Internecine Strife

A very short post tonight – I have been very busy and am knackered.

It is immensely pleasing to see over one hundred academics tearing into Duncan Selbie, CEO of Public Health England. They protest about PHE’s collaboration with ‘The Drinks Industry’ via the organisation called ‘Drinkaware’. They demand the same sort of ‘divorce’ which was written into the FCTC Treaty (which was not actually a treaty) – liaising with Tobcoms was ‘treason’, in the eyes of the Zealots. Although death as  a penalty was out of their hands, they did the next best thing – ostracised and ruined the traitors.

But in this case, they are out on a limb. They are taking an immense risk which they may, in their hubris, have overlooked. They are not indispensable. Not one single one of them.

And to talk about ‘non-cooperation’ is inviting ‘non-cooperation’ from PHE. There may be ‘A Board’, which is choka with Zealots, but, if Selbie is actually in control, with the approval of Ministers, I could see such ‘A Board’ being replaced post-haste. Out go the Zealots to be replaced by realists. PHE did it with ecigs. Further, I can see lots of the academics losing their grants, and a winding down of ‘alcohol studies’.

Would that the same applied to ‘tobacco studies’. It will happen eventually.

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