The Deterioration of Politics

One of my daily reads is The View From Cullingworth. Simon Cooke, the author, has been a local councillor for years, but he has decided to retire from that role, and indeed politics in general, next May. I have enjoyed reading his regular posts. He has written a post today called:

Why the bullying mob of today’s politics makes me pleased I’m retiring next year

It just about sums up my own view of politics today. Simon complains about bullying, no-platforming, digging up dirty from decades ago, etc, and he is right. But it seems to me to be also true that politicians have brought it upon themselves.

It is very much the case that one of the reasons that we ELECT MPs is to protect US against a bullying State. The State in this connection includes all those NGOs (Non-Government Organisations) which the Gov has either actually created or funds. Those organisations are anything but Non-government. They have to please government.

But what do I mean by the word ‘government’ in that statement? I don’t think that Ministers are the people who need to be pleased. It is their ‘official’ advisers. Did Tony Blair really want to introduce the smoking ban in 2007? Was he pushed and shoved from all directions? We know very well that TobCON was highly organised by 2007. I have no doubt that whoever he might have appointed to be Minister of State for Health would also have been pushed and shoved, as also any junior ministers in Health ‘and Wellbeing’. It has been uncanny how, during the last decade or so, every Minister of State for Health has declared his/her detestation of Tobcoms, and, by implication, his detestation of smokers. We smokers are disgusting, filthy, stinking addicts, lower class, scroungers, a drain on the NHS, desperately seeking to ‘quit’ but incapable of doing so, Brexit voters, killers of babies, love the smoking ban, smugglers, criminal avoiders of taxation, the lowest of the low. We deserve everything that we get.

But the same treatment is now being meted out drinkers and fatties and people suffering from diabetes – it is their own fault because they have been consuming too much sugar.

Or salt. Is it not weird that the ‘obesity-free’ zealots never mention that the human body excretes surplus salt? I suppose that it is possible for a person the consume so much salt that his body cannot cope with the surplus, but I have never seen any mention of that. And yet salt is vital for a person’s survival, just as water is. Do readers know that you will die far more quickly from a lack of water than a lack of food?

I think that the deterioration of politics has come about for several reasons. Number 1 is the ‘outsourcing’ of responsibility. The FCTC is a prime example. Note the name – ‘Framework Convention for Tobacco Control. It has been said that is a ‘Treaty’, but it is not. It is essentially a list of ‘good intentions’. There is nothing in it which produces a ‘quid pro quo’. It does not bind any State which voted for it or ratified it. (NB. The USA has not ratified it) Any State which wishes to do so can ignore it. But pressure can be exerted upon States via the World Bank and other financial institutions under the control of the UN.

Is it any wonder politicians have no idea what is going on? But they themselves, over the years, have created the monster and continue to feed it money. Brexit should only be the beginning. VAST reforms of the manifestly corrupt UN, WHO, IPCC, World Bank, etc, need to be put in place. But who can do it? Why has it not already been done? One can only assume that the reason is that UK politicians and others have been too shortsighted, for years and years, to realise that funding of those organisations is what has caused the corruption. I cannot see any ‘delegate’ to the UN, from ambassador downwards, doing any work. 

The UN was useful when it provided a platform for the USA and Russia to shout at each other rather than blow each other up. But the USA and Russia have stopped thinking about blowing each other up. The UN is redundant. It was not the UN which stopped the USA and Russia blowing each other up. It was the certainty of mutual annihilation. What Russian President or American President would agree to ‘press the button’? That is why ‘denouement’ between Reagan and Gorbachev was achieved. The stakes were too high. You die whether you win or lose. The ultimate losing bet. Who can jump off a skyscraper and fall to the ground fastest or slowest?

The idiocy has turned full circle. Rather than Gov being concerned with BIG things, like atomic weapons and Treaties, it is more and more concerned with ‘correcting’ the behaviour of citizens. In the UK, we have 650 MPs who are moralists, except that morality no longer means thieving and fighting. It means saying things which upset some people. Thus, Gov lost it way when it declared ‘hate speech’ to be a criminal act.

‘Hate speech’, as a crime, follows naturally from smoking bans and similar stuff. They are related by ‘good intentions’. But, as has been related umpteen times, “Hard Cases make Bad Laws”.

There seems to be no end to ‘hard cases’ these days.

SHS danger was always a ‘hard case’ and was not investigated sufficiently by Blair et al. The reality is that SHS is not dangerous at all. Tobacco smoke disperses too rapidly to be dangerous. A slightly open window will extract such smoke without difficulty. You do not even need and extractor fan. The reason is that outdoor air convection naturally sucks indoor air out through the window.

But MPs are ignorant of such simple facts. It is easier to believe TobCON than investigate.

One can hope that a new batch of politicians will be realistic, but that idea conflicts with the idea of ‘I can make a difference’.

So we wait and see how things turn out. Brexit has caused a massive amount of ‘cognitive dissonance’. It is almost comical.

Let us hope that more of the same ensues.

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  1. garyk30 Says:

    Seems that there is a lot of ‘not my fault’ in today’s politics.
    They make decisions and blame others for them.

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