony Blair: I steamrollered devolution for Wales

    “Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has admitted he “steamrollered” devolution through 20 years ago despite objections from many within the Labour party.
    Speaking to BBC Wales ahead of the anniversary of the referendum, he said there had been a “considerable” battle.
    The September 1997 poll narrowly backed the creation of the Welsh Assembly.”

    “The 1997 referendums in Wales and Scotland took place after Labour had made it a manifesto commitment in that year’s general election campaign, which it won by a landslide.”

    “Mr Blair said: “Where we had a disagreement was that I was a believer that the whole point of progressive policies is that in today’s world, which is changing very fast, we have to be at the forefront of change – which is why I was in favour of big educational reforms, health reforms, and law-and-order reforms.”

    I might have known.

    • junican Says:

      Yes, ‘you might have known’. But we trusted people like Blair not to be ‘progressive’, since ‘progressive’ is meaningless. You can ‘progress’ to the North and then turn round and ‘progress’ to the South.

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