The Corruption of the UN/WHO/FCTC

You cannot see the corruption. It is invisible. You can only infer it. It seems the Netherlands has just decided to ‘catch up on’ its nanny state status. It has been trailing behind for years and years. According to:

the health minister there is going potty:

That could soon change. I mentioned on Monday that the Dutch health minister, Paul Blokhuis, wants to fast-track plain packaging through the Dutch parliament. He also wants to introduce minimum pricing so that the price of a crate of beer doubles from €10 to €20. He wants to emulate the UK’s food degradation programme and he wants to copy Chile’s ban on the use of recognisable characters on food packaging.

As if that weren’t enough, he wants to ban smoking on terraces, stop supermarkets selling cigarettes and include e-cigarettes in both the country’s smoking ban and the plain packs legislation.

And he can do most of this without the need for primary legislation. Plain packaging is scheduled to be passed before the month is out. By this time next year, the Netherlands could jump from the bottom end of the Nanny State Index to the top.”

Now, it just so happens that the Netherlands is ‘pencilled in’ to host a WHO/FCTC jamboree in the near future. I am sure that readers will be aware that those jamborees, like holding the Olympic Games, are worth a lot of money.  Not that the WHO or FCTC bring in the same sort of money, but several million €s is not to be sneezed at. So why not write a few regulations to ensure that the money is forthcoming?

The inference is supported by what happened in Russia. Did not Putin introduce some heavy-handed regulations in much the same circumstances – some time before a WHO event was scheduled for Moscow? And did not something similar happen in Afghanistan (or Azerbaijan or somewhere similar)? My recollections are somewhat vague…

I’m just sniffing around, but the more that you sniff, the stronger the stink becomes. But you can’t find the turds which are emitting the stink. Which people in the hierarchy of the UN/WHO/FCTC are the turds? Surely the people in the UN etc cannot all be turds?

But it is weird how political turds are happy to reveal themselves. In the Netherlands, it is one, Mr Blokhuis:

Mr Blokhuis is from the Christian Union. They came eighth in the election with just 3.4 per cent of the vote. They only won five of the 150 seats available but since nobody wanted to deal with Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom, and the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy couldn’t get on with the Greens, the Socialists or the Labour party, they somehow got into government.”

One can only surmise that such people douse themselves in gallons of perfume to disguise the stink. There again, it is quite possible for the other turds not to be able to sense the stink.

That is where people like Trump score. He may have his own sewerage problems, but he can smell ‘the swamp’ from miles away. I understand that he has taken the UN in hand to some extent by refusing to finance more that 25% of ‘peacekeeping’.

We in the UK could do with such a character, but our political system does not allow ‘an outsider’ to gain control. Whoever replaces PM May will never even think of extending ‘austerity’ to the UN and all its vastly expensive turds. For we must not forget that the UN itself does NOTHING. It is a leach on the body politic, or rather, the body taxpayer.

Would it not be wonderful if ‘The Taxpayers Alliance’ suddenly received vast funding to investigate things like contributions to the UN, and especially the FCTC, which is almost completely funded by the UK (other than ‘black (market)’ funding)? But that would only be possible with total UK Gov support.

Our attention is constantly being distracted by nonsense like ‘Pizzagate 2’. It cannot be other than deliberate.

The answer? IGNORE THE PIZZAGATES! Do not talk about them. Such regulations as might be imposed are totally irrelevant to what is important.

It follows that I must chastise myself, and I do. But I have no idea where to start to take apart UK conspiracies with the UN, WHO, FCTC. But what is certain is that massive defunding of those organisations would bring the stinking turds out into the open.

6 Responses to “The Corruption of the UN/WHO/FCTC”

  1. Smoking Lamp Says:

    I agree, the corruption stinks. The FCTC and tobacco controllers and are all grifters and racketeers at the core. Their racketeering and graft must be exposed.

  2. Some French bloke Says:

    it is quite possible for the other turds not to be able to sense the stink. ♪I know, it’s only strong language, but I like it!♫!

    “Surely the people in the UN etc cannot all be turds?”

    Even in that case, they consort with turds on a regular basis, implicitely and/or complicitely concur with their every pronouncement, and expect the little people, including informed ‘contrariants’, to just sheepishly comply. Perhaps they’re only odourless phony dog poohs that just happen to never speak out against the edicts of the real stinking turds, but is that any better than being a full-fledged witch-hunter (rhetorical question)?
    To hell with the lot of them!

    • junican Says:

      Well, we have been described as ‘disgusting, filthy, sinking, often enough. Why not turn the tables?
      F*cking turds!

  3. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Its a great shame the Netherlands is allowing itself to go down this route Junican. I’ve always regarded the country as tolerant of others. I’m gutted.

    • junican Says:

      I don’t blame you for being gutted. But it is hard to be sure that anything much will happen. Has PP made any difference to anything? I doubt that the Dutch will give a damn.

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